Cosmo’s Gone

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Timmy walked in from school and headed upstairs, his parents uninterested in him per usual. As he shut the door he heard something on the TV and heard his parents laughing. He rolled his eyes, knowing the idiotic programming they enjoyed so dearly and pushed the door shut softly, locking it as he did so. He put his bag down at his desk and changed into more comfortable clothing: a shirt and underwear. He walked over to his bed, tired from his standard day’s craziness and closed his eyes, resting and reflecting on what happened today.

It started out normal, waking up at his usual 7 am and getting ready for school, eating cereal, brushing his teeth and getting dressed in his usual black pants, pink shirt and pink hat, not wanting to deal with his mess of a hairdo. He then caught the bus, sitting an talking with Chester and AJ about school and comic books, the two most prevalent things in their lives. They arrived at the middle school and began the same monotonous day as always: into Mr. Crocker’s class, hearing his dysfunctional rambling about fairies and not learning much, which was a reason Timmy had a C in middle school. Then to lunch, where Francis bullied him for lunch money he didn’t have, almost shoving Timmy into a locker before being caught by the principal. Back to class, where Timmy zoned out the lesson, focusing on doodling and Trixie Tang, the hottest and sluttiest elementary schooler in Dimmsdale. She was only 11, but she could pass for 16 easily, her body already filling out and her flirts always with a sexual undertone to them. She had been sexually active since 9, having initially been raped by her dad. She was traumatized until she turned 10 and they started getting sex ed lessons, Dimmsdale deciding to teach them young rather than too late. She started fucking for fun after one of their classes, pulling the gym teacher aside and fucking him, the two a side thing for over a year now. She then expanded to her fellow students, sucking and fucking many over the course of the year. It was almost a rite of passage; you were a man after fucking Trixie. AJ has had the pleasure because she  didn’t pay attention in class often and needed to keep her grade up, offering sex for lessons from AJ. He accepted in a heartbeat, the two fucking for about three months. Timmy came out of his daydream, hearing Mr. Crocker still rambling about whatever, feeling his young cock throbbing slightly from his vulgar thoughts. He could barely contain himself when he started thinking, but was glad nobody paid him any attention in the back of the room. The hard-on subsided just as the bell rang, Timmy’s heart racing for fear of being found out. The bus ride home was identical to the one from that morning, the talk taking his mind off things. Arriving at home, however, brought the issue back to the front of his brain, and he could now properly deal with it. 

As he began to daydream about Trixie again, imagining what her naked body looked like, his dick swelled up again, this time more obvious, as there were less layers on. He unconsciously pulled his cock out and began to masturbate slowly, wanting to revel in his thought about Trixie. He got undressed shortly thereafter, not wanting to potentially stain his shirt or underwear. He got settled back in, fully naked now, looking at his cock as he began to slip back into thought. Having measured several times before, Timmy was happy with his 6 inch beast, knowing it would grow more once puberty hit. He thinks he got this trait from his father, having seen his dad’s monster cock only once, when he was 8, walking in on his parents as they finished fucking, able to see the 9 incher his dad proudly sported. Pushing that thought aside, he kept stroking his cock, a little precum beginning to spill out of his cock head. He could feel the familiar throbbing as the sensation began to start again in his cock. His breathing grew heavy and he grunted, cum shooting out of his dick, covering his chest in milky white semen. He sighed, slightly out of breath and got up, quickly walking to his bathroom to deal with his situation. As he finished and exited the bathroom, he no longer heard the TV or his parents in the living room. A faint moan came from their bedroom area, most certainly from his whore mother. He shrugged it off, hearing it more and more after he saw them fucking the first time, and went back to his room, locking the door again. 

