Only a Mother Could Love

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It all started on a Saturday morning, and Nicole Watterson had just woken up from a long good night’s rest. She got up and did her same routine she did every morning. She got a shower, brushed her teeth, put make-up on and got dressed. She opened the door to her room and walked down the stairs to the living room and into the kitchen. She opened the fridge and looked around for something to make for breakfast. She got some bacon out, some eggs, and a couple pieces of bread to make toast. She opened the bacon and put it in a pan to fry it up, than she got a bowl out to crack the eggs in to make scrambled eggs. She was in the middle of flipping her bacon when her son Gumball came into the kitchen. She said to Gumball.


“Hey there sweetie, how did you sleep?”

Gumball replied

“Okay I guess, I had a bad dream and I couldn't sleep.”

“So I’m sorry baby, so do you want some eggs and bacon with some toast?”

He replied with a sigh

“I guess so.”

 Nicole said

“Gumball sweetheart what’s wrong?”

Gumball just sat at the kitchen table looking down at his legs. So Nicole just focused on finishing breakfast, then all of a sudden Gumball said

“Mom, what’s sex?!”

 Nicole just stood there for a second, trying to think of something to say, but nothing came to her. So Nicole turned around and said

“Gumball we’ll talk about that when you get older.”

Gumball replied in an angry voice

“No! I want to know what sex is!”


Nicole just told Gumball to go to his room. So he got up and left the kitchen walked up the stairs and slammed his bedroom door as hard as he could. Nicole just sighed and cleaned the dishes. About 2 hours went by before Nicole talked to Gumball. She felt bad about what she said to him so she walked up the stairs and knocked on his door. Nicole didn't want to upset Gumball anymore then he already is, so when she realized that Gumball was still pretty upset at her she just went down stairs and watched something on TV. It was around 7 p.m.  Before Gumball cracked his door open to see if his mother was there, when he realized that she wasn't around he ran toward the bathroom. He got about 6 steps from his room when he heard his mother crying. Gumball knew why she was crying, she was crying because her and her ex-husband Richard got divorced. It started about 4 months ago when Nicole realized that Richard is not really attracted to her anymore. She found his out because whenever she wanted to have sex Richard would just turn over in the bed, but one night Richard got caught. Nicole was upset that Richard never wants to satisfy her anymore so when she got up to get a glass of water, she noticed that Richard wasn't in the bed. Nicole quietly walked down the stairs, only to see Richard on the phone in the kitchen. Nicole didn't think anything was wrong with Richard talking on the phone; it's what he did next that made her feel like he wasn't attracted to her anymore. Richard was on the phone and he started masturbating to the "woman" on the phone. Nicole quickly intervened and yelled at Richard



Richard just turned around and said

"Nicole listen, I'm only doing this to protect from the real truth I've kept bottled inside for over 15 years." Nicole, confused at what Richard was talking about, said

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU HAVE TO TELL ME ABOUT THE REAL FUCKING TRUTH?!" Richard explained to her that he found a nice, young, kind and thoughtful MAN that will take care of him and satisfy his needs and he thinks about Richard and not himself. Nicole just stood there, no facial expression, no tears, nothing. All she said was

"Richard I want you out of my house, now please."


Richard kissed her on the cheek, went upstairs packed his stuff and left. He said that he'll be back for Darwin and Anasis in a couple of days. Nicole just went back up stairs and went to bed. And that's why Nicole is sitting on the couch, crying all by herself. Gumball felt bad so he walked down the stairs and cuddled up next to his mother. Next thing you know they had fallen asleep in each other's arms. Gumball was the first to wake up; he jumped a little bit because he didn't expect his mother to be right there in front of his face. Gumball just stared at her for a couple of minutes, than he leaned in and kissed his own mother. Gumball was getting excited because his pants were getting shorter. Gumball quickly got up and ran into his bedroom. Gumball was so full of emotions he didn't know what to do with them. He noticed that he had an erection and he got scared because he has never had an erection before. Nicole knocked on the door and asked Gumball if he was alright, Gumball said


"Yeah, um yeah I'm fine mom."

Nicole said

"Sweetie you don't sound fine, I'm going to come in."

Gumball told his mother that was a bad idea but she came in anyway. The first this she noticed that Gumball has an erection and she sat on the bed next to him. Nicole said

"Gumball I think we should talk about sex now."

