Blasting the Past

BY : Gideon_Kalve_Jarvis
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Disclaimer: Author’s Note: All characters copyright © DiC Entertainment/Nelvana – the author does not own them, and makes no profit from this story.

Blasting the Past

An Inspector Gadget/Gadget and the Gadgetinis Fanfic

By Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Commissioned by JadeStyx


Author’s Note: All characters copyright © DiC Entertainment/Nelvana – the author does not own them, and makes no profit from this story.


“This is Agent Penny,” said Penny into her wrist communicator as she crouched in some of the thick foliage near the outer wall of the MAD secret base.  “I’m going in.”


“Rowf!” answered Brain, her genetically-enhanced canine companion, his somewhat goofy, long-nosed face appearing on the screen of the communicator, three wires extended from his collar to allow him to speak to Penny and hear what she had to say.  Ever since his years-long experiences with Gadget (first Inspector, then Detective, and finally Captain), Brain, once one of the two most effective and least-recognized field agents available to WOMP (the World Organization of Mega-Powers), had been rendered nearly useless thanks to a severe breakdown caused by his constant exposure to Gadget’s bumbling, all while working his tannish tail off to make Gadget look brilliant, which all too often resulted in a variety of injuries for the poor anthropomorphic canine.  However, a few years of being put out to seed on a little farm in the country a long, long way from Gadget and all of his shenanigans had given Brain the time he needed to get himself more-or-less back together.  As long as he wasn’t exposed to Gadget in any way, shape, or form, actually, Brain was back to being one of the two most effective agents that WOMP had for fighting MAD.  Since Captain Gadget was now assigned to desk duty, having reached a good age to finally begin considering retirement (though his cybernetic enhancements did slow the aging process considerably), this made it highly unlikely that Brain and Gadget would ever meet again.


There were, of course, two WOMP agents who were the most effective ones that organization had for foiling the various plots of the villainous organization MAD.  The other was Penny Gadget, niece of Captain Gadget and his adopted daughter ever since the death of her parents at the hands of MAD agents when she was very small.  In those days, MAD had actually been a fairly dangerous, effective organization on a much more regular basis.  However, thanks mostly to the efforts of Penny and Brain, as well as through their guidance of the bumbling bionic Inspector Gadget, MAD’s goals of criminal activity and global domination had been thwarted time and time again, their most effective agents jailed or otherwise dealt with (including the agents responsible for the death of Penny’s parents), and the organization left in a state of perpetual disorganization from which it had never fully recovered, no matter how much the nefarious Doctor Claw ranted, raved, bullied, threatened, or bribed.


Since the turning of Captain Gadget to a desk job, WOMP had been in need of new, fresh field agents who could fill the gap he left behind.  Thanks to a little bit of nepotism – though in reality this was only to make sure her credentials were reviewed – and a lot of honest hard work and outright genius, Penny was soon accepted into the ranks of WOMP field agents in her teens, the youngest person ever to receive such a position.  Soon after, once Penny had assured him that he’d never have to have dealings with Captain Gadget, Brain joined WOMP once more as her partner, simply reactivating his formerly dormant status in order to re-enter the field.  Since Brain was a genetically-enhanced canine, he hadn’t aged any more than a human would have in the time that Penny had taken to reach her teens, and though it had taken a few months to get him back into peak condition, and though he had grown slightly taller in the intervening years, allowing him to continue looking her in the eyes, he and Penny soon began to prove once more just how effective a team they could be, even more than before now that they no longer had to conceal their combined abilities behind the shadow of Gadget.


Numerous officially recorded successful missions now under their belts, Penny and Brain were once more determined to put a stop to MAD’s schemes after Brain had intercepted a MAD communication with dire news: it seemed that MAD was attempting to renovate their obsolete time travel program.  Knowing that such a plan could only lead to trouble of the worst kind, Penny had informed her superiors of the situation, and then promptly deployed with Brain using a silent VTOL jet provided by WOMP to parachute into the jungle where MAD’s latest secret mountain base was located.  There was, after all, no time to wait for WOMP armed forces to arrive on the scene, for when time travel was involved, every second counted.


That didn’t mean that Penny and Brain were completely without backup, though.  Penny was far too canny a planner to do something as silly as that, especially after her unfortunate experiences being captured by MAD agents when she was younger.  Right before taking off, Penny had made a single call on her secure WOMP line, and as she and Brain finished their trek through the jungle, reaching the edge of MAD’s artificial mountain base, their backup was waiting for them.


“Atsuko!” Penny exclaimed quietly, but with no less enthusiasm, hugging the Japanese girl tightly, before sharing a quick kiss with the other teen, one that Atsuko returned with only a moment’s hesitation, her conservative upbringing always making her a little more reserved about showing her emotions.  Both girls extended their arms as Brain gave a barking cry that was very nearly the same as Penny’s own exclamation, albeit with his canine limitations, before he joined the threeway embrace.


It was years ago when Penny and Brain had first met Atsuko, during a mission of then-Inspector Gadget in Japan to thwart another of MAD’s schemes.  The young Japanese girl had been Penny’s liaison with the local culture as well as interpreter, and the two had become fast friends, a friendship that had continued through correspondence long after the end of that mission.  As both had grown older, it was only natural that they’d begun to share their deepest feelings, since both girls were focused on things besides their social lives, and had few others in whom to confide.  These feelings eventually began to include discussions about the two girls’ growing sexuality as the pair budded and then blossomed into puberty and young womanhood, for neither girl felt any desire to hold anything back from their best friend, and in fact found it supremely comforting to have someone who would read and respond without judging.


All of these discussions of sex came to a head, however, when Penny sent an especially fateful letter to Atsuko.  Its contents, after the standard opening and descriptions of events at school and her efforts to keep her uncle from ending up dead to one of MAD’s plots, were as follows:


“Well, it finally happened.  I know you’ll never share this letter with anyone, Atsuko, which is why I’m writing it all down for you.  That and, well, you know how it is: it’s just such a relief to be able to share things like this with somebody who understands.  You see, yesterday I gave up my virginity.  And before you ask, don’t worry, there’s no chance of me getting pregnant, because of who my first time was with: it was with Brain.


“I guess it made sense, really, since Brain’s been with me ever since I was really little.  My parents made him, or so I’ve heard.  Brain doesn’t remember much about those years, of course, since he was just a puppy, so he can’t really fill me in on the details.  Because of how he was made, he’s really more like a human than a dog.  Must be hard for him, being too humanlike to be accepted by other dogs, but too doglike for humans to treat him as an equal.  Until yesterday, I’d always thought of him as being mostly a dog as well; I’ve since learned better.


“If I hadn’t thought of Brain as more of a dog than a human, I’d never have gotten into the habit of bathing him.  It all started back when I was just getting old enough to take on some responsibilities of my own, and Uncle Gadget decided my chores would be to take care of Brain.  That included feeding him, walking him, and giving him a bath once a week.  Not that the chores were ever really hard, since Brain knows how to take care of himself.  But he felt it was important to at least put on the appearance of letting me do my chores involving him, and I realize now how patient he must have been to put up with me while I made all those mistakes in taking care of him, and fed him some awful things that my younger self thought would be good for him, all while letting me continue to do my best all the same and actually start to learn responsibility.  One thing that I’ve always enjoyed, though, was washing the dog.


“Brain can bathe himself, by the way.  Even when I was little I figured that out.  He’s got hands with opposable thumbs, after all, and he’s just as dexterous as any human, and better than most.  Until the time when Uncle Gadget decided I needed to take care of Brain, Brain had actually been taking showers on his own, since Uncle usually forgot to take care of the poor thing, meaning that Brain was mostly left to forage for himself until taking care of him became my job.  One thing I’m proud of, even with all the mistakes I made, is that I never did neglect Brain, not ever, not even when I was so small.  He’s always been precious to me, and still is, now more than ever.  I especially made sure to never forget his weekly baths.  He might not have needed me to bathe him, but it was part of my chores, and I was determined to be a good girl and help out Uncle Gadget any way I could.


“That first time, and for years afterward, Brain let me run the water for him, and hopped in the tub for me.  It got really wet, though, and I ended up splashing so much water that Uncle Gadget told me to try not to make quite such a mess.  Uncle Gadget never got mad, of course, and he never punished me, but having him tell me anything meant that I’d messed up, and I never, ever wanted to mess up around my Uncle Gadget – I wanted him to always be happy with me.  So, naturally, the next time I ran the bath water for Brain, I took off my clothes, and hopped into the tub with him.  He never really minded, and he took care of the parts that I wasn’t supposed to touch, since he was a boy and I was a girl, while I washed the rest, before we traded positions, and he washed everything he was allowed to touch, and I handled the rest.  Yesterday, though, all of that changed.


“This time, when I called Brain for bathtime, I was later than normal.  I’m afraid I’d been reading some of those magazines you’d sent me for my birthday.  You know, the ‘special’ ones.  They almost made me forget about bathtime for Brain, I was so caught up in what I’d been doing on my bed.  I only just happened to glance over at the clock and start up from the bed in a hurry.  Of course, Brain was waiting for me: he always waits for me whenever we’re supposed to do something together, and he never leaves me unless I tell him to.  He’s the best friend I could ever hope for.  When we went into the bathroom, though, he seemed more interested in me than normal, and I could see his goofy red nose working as he stood next to me while I pulled the curtain on the bath aside.  When I bent over to turn on the water, though, Brain rested a hand…paw…I’m never really sure what to call them…on my hip, and I suddenly realized that I wasn’t wearing any panties under my nightshirt.  For some reason that was important right then, when it had never been important before.  He didn’t do anything else to me, though – he’s too much of a gentleman…dog, whatever, to do anything I don’t let him.  Instead, he bent over and past me, his belly rubbing against my naked butt, and turned on the water to the shower.


“We’d had plenty of baths together over the years, of course, but this was the first time that we’d ever taken a shower together.  I was a little hesitant at first, I mean, so much was already feeling really different right then, but Brain stepped in like there was nothing wrong, then held out his hand to me when I hesitated.  I looked into his eyes at that moment, and realized that this was Brain, and I could always trust him, no matter what.  That made everything else really easy as I peeled off my nightshirt and stepped under the warm water.


“I finally figured out why Brain’s nose was working so hard right after he stepped into the shower behind me: he could smell how aroused I was after reading those adult comics.  They’d put some pretty heady thoughts into my head, and I just couldn’t help being soaking wet ‘down there’ – I was even wet down to my thighs!  So when Brain stepped into the shower, and I saw his big, red, naked penis sticking out of his sheath, everything just clicked.


“This must sound so hentai to you.  That’s the right word, isn’t it?  Perverted?  I guess it is.  Brain didn’t just grab me and shove his penis into me, though, not like some of the boys in those comics.  Instead, his eyes met mine, and he just stood there, waiting expectantly.  It was a silent question, something he was so good at doing, not being able to use human language very well.  All I could do was answer the same way, nodding at him, letting him know he had my permission to do…whatever it was he was going to do to me.


“Those hands…mmm.  Brain’s hands are incredible!  Genetically enhanced like he is, he’s got incredible manual dexterity, easily equal to that of humans, and probably a lot better than most.  Those hands gently gripped my shoulders, then pulled me forward, toward Brain.  I had a moment or so to focus on the sensation of my hard nipples rubbing against his soft-furred chest, and the feel of his hard, hot penis rubbing against my tummy, turgid and leaking this clear fluid.  Then he kissed me.  After that, I kinda stopped thinking much.  I have no idea where Brain learned how to be such a good kisser, but when his long, smooth tongue slid into my mouth, my whole world just started reeling.  And then those hands!  They were everywhere, Atsuko!  Rubbing against my breasts in little circles, squeezing my nipples, stroking down my back, gripping my bottom and rolling my cheeks until I couldn’t stand straight.  My mind was whirling with the rush of sensations – this was better than any masturbation session I’d ever had – right up until one of Brain’s hands slipped between my thighs.


“If Brain hadn’t kept my mouth in a lip-lock right then, with his fingers diddling my clitoris, I think my scream would have brought Uncle Gadget running.  I came, hard!  That’s the slang word for an orgasm that popped up on my computer book when I was doing some research on what happened to me, and, well, I think I sort of like it.  I know I liked my first orgasm brought by somebody who wasn’t me.  As I quieted, kind of running out of the strength to scream again as the rest of my body started taking up all my attention with all the pleasure running through me like an electric current, Brain ended our kiss, and then started to kiss, nibble, and lick his way down my body.  First my neck, then my collar bone, then my breasts.  He spent a lot of time there, and that tongue of his felt soooo good, but not as good as when he wrapped his lips around my nipples, one at a time, sucking on them until they felt hard enough to cut glass.  Then Brain started kissing his way down my tummy, which sort of tickled, making me actually giggle when he teased his tongue into my belly button.  I guess he wanted to make sure I was extra-clean for him.  After all, I was entirely his right then, and Brain always takes good care of his equipment.


“Finally, Brain was kneeling before me, and the only thing keeping me up by that point was me leaning against the wall of the shower-bath, holding tight with one hand to the safety rail, while the other gripped the shower head above me.  The hand holding the shower head went to my mouth right away when Brain’s long, smooth, wonderful tongue slid out, and he started licking me.  You know, ‘down there.’  He didn’t stop with just licking, though, and I had to bite down on my fingers to keep my moaning from getting too loud as the sounds of Brain nibbling and sucking and finally almost outright gnawing on me reached my ears, those sounds driving me almost as crazy as what Brain was doing to me with that mouth of his.


“I never really realized how strong Brain is before then.  He’s done all sorts of crazy things to help out Uncle Gadget, and I’ve seen him actually give Uncle Gadget a lift, holding him up, and Uncle Gadget’s metal body must make him really heavy.  Still, it never really occurred to me that Brain’s lean body could be so powerful, until he slipped his hands beneath my thighs, and lifted me upward, my bottom sticking down like an inverted heart.  If I thought what Brain had been doing to me before was good, this was…it was more than I can really describe.  He could reach everwhere, and his tongue even lapped at my anus, getting it very slick and wet.  The comic you sent had a scene with a boy putting his penis in a girl’s bottom, and when I first saw it, I thought anal sex was gross and kind of skipped that part.  Now…I wasn’t so sure.  Brain actually made me cum like that, with those long, broad tonguestrokes from the crease of my bottom all the way to the top of my pubis.  I was just glad I didn’t have much pubic hair to start with, and always shaved it off when it did grow.  It’s weird what you think of while you’re shuddering through multiple orgasms.


