Ulrich and Yumi: morning routine

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Ulrich and Yumi: morning routine

6:00 am

Ulrich winched as the screech of his alarm went off, his eyes burning as he slowly opened them begrudgingly rising from Yumi’s chest having used her bust as a make shift pillow for the night, pushing himself up onto his hands and knees hovering over Yumi as he shook the sleep from his eyes

As he rose Yumi squirmed in her sleep immediately missing his weight and warmth against her naked body, her large tits jiggling as she arched her back subconsciously trying to find him again, the sight of her breasts making his morning wood throb and ache

“My tits belong to you Ulrich, use them whenever you want”

Remembering Yumi’s perverted words Ulrich decided to deal with his morning wood and give Yumi was she subconsciously needed at the same time, moving to straddle her chest pressing his cock between her large firm tits

As Ulrich pressed her breasts around his cock Yumi moaned in her sleep, shifting under him and arching her back slightly out of muscle memory as he began thrusting between her tits “that’s it Yumi, move just like that for me” Ulrich panted as he used his wife’s chest to pleasure himself, loving how warm her breath felt on his cock head

Moaning loud in her sleep Yumi then slowly began to stir as Ulrich’s pace got faster, her eyes slowly opening to be welcomed by the sight of his fat cock thrusting against her chest “mmmmm morning babe” she breathed reaching back to grip the headboard as she arched her back further, making her tits even more accessible to him “blow a nice big load all over me”

“You know I will” Ulrich grunted back as he squeezed her breasts harder drawing a throaty moan from her “damn you’re so fucking beautiful”

“Flatterer” the Geisha purred biting her lip “you know I look better covered in your cum though” she added as she rubbed her thighs together, her cunt dripping with need as she craved her husband’s hot thick seed all over her face, leaning forward to lick at his cock head as it ooze hot salty precum

Squeezing Yumi’s tits even harder to the point of almost bruising them Ulrich fucked them faster and harder, his cock throbbing in near perfect synchronicity with her heart beat as Yumi then moved her hands to her tits, helping pump them along his thrusting cock encouraging to cum as quick as possible

When Ulrich did cum after a few more minutes of tit fucking Yumi let out a louder moan of pleasure than he did, adoring the feeling of his hot seed upon her face as she opened her mouth wide to catch as much as she could, lapping at his cock as her face was covered in thick ropes of his hot seed making her simper and purr lovingly at the feeling of it “that’s it, all over me, don’t ever stop” she panted before gasping with delight as Ulrich moved forward to straddle her face, moaning with arousal as she took his cock to the base into her mouth and throat starting to suck immediately

Gripping the headboards Ulrich panted with pleasure as he started to rail into his wife’s slutty mouth, the Geisha cupping his ass encouraging him to face fuck her as hard and deep as he wanted as her tongue worked wonders on his dick, her eyes remaining wide and lust filled as she stared up at him with borderline worship

After a minute of face fucking Yumi patted his lower back to signal him to pull away gasping for breath as he pulled his cock out of her throat “oh fuck…fucking love this cock…” she panted as she seemingly refused to take her eyes off of his length “come on…” she then bade him as she pushed him off of her and took his hand dragging him off of the bed and towards the bathroom

Minutes later Ulrich’s pants and Yumi’s gags echoed from the bathroom as the hot spray of the shower beat down upon them, his fingers buried in his wife’s hair as he pumped her head along his length making her tits bounce and her cunt drip with aching desire “oh god that’s it, suck my cock just like that” he groaned as he pulled at her hair sending a shudder down her spine

As Ulrich’s pace got steadily harder and more frantic Yumi moved one hand to her groin to tend to her needy cunt whilst the other massaged one of her breasts, simply inserting a finger into her dripping core having her on the very edge of orgasm, only needing the taste of her husband’s precum as it began to pour out again to send her screaming over the edge

“Oh fuck yes!” Ulrich gasped as the vibrations of Yumi’s pleasured scream sent him over the edge into climax along with her, his cum flooding her mouth to the point that it shot out of her nose and overflowed her lips, mixing with the hot water to run down the front of her body as she happily choked down his load

Gulping down his cum Yumi continued to suck hard on his cock before letting it go with a wet sloppy ‘pop’, giggling as he then proceeded to slap his meat against her face “fuck, you know how to treat your bitch” the Geisha breathed loving each hit of his dick against her features holding her tongue out for him to rub his cock against before moving to stand “I want your cock in my ass”

Grinning at Yumi’s almost demand Ulrich took hold of her waist as she turned around and stuck her ass out for him, the Geisha letting out a long sigh of pleasure letting her tongue fall out and her eyes roll back as Ulrich then pushed his cock all the way to the hilt in her tightest hole “mmmmm fuck yes, fuck my ass deep!” she moaned nearly going limp as Ulrich started thrusting deep into her ass

Pressing her hands to the wall Yumi pushed back against her husband’s thrusts as best she could, her eyes crossing with pleasure every time he slammed into her bubble ass making it clap and ripple against his groin “yes…yes that’s it…god I love your cock in my ass!!!” she wailed as she felt her orgasm building up, despite them doing this every morning Yumi still couldn’t take the sheer pleasure her husband’s cock brought her

As he reached forward to grab and pull her hair Ulrich grunted as Yumi came hard, her ass squeezing him even tighter than before, only able to last a few more thrusts inside of her before blowing his final load, making Yumi drool through her clenched teeth as his warm seed flooded her insides

“Ah fuck…” Ulrich groaned as he slowly pulled out of Yumi making her stumble and lean against the wall for support “ok, I better get ready for work”

“I’ll come with you” Yumi told him as she rose back to her feet and turned off the shower, still leaning against the wall as she waited for the strength in her legs to come back

“Why? You don’t have work until later” Ulrich asked curiously as he and Yumi stepped out of the shower to dry off

“What? You don’t want road head on the way to work?”

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