Gumball slowly got the courage to walk over to his mother and sit next to her. Nicole said

"Gumball it's perfectly nature for a MAN your age to get an erection, it means you want to have intercourse or sex. Now when you have intercourse or sex you have to put your cock or penis into a woman's pussy or vagina. And when you put it into her you have to thrust back and forth to feel that excitement fill all throughout your entire body.”

Gumball said

"Mom, can we have sex?"

Nicole said

"No! Gumball sex is something you do with someone you love not someone you’re related to."

Gumball said in a sad voice

"I love you."

Nicole never wanted her son to be upset so she said

"Gumball sweetie do you love me?"

Gumball quickly turned to her and said

"Of course I do mom and I'll do anything to please you."

Nicole then said

"Okay baby, if you want to have sex, then we'll have sex."

Gumball said in a very excited voice

"Really, you promise?"

She said

"Yes Gumball I promise we'll have sex, but you can't tell ANYONE! Do you understand me?"


He just shook his head. Nicole said she has to get ready and she'll be back in a couple of minutes. Gumball got really excited, so when she left the room, he took off all his clothes and climbed into his bed and waited for her. Nicole was walking down the hall toward her room and was thinking to herself.


"Why am I doing this? This is my own son, this is crazy. I can't possibly go through with this. What we'll people think? You know what? Fuck what people say, if he satisfies me then I don't care."


She opened the door to her room, closed it behind her and walked over to her dresser. She opened her underwear draw and found the only thing she had, she slid down her panties and she was surprised to see how soaked her panties were in cum. Then she threw on a different bra, to match her thong, which was pink. Then she walked out of her room and into the bathroom, she looked around and then she found her bath robe. She put it on and then she looked in the mirror. She was thinking to herself that she looked horrible, so she put on some makeup. Then she left the bathroom, walked to Gumball's room, and knocked on the door. Gumball opened the door and almost came right there because he thought his mother was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen in his life. She walked in the room; Gumball closed the door behind her and locked it. Nicole turned around; throw the bathrobe on the floor and saw how big Gumball was. She was already dripping cum out of her pussy, and Gumball's cock just kept throbbing. Nicole told Gumball to sit next to her on the bed and he walked over to the bed and just kept staring at this mothers breasts. Gumball thought that his mother had the best look breasts he'd ever seen, even though this is his first pair of breasts he's even. He wanted to suck on them so bad, but he was experiencing some weird feeling that he's never felt before. It was a feeling that you get when you truly love someone, and that someone was his own mother. Gumball wanted to spend every waking minute with her and never leave her side. Nicole was feeling the same way as Gumball was, but she didn't want to say anything and ruin the moment. Then Gumball reached for Nicole's breasts and grabbed them. Nicole giggled as Richard would have never done something like this, and that she was enjoying it. Gumball squeezed her left breast feeling the hard nipple go all round his palm while he felt it. Then he did the same thing to her other breast. Yet again, she giggled because she was enjoying it.  Gumball then asked his mother if he could suck in her breasts. Nicole said


"Sure Gummy puss."


Gumball blushed when she said that, but he really didn't mind. Gumball popped her back bra strap to see her tits right in front of him. Gumball slowly bent down to suck on her left breast. Gumball first started licking the nipple while squeezing the other one. Silvia dripped down the bottom part of her breast, down her stomach and eventually off her leg to the bed. Gumball was alternating back and forth from her left breast to her right. Nicole was making small moaning noises, which made Gumball knew that he was doing good. Gumball then said


"Mom, can we fuck now?"

Nicole said

"If you eat me out then we'll fuck, okay Gummy puss?"

Gumball said with a confused look in his face "Eat you out?"

She said

"You lick my pussy first, and then we'll fuck."


Gumball sort of knew what she was talking about, but he was still confused. So Nicole lies on the bed and spread her legs open. Gumball slowly crawled toward her pussy. He put two fingers on both sides of her thong; he cuffed his fingers to his palm and slowly pulled down her thong. He slid them down passed her knees, going past her ankles, and eventually sliding off and past her feet. Gumball noticed that her pussy was soaked in cum, but he wanted to satisfy his mother anyway he could. He slowly went down toward her pussy and gave a couple of licks to see what the taste is like. Gumball actually likes the taste of her cum, and he wanted more. Gumball kept going, which made Nicole moan just a little bit louder. Nicole said



Gumball didn't want to upset his mother so he kept going. Thrusting his tongue in and out of Nicole’s wet tight pussy. Up and down, Nicole didn't want Gumball to stop, but he wanted to take a break. Nicole said “Gumball do NOT stop! I’M GOING TO CUM!”