“Finally, when I could hardly think straight, Brain slipped his arms under my knees while he stood up, holding me with my back to the wall.  I could see his penis, all red and swollen, and I knew that he wanted to put it inside me.  Seeing that big penis, bigger than anything I’d seen in a ‘Playgirl’ magazine, or even just drawn in one of your comics, I must have looked scared or worried or something, because right away, Brain stopped, waiting there until I looked at his face.  Of course, I remembered again: this was Brain.  He’d never do anything to hurt me, and if I told him to stop, even now, when he must be needing release so very, very bad, he’d stop.


“I told him not to stop.


“Brain was big.  A lot bigger than I expected, actually.  But even as aroused as he was, and as aroused as I was, he still didn’t just cram that big doggie dong of his into me.  Instead, he nudged it in a little, until I tensed up, feeling him against my hymen inside (I learned from my computer book what that was after everything happened), then pulling back.  Forward, back, then pulling out completely to rub his rigid shaft against my cunny, keeping me nice and wet and ready for him.  I really don’t know how long he kept at it, but suddenly, he seemed to just give into instinct, and finally gave a single, slow, steady push.  Of course I’d heard in the locker rooms at my school that it was supposed to hurt on your first time.  Everything I’d heard only came back, though, when I watched Brain’s big, powerful penis slide into me, stretching me open sooo wide, and making me feel soooo full.  It didn’t hurt at all, though – not one bit.  What it did feel was good.  Really good.


“While Brain started to work his hips, slow at first, but really quickly picking up speed when I started to squirm against him, grabbing his cute, furry butt to try and make him go faster, I must have been making so much noise.  I didn’t care, though, wasn’t really able to care about anything except feeling Brain’s penis rubbing roughly against my clitty with each thrust, while his muzzle continued to gnaw on my nipples.  Soon I could feel his big balls slapping against my butt, could hear him grunting in my ear, all deep and throaty, not like his normal voice at all, more like some wild, savage animal.  It really turned me on, thinking of Brain as an uncontrollable beast, a vicious savage intent on ravishing his helpless prey for all she was worth.  By this point I was delirious, I think, all my thoughts drifting in pieces, nothing coherent at all, my legs kicking with each pounding thrust of this wonderful animal that was my constant companion, my best friend, and the best lover I could ever possibly imagine.


“Then I felt something, something even bigger than Brain’s shaft, and looked down just in time to see this big bulb at the base of his penis.  Later on, I learned that this was called a knot, and all canines have it, and it locks the male dog to a female when he climaxes, making sure all his sperm stays inside her.  Actually, I kind of figured out what it was meant to do just from looking at it.  Just looking down at the way Brain’s penis was stretching my tiny pink cunny, now so flushed and red from the animal pounding I’d taken, leaking my juices down my downthrust bottom, I couldn’t imagine myself being more stuffed full of cock.  It just wasn’t possible!  I couldn’t help but babble something to Brain about how he couldn’t fit in me, how he was too big, and I was too small.


“From the look on Brain’s face as he grinned at me, I think he took that as a personal challenge.


“The last thing I really remember for a long time after that was watching Brain’s knot squeeeeezing forward, stretching my poor little cunny until the lips were almost white…and then ‘pop,’ he was inside me.  All of him.  That was some sort of primitive signal for Brain, and his hips suddenly went into overdrive.  If I thought he was a savage beast before!  With my breasts bouncing, my toes curling as I came again and again and again, I have absolutely no idea what I said or what I did, at least nothing really clear.  I know I remember grabbing tight to Brain’s soft, furry body, feeling him hunching against me so fast and so hard.  And inside me…I could feel his cum.  There was so much of it!  He was howling in my ear as he came, spurting what had to be gallons of doggy sperm right into my deepest parts, and I was howling at least as loudly as he was.


“Spots and sparks were going off behind my eyes, and I was in a wonderful, euphoric daze for a long time after that.  Brain must have been stuck to me for a long time, because I remember feeling him inside me for pretty much the entire shower afterward, his gentle hands all over me, soaping me up, rinsing me down.  Around the end of the shower he popped free, I think, because I remember a sudden emptiness inside of me, and think I whined something to Brain about not liking him not inside of me, about wanting him inside me forever.  Lucky for me Brain isn’t the sort to share embarrassing stuff, and he was soon toweling me off with some nice, soft, fluffy terrycloth, before he lifted me in those strong arms of his, and carried me into the bedroom.


“Around the time I was being toweled off, I came to my senses enough to be able to think again.  One thing I realized was that Brain hadn’t mounted  me “doggystyle,” but instead had slid into me from the front like a human.  When I asked him if he’d done that for me, he nodded and gave one of his affirmative barks.  Guess it was so he could work me open better, without hurting me.  As soon as I was on my bed, I whipped out my computer book: it was time for me to do something for Brain, something extra nice.  Telling him to stay – and he did, sitting on the edge of my bed, his penis still semi-hard and sticking out of his sheath – I looked up how to give a “blowjob,” or fellatio.  Lucky my computer book had animations to go with the written technique, because I hate doing anything without at least a little knowledge first.  I also took a few minutes to look up most of the other things that had happened already, and made notes to look up the rest later.


“While I was poking around in my computer book, I was lying on my front, bare naked.  I must have been wiggling a little, too, because when I finished, Brain was staring at my butt, doing his best not to drool.  It was cute, I thought, and I couldn’t help but giggle.  I asked him if I was teasing the poor doggy, using some baby talk with him as though he were a normal dog – which, of course, he isn’t – and he just nodded, giving me this adorable, pitiful expression.  Of course I couldn’t resist that, and I told him to hold still and I’d give him a doggy treat for being such a good dog, while I got on my knees between his legs.  Resting my hands on his furry thighs, I parted Brain’s legs, and just looked his big penis up and down.  My expression must have been enough to get Brain excited, because he was rock hard right away, his cock actually twitching a little and leaking big drops of that clear stuff from before – preseminal fluid, or precum, my computer book called it.  It meant that a boy was getting ready to put his penis inside of somewhere warm and tight.  In this case, my mouth.


“Lapping up the pre as fast as I could, I bent down, rubbing my nose against Brain’s balls, smelling him, before I began to nibble on those big, plump orbs.  My book warned me to be extra-gentle with my teeth while doing oral play like this, so I took a lot of care to do just that, avoiding too much pressure…though Brain seemed to enjoy a little light nibbling on his penis directly, especially along his shaft, and even more especially around the tip.  Just watching his face, feeling his legs tensing up with pleasure was enough to drive me wild, my whole body feeling as though it were on fire right then, I was so aroused.  This was intense!  Giving pleasure was as good as getting it, and I promised myself I’d do this to Brain a lot more often in the future.  It got even better when he reached down with one hand and started to stroke my back, then to cup and squeeze my butt, spreading my cheeks.  I returned the favor, grabbing his cute, tan-furred buns in both my hands, which gave me plenty of leverage so that I could gulp down his cock, doing something my book called “deep-throating.”  Of course, the computer book said it wasn’t very common…and I soon found out why, when I almost choked myself, my eyes tearing up.  Brain’s hand was instantly wiping away my tears, and his expression of worry was just so adorable, I couldn’t help but just worship him through his penis, bobbing my head up and down, faster, eager for his boy cream.  His hands gripped my spiky pigtails, and I realized with a giddy feeling that almost made me giggle that the new way I’d styled them, so they stuck up and out more than my old style did, actually made them almost like handlebars.  It felt good, having him grab my hair like that, pulling it, controlling my actions.  It made me feel dominated, submissive, like I was his property, like Brain could do anything he wanted with me, and there wasn’t anything I could do to resist him.


“Thoughts like that almost overwhelming my mind, I was almost overwhelmed when Brain came.  Even after cumming once already in the shower, there was still so much of it!  No, scratch being almost overwhelmed – I was overwhelmed, and there was no way I could swallow all of that cum.  I tried really hard, though, and I think I whined like a puppy when so much of the salty stuff squirted out onto my face and my breasts.  It tasted all right, by the way, sort of like chicken broth, but with some other, subtler ingredients mixed in.  I kind of liked it.


“Brain still gripping my pigtails, I let him guide me up onto the bed, though I couldn’t hold back the giggle when he licked me clean, making sure to spend a little more time on my breasts than was strictly necessary.  My body was tingling all over with anticipation as he got me onto all-fours, and I just knew what was coming next.  As turned on as I was, I think I could be forgiven a bit for wiggling my butt back at Brain, like I was some puppy about to get some serious playtime with her master.  Right then, that’s exactly what he was: my master, and I was the obedient, eager-to-please pet.  He could have done anything to me right then, and I wouldn’t have even tried to stop him.  I guess he knew it, too, because as soon as I felt those strong-but-gentle hands of his on my butt, spreading my cheeks apart, I knew exactly where his penis was going next, even before he started to work his tongue up against my squeaky clean bumhole.


“Getting my butt licked like that…it felt really good, too.  Not quite as good as when Brain was licking my cunny, but still, I couldn’t help but get all juicy inside, moaning nice and loud for him.  I couldn’t keep myself from squirming when he started to work his tongue inside of me, and didn’t even try, right up until Brain pulled his tongue out of me, then squeezed my butt tighter, forcing me to hold nice and still for him while he guided himself into place.  Resting one strong, furry hand on my bottom, gripping me firmly, keeping me still, Brain used his other hand to stroke his penis, then to hold it firmly as well while he stroked it into the crease of my bottom, rubbing it against my pink butt, getting me all wet with his copious precum.  I was whining again as he worked the pointed tip of his doggy cock up against my poor little bumhole, whimpering as I imagined that huge penis of his going into me, shivering with a combination of worry and arousal – he was going to split me open!  But this was Brain I was thinking about: he’d never hurt me, never on purpose.  Looking over my shoulder at Brain, my eyes meeting his, I bit my lower lip, then folded my arms under my head, bracing myself, thrusting my butt back as the tip of his cock nudged against the tight pucker of my virgin bum.  I was all his, and he knew it, and knew that I trusted him completely, no matter what.


“Oh man – I felt sooo full!  As slicked up as Brain had got me, and as slick as his penis was, along with that pointy doggy dick of his, it didn’t really hurt at all when he squeezed himself into me.  There wasn’t even much resistance, at least not that I noticed.  But wow I felt stuffed!  I couldn’t hold back my whining noises again, even though I knew I must sound like some little puppy or something, the way I kept making noise.  It just seemed to turn Brain on even more, though, as he started to shaft me, good and slow and steady, at least at first.  It was just like last time, slow and steady to start, but as soon as Brain figured out how much I could take, he’d pick up his speed right away, and started getting right down to the business of humping me good and hard with the big old puppymaker of his (I just thought of that word right now – “puppymaker” – I really like it).  In minutes my ears were filled with the loud slapping of his hips against my butt, until it felt like when Uncle Gadget would sometimes spank me when I was really little, except now it was a good sort of slow burn.  My butt must have been a bright red, what with how Brain was working his penis in and out of me, his hands gripping my bare little tushie good and tight.  He was so forceful!  Then he reached out and grabbed my pigtails in one hand, pulling back on them like the reins of a horse, and things got a little hazy for me after that.  I think I screamed, and I’m pretty sure I said some absolutely awful things I’d heard girls say in locker rooms at school, but I’m really not sure.  Brain’s big balls kept slapping my cunny as he very nearly raped me, using me harsh and rough and savage, as though he were some sort of wild animal – nearly, except I was totally willing.  Willing and loving every moment of it.  He was growling something dirty in my ears in dog-talk as his hips took up a desperate, frantic pace, something I couldn’t quite understand, but I caught just enough words that sounded almost like human-talk that they made my ears and my cheeks burn.


“Howling like a wild thing, Brain came then.  And I thought I felt full before!  Squealing like a piglet myself as he corked my butt with his knot, I was all tensed up.  If Brain hadn’t been holding my hair like he was, I think I’d have thrashed and kicked, but he held on tight, pinning me to the bed with my head down and my bottom up like I was his slave.  That mental image just made it all the more intense as I imagined myself serving at Brain’s feet, collared and leashed like a common pet, my stomach big and round with a belly full of puppies.


“A long time later, I came to myself again.  I was lying with my back to Brain – we were still locked together, of course – feeling the sweat cooling on my body.  It made me shiver a bit, but soon Brain pulled more of the covers over us, then spooned firmly against my back.  We stayed that way all night, and by morning Brain’s knot was small enough to pop out of me.  I think he stayed so hard for so long because of how I kept squeezing down on him through the night – I know I had a lot of orgasms, and I had the most awesome erotic dreams.  Since then, we’ve done it only a few more times, since we can’t risk letting anybody know about what we’ve been up to.  Still, you’re my best (human) friend, Atsuko, and I just had to tell somebody that I trusted enough to keep this all a secret.  I’ll tell you about some of the other fun me and Brain have had when next we meet.  Lots of love, Penny.


P.S. – Brain says you can join in if you want.  Just ask.”


Since that letter, Atsuko had become much more friendly with Penny and also with Brain, though she’d never taken them up on Brain’s offer.  She’d come quite close a few times, though, and had actually shared a long and very intimate bath with Penny after a successful mission back in her homeland of Japan that had resulted in some very heavy petting between her and the beautiful blonde Penny, their smooth, naked bodies rubbing against each other in the warm water before Atsuko had suddenly broken off their physical contact and gotten out of the bath to dry herself off, too shy just then to continue.  That was hardly to say that Atsuko wasn’t interested by any means – just that she hadn’t acted on her curiosity or her desires, her shyness and conservative upbringing still holding her back.


Despite a lack of sexual action, however, Atsuko had seen to it that she saw a great deal more of action-adventure, becoming Penny and Brain’s regular backup and occasional field partner when other WOMP operatives weren’t available when Penny wanted or needed them…which was quite often, since WOMP was notoriously slow in bringing more than a few agents at a time to bear on problems.  Considering herself on permanent duty to provide Penny and Brain with backup, Atsuko had been ready for Penny’s call, and now was waiting with the equipment Penny would need for her infiltration of the MAD base inside the extinct volcano in the jungle.  After the last time travel incident, WOMP’s scientists had developed methods for picking up the chrono-waves that identified the presence of a time machine, and it was thanks to this early warning system that Penny had known almost exactly where to go, and where Atsuko needed to go first.


Rushing forward from the bushes, clad in a skintight black jumpsuit over her street clothes (a common practice by WOMP field agents, in case they needed to look casual at a moment’s notice), Penny lifted the rappel gun Atsuko had brought with her, firing a long drill bit with a trailing cable.  As soon as the drill hit the side of the mountain, not far from a fairly sizable ventilation shaft dug into the solid rock, it whirred to life, quickly burrowing into the mountainside.  Once Penny was sure the drill had stopped, she gave the rope a few good, hard experimental tugs, then started her ascent.


