Haven or Hell

BY : PsychoHanyo
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Disclaimer: I do NOT own Invader Zim or anything or anyone canon to the show. That all belongs to Jhonen Vasquez. All OC characters and made up languages are mine. I make NO money off writing this fic. Its just for fun

PsychoHanyo: Hello, everyone. This is in NO WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM related to my other Invader Zim trilogy. I am IN THE PROCESS of writing the second trilogy but inspiration is being mean and won’t come over to play. It is ALSO posted on fanfiction.net under Dlbn, so if you see it there, that's still me.

PsychoYokai: We were just doing this one for fun and never planned on posting it. But thanks to some nudging from our old roommate and another good fanfiction writer friend of ours, we have decided to publish it and see how it goes.

PsychoHanyo: If there isn’t much good reception to it, we’ll just delete it and you can all pretend it never happened.

PsychoYokai: This one is a lot of fun to write and, allegedly, to read, so we hope you’ll give it a shot. Though FAIR WARNING there are a TON of OC characters in here and the main characters are a bit OOC as well.

PsychoHanyo: This fic also contains some very dark themes (one which comes at the end of this chapter. It’s not explained in vivid detail due to our own personal feelings about the subject matter, but it is hinted what happens), but there is a lot of humor, friendship, love stuff (nothing sexual. No sex scenes in this fic anywhere), and some odd situations that could never happen, but could definitely happen in a universe where no one questioned why its spelled Skool.

PsychoYokai: Each alien language used in this fic is inspired by an actual language. Irken sounds similar to Spanish (which I speak pretty decently, but not fluently), Vortian is reminiscent of Japanese, Meekrobian is vaguely French, and Planet Jackers is inspired by German, etc.

PsychoHanyo: But without any further ramblings, we bring you the first test run of Haven or Hell.

Disclaimer: I make NO money off this. Everything canon belongs to Jhonen Vasquez. Anything non-cannon belongs to me. Don’t use without permission.

Dedication: Dedicated to my encouragers, my old roommate Loca Punta (her code name, not a writer here), and my fanfic buddy who’s name I forget on fanfic (she doesn't write here either) because I’m that good of a friend, but she knows who she is ;-) Thanks for encouraging me to post this. It’s one of my favorites to write.



Tapping his black inked pen against his wide-ruled black notebook, Zim Haven sighed and stared at the clock; willing it to move faster and for time to go by quicker. He didn’t really find any purpose for English class. After all, he spoke the language, so why study it? It wasn’t that the class was boring, well it half was, but he much rather be sitting in lunch with his friends; cracking jokes and telling stories of events long passed over the weekend. His friends weren’t the greatest people around, and they were pretty low on the popularity food chain, but it didn’t matter to him. They were good people and that was good enough for him. After the life he’d lived in his hometown of Seoul, a few good people being friends with him was both a sweet surprise and a very welcome gift.

He never felt happier than when the bell rang and he was able to pack up his stuff and escape his rather annoying teacher. Zim quickly shoved all his stuff into his bag and escaped into the crowded hallway. His best friend, a boy named Dib, was waiting for him next to the classroom door. Zim almost passed him in his rush to get away, so Dib grabbed him by the arm to stop him from running past.

“In a rush, Zim?” Dib broke into a grin. “You’re moving like a rabbit running from a wolf.”

Zim laughed. “You know how much I dislike English. I’d rather be in lunch with you and the others.”

“Which you’ll get to regardless of how fast you’re going, so slow down.” Dib ordered with a laugh.

Zim rolled his eyes. “If we don’t rush, we’ll be stuck in line all period.”

“I doubt it.” Dib shook his head. “Senior skip day is today, so we don’t have to worry about them.”

“Oh…well good.”

Being Juniors in high school, both boys couldn’t wait for the Senior year, and Senior privileges, to kick in. They were half a year from it now, and each day seemed to drag on and on. But Zim knew that the next year would fly by so quickly that they had better make the best of it while they had it. Dib hadn’t understood Zim’s reasoning behind the sentiment, but the older male knew from experience that all good things must come to an end, and often came to be rather quickly. He wasn’t one to rush things that he knew for sure would both come and go quickly.  Zim pulled his hoodie a little tighter around him.

“Whatever. Come on, let’s get going then.”

Dib nodded. “The crowd waned a little bit.”

They only got five minutes between classes to rush back and forth, so most people cleared from the halls within a few minutes.

“Yeah, luckily.”

The two of them made their trek to the cafeteria, unknowing of how their abruptly lives were about to change.




            A young girl, about sixteen or seventeen years old, was dragged through the streets of Seoul towards the local military base by a taller, older male. They looked alike in the face, meaning they were probably related. The girl wore a long black trench coat that flailed behind her as she tried to stop the man from dragging her along; her long pink heels clicking and digging into the sidewalk as she used her fingers with long, pointed, black painted nails to try and pry his rougher hand off her wrist.

“Daddy, let me go!” She ordered, pulling and twisting to try and get away. “Why are you taking me to the military? I didn’t do anything!”

The man grunted in annoyance; rolling dark, ruby red eyes at his daughter’s protests. “I don’t care if you think you didn’t do anything. You know damn well what you said to those so-called friends of yours the other day about the military.”

“That they’re taking this war too far and should pull back a little?” Her lilac eyes lined in black widened. “But daddy, it’s not like that’s treason or anything!”