Gumball didn't know what that meant so he kept going. Nicole on the verge of cumming right in Gumball’s face, but she wanted him to stop. Gumball did as he was told to. Nicole looked Gumball right in the eyes and said

“Gumball I don’t think we should be doing this?”

Gumball said

“Why mom, I thought we were having a fun time?”

Nicole said with a sad look on her face

“Gumball I want to keep going I really do, but.”

Gumball said

“But what mom, did I do something wrong?”

Nicole said

“No Gummy puss, you didn't do anything wrong. It’s just that I want this relationship to work out. Not like me and your father.”

Gumball said

“Mom I promise this will work out.”


Nicole shook her head and told Gumball to keep going. Gumball did as he was told to and keeps licking her pussy. With each flick of his tongue, Nicole was that much closer to cumming. Gumball didn't want to stop either because he actually enjoyed eating his mother out. The taste of her cum on his lips and on his tongue makes him harder. Then Nicole said




Gumball just kept going. Then Nicole squirted her hot cum all over his face and into his mouth. Gumball licked up Nicole’s cum that was on his face and swallowed the rest of her cum that was still on or around her pussy.  Nicole was breathing very heavily because of what a good job that Gumball did at eating her out. Gumball wanted to finally have sex, but Nicole just wanted to lie next to him for a little bit. Gumball was kind of upset, but he knew that if he was patient enough that Nicole will want to have sex. So Gumball lied next to Nicole all night long. When he woke up in the morning, Nicole was still sleeping, so Gumball had the idea of sneaking out of his room and gets something to eat. So was quietly as Gumball could, he got out from under the covers, and out of the bed. He tippy-toed all the way to the door, and when he went to open the door, Nicole moaned and rolled over, but she didn't wake up. So Gumball proceeded, to leave the room and started walking down the hallway to the bathroom, so he could use the restroom. When he got toward the bathroom, the more he wanted to go inside of Nicole’s room. So he looked behind him to make sure that Nicole wasn't awake. Then he headed toward her room. He turned the knob of the door and slowly opened the door. He walked in the room, as if he had never entered the room before. He walked in a little bit closer and closed the door behind him, and walked over toward her dresser. First he started with the lowest draw, because he was too short to reach the other ones. He opened the draw, but to only find shirts, and socks. So he kept looking. He looked in the second one, and yet again, nothing he was looking for, besides pants and more socks. Then he looked in the third draw, the last one he could reach without having to use a chair, and he saw exactly what he was looking for. He found her underwear and bra draw. He was excited because he had only seen Nicole with her panties on, now he could imagine what she would look like in all sorts of different things. He picked up one of her thongs and immediately got a hard on. He was excited to see all the things that Nicole wears on a daily basis. He then found something that he didn't understand what it was. It was one of her big dildos. It was all purple, with a place at the bottom where you can insert batteries at. Gumball stared to get even harder because he thought of all the stuff his mother has in her room and he thought of all the stuff they could do together. Gumball kept looking in the draws to see what else he could find. He found another dildo, but didn't think anything of it. He wanted to see what else he could find, but that weird feeling that he felt with Nicole was back.  He liked this feeling, but he didn't seem the same, unless Nicole was there with him. Gumball wanted to go wake her up, but he knew how she was when you wake her up when she doesn't want to be woken up. Gumball wanted to surprise her with a breakfast in bed, so he started walking toward the door of Nicole's room, but he heard a noise coming from outside of the door, maybe toward his room. Gumball thought that Nicole was wake so he hid under the bed. He had to make sure that he was quite as possible. Then someone turned the knob on the door and slowly opened it. It was Nicole and she said


 "Gummy puss, are you in here?"


Gumball didn't want Nicole to know that he was sneaking around we room, so he didn't say anything. Nicole then closed the door and left the room. Gumball hurried up and crawled out from underneath the bed. He wanted to leave the room as fast as he could, but it was too late. Nicole never left the room, yet she simply acted like she was walking and closed the door. When Gumball got out from underneath the bed and saw Nicole he knew that he was in trouble. Gumball said

"Mom listen, I can explain, you see I got up this morning and I had to use the restroom, but then I heard a noise from down stairs so I hurried up and his underneath your bed."

Nicole said


"Gumball I know that you’re lying to me. I know this because I saw you sneak into my room this morning, yet I don't know what you did in here I just wanted to say that I'm just disappointed in you for lying to me."