“Good luck, Penny,” Atsuko whispered into the communicator, while she and Brain finished setting up the signal equipment that would bring WOMP’s armed forces to MAD’s doorstep.


“Just keep me on the scope,” Penny whispered back as she started her long crawl into the ventilation shaft, sweat making the black jumpsuit cling tightly to her lithe body.  “If I get into any trouble, I’ll need you ready to help.”


Atsuko glanced over at Brain, who was working on a suitcase-like device that opened up to reveal a screen and other computer parts.  He promptly gave Atsuko a thumbs-up, before going back to watching the screen, which showed Penny as she crawled through the shaft, the image formed from a series of complex waves beamed through the rock, to focus on where Penny’s transponder watch was located, providing the viewscreen with a picture like something out of a television program, with the camera focused on her.  It was a lot like a third-person computer game, Atsuko thought to herself as she admired her blonde friend’s coltish legs and bottom, before catching herself with a blush.  Brain glanced over as Atsko started to turn away, however, and gave her a shrug and a smile that sent a clear message: what was the harm in looking?  After all, it was only him and her there, and Penny did have a rather attractive bum.  Atsuko bit her lower lip in momentary thought, and then finally settled next to Brain, both of them watching the monitor as Penny made her way through the wide ventilation ducts of the MAD complex.


Her mind centered on the job at hand, Penny glanced at her watch only twice to take in the rough schematic Brain’s scanning had uncovered, and then made her way as quickly and quietly as she could.  Every so often she would glance through the grill of a vent, only to shake her head briefly as she discarded that vent as an exit point.  No, MAD was anything but subtle, and when she found the source of the evil schemes taking place here, she’d know it right away.


MAD proved as good to their modus operandi as always, as Penny glanced out of a final vent, and then nodded, smirking in amusement: Doctor Claw never did seem willing to embrace change.  Beyond the vent, Penny could see a large, oblong device, roughly egg-shaped, most likely the time machine the chrono-scanner had picked up back at headquarters.  Beyond the time machine, facing a viewscreen, was as motley a crew as ever donned a black MAD uniform…all, that is, except one.  Penny frowned as she looked past the assorted thugs, to their leader.  It was a woman, and quite unlike most of the women Penny had seen working for MAD, she was attractive, a tall, long-legged blonde dressed in tight-fitting khakis, her hair pulled back in a functional ponytail.  There was something oddly familiar about the woman to Penny, something about the way she moved, the way she spoke.  Besides that, her face, reflected in the still-black viewscreen, was strangely innocent in appearance, almost girlish, a vast shift from anything Penny had ever seen in a MAD agent.


Those thoughts, however, were disrupted as Doctor Claw suddenly filled up the viewscreen.  At least, his lower torso and sizable gauntleted hands did; per usual, Doctor Claw did what he could to keep his face out of easy sight.


“Is everything ready, Fatale?” asked the criminal mastermind as he stroked the leering Madcat.  “Is the new time machine set to take you into the past?”


“Yes sir, Dr. Claw,” answered the blonde woman, and though Penny was too focused on listening to the words being said to make the final connection behind why Fatale seemed to familiar, Brain and Atsuko both gasped at the sound of the young woman’s voice: she sounded just like an older version of Penny!  “After the last attempt on Gadget’s life in the past failed and the capture of all the experts who could have gotten us back in business, the time travel program had to be put on ice for far too long.  Thanks to your funding, however, I’ve managed to get everything back on track.  It’s an opportunity like nothing I’ve ever imagined before…”


“So long as you eliminate Gadget from the time stream,” Dr. Claw declared, breaking Fatale out of her momentary contemplation,  clenching his fist in fury, “I don’t care what you do with the time machine afterward.  You know that I’m the only one in the world willing to fund your research, Fatale, the only one who took you seriously when everyone else laughed at your inventions.”


“Yes, Dr. Claw,” said Fatale, looking down, her expression one of reluctance.  “We’ll deal with Gadget first, I promise.”


“See that you do,” Dr. Claw replied warningly, his thick, metal-clad finger pointing accusingly.  “Dr. Claw, out.”  The finger slammed down on the comm button, and immediately the link was severed.


“You heard the Doctor,” said Fatale, turning to motion with one hand toward her gathered MAD thugs.  “Get to your stations, then get ready for a one-way trip: if we don’t succeed this time, we might as well stay in the past, knowing what Dr. Claw will do to us.  We’ve got one more chance to do this right.  If we mess up this time, there’s no way we’ll be able to reach Gadget’s cave ancestors through time again – there’s just too much temporal interference after the mess made by the last people to try.”  She shook her head, and Penny had to strain to catch her next words: “Trying to tame a dinosaur army – what a joke.  No wonder this organization is going to the dogs.”  Then Fatale sighed and started walking toward the time machine’s plexiglass-and-plastic frame.  “If Dr. Claw wasn’t the only source of funding I’ve got, I’d never have gotten involved.”


Tapping a button as the thugs worked various panels surrounding the pad on which the time machine rested, Fatale caused the back of the time machine the fold open, revealing a troop transport area.  After finishing their activities, the thugs lined up and trooped toward, entering the back of the time machine.  Once they were all secured, Fatale opened the front hatch and slid into place.  Seeing her chance, Penny took off as fast as she could toward the time machine’s pad, whipping out the lines that had secured her to her climbing gear.  Now she made use of them to strap herself securely to the landing gear of the time machine, finishing her work just as the entire contraption started to shimmer in the air.  Her body shimmering similarly, Penny lifted her communicator watch for what she feared might be the last time in a long while.


“This is Penny,” she said, smiling a little as she saw Brain and Atsuko on the other end, both leaning forward, eager for her words.  “If this is anything like the last trip, you should be able to get WOMP’s time travel equipment to follow the MAD time machine.  Until you can get them to work, though, sit tight: I’ll be back if I can, and if not, I love you both.”


Only barely hearing Atusko hesitantly say that she loved Penny back, while Brain’s own declaration of love was far faster in coming, but the words broken by his canine mouth, Penny closed her eyes and gripped the landing gear tightly, ready for a very bumpy ride.  An instant later, she wasn’t disappointed, and if it hadn’t been for the lines she’d used to tie herself down, the savage forces of the winds of time would very likely have whipped her right off the landing gear and into the vortex of infinite possibility that surrounded her on all sides.  Keeping her eyes shut also worked well to protect Penny from the extreme fluctuations of time, which could be blinding in themselves, and when they weren’t, could show you things that you weren’t meant to see.


Suddenly, the jostling and jerking and constant pressure stopped, and Penny clung on a moment longer, before she realized she was hearing the sounds of birds.  Opening her aqua blue eyes, Penny looked around, blinking in amazement at the primordial world she saw around her.  It was just like the last time she’d been to the past!  The sky was bluer here, more clear, the smells stronger and more fresh.  It was a younger world, more untouched by the hand of humankind, less polluted, more innocent.  At least, that was Penny’s initial impression, one her last visit had borne out, since the only evil had come from her own time in the form of MAD agents.


MAD agents!  Her mind kicking back into gear, Penny rapidly unhitched her ropes from the landing gear and rolled away, before crawling into some nearby bushes.  The foliage was thick, and it was all-too-easy for her to become nearly invisible as the MAD agents started to disembark, followed shortly afterward by Fatale herself.


“Based on the information we discovered the last time MAD went into the past,” the blonde woman was saying, doing her best to be commanding despite her innocent face, “Gadget’s caveman ancestors lived somewhere over there,” and she motioned toward a mountain range in the distance.  “That’s only a few miles walk, so we shouldn’t have much trouble reaching the place and getting this job done with, so long as we’re quick and quiet.  Now follow me, and don’t touch anything unless you have to: we have no idea what sort of effects our presence here will have on the rest of the time stream.”


Finding a game trail cutting through the jungle in the direction they wanted, the MAD agents, Fatale in the lead, started off, bearing their gear on their backs or resting on their heads.  Penny, long practiced in stealth after years of sneaking around MAD facilities from when she was only a little girl, crept along beside the line of black-clad agents, doing her best to keep up despite staying in the underbrush.


Evening started to fall after several hours of travel through the humid forests, and the mountains were looming large before the little group when Fatale decided to call a halt, intending to finish the trip to the tribe where Gadget was supposed to live the next day.


“You four,” she said, pointing to a small group of larger thugs.  “Go and get some water.  I can hear what sounds like a pretty big body of it over that way.  And whatever you do, don’t get separated, and come back to the main group as soon as you can.”


Feeling the need for some water herself, Penny left the MAD agents where they were, and followed after the four heading toward the sound of running water.  She noticed how closely they clutched their guns, and could tell they were scared out of their wits, starting a little at every little sound from the forest around them.  On the other hand, Penny didn’t feel any sort of nervousness, all of it drowned out in her sense of adventure, as well as her mostly positive experiences the last time she’d been in the past.  Besides these reasons, however, it made sense that there wouldn’t be that many dangerous predators near a place where humans lived, because either the predators would move on, or come into conflict with the humans until one side or the other was wiped out.  Suddenly, however, the forest fell away at the base of a small waterfall feeding a trickling stream.  At the sight of the water, the MAD agents drew up short, all four of them just staring, gape-mouthed.  Frowning in confusion, Penny crept around to the side so she could see what they did.  When she did, Penny’s mouth dropped open as well.


There in the water was Penny’s cave-counterpart, her supple legs and slender body cutting a smooth line through the crystal clear pool formed by a slight crook of the river not far from the base of the waterfall.  It seemed strange to Penny that she should find someone who looked exactly like herself beautiful, and wondered if she was being narcissistic, before her mind started to travel down more carnal lines when she noticed the short fur dress hanging from some bushes nearby, and realized that Cave Penny was completely naked.  Such thoughts, though, were swept away as Penny looked back toward the four MAD agents.  Their expressions were anything but nice, and Penny’s mind started to race as she realized what they were likely planning for the blonde teenager in the water, plans she’d very nearly seen carried out many times in the past, during the numerous occasions when she’d been captured by MAD, only to be saved by her uncle before anything really bad could happen to her.  Now, however, Uncle Gadget wasn’t there to help, and that meant that Penny had to save herself – or at least, her past self – before something terrible happened.


But wait!  Gadget was here, after a manner of speaking.  This thought bright in her mind, Penny started off at a mile-burning jog along the game trail, heading toward where she remembered the cave dwellings of Cave Gadget’s tribe was located.


Of course, what Penny couldn’t have known was that, in the years since she’d last been to the past, a number of very important things had changed, things going far beyond the matter of her past self’s analogous aging to her own.  For one, the MAD meddling with time had caused some unfortunate side-effects, not least of which was the presence of several species that were supposed to have gone extinct millions of years before, species, such as dinosaurs, that were now in direct competition with several human tribes.  While another few hundred years would see the true extinction of the dinosaurs once again, for the temporal disruption hadn’t been that great, that was hardly a consolation in the present time.


The presence of these supposedly-extinct species had caused some unexpected migration of tribes, leading to competition between the tribes of humanity, and encouraging more aggressive, warrior-focused tribes to develop as a result.  One such tribe, savage, vicious, aggressive, and very focused on the essentials of survival, had recently moved into the area after some run-ins with dinosaurs had encouraged them to move to the jungles near the mountains, where game was plentiful, and dinosaurs were scarce.  After a few run-ins with Gadget’s tribe, and more specifically Cave Gadget himself, with his strange primitive cybernetics and ridiculous luck and far too clever niece to protect him, this tribe had decided to leave Cave Gadget and his people alone, and instead settled into a position of dominance over the other caveman tribes in the region, stealing their women when the mood took them, and otherwise keeping everyone afraid of them…everyone except for the Gadget tribe, of course.


If Penny had known of this turn of events, she might have been more cautious as she ran through the forest, for she would have known that wickedness was a staple of humankind in all ages, and not simply a transplant from her own time into the past.  If she’d been more cautious, then she might not have stepped, quite suddenly, right into the middle of one of the savage cavemen’s hunting camps.


Coming to a sudden and complete stop, Penny gaped at what she saw.  Around the fire of the camp were a half-dozen of the brutish sub-humans, their bodies shaggy, muscular, the very picture of primitive savagery and brutal vigor, their hair worn long, their facial hair thick.  For an instant, Penny had the impression of creatures somewhere between the stereotypical image of Viking raiders mixed freely with beetle-browed Neanderthals clad in furs and loincloths, if they bothered with even that minimal clothing to cover their powerful, brutish bodies and pendulous breeding equipment, selected through harsh evolutionary forces for length and girth and volume.  Then, the next moment, Penny felt herself being seized by one shoulder and spun around to face a towering, broad-shouldered male with slate grey hair done in intricate, shoulder-length braids, who leered down at her, keeping his hand firmly on her shoulder, preventing her from simply running off.  Swallowing nervously Penny did her best to return the old bull caveman’s stare, doing her best not to be unnerved by how his eyes roved over her lithe, nubile body with undisguised lust.


“We lucky!” bellowed the male to his fellows, his words translated into language Penny could understand by her communicator watch.  “It girl of the Gadget tribe!  Her uncle not around to save her this time!”  His eyes lowered back to her, and he wiped his mouth with one hand, leaning in close, his breath smelling of cooked meat.  “Last time we meet, Gadget girl, I promise to put baby in you.  Now I do th-ah!”


Not waiting any longer, Penny stepped into the grip of the powerful male, then swung him around, using his own leverage to send him sprawling with a well-executed judo throw.  A trick like that, though, wasn’t going to save her from seven cavemen at once, and Penny knew it, and didn’t waste any time turning and bolting off into the woods.  As she ran, she gave a startled cry as one of the faster cavemen, his reflexes honed from a life in the wilderness, his legs long and strong and used to running incredibly fast for long periods of time as a matter of course, caught up with her almost immediately, his hand snatching out to grab hold of the back of her black jumpsuit.  With a cry of desperation, Penny yanked open the straps to her jumpsuit’s top, then jerked forward, rolling as she rolled to the ground, leaving the entire jumpsuit behind in the caveman’s grip with a loud tearing sound, before she came back to her feet, and was instantly running for all she was worth, now wearing only her jeans and hoodie, swinging her arms at a brutal pace.


