Aelita and Jeremie: morning routine

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Aelita and Jeremie: morning routine


Aelita groaned at the sound of her husband’s alarm clock screeching along with the feeling of him slipping out of her grasp to turn the clock off “stay…five more minutes…” she protested grabbing hold of him and moving to slide on top of him trying to pin him under her

“Aelita, I need to get ready for work” Jeremie groaned, it was the same every morning and despite working as a teacher for a good few months now Aelita still wasn’t used to his earlier rising time

Ignoring his words however Aelita began to kiss along his jawline whilst grinding down against his leg, her pussy already wet with need as she refused to let him leave without at least a proper goodbye from her

Pressing down on his shoulders to keep him in place Aelita began slowly kissing down his body, her lips and tongue exploring everywhere they could reach until finally they met their prize in his hard morning wood, the pink haired girl moaning and humming as she layered it with hot loving kisses adoring the slightly salty flavour of it that came before Jeremie had a chance to shower

“Aelita” Jeremie hissed as his wife laved her tongue all over his balls, he really needed to get up and get ready for work as for the last week he had been late arriving thanks to Aelita’s insistence on having sex every morning but when Aelita wanted something from him she always got it and to be honest he never truly complained

Humming against his balls Aelita then sucked them both into her mouth as she began to stroke his cock, orally worshipping where his delicious cum came from as her soft warm hand tended to his length, all the while keeping her eyes wide and trained up at him watching his every reaction

As Aelita sucked harder on his balls Jeremie suddenly sat up reaching down to grab hold of her arms “come here” he told her as he pulled her up, coaxing her to turn around before laying down on his front in the sixty nine position, the change of position only turning Aelita on more as she eagerly took her husband’s dick deep into her mouth and throat making him groan as he put his tongue to work in her dripping slit

Shuddering as she felt her husband’s tongue delve into her needy pussy Aelita throated his cock hard, pressing her nose to his balls as she swallowed around his length to make her throat tighter for him, her eyes rolling back from the feeling and the taste of his cock in her neck as she nuzzled her nose to his balls

Sucking on him harder Aelita moaned as she started to taste his precum on her tongue, his own tongue doing wonders on her core feeling her own orgasm building up but she didn’t want to cum yet, not without his cock deep inside of her

Shifting her hips she moved her tongue away from his mouth moving to lay across the bed by the side of him whilst sucking on him faster, wanting to taste his first load before moving onto the good part, vigorously pumping her head along his cock as he panted and moaned with pleasure until finally she got her treat, his cock erupting deep down her throat giving her a good cum feeding making her eyes roll back again

Greedily gulping down his cum Aelita didn’t even take the time to lick his cock clean before she hopped onto his lap, impaling herself on his still hard cock with a throaty moan, her cunt tightening as she felt herself on the very verge of orgasm

“Oh yes, I love your cock inside of me” the pink haired girl moaned as she rocked her hips “I’m gonna cum so hard on your dick” she breathed as she moved her hips faster, biting her lip as Jeremie reached up to cup her breasts

Panting with pleasure as Aelita rode him Jeremie squeezed her breasts hard, the action making her cum hard on his cock with a strangled gasp, her pussy getting even tighter for him to the point that he couldn’t contain himself, bucking up into his little nympho of a wife as he came alongside her flooding her with his hot load which made Aelita moan louder and ride him harder throughout their joint climaxes

When her core finally stopped clenching and she could think straight again Aelita then climbed off of her husband’s cock letting herself fall back onto the bed by the side of him, panting for breath as Jeremie slowly got up mumbling about needing to go to work making her titter “love you” she smile at him to which he returned the expression holding her hand for a moment before collecting his glasses and heading to the bathroom to shower

As Jeremie left Aelita pulled the covers back over her, she had the day off that day so after treating her husband to some hot morning sex she decided that she deserved a lie in

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