A thought then crossed his mind, still wanting to jack off but not feeling thinking about Trixie anymore: he could just wish to fuck Trixie. Yeah, that’s what he do to finally fuck her. He grew excited as he approached his bed again, this time tapping lightly on the fish bowl on his nightstand next to the bed. In a moment, Wanda, his pink-haired fairy godmother appeared, looking tired as if he had woken here up. She shook it off, seeing Timmy and knowing he would probably want to do something stupid. Generally Cosmo would do it with him, but he was in Fairy World, dealing with his sick mother, having been there for over a week now. As she got a better look at her godchild, she saw a more sinister and sex-filled though process running through his mind. “Hey, sport” she said unsteadily, Timmy still lookin at her, “What wish do you have in mind now?” Timmy, still lost in thought, suddenly came to, and said “Wanda, I wish that Trixie Tang would fuck me!” Wanda was shocked, having never heard such vial words come from Timmy. She knew that he had studied sex ed in school, having had to explain everything again for him in better detail because he wouldn’t leave her alone. She also knew about Trixie, having been present when she fucked the coach, having been in pencil form and not wanting to poof away while she and the coach were nearly on top of her. “Uh, I don’t think I can do that for you Timmy.” She responded shakily, locking eyes with him, trying to remember Da Rules. “Well I don’ believe you” Timmy snapped back, getting angry, the malice more present on his face now. “I want to fuck Trixie, and she won’t give me the time of day. So, logically, the only things I could do would be to rape her forcefully, drug and rape her, or wish that she become horny enough to want to fuck me. Seeing as I have no drugs and am not strong enough to pin her down while fucking, option c is the only viable option.” He was calmed down now, having explained himself logically and with no more shouting. Wanda, still unsure, pooped the comically oversized Da Rule book into Timmy’s room, it floating in time with her. As she scanned through the table of contents, finding the needed section “Sex and sex related wishes” quick, she could feel Timmy’s eyes on her, watching every movement. She found the page and flipped there, quickly seeing the text “No godchild, under any circumstances, is able to wish to have sex with another person. His extends to family, friends, love interests, celebrities, etc.” Wanda floated down to Timmy and pointed to the section. “Here, read it for yourself” she said, letting him read through it, seeing the disappointment start to consume his face. He sighed, depressed, as he was unable to do what he wanted, foiled by the damn rules again. He couldn’t make a clone either; he tried two months prior, but that was also in Da Rules, only a few paragraphs beyond what he had just read. As Wanda made the book disappear, a new thought popped into Timmy’s head, and it would work, as Da Rules didn’t account for this loophole he discovered: he could fuck Wanda. 

Timmy turned to face his godmother head on, his plan formulating slowly. She saw more malice in his eyes this time, even more afraid of what would escape his lips next. “Wanda” he said loudly, “ I wish that I can fuck you.” Wanda was even more taken aback, the thought repulsive to her, having been with the boy since Vicky started babysitting a few years ago. She pooped Da Rules back into place immediately, thinking she had seen somewhere in the same section that talked about fairy/godchild relations. Bad news for Wanda came in the form of no such section existing, and she had to grant her child’s wish. It wasn’t against the Rules and she could be punished worse if she disobeyed the Rules. She looked at Timmy, asking nervously “A-a-are you sure, sport?” He nodded immediately, responding “Of course Wanda. If I can’ that’ shaman pussy, I’ll just have fairy pussy instead.” She was afraid, as she knew Timmy was a virgin, yet also knowing damn well that he could wish for a larger cock, even though his was large for his age. She pulled her wand out and waved the black stick with a yellow star on top, a purple fog cloud appearing, dispersing momentarily, he eyes not ready for the sight in front of her.