Meanwhile, the four MAD agents were grinning to themselves as they hid in the bushes near the waterfall, watching and waiting as the lithe blonde cavegirl finished her bath.  Soon, Cave Penny stepped up onto the shore, rivulets of water running down her supple, sleek young body.  Leaning back in a long, langorous stretch, Cave Penny thrust out her chest, her broad, puffy pink nipples standing out from her small, pert breasts, looking hard enough to cut glass after her time in the ice cold water.  Smiling to herself, she walked to her simple spotted fur dress, and bent forward at the waist, baring the achingly tight cleft of her perfectly smooth teenaged cunny before she slipped her arms into the holes at the top of her dress, then straightened, letting it slip down to just barely cover her pertly rounded little bottom.  Tugging on the base of her dress to make sure it wasn’t showing too much in the back (quite a feat, considering how little there was of it), Cave Penny turned away and started to walk toward the hidden back path used by her tribe, which none of the intruders dared to use for fear of her uncle.


It was at that moment that the MAD agents struck.  Unlike Penny, Cave Penny didn’t have training in the martial arts, but quite like Penny, she was a great deal stronger and more sturdy than she initially appeared.  Giving a high-pitched scream as the first agent grabbed her arms from behind, Cave Penny slammed herself back into the man, hard, knocking the wind out of him with the sudden force of the move.  Not waiting to see what effect her attack would have, as soon as Cave Penny was free of the MAD agent’s grip, she ran forward as fast as she dared, screaming out a single word at the top of her lungs: “BRAIN!”


For an instant, the MAD agents were right on the fleeing cavegirl’s heels.  The next moment, something came tearing out of the underbrush – something big!  An instant later, the MAD agents were screaming as the powerful beast tore into their midst, finishing them off before any of them got off a single shot from their guns.


The screams were audible back at the MAD camp, and instantly Fatale rose to her feet, as did most of the rest of the MAD agents.  At a few commands from the blonde woman, the rest of them were soon on their feet as well, all of them grabbing for the weapons they never let get far from their hands, before they started to troop in a body toward the lake.  Their hurried march, however, came up short as Fatale, in the lead, came face-to-face with a teenage girl with blonde hair and pigtails, wearing sneakers, jeans, and a red-and-green-and-white hoodie; a girl who looked shockingly like herself.


“Who-?” Fatale started to speak, but Penny didn’t give her time to finish, instead taking off once more toward the lake.  Fatale hesitated only a moment longer, confusion written across her face.  That moment was all it took for the cavemen to suddenly burst out of the underbrush.


Screaming in shock, very nearly stumbling, Fatale saw the expressions of the grotesque, apelike males as they caught sight of her, right before they pounced on her men.  The MAD agents were overrun in seconds, the cavemen not even giving the modern men a chance to get their weapons into firing position as their clubs and spears made short work of the agents.  Not waiting to see the aftermath, already knowing how the fight would end, and guessing immediately what it would mean to her, Fatale took off at a sprint on the trail that Penny had taken.  Behind her, she could hear the crashing of the cavemen through the underbrush, and knew they were only scant seconds behind her.


Barely in the lead, Penny burst out into the clearing near the lake, and blinked as she came to a stop, seeing her cavegirl counterpart standing there, rubbing the head of a very large, lizardlike Cave Brain.


“He’s grown since the last time I saw him,” said Penny with a grin as she approached, noticing an arm with a MAD uniform sticking out of the underbrush, and immediately realizing what must have happened.  “In more ways than one…wow.”


“Penny!” exclaimed Cave Penny joyously, embracing the other girl.  Seen together, the pair looked almost like identical twins, the only differences being their clothes and their hair, since Penny had changed her pigtails to a more spiky, swept-back position, while Cave Penny’s retained their dangling appearance on the sides of her head.  “It so good to see you, Penny!  You gone so long!”


“I know, and I’m sorry,” said Penny, smiling a little, before her eyes widened as Cave Penny kissed the future girl right on the lips.  “Mmmph!  Oh!”  Breaking the kiss after a moment, Penny blinked in surprise, her cheeks flushing deeply.  “Um, I’m glad to see you too…”


“Is way to show love,” Cave Penny stated with a firm nod.  “Penny love Penny.”


“Well, I love you too, Cave Penny,” Penny replied, rubbing the back of her head a little self-consciously.  “Usually we girls from the future at least go out on a date or something before we kiss, though.”


“Date?” Cave Penny asked, obviously confused by the concept.


“Later,” Penny deferred, glancing over her shoulder.  “There’s cavemen on my trail, Cave Penny, and they said they were looking for you.”


“Thunder Lizard tribe,” Cave Penny said, her face growing immediately sober, and Cave Brain, for all his size and obvious power, whimpered at the mention of the cavemen’s tribal name.  “They bad!  But scared of Uncle Gadget.  Brain!”  She looked down at the lizardog, who perked up immediately.  “Go get Uncle Gadget!  He stop Thunder Lizard tribe!”


“Rawf!” exclaimed the cavedog, before turning and bounding off down a barely-visible trail in the woods.  Cave Penny grabbed Penny’s hand, then, and the two blonde girls raced in a different direction, ducking into the underbrush, only moments before they heard the sounds of bushes and branches snapping behind them, along with the eager sounds of the cavemen’s voices.  Letting Cave Penny take the lead, Penny kept her body tucked low and did everything she could to stay quiet, in hopes that the cavemen would simply race on by.


Unknown to both Penny and Cave Penny, racing on by was exactly what the cavemen were doing, but not because they were following the visible trail, along which the two Pennys would most likely travel had they been panicked rather than thoughtful about their retreat.  Instead, the cavemen surged forward in a shaggy, sweaty mass because they were hot on the heels of a tall, gorgeous blonde.  Fatale felt her lungs burning, her heart pounding, as she fought against all hope to stay one step ahead of the brutes behind her.  Already her clothes were torn, the black jumpsuit she’d been wearing rent almost all over by slashing underbrush, along with an especially large tear along her back where a lucky caveman had caught her clothes before she could pull away.


‘There’s no way I’m going to make it,’ Fatale realized as she started to race uphill through the jungle, passing the lake by to thrust herself into the jungle, following the visible trail in her haste, more concerned with keeping up her speed in the unfamiliar terrain than with any sort of fancy maneuvers to throw off her vastly more knowledgeable pursuers.  ‘I’m doomed…and death would be the lucky way out.’


A throwing stick suddenly caught Fatale’s legs, and she went tumbling to the ground with a scream.  Her screams grew louder and more frantic as the cavemen pounced on her in a body, the grey-haired leader of the band pushing his way to the front as Fatale was gripped by her arms and legs and pinned, spread-eagle, onto the ground.


“No…” she gasped out, shaking her head as the burly male looked down at her, grinned broadly.


“You ours now,” declared the grizzled bull caveman, pounding his chest with one huge fist.  “Mine first!  Then slave for tribe!”


“No!” screamed Fatale, jerking her body upward in desperation, trying to escape the powerful hands holding her down.  All this did, however, was make it easy for the slate-haired leader to grab the front of her MAD uniform, and rip it to shreds with a single, powerful pull.  Her buoyant breasts bouncing, neatly-trimmed pubis laid completely bare, Fatale’s begging soon turned to desperate pleading, the words almost incoherent in her dread at being raped by these shaggy sub-humans.  The lead caveman laughed, and was joined in almost immediately by his comrades, large bulges visible beneath their fur clothes…when they had any clothes at all.  Those that were naked sported erections that were sized for a more primitive time, thick and brutal-looking implements of breeding, as much weapons as a club or a rock to these primal males, ideally suited for breaking the will of any female.  Fatale’s world was reeling by that point, her struggles as desperate as they were futile as she saw the grey-haired bull tugging the lower part of his furs aside while he knelt between her legs, then placed his thick, calloused hands on her smooth thighs, pressing them even further apart.


“Smooth woman make good breeder…” the caveman growled in eager lust, leaning in closer, his mouth starting to descend on Fatale’s exposed, heaving breasts…before he suddenly stopped.


Realizing after a moment that the cavemen were no longer looking at her, Fatale blinked, then grew still, turning her head to follow the eyes of the cavemen.  There, standing on the path, was a tall, somewhat slender man with short black hair, a crude fur slung over one shoulder, and a ridiculous-looking grey hat perched on his head.  By his side, a hulking tan-furred creature that looked as much like a dinosaur as a dog crouched, ready to spring, its sharp teeth bared.


“You no be here!” yelled the man, and suddenly his hat popped open, letting a long mechanical hand spring out the top, a heavy stone club clutched in its grip.  Immediately upon seeing this unnatural sight, the cavemen jerked back, letting Fatale flop limply to the ground, her strength spent from her prior panic, then turned and raced off into the woods, quickly vanishing from sight, the sounds of their departure fading shortly afterward.


“You okay, pretty lady?” asked the man as he approached Fatale, the mechanical hand popping back into his hat as he pulled off his own fur tunic, then, rather than doing any of the terrible things Fatale feared would happen, wrapped it around her, covering her nudity.


“I…I’m fine,” Fatale got out, then, suddenly, impetuously, hugged the strange cyber-caveman.  In that instant she realized that she’d just been saved by the ancestor of Inspector Gadget that she’d been sent to kill.  Just as she realized the caveman’s identity, she also realized that she could never do it; she owed him too much.  Her emotions were too unstable then, and Fatale found herself sobbing wildly as she clung to the wiry-but-muscular Cave Gadget.  “Take me somewhere safe,” she got out through her sobs, letting herself be lifted easily in Cave Gadget’s arms as he gently cradled her close to his naked body, Cave Brain close at his heels as he turned and started walking back toward his home.


Not far off, Penny and Cave Penny were puffing a little as they started on the uphill slope that led to the far way around the mountain where Cave Gadget’s tribe lived.  As they walked, Penny found herself admiring her primitive doppelganger, who had bloomed into an adorable young woman.


‘Is this what I look like to others?’ Penny mused to herself, biting her lower lip as he tried, and failed, to keep her eyes from drifting down the back of Cave Penny, to finally look at the flashes and glimpses of baby smooth bottom that showed with every little sway of the cavegirl’s hips as she walked.  ‘Wow, no wonder Brain goes a little crazy after a mission: I must be teasing him all the time when I walk.’  Then she had to stifle a giggle.  ‘I really need to see how he’d react if I started wearing skirts that short.  He’d turn into a real animal!’


Suddenly, Penny came to an abrupt stop, since Cave Penny had already done the same.  Her eyes lifting, Penny blushed furiously as she saw that the other girl had seen Penny checking her out.  Instead of the anger that Penny expected, though, Cave Penny was smiling, her expression friendly, even welcoming.


“You like?” she asked, moving her hands down her body.


“Um, yeah,” admitted Penny, her blush deepening at the admission.  Obviously it didn’t bother Cave Penny in the least, but Penny was from a more civilized time where such honesty wasn’t really accepted.  Then, suddenly, Penny’s eyes grew huge as Cave Penny reached for the hem of her spotted fur tunic, and pulled it up and over her head, exposing all of her sweetly smooth, pink skin.


“You want make love?” Cave Penny asked next, her own cheeks flushing with eagerness, but also with a bit of bashfulness as well. “It…my first time, besides Brain.  But I want make love with you, Penny.”


So that was another secret they shared.  A mental image of her beautiful, nubile cave self being savagely mounted and mated by the primitive cave dog instantly made Penny’s nethers start to moisten.


“Yes,” she said finally, before reaching down to the button of her jeans, then bending slowly over, thrusting them down, baring her lower body except for her white cotton panties.  “But,” she suddenly hesitated before reaching for her hoodie, “what about those cavemen?”


“They not here,” Cave Penny answered with a grin.  “They head off toward Uncle Gadget – Brain get Uncle Gadget, cavemen no fight him – they lose.  We safe now.”


“Oh,” Penny said, her eyes traveling down Cave Penny’s body, noting the light escutcheon of fine blonde hair on her pubis, the rest of her as baby smooth as Penny’s body (Penny had started shaving some years back, and made sure to keep her skin completely hairless, not that there was ever much to shave).  The cameltoe of her own pubis was clearly visible through her now-damp panties as she grabbed the hem of her hoodie and pulled it off, leaving her top covered only by a short white undershirt that left her midriff exposed, the perked peaks of her nipples clearly visible through the thin white fabric.


Her hands resting on Cave Penny’s hips, Penny felt her primordial counterpart return the clasp, the two teens pulling together, their lips meeting.  Neither had much experience with kissing, as neither of their Brains had mouths that were much suited to the practice, but they more than made up for inexperience with enthusiasm, their nubile bodies squeezing tightly together, sweet girlish moans filling the forest around them.  Taking the initiative, Cave Penny broke the kiss to reach down, her hands slipping with fascination into Penny’s panty waistband, finding the material strange, but far more interested in what lay beneath.  Hooking her thumbs into the waist and then starting to slide the undergarment downward, baring the crease between Penny’s adorable buttocks, Cave Penny started to look up, intending to meet Penny’s eyes…only to have her own widen in shock and fright as she saw an ugly, hairy, beetle-browed face in the bushes.


“Run, Penny!” screamed Cave Penny, turning, giving her future-time counterpart a hard shove as she did so, sending Penny nearly stumbling, but also giving her a head start.


Leaving their clothes where they’d discarded them, both blonde teens took off, as nimble as deer, racing up the steep, rocky trail that led up the back part of the mountain.  Penny still had on her sneakers, which made her better able to get traction and avoid hurting herself on the sometimes sharp stones, and in her near-panic, she didn’t realize that she was gradually outpacing Cave Penny.  It wasn’t until she reached an especially steep incline, and was actually forced to climb a short distance up the rock, the heart-shaped swell of her precious little bottom thrust outward, that she risked a glance back, and realized the separation and the danger it entailed.


As for the cavemen, when they’d fled the presence of the one known as Gadget, they’d started back along an unfamiliar course through the woods.  It was only by pure, unfortunate chance that they’d started in the general direction of where the two Pennys were locked in a lover’s embrace, but even then, they might have simply passed the two girls by, if the leader of the other six shaggy sub-humans hadn’t suddenly raised his hand, a sound reaching his sharp ears.  Lifting his nose, he scented the wind, then grinned eagerly, motioning for his band to go quietly from that point onward.  Sending a scout forward as the sounds of innocent, girlish lovemaking grew more distinct, the grey-haired bull caveman moved up just behind the younger male he’d sent ahead, the rest of his followers hot on his heels, the scent of sweet, healthy, freshly-ripened girlflesh a heady draught to their senses.