Gumball just walked away with his head down. Not saying anything to Nicole, until dinner. Gumball just kept staring at his food, Nicole didn't seem so surprised. Gumball knew exactly what he did wrong and now he's going to have to pay the price for it. Nicole was kind of sad, because now she had no one to be with. So she said,


"Gumball, sweetie, I'm sorry for what I said, I knew that you were curious and I understand that now, but if you will please forgive me?"

Gumball said

"I'll forgive you on one condition."

 "Okay what is it? Anything you name it, and I'll do it I promise."

 "I want to have sex right now, no not after dinner, no not when you’re ready, right now!"


Nicole has never seen this side to Gumball, but she was getting wet by the second. So she agreed, and they walked to the stairs. Gumball was kind of nervous because he has never had sex before. When they were about half way up the stairs, Nicole turned around and said


"Gumball, baby, do you mind if I get a shower before we have sex?"


Gumball rolled his eyes and agreed. So Nicole walked up the stairs and walked toward her room. When she was walking there, she felt a weird feeling in the bottom of her stomach, a feeling that made her heart beat, and it made her legs weak, her palms sweat. It was a feeling of love, not love like she had with Richard, but true love. And at that moment she knew that Gumball was her soul mate. So she proceeded to walk to her room. She put her hand on the knob and turned it. She opened the door to her room and walked in, closing it behind her. She walked past her bed and again to her dresser, but this time she didn't grab a thong. She grabbed a regular pair of panties, but still small enough to show off a little bit of her big blue ass. She then slid off her old panties a put on the new ones. Nicole then un-strapped her bra and dug around in her dresser for a new one, but she couldn't find one. She opened her door very quietly, as if she didn't want Gumball to hear. She then ran down the stairs, going past the living room, passing the kitchen and eventually reaching the laundry room. She opened the door to the dryer, feeling around to see if she could find a new bra, but nothing. Nicole thought to herself saying


"Fuck, Fuck, Fuck! Gumball has already seen my breasts, but it's his first time and I want it to be perfect."


So she ran up the stairs and back to her room. She shit the door and locked it. Then finally she found a bra, but then she remembered why she hadn't worn this bra, because her breasts were too big and the strap wouldn't clip together. So she had to make it work. She decided to just throw on a button up plaid shirt, and she slid into some very short booty shorts and she put on some medium-high heels. She thought that she looked like a slut in the heels so she didn't use them, she just went barefoot. Then she was ready to go to Gumball's room. She got up from her bed, walked toward her door of her room and grabbed and turned the knob. She slowly opened the door and walked out of her room. Closing the door behind her and went to Gumball's room and knocked on the door.


"Gumball, sweetie, I'm ready!"


No answer. So she opened the door, when she walked in she saw that Gumball had fallen asleep, but that wasn't going to stop her from having sex with her son.  She decided to wake him up instead of just riding him, whilst he's sleeping. She put her hand on his shoulder and shook him until he woke up.


"Gumball baby, wake up!"


She said trying to get him awake.

"Huh? What happened?"

Gumball said in a tired, confused voice.

"You need to wake up so we can fuck!"


Nicole said, and as soon as she said that Gumball immediately woke up and was ready to go. Nicole wanted to tease Gumball a little bit before they have sex. She got up and walked toward the door, but turned around and slowly started unbuttoning her shirt. And with each unbutton; Gumball was that much closer to seeing her big blue breasts again. When she finally unbuttoned all the buttons she grabbed the outer part of her shirt and slowly started to take off her shirt. But she kept teasing Gumball because when she took of her shirt, she used her forearm to cover her nipples. Then she used her other arm to unbutton her booty shorts and slide them down her thighs, going past her knees and her ankles, and now they were over in the corner of Gumball's room. Nicole stood there in her panties, but she still covered her breasts. Gumball was already naked and had the biggest erection he'd ever had. She moved her arm and as she did that her breasts jiggled a little bit. Gumball watched as her nipples went up and down, going slow, to just eventually just staying there. Nicole bent down while she was taking her panties off. Gumball just kept staring at her breasts, then Nicole threw her panties on Gumball's lap, but he didn't even notice. He'd seen her breasts before, but for some reason, Nicole looked so beautiful to him. Nicole walked toward the bed and got in top of Gumball. Gumball was very nervous because he has never done anything like this before, especially with his own mother. Nicole looked right into Gumball’s eyes, she never looked away. Nicole went down to Gumball’s cock and started jacking him off. Gumball was so close to his climax point, but he didn't know what cum actually was. Gumball said right before he was going to cum to his mother.