Timmy was naked and hard, standing beside his bed, laying a thick soft material across his bed, not wanting it to stain with any fluids. Wanda was there with him, standing opposite of him, her clothes gone completely, her earrings and crown the only clothing left on. Both she and Timmy had modifications done to the via Timmy wishing for such; Wanda was given an extra foot added to her height, bringing her to a comfy 5’6”, Timmy now standing at about 5’11”, towering over her. She now had EE tits, her normally B cups feeling minuscule by comparison. She might have to keep these after this and make up an excuse for Cosmo. Her pussy was also much deeper now, having gone in only 7 inches before, now extending 10.5 before hitting her womb. To combat this, Timmy now had a 11.5 inch cock, which would allow him to break through her inner walls, which would be better for the session, insighting max pleasure from both of them. Wanda also had quite the firm and large ass, wiggling it a little, actually able to understand why people got butt implants, the full rump quite nice and heavy, which was a good change. Timmy was also muscular, having a very faint six  pack starting to show, even though he had never touched a weight in his life. Overall, he looked 18-20, old enough to legally fuck, even though he was still just 10. Wanda could also pass for a late teen to early 20s woman, the features really setting her apart. Gavin finally laid the material across his whole bed, Timmy wished that his room be soundproofed to the max, not wanting the slightest noise to alert his parents, who were probably still fucking right now. Timmy grabbed Wanda’s hand, pulling down from her daydream about being a human, and pulled her onto the bed, ready to start the afternoon off right. 

Wanda would never admit it to Timmy, but since Cosmo has left, she was starting to crave a cock, which his would surely satisfy. He laid down, Wanda on her knees near his side, and pulled her into him. They kissed, Timmy forcing his tongue into her mouth. She accepted and returned the favor, feeling his tongue and brushing his teeth and cheeks, tasting him for the first time. He broke the kiss, telling her to start working on his cock. She kissed him again and began to work her way down his body, kissing along the way. She stopped at his chest, kissing and sucking slightly on his nipples, Timmy moaning slightly at this, before she soon approached his groin. She took his monster cock in his hands, marveling at the girth alone, almost as wide as a toilet paper tube. She lifted his hefty dick and went down to his plum pit sized balls, taking them in her mouth and starting to suck and lick them, the taste better than Cosmo’s, being slightly more salty. Timmy moaned, still being a virgin, letting the expert take the reigns completely, only wanting to truly fuck someone. After focusing on his boys, she pulled off, a thick saliva string attached to her mouth as she wen to his tip. She kissed it, his cock shaking slightly, and she began licking his nearly foot long shaft, getting a small tase if his whole cock. Timmy’s head rolled back, her tongue working wonders as he felt a faint throbbing start, the build-up beginning early. She could feel it too, smiling and saying “Am I too much for you, Mr. ‘I want to fuck Trixie Tang’?” “Shut up” he smirked, a hint of betrayal and anger in his voice, “take my cock down your throat you slut.” She obliged, sliding his cock into her awaiting mouth, surprised at his taste just in his lower head alone. They moaned in unison, Wanda vibrating Timmy’s cock slightly. She began to bob her head on his, slowly taking more of him in her as she jerked the remainder slowly. She stopped jacking him and began her deep throat descent, slowly taking over 7 of his inches in her mouth and throat, approaching 8. Timmy groaned loudly, saying with urgency “Wanda, I’m gonna cum” before erupting in her throat, his hot and sticky cum shooting out, filling her throat and mouth rapidly. She sucked hard, swallowing as fast and as much as she could,  it he just kept coming, his new balls having so much to drain. After two full minutes of cumming, Wanda pulled his cock out of her trap shortly, swallowing the remainder of his cum in her mouth and on her chest, using one hand to jerk him off, desperately trying to keep him hard. “Hey,” Timmy said, Wanda looking at him quickly, “I wish I don’t lose my erection for this whole session.” She grabbed and waved her wand fast, a poof and purple smoke surrounding his cock before disappearing, revealing his perma-hard-on. Wanda wanted to deep throat him again, wanting more of his cock, but he flipped positions, laying her down and being on his knees. He began to lick her slit, having cum slightly when he did, her juices sweet with a taste identical to when they made out. Wanda moaned loud, Timmy a newbie but working like a pro. He licked her outsides several times, soon finding her clit nub. He circled it with his tongue, getting a big reaction from Wanda. “Oh Fuck Yes sport! Lick my clit, oh my GOD! I’m gonna cum so hard. Here” she pushed his head down, instructing him “pull back the folds and go at my hole. Rub my clit with your fingers like you did with your tongue. OH FUCK YES TIMMY! JUST LIKE THAT, DON’T YOU FUCKING STOP!” She screamed as loud as she could, testing the sound proofing as he licked her hole and rubber her clit rapidly. His tongue felt her inner ridges, the taste stronger here. “I’M CUMMING!” She shouted in ecstasy,, filling his mouth with juices, squirting on his face as he pulled away, licking the juices off himself before lapping up the remaining off her pussy. She came off her orgasmic high soon, instructing him into a 69 position. As she moved into position, he was confused, until she lowered herself onto his face and instructed, “Eat me the fuck out. Make me cum, no matter what it takes” before talking 9 inches in one downward motion, catching him off guard. He began to tongue fuck her as he had just done, reaching deep into her vagina, the scent turning him on more. As she sucked, she  quickly pulled off, saying “Cum an hard and as much  as you want, baby. I’m your cum slut today.” Timmy responded by licking her clit, causing Wanda to moan and take him back inside her. She loved the way his cock felt down her throat, now having about 10 inches inside her. Her throat bulged to almost painful levels, but she could care less. With his cock and tongue in her, she came hard, coating his face in cum, feeling his hips buck into her, cumming equally as hard. They continued like this for another 15 minutes, cumming another two times each. 