It was the squeals of the girls as they looked back at the scout that set off the darkest, most predatory urges of the brutes, and as the two Pennys bounded off, their taut young bottoms flexing, the dimples at the tops of their buttocks standing out clearly in their exertion, the cavemen charged out, howling and yelling in wild excitement, their blood high and hot.  Most of them crouched low, a few even loping along like apes on their thick, bestial knuckles, all the better to keep close to the scent of their pubescent prey.  Both Penny and Cave Penny were fit, close to peak condition, but they were each only civilized girls, each in her way, Penny from a more civilized time, Cave Penny from a more civilized tribe.  As fast as they ran, the cavemen were just a little bit faster.  Lagging behind Penny, Cave Penny screamed as the scout, a younger male, his beard still only in the five-o-clock shadow stages, his ruddy sideburns worn long to compensate, not a stitch of clothing to cover his knot-muscled body, swatted at her firm flank with a loud smack, leaving a clear red handprint on Cave Penny’s baby pink skin and sending her stumbling forward, her hands catching her from a full fall, her legs straight as she stumbled forward, working to regain her feet and keep running despite the odds.  She never got a chance, for the moment she was knocked forward, the cavemen caught sight of the tight-clasped lips of her succulent little cunny, and with such a morsel presented before their greedy eyes, they surged forward in a body with renewed enthusiasm.


Hearing Cave Penny’s screams was when Penny dared to look back, and saw her ancient self as well as her friend fall to all-fours as a long-bearded, brown-haired caveman with a leopardskin tunic tackled her legs.  Another of the brutish sub-humans, this one wearing only a set of impressive scars across his immensely hairy chest and belly, his grotesquely oversized cock thrust out from the thicket of fur around his groin, swiftly grabbed Cave Penny’s arms and yanked them back roughly, lashing them as the wrists with a length of vine despite all her struggles and adorable girlish grunts of desperate exertion as she tried to escape.  The brown-bearded male did the same with her ankles, while the young buck caveman giggled evilly as he mauled her bouncy young bottom with his thick-knuckled, heavily-calloused hands.  A pair of cavemen, one with spiky blonde hair and slightly less dense hair on the rest of his muscled body, the other with thick, straight black hair, went to Cave Penny’s front, the blonde grabbing her pigtails to jerk her up, before the two started to grab and squeeze the teenage girl’s budding breasts, making her cry out as they cruelly pinched her puffy pink nipples, before they closed their mouths on the tasty teats, the sounds of their grotesque slurping filling the air as they tasted their captive’s mammaries, something they did not just for fun, but also to begin stimulating them, to ensure that she’d make lots of milk for the cave-babies they intended to put in her tummy in the very near future.


“No stop!” yelled the slate-haired bull as he suddenly broke up the fun, slapping and kicking at the overly-aroused males.  “Other one get away!”  He looked up at Penny as she paused, and grinned evilly at her, motioning to the last of the cavemen, this one with blonde hair so light, it was almost white, and trimmed short to his head, making sure it stayed out of the way.  In contrast to his light hair, the caveman’s skin was very swarthy, almost a nut brown, and his eyes were dark and steely.  This caveman was also naked, except for a rough leather belt, in which was thrust several carved throwing sticks.  It was this caveman who had brought down Fatale with his dead aim.  Now the bull caveman gestured for him to come forward and work the same magic on Penny.  “We have both girls back at cave,” the grey-haired bull chortled gleefully, the other cavemen circling around the line of their thrower’s angle of assault, so as to close in on Penny without getting hit themselves, all except for the brown-haired male, who settled his weight on top of Cave Penny’s back, making sure she couldn’t get away.


“Run!” screamed Cave Penny loudly as she squirmed beneath the weight of the heavy-muscled male on top of her.  “Get Uncle!”


These words brought Penny out of her moment of indecision, for she’d been just about to turn and find a way to face the cavemen, to somehow rescue Cave Penny at all costs.  The call to go and get the Gadget of this time, however, sparked her into motion in the other direction, and she took off at a sprint, her endurance training letting her make good time, even uphill.  Before she’d done more than clear the top of the rocky rise, however, the thrower let his stick fly, spinning through the air, and suddenly Penny stumbled, giving a high-pitched “Oof!” as she hit the ground on her hands and knees.


Almost immediately the cavemen were howling their eagerness, the slate-haired bull rushing to be at their head, his savage grin triumphant.  Penny, however, was not taken down so easily, and she had enough time to scramble back to her feet, the traction of her sneakers letting her get running, staying just barely a few paces ahead of her primitive pursuers.


Even with her determination and training, however, Penny would surely have been doomed, if another sort of doom hadn’t interceded on her behalf just then.  A great shadow suddenly swept over the land, and a deafening screech tore through the air, sending the cavemen dropping to the ground for cover.  It was a pterodactyl!  One of the anomalous creatures that had survived into the start of the human era thanks to MAD’s prior meddling, the pterodactyl was a large creature, its wings wide and powerful, its pointed beaklike face sharp and deadly.  While it couldn’t carry off a full-grown caveman, it could certainly cause them a great deal of trouble, and even be fatal in a head-on confrontation.  But as for a teenage girl…that the pterodactyl could definitely pick up, and with another screech, this one of triumph, the massive flying lizard caught Penny by her shoulders, then carried the screaming, struggling teen off, dangling in its talons, her legs kicking as she was hoisted into the air.


Furious as he saw his prize snatched right out of his meaty hands, the older bull caveman turned and struck out at his followers, cuffing them around to get their attention.  They were sturdy males, and the light taps of their leader didn’t injure them, only knocked some sense into their thick skulls.


“Take her,” he ordered, and the brown-haired caveman obediently lifted Cave Penny up, and tossed her over his shoulder, gripping one squeezable cheek of her heart-shaped tushie with a brutal hand, fingers digging into her delicate flesh.  “We no have her without other one.  I want both!”


There was a moment’s growling and grunting in dissatisfaction at their leader’s decision, but a bellow from the big bull quickly silenced these sounds of rebellion, before he turned and pointed off toward a cliff in the not-too-great distance.


“Scalebird go there,” he declared with a firm nod.  “We go there.  Go get nets,” he ordered the brunette and blonde cavemen.  “We either catch scalebird, or we catch girl.”  Then he shrugged, before his evil grin spread across his ugly, blunt-featured face, and he licked his lips.  “Both tasty.”




Soon, Penny ceased struggling in the grip of the pterodactyl.  She was too high up to escape anyway, and getting free of its talons at that point seemed like a very bad idea.  Fortunately for her, she wasn’t afraid of heights.  All the same, when the big winged lizard dropped her the short distance into its nest of branches, very much like an especially large bird’s nest, she was grateful: there was no sense in taking unnecessary risks, after all.  Getting to her feet, Penny took stock of her situation, noting quickly that it was pretty dire, but not as dire as it could be.  First, there was a second pterodactyl crouched on the edge of the nest, apparently the one standing watch while the other hunted.  The one who’d brought her paused only long enough to trade some momentary caresses with its mate, and then was off once more, probably to do more hunting.  In the nest itself, which was lined with dried leaves, was a single very large egg, and Penny guessed, since the pterodactyls hadn’t tried to tuck into her right away, that it was due to hatch in the very near future, and so she’d been picked up as the youngsters first solid meal.


Musing on that happy thought, Penny glanced at the pterodactyl perched on the edge of the nest.  It watched her with its fierce yellow eyes, but otherwise did nothing to approach or harm her in any way.  Penny strongly suspected that, so long as she didn’t try to leave the nest, it would probably leave her alone completely.  Upon concluding that she was, at least for the moment, safe, Penny started to feel the demands of biology reassert themselves.  More specifically, she felt the desperate need to pee.  After all the rush of adrenaline that she’d just endured, not to mention the rush of a very different sort while she’d been in Cave Penny’s embrace, there were some necessities that simply couldn’t be put off any longer.


Turning her back on the watchful pterodactyl, Penny circled to the opposite side of the egg, and then carefully made her way to the edge of the nest.  Glancing back to make sure the pterodactyl couldn’t see her very well, its view obstructed, she tugged down her panties with a bit of effort, since they were stuck rather tightly to her skin with dried sweat and aroused juices, then, when they were around her ankles, arched her hips forward to relieve herself.  Unknown to Penny, the pterodactyl didn’t stay in its perching spot.  Instead, the moment she looked away from it, it began to swiftly but silently approach, creeping down into the nest much like a bat, crawling on its talons and the claw-tipped fingers at the crook of its wings.  Penny only became aware of the creature’s stealthy approach when she felt its breath on the back of her neck, and only slowly, hesitantly dared to glance over her shoulder.


Finished with her business, Penny stood perfectly still in her half-squat, forcing herself to control her breathing, to stay calm despite the circumstances, as the massive winged reptile bent its head, and leaned in close to where she’d been urinating.  It seemed strangely interested in the scent, and then, as it turned its head up to look directly at Penny, she could see why: apparently this was the male of the pterodactyl pair, and it, or rather he, was sporting a surprisingly substantial erection that stood out from between his talons like a rigid pink knife.


“G-get back,” protested Penny, but her protest lacked conviction due to her fear of antagonizing the creature, but all the same she gave a sharp, startled cry as it seized her thighs, pushing her back against the edge of the nest, spreading her legs wide as it dipped its head inward.  Fearful at first, Penny gasped as, instead of the sting of that sharp-looking beak or the sharper teeth within, she instead felt the long, slender tongue of the male as he began to lap at her pussy, much like a hummingbird at a feeder.  The strong pink organ dabbed inward again and again, and soon, despite herself, Penny’s labia started to grow quite swollen, her inner walls moistening and starting to drip with her arousal.  As quickly as her juices flowed, however, just as fast the pterodactyl lapped them up, obviously loving the taste immensely.


“Guess you don’t get girls like me from where you’re from, huh?” Penny asked rhetorically, a half-smirk on her face.  The smirk faded fast, however, as the big male started to straighten up, spreading her legs further back, until her knees were next to her head, pressed against the side of the nest.  “Whoa, hold on – that’s not gonna fit, big guy!”


Ignoring Penny’s protests, the male sidled forward, taking his time, then began to rub the slender “blade” of his knifelike penis against Penny’s quim.  Apparently he was trying to make the odd configuration of the differently-shaped female work with his breeding apparatus, and it was taking him a little time to figure out how to fit tab A into slot B.  The whole scene might have actually been a bit comical to Penny…if she didn’t happen to be slot B!


Finally, growing tired of trying to ease things along, the pterodactyl adjusted his hips slightly, and then gave a lunge forward.  He and Penny cried out at almost the same time, his cry one of sexual triumph, Penny’s one of surprise and some slight discomfort – despite the pterodactyl’s penis being fairly small relative to the size of the rest of him, he was still big compared to Penny herself.  Not quite as big as Brain, perhaps, but Brain was pretty well-hung, and he always made sure Penny was well-lubricated before he tried putting his doggy dong in her.  Feeling stretched, Penny grit her teeth, doing her best to relax her inner walls as the pterodactyl humped its hips, screeching and squawking eagerly as it pumped its penis in and out of her with a swift pace, her tightness only letting it get an inch or two into her with each thrust, though the thrusts were steadily deepening.  With the enthusiasm of the male pumping her so vigorously, Penny had to grip the branches lining the edge of the nest with a deathgrip to keep from being jerked around like a ragdoll.


Suddenly, the male stopped midthrust, and instead looked up with a look that Penny could only describe as abject horror.  This, naturally, was a significant feat for the pterodactyl, since it had about as much capacity for facial expressions as any bird.  Penny looked up, hearing a scream of rage like the sound of a hawk stooping on its prey, and saw the other pterodactyl, the one who’d brought her there in the first place, hurtling straight at the male with blood in her eyes.  It looked as though a domestic dispute was about to get under way.


As soon as the female hit the male, his penis popped free of Penny, and the two tumbled back to the edge of the nest, tossing and tussling around the egg.  Penny noticed, however, that even in the midst of their fury, the pair never touched the egg, and seemed to lessen their movements whenever they got close.  That little observation, though, was all the time Penny spared.  Turning, not even bothering to grab the panties she’d dropped when the male pterodactyl had grabbed her, Penny jumped up, grabbing the top of the nest, and hoisted herself over.  Scrambling up, she then dropped lightly back down, grateful for her sneakers to protect her feet from the rocks.


Moving as fast as she dared, Penny began working her way down the cliff face, doing her best to ignore the way the wind whipped between her naked legs, chilling her badly.  She also did her best not to think about the sight she must make, her only clothing her scant white undershirt, white socks, and red shoes, all the rest of her slim, fit body laid completely bare to the elements.


How long she climbed, Penny didn’t know, but she must have made some significant progress, before, suddenly, she heard a loud, deep-throated yell.  It was the cavemen!  But where were they?  Looking up, Penny saw the bare-faced scout who’d been the one in the lead when the cavemen had come on Penny and Cave Penny at the base of the mountain, pointing and hooting out a call to the other cavemen, who must have been somewhere close by.  Desperate not to be caught, especially as the younger caveman started to reach down toward her from the narrow trail on which he was standing, Penny started to rush…and then miscalculated as a bit of rock crumbled from the side of the rock.  Giving a short scream, Penny felt herself tumbling back, spreading out her arms and legs to try to slow her fall and spread out the impact as much as possible.  The expected impact never came, though.  Instead, Penny felt herself hit something taut and springy, and bounced once before she realized – too late! – that it was a broad net, held on either side by four total cavemen.  As soon as Penny stopped bouncing, the cavemen stepped inward, and in an instant Penny was struggling helplessly in the net, dangling from the powerful grip of a single caveman, the red-haired one with the heavily-scarred, hairy body.  Looking around, she saw Cave Penny in a similarly dire strait, looking at Penny with a sad expression as she dangled, bare naked, over the shoulder of the brown-haired caveman, wrists and ankles still bound tight.


“Tasty fruit drop from sky!” laughed the scarred brute.


“Very tasty,” grunted the old bull as he shouldered his way to the front, and then made Penny cry out as he roughly thrust a finger into her tight teen twat.  Pumping his hand a few times, unknowingly rasping his calloused finger over Penny’s G-spot, the leader yanked his finger out as roughly as he’d shoved it in, then took a taste of Penny’s juices.  “Mmm, good.”


Taking the cue from their leader, the blonde, brunette, and the red-haired male holding the net in which Penny dangled all took turns thrusting their fingers into her, again and again, making her squirm as they tasted her juices over and over, until she was hopelessly tangled in the net, all chance of escape completely lost.  Then Penny squealed loudly as the young caveman, having just finished climbing down from the upper ledge where he’d been scouting, shoved his finger right into Penny’s butt.  Like his fellows, he tasted his finger, then began to spit, making a sour face, obviously not caring much for the taste, or for the mocking laughter of his comrades.


“That hole for when somebody else have pussy,” laughed the grey-haired bull.  “Or when you want make girl clench down extra-tight, yell loud.”  He chuckled, making Penny shudder with the look he gave her.  “Lots of fun.  Come!” he motioned with his hand, and then turned and started down the trail.  “Time for making babies with new slaves!”