“Mom, I have to pee!”

Nicole said

“It’s okay Gumball, it’s called cum. And it only comes out of a man or woman when they feel the way that you’re feeling right now.”


Gumball then shot a big hot load of cum right on Nicole’s breasts. Gumball thought that he just peed on his mom and that she was going to be very upset at him. Instead Nicole actually picked both of her breasts up with both hands underneath them and she picked up all of Gumball’s cum up and swallowed it. Gumball didn't understand why Nicole ate his cum, but he didn't care. Nicole then spit on his cock and watched it as it flinched and twitched in enjoyment. Nicole explained to Gumball that when you put your cock inside of a woman it needs to be wet because it raises the excitement and it makes it easier for a woman to take that hard cock up there pussies. Then it finally happens, Nicole sat down with Gumball’s cock going right up and inside her pussy. Nicole said




Gumball didn't understand why his mother was screaming, but if she enjoyed it then so did he. With each slap of their thighs clapping together it was only a matter of time before Nicole would cum. She just kept bouncing on his cock. Gumball just kept staring at her breasts as they moved up and down. Nicole said screaming again



Then Gumball said

“Mom, I have to pee, oh I mean, I have to cum!”


Nicole just told him when he would cum that he could cum inside her. Gumball then came right inside of his mother. Nicole was sweating and panting, and so was Gumball. They lied in the bed together for about 15 minutes, not saying a word to each other.  Nicole then leaned over and kissed Gumball right on the lips. He didn't mind it, but it was just awkward that she did that. So Gumball leaned back and kissed her, they sat there for a while making out, while Gumball gropes her breasts and feels every part of her body. He feels up her breasts first, and then goes down to her belly button, then going down to her pussy. Feeling her lips, then going inside and feeling all of Nicole’s cum and how warm it is. Nicole then said


“Can you go again?"

 Gumball said

"Yeah I sure am mom!"

Nicole replied with a very serious look on her face

"Gumball how about you call me Nicole from now on?”


Gumball nodded, he didn't understand why Nicole wanted him to call her by her real name instead of mom, but he went with it. Nicole was back on top of Gumball and was ready to go. She had his cock in her hand and spit on it again. She positioned it right underneath her pussy, so when she wanted to she could just sit down and they could start having sex. But Gumball said


"Mo, oh I mean Nicole can we do something different?"

"Well what were you thinking of sweetheart?"

She replied.

"I don't know. Maybe I could be behind you?"

"Sure baby that would be a nice change."

So Gumball got behind Nicole and grabbed both of her hips. Nicole said

"Okay Gumball you have to be gentle because I don't do this position very much and when I do it doesn't last very long."


Gumball nodded and was ready to go. But there was one problem he didn't know which hole to put his cock in. He was getting nervous, so he just chose the bottom hole; thankfully it was the right one. Nicole started moaning again, which made Gumball know that he was doing a good job. He was going in and out of Nicole's pussy, slapping his thighs against her ass and the very upper part of her thighs. Gumball's balls were swaying back and forth, and with each thrust of Gumball slamming into his mother he was closer and closer to Cumming. Nicole moaned



Gumball said

"Nicole I love you."

Nicole didn't reply because she was moaning way too much.

"Oh yes! Gumball I love you so much!"


Gumball smiled and kept thrusting himself into her as hard and as fast as he could. The sound of Gumball slapping against his mother had him wants cum inside of her so bad. Then Nicole said


"Gumball I think I'm going to cum, keep going baby it feels so good!"

Gumball said

"I feel the same way! I'm going to c-" but before Gumball could finish his sentence, Nicole screamed "OH MY FUCKING GOD! GUMBALL I'M CUMMING! HOLY FUCK THIS FEELS SO GOOD!"


Gumball then shot another big hot load of cum right up inside Nicole's pussy. They both were lying on the bed, covered in sweat, cum and panting pretty heavily. Nicole leaned over and kissed Gumball right on the lips again. They snuggled there for a while, and then fell asleep. Gumball woke up around 6 in the morning and got dressed for school. He went through his closet looking for something to wear, but he couldn't find anything. He ran downstairs, passing the kitchen, and into the laundry room. He opened the dryer and found a shirt, his pants, and a pair of socks. The only thing that Gumball was missing was a pair of underwear. He turned around to go up to his room to find a pair of underwear when he saw his mother standing in the doorway. She was naked, and her nipples were hard. Gumball said


"Mom, what were you doing? I have to get ready for school."