“It could very well become treason.”


The girl tossed her head over her shoulder to look at the shorter woman with baby pink eyes that was following them. Her eyes were pinned to the ground and her brown shoe covered feet. She shrugged at her daughter.

“You shouldn’t have said it, Lahna…” She muttered softly.

Lahna’s jaw dropped. “Mother, you can’t be serious!” Lahna grabbed onto the railing of the stairs leading up and into the military base. “I’m not going! This is insane!”

“You’re coming.” Her father gave another harsh tug to her wrist. “Whether you like it or not!”

“If Aiyies was here, he wouldn’t let you do this!” She snapped, glaring at her now even more angered father. “Gram wouldn’t let you either! You can’t do this to me! I didn’t do anything!”

“That’s enough!” Her father grabbed her wrist with both hands and pulled her away from the railing, making her fall to sit on the stairs.

“Oof!” She cried out. She tried to scramble to her feet as soldiers came out of the building.

“What’s going on out here?” The guard on the left wondered.

“I didn’t do anything!” Lahna shouted before anyone else could speak.

“My wife and I were bringing our daughter here on the grounds of treason.” Her father stated.

“Treason?” The guard on the right asked. “What brought you to that conclusion?”

“She and her little friends were discussing the war and she went on about how the war has gone on too long and that it should be ended.”

The guards glared at her.

“I didn’t say I was going to end it!” She cried. “I just meant that it should stop before too many of our people are killed!”

The two guards walked down the stairs and helped her stand. “You can talk with the General about that, sweetie. You’re young, so he’ll probably do no more than banish you for a set amount of time.” The left one informed.

“R-Really…?” She wondered.

The two guards laughed. “You’ll be lucky if that’s what he decides.” The one on the right replied. “Nice one.”


She paled. “Mommy…daddy…don’t do this to me! Please!”

Her parents walked away, leaving her to kick and scream while the guards dragged her inside.




            An hour and a half after being dragged into the General’s chambers by the guards, Lahna sat in a small jail cell to await his decision. There was another woman there, a lilac eyed woman in her forties, that was rambling on about conspiracies and implants in their brains. Lahna sat, leaning on the wall farthest from the woman and the door, with her knees pulled to her chest. Tears streamed down her face, leaving tracks of grey-black from the makeup she wore under her eyes, which were now bare on the bottom. How could her own parents turn her in for this? Sure, she wasn’t the model citizen, or the model daughter for that matter, but why give her up to the military dogs to be executed? They often complained that she was too much like her older brother and that she needed to change before she became a degenerate like him. Her brother had been in a gang since he was a kid and was into alcohol, women, and drugs. However, they had shipped him off to the next city to live with his grandmother, and he had shaped up his life. He was now in the military as an Invader; one of the highest-ranking battle soldiers in the militia. He had renounced his membership in the gang, stopped taking drugs and drinking, broke up with his ex-girlfriend, and gained friends that actually had moral compasses. She had never met his new friends, but she heard that they were good, straight edge kids. Two were women and one was a male, so he hadn’t given up everything that he had used to be. He was still a ladies’ man. Lahna heard the cell door scrape open and looked up towards it. The guard on the left that had brought her in was standing there, watching her.

“Lahna?” He wondered, letting his eyes wander over the mint colored skin that was showing between where her boots ended just below her knees and where her skirt ended just above them. She pulled her coat close around her to block his vision.

“Yes…?” She wondered softly.

“Come, the General will see you now.” He held out a hand.

Without a word, she stood-still keeping her coat closed around her-and followed him out. The guard grabbed her roughly by the upper arm and led her out of the cell, locking it behind her. He pulled her down the hall much like her father had, but she didn’t resist him. She looked around at the other cells, ignoring other’s pleas to be let go or for help of any form. One of the women in a cell screamed at the guard to let Lahna go, puzzling the alleged traitor.

“Um…I thought the General’s chambers were down that hall…” Lahna informed, looking at a hallway they had passed that she recognized.

“Yeah, it is.”

“I thought he wanted to see me…are we going to the court house?”

Maybe they were going to give her a trial instead of just going by what her parents said. Sure, they were highly respected in the community but that didn’t mean that their word was always truth.

“No.” He opened another cell and pushed her in.

“Ugh!” She fell to her hands and knees before looking over her shoulder at the guard. “Why did you throw me in here? I thought he wanted to see me now.”

“He wants to see you, alright, just not right now.” The guard smirked. “You were a little too outspoken earlier.”


“The General said he wants us to break you before he talks to you again.” The guard locked the door to the cell as he entered.

“W-What are you going to do…?” She scrambled back towards the back wall.

The guard looked her over with a lusty glint in his eyes. Her eyes widened.

“D-Don’t you dare!” She ordered, as he got closer. “My brother is an Invader! He’ll have your head in five seconds if you touch me!”

The guard chuckled. “Your brother is a joke. He has no power, whether he is an Invader or not. The entire military laughs at him. Don’t bother playing games here, hon.” He caressed her cheek as she tried to pull away. “He may be a joke, but you are a fine specimen of your gender.”

She growled and tried to bite him. In response, he put a hand to her throat and pinned her to the wall.

“I like um feisty, but come on, now.” He smirked. “So unfair.”

He leaned down and trailed his tongue up her neck. She shuddered and cried out in disgust. Now she realized why that one woman had ordered the guard to let her go.

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