Slung over the shoulder of the redheaded male, Penny bounced and jostled like a sack of potatoes, the cavemen not seeming to give her any more mind.  That lack of attention made her try several times to escape, but there was no way out of the net without cutting it or climbing out the top, and the top was too tightly-cinched, while she’d lost all her portable gear along with her jumpsuit, even her computer book, which was tucked into one of the pockets.  It and the other important things would survive, since the pockets of her jumpsuit were made to last, as was the computer book and other gear, but it wouldn’t hurt to retrieve it sooner rather than later.  After all, besides the usefulness of the computer book, it also had her homing beacon, and Penny knew that she’d want to have it on her person whenever her rescuers arrived from the future.


These thoughts occupying her mind for mile after mile as she gripped the stout strands of the net, trying desperately to somehow loosen them, but all in vain, Penny suddenly noticed that they were back in the woods, skirting the foothills of a second mountain next to the one at whose base Cave Gadget’s tribe made their home.  Craning her neck as far as she could, Penny saw the sad-eyed face of poor Cave Penny, her cheeks deeply flushed, her expression tensing every so often – it was obvious the thick-bodied, brown-haired caveman holding her was molesting her almost constantly with his fingers as he walked.  Using the heart-shaped crease of Cave Penny’s bottom as a sort of sights, Penny gasped softly as she saw a dark and ominous cave looming ahead.  The entryway was very large, and within, even at a distance, Penny could see a fire crackling away, and other dim shapes moving around.  As the band drew nearer, she could hear the sound of harsh voices as well, raised in laughter and snippets of crude songs.


Minutes later, Penny saw the grey-haired bull step into the cave, followed one by one by the others, with Penny’s carrier last of all, before she felt the sun’s light vanish, and found her eyes instead adjusting to the light of the large crackling fire in the center of the huge, rounded chamber in which she suddenly found herself.  There were more cavemen in the cave, anywhere from eight to a twenty, the exact number hard to tell with all the wavering shadows and various nooks and crannies around the place.  Penny could also see a number of women, some of them the stooped, beetle-browed sort of the cavemen’s people, but many more of them seemed to be from other tribes, smooth-faced and pretty.  Most of the women in the cave that Penny could see were sporting big bellies in various stages of pregnancy.  All of the women had the beaten-down look of slaves that had given up all hope.  With a soft whimper of horror, Penny realized that, if she and Cave Penny didn’t escape from this horrible place soon, they would both end up just like those other women, as a slave and breeding stock, used in both roles until her mind and body gave out completely.




At roughly the same time Penny and Cave Penny were being carried as prisoners and slaves-to-be into the cavemen’s lair, a shimmering vortex formed in the air only a short distance from where the MAD agents had first landed their time machine.  The vortex them coalesced into another machine, this one of an obviously older, more primitive model, looking something more like a bathtub with a scallop shell top made of clear glass than a time machine, but it had served its purpose.  That purpose, of course, was to allow Brain and Atsuko to follow after Penny, trailing behind her in time being sure, first, to scale their coordinates of arrival in time as well as space so that they didn’t appear right on top of the MAD machine, or when MAD agents would be crawling around the area.


“How long do you think it’ll be before WOMP’s agents get to the mountain base?” asked Atsuko as she slid back the canopy and climbed out of the time machine.  Brain followed close on her heels, answering the question with a shrug and a very dubious look.  “That’s what I thought.  I guess it’s up to us, then.”


“Rowf,” agreed Brain, before he immediately put his nose to the ground, his canine senses undiminished despite the human genes enhancing his abilities.  It didn’t take him long before he pointed off in the direction of the original MAD landing site, giving a few short, excited barking sounds before he took off into the woods, waiting only long enough to make sure Atsuko stayed close on his tail.  Of course, it wasn’t Brain’s tail that drew Atsuko’s straying eyes, but rather what lay beneath it: that heavy set of full canine balls, and the sheath just above it.  Despite her conservative upbringing, Atsuko couldn’t get the images of Penny and Brain coupling sexually out of her mind, the very thought of what Penny had described to her in her letters more than ample fuel for Atsuko’s erotic imagination.  Before her was a mission, however, a mission to save her best friend in the world, and when put in that light, she could lay aside her personal fantasies for as long as was needed.


Following after Brain, Atsuko paused a moment as they stepped out of the underbrush and into what was obviously the MAD base camp, the time machine over to one side of the small clearing.  Brain, however, not scenting any MAD agents, didn’t slow, but simply kept pressing forward, following his nose.  Not wanting to lose sight of her guide in this primitive world, Atsuko quickly scooped up one of the smaller pistols lying around the camp (for protection, she told herself), and then followed Brain, hustling a little to catch up after her momentary hesitation.  Another short jog, and the pair stepped out onto the shore of a cool, clear pool, a bubbling waterfall just a short distance upstream from the widening of the water as it slowed before it continued on its way.  Here, Brain quickly located the remains of the MAD agents that had tried to molest Cave Penny, and then, a short distance further on, he came upon the other agents, or what was left of them at least.


“Some sort of animal got those ones back at the lake,” mused Atsuko, reaching out to touch Brain’s back, drawing on his physical presence for some feeling of safety in a dangerous, primitive world.   “But here, it looks like the injuries were done by weapons.  Do you have any idea what happened here, Brain?”


Brain looked back at the bodies in the bushes, then grinned, nodding enthusiastically, before he got up on two legs and grabbed Atsuko’s hand.  Allowing herself to be led, Atsuko picked up her pace once more, jogging alongside Brain now as they followed what was apparently a game trail through the forest, tramped smooth by the passage of many feet, animal as well as human.  The human presence was attested clearly by the presence of a throwing stick lying along the trail, the spot, unknown to Brain and Atsuko, where Fatale had been brought down by the cavemen.  What Brain did know, however, was who had turned the cavemen back, for he quickly started to wag his tail as he picked up two familiar scents.


“Who do you smell, Brain?” asked Atsuko, hesitating a moment, holding Brain back as he turned to look at her, still holding her hand.  “Is it someone friendly?”  She frowned slightly as she saw him nod, thinking rapidly, and then finally nodded, coming to a decision.  “All right.  Take me to this person, please.”


“Rowf!” agreed Brain eagerly, before he pressed forward down the tail.  The pair hadn’t gone more than a quarter of a mile before they heard a bark that was very familiar to Atsuko.  An instant later, a canine figure that was at once very familiar and also very different bounded over a rise in the trail, and then raced straight at Brain.  Letting go of Atsuko’s hand, Brain extended both his arms, and embraced a being that, except for the dinosaur-like ridges on its back, its almost lizardlike tail, and great size, could have been Brain’s twin.


“Cave Brain?” asked Atsuko, blinking in surprise before slowly, cautiously approaching the hulking version of her familiar canine friend.  The big doglike beast turned, grinning in a friendly fashion, his tail wagging as he released Brain, and then wrapped his strong arms around her as well, easily lifting the Japanese girl into the air.  “Eep!  I guess so!”


Giggling as Cave Brain set her down, Atsuko looked around, at first smiling, and then growing more serious as she began to think.


“Where is Penny?” she asked finally.  Both Brains shared a look, their own expressions turning serious as well.  Trading a look, the two Brains put their noses to the ground, and started to sniff back along the trail, toward the lake.  Then, suddenly, they turned to one side, pushing into the undergrowth, which was lighter in the spot their noses took them.  Squeezing through the bushes behind the two canine-like beings, Atsuko made every effort to keep up with them both, until, suddenly, she came to an abrupt stop only a heartbeat after both Brains did.  There on the ground before the trio was Penny’s computer book, as well as most of her clothes, and something that looked like a rather short, spotty-furred tunic.


“Penny would never have left her computer book behind voluntarily,” said Atsuko, bending to search the area, her eyes widening as she saw the large footprints on the ground.  “What’s this?  They look human…but they’re huge!”  Her eyes wide as she rose once more, picking up the computer book as she did so, Atsuko frowned deeply.  “No clothes, no book, big footprints all around – I think Penny’s been abducted by whatever humans live in this time.  Or something close enough to human, at least.”  Cave Brain promptly nodded his agreement, being the local expert.  “You two could follow Penny by scent, I’m sure,” Atsuko continued, carefully opening up the computer book, “but that could take hours, couldn’t it?”  Both Brains nodded their agreement, looking worried now.  “This book, though, it can track Penny’s watch.  Now if only I can make it work…ah!”  Atsuko’s eyes lit up.  “The signal is weak, but it’s there!”


She pointed off toward the higher mountains, where the terrain turned rocky and uncertain.


“Judging from the signal strength, she’s two or three hours journey in that direction, if we get started now.”  Looking at her two canine companions, Atsuko shrugged.  “I guess we’d better hurry.”


Nothing more to be said, the three searchers hurried off in the direction the computer book indicated.  They all only hoped they would be in time to save their friends.




As the red-haired caveman slung Penny around in front of him, letting her dangle from one huge hand, Cave Penny squealed loudly as the brown-haired brute hauling her gave her bouncy young bottom a hard smack, leaving a bright red handprint on the smooth skin of her bum, before he hoisted her up and plopped her butt down on a wide stone slab in the very middle of the cave that seemed to serve as a table for the tribe.  Clearing away the bones and other remnants of prior meals with a sweep of his shaggy, well-muscled arm, the grey-haired bull caveman leered down at the slim little blonde, before shoving her onto her back on the table.  Lifting her legs, Cave Penny did her best to kick the heavy old bull in his face, in his chest, anywhere to make him get away, but the hulking male only laughed at the girl’s efforts, then grabbed at his furs, ripping them away with a cry of testosterone-fueled frenzy, his grotesquely-engorged, uncut cock springing to full readiness as he beat his chest like an ape, bellowing loudly in a display of dominance, challenging the other males around him for the right to the first plunge.


“You watch,” grunted the red-haired male holding Penny, turning her so that she was forced to face the events taking place at and around the stone table, making her whimper softly, feeling the rough rope bite into her tender tushie and creamy breasts as the cruel brute twisted the top of the net, tensing its thick strands tightly around her body, holding her in place, ensuring she would do as he’d ordered.


Gripping the ropes making up the net with a desperate grip, Penny shook her head in horror as she watched the cavemen all around shedding their furs, baring their shaggy, thick-muscled, bestial bodies to the hellish firelight of the cave.  With a scream of terror, Cave Penny looked around, her wide blue eyes filled with desperation, as the rough-calloused hands of the cavemen seized her baby-smooth skin, holding her firmly down against the stone table despite all her frantic wriggling.  The grey-haired bull grabbed her legs by the ankles, then jerked the knot holding them bound together free, before he forcefully shoved the helpless little teen’s legs up until her dainty feet and ankles were pressed up against the stone to either side of her head.  Giving a cry of desperation, Cave Penny arced her body upward, trying to somehow work her way free of the cruel hands holding her.  All this succeeded in doing, however, was to let the big bull smoothly transfer her ankles to the hands of other cavemen behind her.  With these and other brutal hands holding her down, Cave Penny could only watch with tearstained eyes as the slate-haired leader pried the lips of her tight-clasped cunny apart with his fingers, before he plunged his head downward, his mouth engulfing her tiny cunny, before he started to slurp and suck and gnaw with pure, bestial greed on the poor teen’s most sensitive places.  Wet, liquid sounds of her own violation filling her ears, Cave Penny screamed loudly as the bull caveman squeezed his finger into her tightly-clasping channel, then another, the thick digits spreading Penny almost as widely as Cave Brain had…and then a third, stretching her right up to the limits of what she’d taken before.  As the apelike grey-haired man curled his fingers back, his lips closing on Cave Penny’s clitoris, suckling messily, her juices running down his chin, the poor blonde girl couldn’t hold back any longer, her scream of forced orgasm filling the cave chamber, before it had to compete with the rough, triumphant laughter of the cavemen as they delighted in her utter humiliation.


A sudden squeal of her own was forced from Penny’s lips as the red-haired caveman holding her dangling in the net started to rub and massage the human girl’s tiny teen twat, making poor Penny half-sob as she felt herself starting to grow slick and wet despite herself.  She drew in a sharp breath as rough fingers were thrust into her, her vision filled only with the horrible sight before her: Cave Penny’s fate.


Laughing and making crude jokes in their cruder language, many cavemen rubbed their hands over Cave Penny’s naked body, feeling her everywhere, ignoring her high-pitched protests at best, or at worst, finding them even more arousing.  The big grey-haired bull grinned cruelly as he stood up, fisting his rigid shaft before guiding it to Cave Penny’s slick pink pussy.  Putting his hands to either side of her hips, he started to work his own hips forward, gritting his teeth as his shaft bent slightly – she was just too tight for him to immediately thrust inside.  So, naturally, being the brute that he was, the caveman leader decided to solve this problem like he solved most problems: with more force.


“No!” pleaded Cave Penny desperately, gyrating her slim young body from side to side, her small feet kicking in the grip of the cavemen holding them pressed down next to her head.  “No!  No put babymaker in me!  No…no…naaaaaaiiiiiieeeee!”


“Hrgh!” grunted the powerful, virile older male as his solidly-muscled butt sank downward, Cave Penny’s cunny visibly clenching as inch after meaty inch of throbbing primitive penis invaded her smooth young body, only stopping when his glans impacted solidly with Cave Penny’s cervix.  “Good.  Tight.”  He leered down at Cave Penny’s face, while she looked up at him with tears of total despair and defeat running down her cheeks.  “Get many babies out of healthy Gadget girls.  First you,” he grinned up at Penny as she gasped, trying unsuccessfully to pull away and close her legs together as she dangled in the net, “then other you.”


Giving up words completely, the bestial, shaggy male started to hump his hips, grunting with the exertion it took for each thrust against Cave Penny’s exquisite inner tightness.  Soon the cave was filled with his savage grunting, and with the meaty sounds of solid male hips slapping against soft female thighs, and with the moans and sweet, girlish cries of poor Cave Penny, half in suffering, half in forced pleasure, her body already betraying her after her last unwilling orgasm.  Nearby, Penny started to cry out as well as the red-haired male holding her started working his fingers inside of her, faster now, harder, keeping pace with his leader’s rape of Cave Penny.  All too soon, the slate-haired started to pick up the speed of his thrusting, his grunting coming hard and fast right in Cave Penny’s ear, his big hands mauling her smooth, upthrust breasts.  Cave Penny’s eyes grew wide and, in desperation, she managed to wrench her legs free of the cruel hands holding her down, but it was too late by then, for all she was able to do was kick them in futile exertion on either side of her cave rapist’s pounding hips.  All her resistance seemed to do was make the hulking brute grow even more eager, his heavy, hairy, sperm-bloated balls slapping against her pink bottom until it turned a bright red.  Then, finally, with a loud, exultant bellow of triumph, the caveman shoved his hips down hard, sinking himself right up to the roots inside Cave Penny’s pussy as he came.  His loud cry was matched only by Cave Penny’s own, and Penny realized with horror, right before her own body started to tremble in an unwilling orgasm of her own, that the caveman leader must have pushed his penis past Cave Penny’s cervix; he was cumming directly into her womb!