Nicole walked toward him saying

"Oh Gumball I had such a good time last night, and its Nicole, not mom, remember that."

Gumball then said "Well what do you planning on doing?"

She said

"I plan on taking you back upstairs and riding you until my pussy bleeds. And that's what I'm in the mood for right now."

 Gumball swallowed a gulp of spit and said

"Okay Nicole we can go back upstairs and have sex, but let's me and you go out today? What do you say?"

Nicole said

"Sure I'll go get a shower and we'll go anywhere you want today baby."


She walked backed upstairs and went into the bathroom, when Gumball heard the water of the shower hit the bottom of the tub he hurried up and ran into his room. She closed his door and locked it. He walked over and sat on his bed and thought to himself. He thought


"I wonder where mom is going to take me. I hope it's somewhere where we'll both be alone."


Gumball was so excited to finally get out of the house with his mother. He figured that they'd go get something to eat then watch a movie then come home. He put on deodorant, clean clothes and was ready to go. He had to wait for his mother to get done with her shower so he walked down and sat on the couch. Then turned on the TV and watched some cartoons until Nicole was done with her shower. Gumball then heard the shower water stop and waited for his mother to get out and get dressed. But Gumball was hungry so he went into the kitchen and got a bowl of cereal; he walked toward the fridge and opened it. He looked around for the milk but he could find any, and when he closed the fridge door, there was Nicole. She was all wet from the shower. Her nipples were hard and that made Gumball get an erection. He was staring at her breasts and his jaw dropped. He didn't say anything, as his mother walked toward him and kissed him on the lips and said


"I'll be ready in a couple of minutes, okay baby?"


Gumball just stood there with an unusual look on his face as his mother passed him and walked toward the laundry room to get dressed. Gumball was surprised to see his mother open up to him like this. Gumball quite didn't understand what was going through Nicole's mind at the time, but whatever it was Gumball liked it. He walked back and sat on the couch again, waiting for his mother to get dressed. Gumball heard Nicole walking towards him so Gumball looked over and saw what she was wearing. She had on short enough booty shorts that the bottom of her ass cheeks her hanging out. She had on a red flannel shirt that she tucked under and over to make a knot in the middle of her breasts. She also had on low cut Chuck Taylor's with white ankle high socks and had a bandanna in the middle of her hair with the knot tied at the back of her head. Gumball on the other hand was wearing the same thing he always wears. Brown pants, and a tan turtle neck shirt. He didn't like any other outfit so he wore what was comfortable to him. Nicole looked at Gumball and said


"Are you ready to go?"


Gumball just nodded and walked toward the front door. They walked down the stairs and walked toward the car. Gumball walked behind the car and over to the passenger’s side and put his hand on the door handle. He pulled the door handle toward him and opened the door. He climbed in the front seat and sat there waiting for his mother to get in as well. Nicole opened the driver’s side and sat down in the seat. She said to Gumball


"Babe can you close your door so we can go?"


Gumball reached over and grabbed the inside door handle and pulled it toward him, closing the door. Nicole put the key in the ignition and turned it until the car started. Then she put her foot on the brake and put it in reverse. She slowly let off the brake so they could pull out of the driveway. She started turning the wheel and they were looking down the street. She still had her foot on the brake and put it in drive. She let go of the brake pedal and pushed on the gas one. Gumball just sat in the car as they drove. Nicole didn't know where Gumball wanted to go so she just kept on driving. They drove for a while until Gumball saw a sign that said “Welcome to Kentucky, Birthplace of Abraham Lincoln.” Gumball looked over at Nicole and said


“Mom, why are we in Kentucky?”

 Nicole smiled and said

“Because Gummy puss, the only way that this relationship can work is if we live in Kentucky. In Kentucky, they don’t care if a mom and their son are intimate.”

Gumball then asked Nicole what intimate was. Nicole said

“It’s what you and I did last night. Remember? We had sex?”

“Oh yeah”


Gumball replied with a smile on his face. Nicole then kept on driving and they arrived at a decent size building that said on the side of the building “Harvest Hills.” Gumball was a little said because he was never going to see his friends again, but being close to his mother was just that much better. Nicole already paid the movers to move their stuff from Elmore to Hazard, Kentucky. It took Nicole and Gumball about 2-3 days to get everything moved in and setup, but the only problem Gumball was seeing was the apartment was only one bedroom. Gumball said


“Mom, why is there only one bedroom? Do I have to sleep on the couch or something?”

