Mal Meets the Rebel

BY : Bloodylilcorpse
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Disclaimer: I do not own any characters or anything related to or from the 'Total Drama' Franchise. All characters are owned by Tom McGillis and Jennifer Pertsch. I do not profit nor make any money from this.

Hi, Bloodylilcorpse here, this my first story ever written, so feel free to give me advice and criticism. I'd appreciate it. I just now caught up on the Total Drama series, and I think Mal is my favorite character aside from Duncan and few others. Anyways, I hope you like it, and if you do, I'll do my best to update regularly. Also, keep in mind that the 'mature content' in this story may not come for some chapters. This will start out 'bubblegum sweet like' and soon turn into something very dark later into the series. Well, enjoy... :)

Also, I don't own Total Drama or it's characters relating to the show. Nor do I profit or make money from writing this. Enjoy!

Roxanne's Pov:

Yeah, I know what you're thinking, just another troublesome teenager with no future. Completely bent on making everyone else's life a living hell. Wrong. I'm just a sixteen-year-old teen with a love for pulling pranks and being insanely silly the whole time I'm doing it. I mean come on a little mischief won't hurt anybody, or will it?...

Well, that's what I thought until today when my world was turned upside-down. I mean come on, I got up and out of bed just like anyone else, and did my daily routines. To put it bluntly, this how it all started.


I roll over to the left side of my bed to see it's 6:25 am., the time I usually get up and get ready for school, except for one thing... It's Saturday. So I hit the "alarm off" switch and lay there for another ten minutes because let's face it... I'm really not a morning person. I really hate those cheery people that are all like, "Good Morning World!, It's so amazing to be alive, and hear the birds singing their song of their people at the crack of dawn!". (P.s. There was absolutely no sarcasm in that statement whatsoever if you know what I mean.) Resignedly, I crawl out of bed and go into my bathroom only to meet a grouchy looking red-headed, green-eyed monster staring back at me. Yup, that's me. Oh, about 5'1'' ft tall and almost as pale as Casper, because I rarely go outdoors during the day (except minis school), I'm a hard-core night owl, and I dig it. Laughs to myself. "I really should stop laughing at my jokes, I think I'm probably the one that gets them." Roxanne ponders to herself with a sheepish grin as she runs her hand through her bed-head-do, but only ends up getting her fingers stuck in the curls.

After de-tangling myself, I set to brushing my teeth and hair, and head back to my room, which consists of a full-size bed, a modest nightstand on the left side of the bed. Toward the farther left side of the room stood a good-sized dresser about the size of one of the fancy cabinets you would see with old China dishes in them. Aside from a few bookshelves full of manga, and movies; a small door leading to a closet on the right, that pretty much sums it up. I go to my closet and pulled out a white tank-top with a smirking black cat on it and a black fishnet top, and put those and just a dark, plaid knee high skirt with a pair black leggings out of my dresser drawers. (The struggle of pulling those black leggings on underneath my skirt is real!). I head to my nightstand to grab my phone and went downstairs to find a bite to eat.

I think to myself with an evil smirk, "It's gonna be a good day. Morning person or not. And if my little brother has eaten last of my favorite cereal...He's gonna be a dead man." And just as soon as I get down there, sure enough, the little punk is doing exactly as I figured.

"That's okay you eat that, but later, you will live to regret that decision. After all, I do happen to know where he stashes all his junk food at." I plot secretly to myself as I shrug it off and instead grab an orange out of the fruit bowl that's sitting on the kitchen table, and head out the door and off to have some real fun.

Sometime later after setting a paper bag on fire on my neighbor's porch and enjoying every second of it as the old geezer stands there in his morning glory in nothing but his gray robe and slippers, and tries to put out the fire by stomping on it, but only to discover that his whole bottom of his shoes are covered in a strange dark substance.

"You Damned-kids! Putting dogshit on my porch! If I ever find out which one of you is doing it, I swear I'll call the police! You Hear Me! This is the last straw!" I silently giggle as I think to myself,"That's what you get old man for snitching on me to my folks about those bottle rockets I set off last week! Always a kill-joy."

"Now what should I do with myself today?",I ponder out loud to myself with a thoughtful look. I was halfway down the street, almost about two blocks away from my house now as I was lost in thought on how I was going to spend my Saturday morning. Unfortunately, while I was lost in the middle of my thought process, I didn't happen to see where I was going and walked right into a cop. And not just any cop, but the one everyone in my neighborhood knows to avoid. Officer Turner. A known creep that likes to prey on young girls, and always gets away with it.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?", Officer Turner smirks looking me up and down with his disgusting, piggy eyes. " A young pretty thing like you, shouldn't be running around unchaperoned. Why some thug could pick you up, and mug you. What would your parents think?"

I rolled my eyes in disgust and annoyance. "I'm sixteen years, and tough enough to take care of myself. I don't need some creep like you telling me that!"

He crosses his arms over his heavy-set chest looking down at me with an agitated look, and says,"Hey, you better watch how you talk to me, young lady. I am an officer of the law, and I could arrest you under suspicion of illegal behavior or prowling around without an adult supervision."

I just laugh out loud, and say, "Pff! Please as if you could-", I was cut as Officer Turner attempts to swoop down, and tries to grab a hold of me. I shriek out of surprise and total fear, while desperately trying to unfold myself from his clutches, and end up punching hard in his face. He yells, and swipes towards me, trying to grab a hold me for the second time, but I duck down and kick him where the sun doesn't shine. As soon as I did that, he cried out in pain dropping to the ground, and laid in fetal position while holding himself. I grin wickedly, and made a break for it.

I had decided by then, to just stay out of sight until I could make my way back home without being following. I hid under a bridge just four streets down and pulled out my mp3, and played some tunes to pass the time, periodically I would text a friend. After some time, I started to notice that the sun was starting to sink, and I figured it was time to head back home.

As I was stepping around the corner toward my street, I happened to notice a cop car in my front yard. "Well, shit!", I Think myself, "I bet its that creep from earlier." I start to feel uneasy, and unsure of myself. But I sneak around to the back of the house to try to enter without being seen. And sure enough, Officer Turner and another male cop I'm not familiar with followed by my parents catch me. " Roxanne Ellen Davison!", my mother yelled. "Where have you been, and what have you done this time?! You better have some good reasons for this, because when I get a hold of you, you're gonna-", Before my mom could continue her ranting, Officer Turner stepped in, and said,"Ma'am, I hate to interrupt, but this young lady here has caused a serious offense." He claimed as he looked at me like a cat corner a mouse. "I caught her right in the nick of time as she almost got hit by a passing car, and in return, she attempted to assault, and batter me. Because of her actions, I'm afraid I'm going to have to arrest her and place her in a juvenile facility for her misconduct." Both my parents gasped, as the other unnamed officer place handcuffs on me and I'm forced to step in the back of the cop car...

Oh no! Looks like Roxanne found herself a one-way ticket to juvie. What will happen now that she's on her own? Find out next chapter. Yeah, there was no Mal in this chapter, but I promise you'll see him soon enough. I hope I'm able to capture his true personality and spirit in the upcoming chapter. See ya then. ;)

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