Wanda then moved off Timmy, his face and hair drenched in her pussy juices. She straddled his cock, crouching as she placed his cock head on her opening. She locked eyes with him and slowly began to lower herself onto him, filling her up quickly. She only had about 6 inches in him when she came, his girth pushing her to the limit. At the sudden construction Timmy almost came but held back, wanting to sink farther in and actually thrust once or twice before cumming. She relaxed a moment later and, lubed up more, continued down in his cock, soon reaching her limit, an extra inch or so sticking out. She could not believe what they were doing. If Cosmo saw this, he’d leave her for sure. She didn’t care at this point, only wanting Timmy to fuck her silly. She, however, had the control, and geared up, lifting up about 6 inches before dropping down suddenly, the feeling too much for Timmy. She felt the throb and repeated it again, this time impaling him into her womb. As he came she did too, her pussy squeezing him for everything he had. She shortly lost consciousness from the hard orgasms, waking in a moment, feeling his cum stretch her stomach, looking down to see the swelling as his baby batter filled her. She came again, the sight alone giving her the idea of his children also fucking her. She felt Timmy shift positions, laying her on her back and mounting her, swapping roles. Now in control, Timmy pushed back into her pussy, his cum leaking from her used as lube. He pushed in about ¾ of the way, stopping there, not wanting to make her cum automatically again. “Alright sport, it’ stone for you to fuck me. Show me what you got, baby.” She purred, egging him on. Timmy began to thrust slowly, pulling out most of the way before filling her back up again. Having no experience, he felt clumsy, unknowing that he was doing so good. She grabbed his shoulders and dug her nails into them, loudly moaning “Oh yeah, just like that. Faster baby, faster. I want to blow another load in your cum slut. Fuck me with everything you got sweetheart. Don’t hold back.” He listened, speeding up and pushing deeper, brushing her womb again with his cock head. She was loving it, his speed getting to the point of ridiculous, but unable to love anything else. She felt another orgasm coming from both of them, and he did too. He pushed his full cock into her, pushing well into her womb and cumming, his semen filling her, her stomach pushing out toward him again. She came harder this time, her pussy constriction his cock hard, threatening to snap it off if he moved at all. Cum still pouring out of his balls, he didn’t move, Wanda relaxing momentarily, allowing him to pull out and keep cumming, aiming at her chest. He coated her tits, face and hair in white milky jizz and she lapped it up like a dog drinking water. 