“Rrgh!” grunted the big male as he jerked his cock out of Cave Penny’s quivering cunny, leaving the poor girl to shudder and jerk with adorable little whimpers on the smooth stone table as her inner walls involuntarily pulsed and convulsed, drawing up as much of the brutish male’s sperm into her receptive fallopian tubes as possible.  “Good cum.  Tight pussy.”  Then his eyes swung around, fixing Penny with their lecherous gaze as he grinned widely, wiping some drool from the corner of his mouth, his cock, still glistening from its recent use on poor Cave Penny, as rigid as ever.  “Now other Gadget girl’s turn!”


“Noooooo!” screamed Penny, kicking out at the evil caveman as best as she could while tangled in the net, only to scream even louder when he caught hold of her ankle with one meaty fist.  The cavemen hooting and howling with enthusiasm and approval of their chief, both grey-haired and red-haired males hauled Penny over to the table, then dumped her unceremoniously out onto its smooth, flat surface.  Near total panic, Penny rolled onto all-fours and tried to scramble away as fast as she could, but the lead bull had managed to keep his grip on her ankle, and easily pulled her back, before his huge hands grabbed her pert, heart-shaped bottom and began to brutally maul it, spreading her cheeks wide apart, then squeezing them together, all while Penny whined cutely in her distress.


“This isn’t...” gasped out Penny, trying to struggle, her delicate wrists soon snatched up and pinned behind her back by one of the grey-haired bull’s heavy hands.  “You mustn’t…” she cried out in shock as he shoved her cheek to the cold stone, using his other hand to keep a harsh grip on her upthrust bare bottom.  “You can’t!” Penny squealed loudly, panic starting to set in as the bull caveman thrust his hips, grinding his brutal babymaker between the cheeks of her bum like a hotdog in a bun.


Suddenly, the bulbous, uncircumcised head of the lead caveman’s cock found the tight-clasped lips of Penny’s heavily-flushed cunny.  Before she could even think to demand or beg, the caveman, who had learned his lesson from Cave Penny’s tightness, gave a deep-throated grunt as he brutally crammed his cock into Penny.  Her eyes getting huge, Penny’s toes curled out, her fingers tensing into fists, her mouth dropped open, and she just stayed there for several long, agonizing moments, her inner walls convulsively clenching, sending the most exquisite sensations of pleasure up the cruel caveman’s rape-rod.


Nearby, the red-haired caveman stepped forward, his hands going to Cave Penny as she lay on the stone table, her young breasts heaving as she continued to shudder, little spurts of thick, virile cave-cum still squirting out of her well-raped pussy.  With a grin, the red-haired brute roughly flipped Cave Penny over into all-fours, before the male gave his leader a questioning look.  The slate-haired male gave a short, cruel laugh.


“My seed planted deep,” he said, his voice tense from the sensation of Penny’s pussy pulsing around his cock, trying to expel the oversized intruder.  “More cum make her better slave!”


His grin spreading almost from ear to ear, the powerful, red-haired brute rubbed his cock against Cave Penny’s upturned bottom, just as she started to blink, her senses beginning to return to her at last…just in time for her girlish, high-pitched voice to raise in a scream as the red-haired caveman plugged her little pussy with his own meaty member, his hands gripping her bottom tightly.  Seeing the younger male pumping the other blonde teen with such vigor and enthusiasm, the big bull released Penny’s hands to grab her butt as well, his fingers digging deeply into her delicate skin as he also started to hump her like an animal, forcing a scream from Penny that was the echo to her primitive counterpart’s own cry of violation.


Side by side, pink bottoms both bright red from the machinegun slapping of hairy hips against smooth girlish skin, making their buns bounce, their cheeks just as red from the wash of sensations flooding their barely-ripened young bodies, Penny and Cave Penny writhed and squirmed and cried out again and again as caveman cocks pistoned in and out of their defenseless little cunnies at a brutal, punishing speed.  There was no mercy for the poor blonde teens, no pause or rest as they were pounded harder, then harder still, their smooth skins soon slick with their sweat.


“No,” gasped out Penny as she felt the first warning shots of precum spattering against her inner walls, and she tried to turn around, to push against the bull caveman’s belly as he began thrusting at a brutal pace.  “No!  Don’t cum inside!  Don’t get me pregnant!”  The bull caveman only grinned like a hungry wolf, and started to slam his hips against Penny’s bottom, making a ripple run through her entire body with each impact, before, finally, he lifted his head, his face a mask of tension, and cried out in a deep-throated roar, more like an ape than a man.  “NOOOOOO!” cried Penny, now feeling what Cave Penny had felt before her as the bull caveman’s penis punched right through the tough membrane of her cervix, before the mushroom cap of his cock swelled up even more, then started to gush what had to be gallons of thick, hot, sperm-rich cum straight into Penny’s unprotected womb.  Right next to her, Cave Penny squealed out as loudly as her future-born friend as she received her second load of cum – second, but hardly last.


Heaving a great, satisfied sigh, the bull caveman pulled his gradually-softening cock from Penny’s pussy, wiping her glistening juices off on her firm little bottom, then let her slump onto her side, gasping for breath, her eyes open and haunted-looking as her body continued to twitch just as Cave Penny’s had, expelling little spurts of copious cave-cum.  Cave Penny soon joined Penny as the red-haired male jerked himself out, making sure to place the last two or three spurts of his cum over the poor blonde girl’s bouncy bottom, marking her like a dog at a tree.  Scratching himself, obviously well-pleased with his enjoyment of the two teenagers’ twats, no longer caring one whit what happened to either of them, he ambled over to the cookfire, and grabbed some food from the hands of one of the many slave women.


Seeing that their leader had finished with the fresh slavegirls, the cavemen all around the two gasping, panting Pennys were almost to the point of frenzy in their lust for the nubile bodies of the two well-raped teens.  Both girls were only just barely starting to recover their senses when Penny lifted her head in shock, feeling the first heavy, calloused, hairy paw grab hold of her leg.  Screaming as she was hoisted into the air, Penny was vaguely aware of an answering scream from Cave Penny as she was similarly lifted up.  Both girls screamed in near-unison, then, as they were both thrust violently downward, impaled on yet another grotesquely-bloated cave-cock each, and then made to bounce up and down vigorously as they were raped standing up.  The violation didn’t end there, however, for only moments later, both Pennys gave even louder, more high-pitched squeals as thick, primitive penises squeezed their way into both their bottoms, stretching their tight pink anuses more widely than either girl had ever thought possible.  Now sandwiched between cavemen, the poor Pennys could only hold on for dear life as the sounds of harsh grunting and the slapping of flesh-on-flesh filled their ears.


This, of course, was only the beginning.




Following the glowing instructions of Penny’s computer book, Atsuko kept most of her focus on its open surface.  For the most part, this wasn’t much of a problem, since the area where it led them was mostly clear, the foliage cut or tramped down by the passage of many feet.  However, it also meant that Atsuko had to be quite suddenly seized by both Brains when she very nearly walked right up to the entrance to a deep-looking cave.


“What…oh,” Atsuko exclaimed, blinking as she realized where she’d almost entered.  “Well, it looks as though we’re here – Penny should be inside that cave over there.”


Cave Brain started to gabble something to Brain, who frowned, and then reached into the computer book, pressing a few buttons before he started to talk to Atsuko.  Though his own voice continued to sound like a stream of barks and near-human words, the book’s readout displayed a translation of the words, just as Brain translated Cave Brain’s words.  Atsuko’s eyes widened as she heard the bad news.


“Enemy cavemen?”  She looked up at the cave mouth worriedly.  “If Penny is in there…”  She looked down at the translation of what Cave Brain was telling Brain the cavemen did to captive females, and she gasped in horror.  “We’ve got to get them out of there right away!”


Pressing forward immediately, both Brains in tow, Atsuko hurried as fast as she possibly could to the cave mouth without losing the element of stealth.  Peering around the edge of a convenient boulder, Atsuko covered her mouth as she saw what had become of her best friend.


Wearing only a thin white undershirt, shoes, and white socks, her face clearly visible as she was turned toward the cave mouth, Penny’s legs were splayed wide, and she was making whining whimpers as she was bounced rapidly on the lap of a shaggy proto-human, his penis stretching her poor little anus so much, it was white around the rim.  She gave a high-pitched scream as the caveman came inside her, his cum leaking out around his impaling shaft, before he dropped the blonde teen to the ground, letting her lie there, sobbing quietly, cum leaking from both vagina and anus, both holes looking stretched and red from what must have been hours of abuse.  Not far off, what looked to Atsuko’s eyes to be a nearly exact duplicate of Penny, except that her hairstyle was more like Penny’s childhood style, was writhing as her breasts were squeezed against the chest of a caveman lying down on a broad, smooth stone table, crying out loudly as the caveman she was forced to ride sucked and gnawed on her pert breasts, almost engulfing them completely with his large mouth.  Behind this second Penny, another caveman had his cock crammed right alongside the shaft of the caveman lying down, the pair stretching her cunny right to its visible limits.  It was only a matter of minutes before these two cavemen gave a guttural cry together, and the second Penny squealed in horror, their cum spurting out around the thick cocks plugging her pussy.  Rising up, the cavemen let this second Penny drop to the cave floor next to the one Atsuko could sense somehow was her Penny, letting the two girls sob next to each other.


Thinking fast, Atsuko looked around the cave as far as she could see.  There were many other cavemen there, and cavewomen as well, though these looked more like slaves than willing occupants.  It looked as though the cavemen were sated, for they all looked relaxed rather than waiting, which meant that every one of them must have had at least one turn with the two blonde girls lying on the floor.  A few were starting to sport erections again, however, and Atsuko didn’t doubt that it was only a matter of minutes, at most, before her best friend and her cave counterpart would be subjected to still more rape until, finally, they were both permanently broken.


Pulling out the pistol she’d picked up, Atsuko regarded it only for a moment as a potential weapon.  In this primitive time, the cavemen wouldn’t understand what a gun was, and even if Atsuko could empty the gun before they got to her – not a certain thing by any means – there were more cavemen than bullets in the little revolver, even assuming that one bullet could stop one caveman – also not a certain thing.  No, the direct route would only end with Atsuko getting herself captured and turned into a caveslave, and while Atsuko might have some perverted fantasies revolving around such things happening to her, the reality of such a situation wasn’t something she wanted to force on her best friend.


Other options were available, however.  After all, Atsuko had been trained by WOMP’s special Japanese service in more than just martial arts.  Reaching into the pack she still carried, Atsuko pulled out some of the special equipment she’d brought with her.  As backup for Penny and Brain, she was generally expected to make sure they had an escape route.  To facilitate such escapes, Atsuko always carried a number of smoke and flash bombs with her along with whatever else a given mission might require.


A plan now forming in her mind, Atsuko began a hushed dialogue with the two enhanced canids with her, making sure she had their approving nods before she put the plan into motion.  As soon as both Brains were ready to act, Atsuko took off, darting from one boulder to the next, her stealth training more than adequate for such a job, even when pitted against the enhanced senses of the near-human cavemen.  Once she was almost close enough to her Penny to reach out and touch her, Atsuko hefted a flash bomb in her hand, then lobbed it in a high arc, planting it squarely in the middle of the fire.




The cavemen gave a collective cry of shock and alarm as a great flash of light filled the cave.  Only the cavewomen, their eyes down in servitude, and both Pennys, their eyes closed as they waited for whatever horror might come upon them next from their captors, were unaffected.  Atsuko then followed the flash bomb with a smoke bomb, rolling it out to right in front of the two Pennys on the floor, and grabbed her flashlight, turning its power up to maximum before she got ready to hit the switch.




To the cavemen, as a billowing cloud of blue smoke rose up at the cave entrance, they could see a hideous horned figure, four arms flailing, taller than any of them.  Four eyes gleamed in the reflected light of the fire with hellish intent, and immediately, the cavemen knew terror.


From Atsuko’s perspective, she smiled as she saw Brain standing on Cave Brain’s shoulders, his ears stretched out to look like horns in the smoke and dimmer light now that the fire had been slightly muted from the flash bomb.  Rushing out quickly as the cavemen fell back into the depths of the cave, Atsuko shook Penny and Cave Penny, rousing the two girls as quickly as she could.  Luckily, they were both young and healthy, and were able to stand and walk even after their ordeal.  Rather than running immediately, however, Cave Penny hurried to where the cavewomen were huddled against one wall, calling out to them, beckoning them to follow her.  There was a moment’s hesitation, and then one of the more humanlike women, someone from Cave Penny’s own tribe, started forward, followed soon after by the others.  All together, all the females fled from the brutal cavemen who’d held them captive, with Atsuko ejecting the bullets from the revolver and tossing them into the fire before she joined the others, both Brains hot on her heels as they abandoned their disguise.


In a fury as they realized their women were gone, the cavemen started forward from the depths of the cave.  Their advance, however, was suddenly halted as the bullets started to go off, cracking and sparking as they struck the walls of the cave.  Fleeing back to the safety of the dark cave recesses once more, the cavemen stayed there this time for a very long time indeed.  In that time, all the women and the two dogs made good their escape.




“Mmm,” sighed Penny as she stood in the shallows of the lake where she’d first seen Cave Penny bathing, letting the sun shine down on her naked body as she slowly stretched.  “It’s cold, but it feels really good.  I’m glad you brought us back here, Cave Penny.”


After all the excitement of the escape had finally died down, and they were all safely into the territory of the Gadget tribe, Cave Penny had been the one to take charge.  Of course, her uncle’s tribe could take in the women, making them part of the tribe if they so wished, and quite soon after she led them to her village, that was exactly what happened.  Cave Gadget himself came out to greet his niece and those with her, and almost before Cave Penny had finished explaining the situation in their primitive language, Cave Gadget was happily welcoming the newcomers and assigning current members of his tribe to help them get settled in.  Penny also couldn’t help but notice that there was already a newcomer to the tribe: Fatale, the blonde woman who’d been a reluctant agent of MAD.  The former agent seemed quite happy to stick close to Gadget as much as she could, and Penny saw the way she and Cave Gadget looked at each other.  It seemed the primitive Gadget’s bachelor days were at an end.


“All’s well that ends well,” Atsuko added to Penny’s statement as she also stepped into the water, shivering for just a little while before she adjusted, letting the water’s soothing powers wash over and through her body, as naked as Penny’s own.