Nicole said

“No sweetie, you’ll be sleeping with me and next to me if you know what I’m saying!”

Gumball then said

“I know what you are saying, but what school?”

Nicole then replied

“What about it? We have each other and that’s all that matters. We can have sex all we want and no one here is going to judge us because their probably doing the same thing as us.”


Nicole and Gumball then went to the grocery store to get some food. They got in the car and drove into town. The town was pretty big and had a lot to see, but Gumball didn't care about any of that at the moment, he just wanted something to eat. Nicole and Gumball drove up to a McDonald’s and went to the drive through. She ordered a salad and medium lemonade, and Gumball ordered a kids meal. Then Nicole paid for their food and went back to the apartment where tonight Nicole and Gumball would finally be alone. They ate their food and then watched some TV. Nicole said


“Okay Gumball I’m going to take a shower and I’ll be put in a little while.”

Gumball just said



About an hour went by and Nicole was still in the bathroom. What Gumball didn't know was with the sound of the shower and TV going, Gumball wasn't able to hear the conversation was having with a certain somebody. Nicole then said


“I've told you a thousand times to stop calling me! I moved on and so should you! I don’t want to have to call the cops again, because you won’t realize your mistake YOU made in the past.”

The voice then replied

“Nicole listen I know I fucked up, but I want to make things right. If we could just talk about this in person maybe, we could put this whole story behind us.”


Nicole just hung up the phone and took the battery out. And then Gumball said


“Mom is everything okay in there?”

Nicole said

“Yes Gummy puss everything is fine. Do you want to come and join me?!”


There was no reply by Gumball. Nicole then cracked open the door to the bathroom to see Gumball not there. Nicole was just about to yell for Gumball’s name, when she saw the door to their bedroom was open. Nicole then closed the door and throw on a towel to cover her, just in case it was someone she didn't know. Nicole went into their room, only to find Gumball in their bed and covered up with the sheets. Nicole went over to Gumball and said

“Gumball, are you awake?”

Gumball said

“Yeah, but I’m nervous.”

Nicole then said to Gumball

“Why are you nervous?”

Gumball then said

“Because I think someone is going to find out about your secret.”

Nicole replied

“Gumball, no one is ever going to find out. I promise that!”

“Okay, I feel a lot better now, thanks Nicole.”

“It’s the least I could do for my big strong MAN!”


Nicole then began to rub Gumball’s cock outside the blanket, which made get Gumball got an erection. The more Nicole rubbed on Gumball’s cock the higher his cock went up. Nicole then went underneath the covers of the bed and stuck her hand down into Gumball’s underwear. Gumball said as he laughed


“Nicole, that tickles!”


 Nicole then grabbed a hold of Gumball’s massive cock. Nicole is still in shock about how big Gumball is. Then she took the covers off of Gumball and started jacking him off. Nicole should tell that Gumball was enjoying it because he made moaning sounds and he started to pant. The faster Nicole went the closer Gumball was to exploding all over Nicole’s face and breasts. Gumball was so close to his climax point, but he didn't say anything to Nicole. Gumball then shot a massive load of hot cum all over Nicole’s face and breasts. Nicole said


“My, my, what a massive load you shot Gumball. Mommy is going to have to give you a special present for that.”

Gumball then said, while panting and out of breath

“What... Kind of… Present are you… Getting me?”

“This one”


Nicole said and took off her towel to show that she was completely naked and ready for Gumball’s massive cock. Nicole then got on top of Gumball and was ready for Gumball, but right before Nicole was going to take Gumball’s massive cock, Gumball said something. He said


“Mom, can we not do this tonight?”

Nicole said

“Why, don’t you like it when we have sex?”

“Of course I do, but we both know it’s wrong and we can’t do it anymore.”