His cock still hard from the wish, Timmy decided to fuck Wanda’s tits, the perfect candidate as they were lubed up with all his semen. He slipped between her EEs, Wanda pushing the soft flesh bags together, making them tighter. “Oh fuck this feels so good” Timmy nearly screamed, her tits so soft and slippery, Wanda moaning just as loud as him “Hell yes baby. Fuck my chest harder. Fuck it like it’s by damn pussy. Make my mouth my womb if you need to.” She purred, propping her head up and pursing her lips, imitating her tight womb entrance. He accepted the challenge, easily ducking her tits and mouth at the same time, her boobs not nearly big enough to encompass his entire dick. As he pushed into her mouth and pulled out rapidly, she imitated a vacuum she would sometimes substitute on Cosmo and sucked as hard as she could, licking the tip as best she could while keeping the pressure high. “Oh, fuck” he said, feeling the orgasm coming quick. He sped up, her chest burning from the friction, all the semen being exhausted. She screamed out his name as he came, pulling out of her mouth and tits, coating her entire upper chest in cum. She kept feeling his shots hit her, revealing in the feeling, still ignoring that he was mentally 10 but physically 19. 

She then rolled over, exposing her ass to him. “I want you to fuck me in here next” she said, pulling slightly at the lip of her asshole. Timmy immediately pounced, his cock lined up and ready to shove in, but Wanda, panicked, rolled slightly and put a hand on his chest. “Hang on a second, sport. I understand you’re excited, but we need lube first.” She then grabbed her wand, poofing a bottle of clear, unscented lube into the room. Timmy grabbed it, opening it and gathering some on his hand, beginning to rub it into his dick. He moaned as the lube felt better than any lotion he had ever jacked off with. He then looked at Wanda, his cock fully covered in lube. “Pour some into me baby” she purred, spreading her ass apart with both hands. Timmy did as told, letting a slow stream leak from the bottle, pouring directly into her tight ass. Wanda the felt his lubed finger push into her asshole, starting to spread the lube further in. She moaned and began to rub her clit, being an asshole virgin still, but knowing that Cosmo was much too small to fuck her properly compared to normally sized Timmy, let alone his wish fueled monster. As she slid two fingers into her ass, Timmy poured more lube onto her ass and his cock, making sure they were super slick, and slowly pushed his dick into her. Wanda stopped masturbating and screamed out in pain, Timmy’s cock too big for her ass. However, all the lube let Timmy push his way in roughly, her ass contracting in rejection. Wanda motioned for him to stop only two inches into her, trying to relax more so it would be easier for both of them. After a few minutes, she told him to keep going, the pain returning but not as bad, as she kept as loose as she possibly could. Soon she felt his hips meet hers, causing Wanda to orgasm just from mental image alone, soaking the covering in mere seconds. Her ass, now clamped on Timmy’s cock painfully, slowly relaxed again, Wanda coming off her orgasm. Timmy began to pull out, Wanda screaming again, this time in pleasure, screaming his name instead of profanities. He began to thrust into her ass, the tightness and hotness all too new to him, causing an orgasm after only a minute of fucking. He pushed in all the way, shooting his big load directly into her stomach, Wanda cumming forcefully again, milking his cock of all his baby batter. “This feels so fucking good! I can’t believe you are in my ass. Start fucking me through the orgasm; it’s only gonna get worse if you don’t.” She gasped, not fully off her orgasm yet. Timmy had just finished and obliged, ready to fuck again. He had a difficult time at first, her ass too tight around him. Her body adapted as time passed and his cock was moving smoother through her tight ass, both enjoying it more than the standard vaginal fuck. Wanda almost continuously came, the feeling of his monster in her tightest hole kept surprising her, even after 20 minutes as he kept thrusting through his orgasm, his seed and cock occupying the same spaces too well, causing her 11th ass related orgasm. Timmy decided to stop with her ass, not wanting to hurt her too badly down there, knowing it would be hard for her to sit for a while. He had one last rapid go, pushing in and pulling out at record speed, Wanda on a several minute long orgasm from him. He finally pushed his hips against hers again and came hard, filling her ass to the limit, cum shooting out from her hole and around his cock. She also came definitively, spraying the bed and his legs with her cum, barley muttering “I’m done” before passing out from the over-exertion. 