Thanks to the bright sun, the water was only cool in the shallows, almost perfect for a good swim.  After their recent ordeals, neither of the two Pennys really felt like being in the middle of all the excitement around the Gadget tribe’s village, and of course Atsuko and both their Brains didn’t want to be far from either Penny.  After only brief consideration, going back to the lake seemed like the best option, for it was fairly isolated, well within Gadget tribal territory, and a perfect place to wash up.  Both Penny and Cave Penny definitely felt the need for a good wash after their imprisonment, and, not wanting to seem out of place, Atsuko had joined them, swiftly stripping off her clothes before she could talk herself out of it.


Her light brown nipples hard and erect in the chill of the water, Atsuko couldn’t really help but look over at her beautiful friend and her cave counterpart.  A brief surge of mild jealousy washed through her as she saw Cave Penny hug Penny from behind, but it passed quickly, and soon she was swimming alongside the other two girls, with Brain and Cave Brain dogpaddling along with them.  Cave Penny called out to the others, and soon they were all following her, swimming out to a small island just a little bit downstream.  A little more swimming around the edge of the island, and Atsuko found herself amazed to discover that they were now within a small, sandy cove, the water shallow enough for wading, as it only came up to her thighs at its deepest point.  Speaking of thighs, Atsuko’s eyes strayed down to the lovely pink bottoms of her best friend and Cave Penny as the two girls stepped out into the shallows, until the water was only up to their knees.


“You so brave, Penny,” said Cave Penny as she turned and embraced Penny, before kissing the other girl full on the mouth.  “I never make it if you not there for me,” she added as a soft murmur before returning to the kiss.


Penny seemed momentarily taken aback by Cave Penny’s forwardness, but very soon she was kissing her cave counterpart back, her hands roaming the other girl’s back.  Atsuko’s jaw dropped as she watched, doing her best to stay still so that she wouldn’t disturb the pair and perhaps end the scene before her prematurely.  Cave Penny gently guided Penny to her knees in the shallows, and then started to use her hands to pour water over Penny’s head and shoulders and breasts, kneeling in front of Penny to make this easier.  After a short while, Penny started to copy Cave Penny’s movements, leaning forward until their perked pink nipples were almost touching.  Atsuko felt herself moisten between her thighs, her legs trembling slightly, as the two girls’ nipples did finally touch and start to rub against each other as their owners leaned closer together, their hands running all over each other’s smooth skin.  At first the movements were obviously meant to wash away the soreness and grime of their recent ordeals.  Soon, though, each girl was caressing the others’ breasts, then her belly, then her snug little mound.  Then they were kissing deeply, passionately, and Atsuko gasped softly as she saw each Penny press a little closer together, mounting the supple thigh of the other girl, letting their yielding little cunnies press down, parting a little, leaving a slick, clear residue as they began to rub against each other.  Cave Penny reached around to grab Penny’s bottom, squeezing it tightly, while Penny caressed Cave Penny’s breasts, pinching and rolling the other girl’s strawberry pink nipples before breaking their kiss to start sucking on them, one at a time.


Atsuko was suddenly aware of Brain on one side of her, Cave Brain on the other.  Swallowing nervously, Atsuko looked down, seeing the very sizable erections of the two enhanced canines.  For a moment, Atsuko almost stepped away as the pair approached her, almost told them no, that she wasn’t interested.  But the truth was, she was interested!  And as Brain stepped forward, his astonishingly agile muzzle pressing against her lips, kissing her deeply, the last of Atsuko’s resistance crumbled, and she knelt as well, making soft, sweet little whimpers as the two dogs started to lick her, first her face, then her neck, then her upthrust nipples, before closing their lips around them, suckling sweetly.  Atsuko’s body arched as she met the kisses of first one Brain, then the other, her eyes rolling back into her head as their hands stroked and caressed her whole body.  Then Brain’s smaller, gentler hand slipped between Atsuko’s thighs, closing over her cunny, rubbing her gently at first, then much more vigorously when he discovered how wet and ready she was.  Under such exquisite treatment, it was only a matter of moments before Atsuko was shuddering all over, her hips bucking uncontrollably, her face deeply flushed as she was sent through the throes of the most powerful orgasm of her young life.


Not far off, both Pennys were also cumming, their voices raised high, both of them far more vocal about their pleasures than the reserved Japanese girl.  Leaving each others’ thigh soaking where they’d rubbed against each other, Penny turned onto her side, an action mirrored by Cave Penny, who, while she might not have access to the infinite wealth of perverse information on the Internet, was certainly a fast learner.  The two blonde teens turned so that they could better watch the action between Atsuko and their respective Brains, all while squeezing their pussies tightly together, smooth legs scissoring vigorously.


Not even trying to pretend to resist now, Atsuko was on her hands and knees, eagerly kissing and then sucking on each swollen doggy cock presented before her.  Cave Brain’s cock was larger, but he was more savage as well, almost choking Atsuko every time she started to bob her head on his penis, taking the initiative.  Brain, on the other hand, while smaller, was gentler, more considerate, letting Atsuko set her own pace, his hands feeling so nice as they stroked down her body, rubbing into the snug cleft of her cunny, carefully stretching her open.  Fortunately for Atsuko, she’d broken her own hymen some time back while learning how to use tampons, but since she’d never had anything larger than her fingers inside of her before, the preparation was more than welcome.  Then, turning to her side, Atsuko presented her bottom to Brain, while plunging her head downward, taking Cave Brain right to the roots after taking a nice, deep breath.  Brain got the message immediately, and suddenly Atsuko moaned loudly around Cave Brain’s primitive penis as Brain mounted Atsuko, his pointed cockhead finding her quim and squeezing its way inside.


Reaching out, Brain caught hold of Cave Brain’s paw with one hand, using the contact to communicate his body’s movements to the other dog.  The other hand gripping Atsuko’s bottom, Brain began to thrust, taking his time to start with, letting the small human girl adjust to the new insertion.  Cave Brain, getting the message, slowed his own hips, matching them to Brain’s movements.  Working in tandem, the canine pair growled and grunted softly, hunching over Atsuko’s smooth body as she squirmed between them, thoroughly stuffed by their spitroasting.  Her eyes rolled back into her head as she felt so utterly, thoroughly surrounded with beautiful, glorious sex, the very newness of her situation and the sensations she was getting driving her to orgasm after orgasm almost without any effort on the part of the two Brains.  Eager as she was, Brain quickly caught on that Atsuko was ready for more, and started thrusting faster, harder, her whole body shuddering as he became almost brutal, with Cave Brain moving just as fast, only just barely stopping short of actually hurting little Atsuko as she looked up at his savage face.


“Do it, Brain,” said Penny, then, reaching around the chest of Cave Brain, looking over the bigger dog’s shoulder to see Atsuko’s beautiful face, flushed deeply with her pleasure.  “It’s okay – cum inside her.”


Brain was gritting his teeth at that point, his belly tense as he fought against orgasm despite the viselike squeezing of Atsuko’s cunny.  But then Cave Penny pressed her breasts against his back, kissing the side of his neck and his cheek, and that was all it took.  With a loud, almost simultaneous “ROWF!” both Brain and Cave Brain slammed their hips forward, both of them almost knotting with Atsuko from front and rear, stopped only just barely by their respective Penny’s hand gripping them around their knot, squeezing it tight.  Atsuko felt herself drunk on cum as well as orgasms, her throat working hard to swallow it all, her anus tensing along with her vaginal muscles as her cunny greedily accepted every last drop of fresh, hot cum.


Almost unconscious now, her first time so powerful it was more than her young body could really handle, Atsuko sighed happily as she felt Brain’s cock pop free of her cunny, Cave Brain pulling back from her mouth.  She was sore, yes, but it was a good soreness, and it felt sooo good…mmm, so thick and creamy.  Hands were all over her, and mouths as well, human and canine, caressing her, kissing her, licking her, setting her so gently down on the warm sand of the beach, letting her just rest for a while, letting her eyes settle shut.  Atsuko could see now why Penny loved Brain so much.  Once they were back in their own time, she’d never say no to any offers from either of them ever again.


Gradually, though, Atsuko became aware of the loud moaning of Penny and Cave Penny, their voices blending together almost perfectly, accompanied by the huffing and soft grunting of both Brains.  Opening her eyes, then lifting herself up, Atsuko was greeted with the gorgeous sight of both Pennys with their heart-shaped bottoms thrust upward, their heads low to the ground, the two girls panting almost like dogs themselves, sweat glistening on their bodies, their faces bright red with orgasmic pleasure.  Behind them, their large paws gripping each girl’s upraised rump tightly, were the two enhanced canines, greedily licking and slurping and gnawing on each human girl’s delicious, juicy cunny, Cave Brain right behind Penny, and Brain right behind Cave Penny, the two girls apparently having decided to switch their normal partners.


“Don’t stop there, Brain,” begged Penny breathlessly, giving her cave counterpart a glance to make sure what she was about to say was a sentiment the other girl shared before she spoke next.  “Mount us.  After what happened, we need to feel what it’s like to really enjoy sex again.”


Brain looked a bit uncomfortable at this, as did Cave Brain, and then gabbled something to Penny, who glanced at her watch (waterproof as always).  Her eyes widened for a moment, and she leaned over, whispering something in Cave Penny’s ear.  The other pigtailed blonde grinned at what was said, nodding eagerly.  Penny’s look as she glanced over at Brain, and then back at Cave Brain, was so naughty as well as lustful, it was enough to make both Brains and Atsuko gulp in arousal.


“It doesn’t matter, Brain – we want this bad,” she got out, her voice tense with arousal, which only deepened as Brain and Cave Brain continued to use their fingers even as they paused in their licking.  “Besides, those cavemen probably got us both pregnant already.”


Pregnant?  Atsuko came fully awake, her hands going down to her flat tummy and smooth quim, wincing a little as she felt how stretched out she’d been by Brain.  Could he actually get her pregnant?  She’d heard that he had some human genes in him…


Both Brains shared a quick look, then nodded as they straightened up, giving Atsuko a clear view of their proud, powerful doggycocks, standing thick and red and ready for use and clearly visible at the crease of each girls’ precious, heart-shaped bottom.  Cave Brain was a bit bigger than Brain in penis size as well as overall size, but surprisingly, not by very much.  Proportionally speaking, Brain was actually bigger, inch-for-inch, than his cave counterpart, even if his overall size was a bit smaller.  Then, with a single, smooth, synchronized movement, each Brain grabbed a presented human tushie, spreading it wide, and thrust forward, making each girl cry out loudly as they orgasmed right then and there, just from the feeling of being filled up right to the brim with thick, meaty dogcock.


Atsuko had always found her blonde friend to be beautiful, even when they were little girls.  Now, though, seeing Penny not just having sex, but having sex in stereo, was enough to drive the Japanese teen wild.  It wasn’t just the sight of those two beautiful faces, bright red and contorted beautifully in pleasure as their hands gripped the sand beneath them.  It wasn’t just the way their perfect bottoms bounced with each slap of slim, furry hip against their upraised rumps, sending little ripples down their entire bodies.  It wasn’t just the adorable moans and squeals and high-pitched cries that filled the air as each Penny made her pleasure very obviously known.  It was all of these, and something more that came out of their joining.  Almost without being able to help herself, Atsuko’s hands went to her own dripping cunny, feeling the slick leakage left of Brain’s own orgasm inside of her, and started to feverishly pump her fingers in and out of her sex with all her might.  And when both Pennys cried out in ultimate orgasmic bliss, accompanied by the basso counterpoint of the powerful males mating them, Atsuko cried out as well, her young hips arching upward in the warm sunlight.




WOMP, working with its usual efficiency, managed to arrive on the scene a good month-and-a-half later to pick up its lost agents.  During that time, Atsuko learned well the wonderful intimacy of her best friend and her cave counterpart, not to mention how each of them tasted, for Atsuko learned quickly how to give some of the best cunnilingus to both beautiful blonde girls, guided by Brain’s tutelage.  Speaking of Brain, Atsuko explored the secrets of sex between males and females with just as much enthusiasm with both Brain and Cave Brain as she did the secrets between females with Penny and Cave Penny.  It was quite common for both Brains, after getting back from a hard day’s hunting, to find all three human teens on all-fours in a triangle, eating each other out.  Presented with such sights, the two enhanced canines would regularly step in at a random point in the triangle, and thrust their hard shafts into whatever girl was handy at the time.


Another development during this time was how well Fatale adjusted to her new life as Cave Gadget’s mate.  Freed from her responsibilities in the MAD organization, the blonde woman soon became quite happy in her new role as a gatherer for the tribe, working hard to earn her place among the other women.  Since she was just one of many newcomers, of course, it wasn’t that hard for her to fit in, and she found a sense of peace and satisfaction that she hadn’t ever felt before in her life.  When WOMP finally arrived in their own time machine, Fatale opted to stay behind with Cave Gadget.


As for the brutal cavemen who’d been such a nuisance, after only a matter of weeks they decided to move on.  Between the presence of Cave Gadget himself, and the strange occurrences that had preceded the escape of all their slaves, they decided that being anywhere near the Gadget tribe was just plain bad luck.  Their departure was not mourned by anyone.


Back in his home time, Brain heaved a great sigh, grateful to just have normal paperwork to do, and able to work from home, no less.  It had been almost another two months since they’d all gotten back, and MAD had mostly gone quiet after their second and final attempt at sabotaging the time stream, having lost far too many resources to really be terribly effective for quite some time to come.  Meanwhile, Atsuko had decided to move in with both him and Penny, and the three of them had a very pleasant living arrangement, at least as far as Brain was concerned.


Incidentally, Brain started to wonder: where were Atsuko and Penny?  They’d said something about a routine checkup that morning, but they’d been gone for quite a while.  It was at about this time that Brain heard the door open, and promptly closed the folder he’d been working on to hurry over to where his two beautiful mates were just entering, both of them sporting adorable baby bumps.


“Guess what, Brain?” said Penny with a big smile, shared by Atsuko.  “Congratulations: it’s yours.”


Taking the photographs from the advanced scanning matrices Penny held out to him, obviously the results of both their visits to the doctor, Brain’s eyes widened at what he saw.  Certainly, both babies looked like they were developing fine, with nothing strange about them.  At least, nothing strange for human-dog hybrids.


“I’d rather have your baby than a caveman’s any day, Brain,” Penny reassured the enhanced canine, kissing him on one cheek, while Atsuko kissed him on the other.  “I love you.”


“I love you, too,” chimed in Atsuko.


“Rowf,” Brain replied.  He meant it, too.

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