Timmy pulled out, Wanda unconscious and him still extremely horny, the ass fucking too good for him. He could feel a more natural boner underneath his wished hard-on. He flipped her over, her breathing constant and eyes closed, like she was asleep, and pushed his way into her pussy again, raping her seeming loose pussy, at least compared to her ass. She was still unresponsive, but he didn’t care, pushing as far in as he wanted with no objection from her or her body. He grabbed her tits, suddenly turned on even more from the fact that she was powerless now. He began biting and sucking her tits, still fucking her hard, his cock breaking into her cum-filled womb again and again. She lactated slightly, making Timmy know that she was both impregnated and tasted good in another way. He began sucking harder at her nipples, more milk being squeezed out by the minute. He took his mouth off her nips and kissed her face, his tongue pushing into her mouth, free to explore for as long as he wanted. As he did so he pushing into her womb and came again, filling her up, and continued to fuck her, both with his mouth and cock. She was unmoving, her breathing still present but slightly labored as he pulled away from their unconscious-conscious make-out session. He then focused on her nipples again, cumming when he tasted her milk again. He knew that Cosmo wasn’t the father; he had hardly been with Wanda in weeks, the two having had a slightly more strained relationship. He kept on fucking his new baby-momma, feeling her faux-prevent belly full of his semen, making it swell more as he came yet again, Wanda looking like she was gonna have triplets soon. He pulled his cock out and let his semen leak out of her, the “baby bump” fading as he began to work on her tits again, propping her head into the same position as before, using her as the cum-dumpster she had been for the past two hours. She slowly woke to him on her chest, thrusting hard, getting ready to cum one last time. As she fully woke to the situation, he pulled back, lubing his hands up and jacking off furiously, his cock swollen and throbbing, precum leaking from the head again. She opened her mouth wide as he stood, cumming hard, spraying her whole body with cum, not holding back. After three and a half minutes Timmy fell next to Wanda, spent, his magic boner still there but weak, his balls drained. Wanda weakly reaches for her wand, poofing her and Timmy back to normal, her still covered in cum and him asleep, still on the thick and soft material soaked in their love juices. She kissed him lightly on the forehead, the boy now looking his age and fast asleep. As she was about to poof them back to normal, Cosmo appeared out of the blue, looking tired and ready to collapse like Timmy. However, instead of the normalness in the room, he saw his wife and godson on the godson’s bed, both naked and covered in cum from the other. Cosmo flipped out, screaming in betrayal at Wanda, knowing full well that she could get in serious trouble for fucking their godchild. Wanda deflected his argument quickly, pointing to Da Rules, which said nothing about it. He then began to abuse her, slapping her for cheating on him with a 10 year old and left her bruised and divorced, the paperwork being filed at the wave of their wands. 

Now Wanda is the only fairy Timmy has and neither complain. Wanda was happy to be gone from the idiot and Timmy happy that he didn’t have to explain everything to someone thousands of years older to him. They still fucked; however, it was nothing like that day, as that was to be preserved for memories only. Wanda did indeed get pregnant with the 10 year old’s child, giving birth over a year later, as fairy pregnancy’s lasted longer than human ones. The two, however, couldn’t deal with the child and gave it up for fairy adoption, the child being more like its mother than its father. As Timmy grew his cock did as well, surpassing his father’s by an inch when he stopped growing. He and Wanda were in love, fucking almost everyday once the shock of Cosmo leaving left Wanda. Timmy was able to fuck Trixie, but only after she saw his cock accidentally, springing in him in the junior high bathroom when he had an 8.5 incher. They became a thing, the two dating and fucking regularly, Wanda not opposed in the slightest. She actually watched and jacked off with them, sometimes poofing in Juandicimo from time to time to ease her sexual aches, her hand and dildos not always enough. Timmy was happy in junior high, having a girlfriend and two fuck buddies at any given time. He was strong, tall, and well hung, the only things a man can really ask for. Life was good. 

Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. There is more to come, so stick around if you are interested.

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