Nicole agreed that they wouldn't have sex, but that wasn't going to stop Nicole from getting what she wants. Now when every Gumball was ready for bed, Nicole slipped a pill into Gumball’s water and he drank in and when he would wake up in the morning he couldn't remember anything. The first night Nicole tried this, she almost got caught. Gumball was getting ready to go to sleep, when Nicole called for him in the kitchen, Gumball got out of bed and walked into the kitchen. Nicole was standing there with a “normal” glass of water and told Gumball that they needed to start eating healthier and she said this glass of water had vitiams in it to make him stronger. But what Nicole didn't know was that when you take this drink you pass out almost immediately. Right when Gumball handed the glass to Nicole, he fell over. Nicole picked him up and put him onto the bed in the bedroom. Nicole then undressed Gumball and got on top of him, and fucked him until she came, which took about 2 hours. Nicole has always been the type of woman that gets what we wants, when she wants it. The word “no” isn't a word Nicole likes to hear, so when Gumball said


“We can’t do it anymore”


Nicole found a way around it. Now Gumball thinks that Nicole and him aren't ever going to have sex again he feels more comfortable around Nicole, but Gumball is about to find out her little secret. It has been almost 2 months since Nicole and Gumball moved into the apartment and things are going smooth some days and others, not so much. Nicole would start to yell at Gumball if he didn't put the dishes away or she would yell at him for something else. And Gumball would yell back and it would all end with an “I’m sorry babe” and everything would go back to normal. One night Gumball came home from the grocery store and Nicole was a little drunk. Nicole said to Gumball


“Come on ba-(hiccup) babe, let’s have sex!”


Gumball walked into the kitchen and set the groceries on the table, ignoring Nicole. When she asked Gumball again, she got very upset. Nicole yelled at Gumball saying



Gumball just continued to put the groceries away as Nicole was yelling. Then he just snapped, Gumball yelled



Nicole then walked into the bedroom and got undressed. Gumball first put away the groceries then went into the bedroom. Nicole was on the bed with her legs spread open motioning Gumball with her finger to come to her. He unbuttoned his pants and took them off, than he pulled his underwear down and took his shirt off. He climbed into the bed with Nicole and at that moment he realized something. He realized that Nicole is the person that he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Gumball loved Nicole, but never really said it until now. Right before Gumball was going to enter Nicole, he whispered in her ear


“I love you.”

And Nicole replied with the same thing Gumball said. Gumball then said

“No mom, I mean I LOVE YOU!”


Nicole then told Gumball to get off of her. Gumball didn't realize that Nicole would be so upset over him saying that he loved her. Gumball then said


“Mom, don’t you love me like the way I love you?”

Nicole then said

“Yes I do, but it’s that I haven’t felt this way with anyone besides your father.”


Gumball picked Nicole’s chin up and made her look at him. They stared at each other for a couple of seconds, than he kissed her. And with that kiss they climb underneath the covers. Nicole got on top of Gumball and took his massive cock. She wanted to moan very badly, but kept herself under control. As Nicole bounced on top of Gumball, he just stared into her eyes. Gumball didn't care about her breasts, he didn't care about the way her pussy squeezed his cock. The only thing Gumball cared about was that Nicole was there with him and they could make love and not just have meaningless sex. Hours upon hours went by and Nicole and Gumball went into a variety of different positions, just to mix things up. Nicole had orgasm after orgasm to the point where she was lightheaded and wanted to pass out. Gumball on the other hand didn't make a sound, he didn't moan, he didn't say anything during the entire time they were making love. Every time he came into his mother, he smiled and coughed. Nicole couldn't tell when Gumball came because by that point she was asleep. When Nicole had woken up in the morning, she realized that Gumball wasn't by her side, instead he was making breakfast. He had made some eggs, bacon, toast, and some sausage. He also poured a glass of orange juice for Nicole and took it all to her. When Gumball handed the glass of orange juice to Nicole, she noticed something different about Gumball. She saw that wasn't wearing any underwear underneath his robe. Nicole was getting turned on by that and when Gumball left the room, she started to masturbate under the covers. She spit on her middle finger and her ring finger on her right hand and entered herself. She quietly moaned, so Gumball didn't hear her.


“Yes Gumball! Fuck me with that big cock of yours!”

Nicole whispered to herself. About 20 minutes went by and Nicole finally had her orgasm. Lucky enough she covered herself just as Gumball entered the room and gave her the rest of the breakfast he made. Nicole said


"Thanks sweetie, it looks delicious."


Gumball just smiled and left the room. When Nicole had finished her breakfast, she got out of bed and put on some underwear and a t-shirt that was showing her shoulders. She also, did not have a bra on, but she didn't care. She opened the door to her room and walked into the kitchen, only to see a note on the kitchen table, which said


"Hey mom, we were running low on milk so I'm walking to the store to get some, love Gumball."


Nicole walked back to her room and climbed under the covers. The next day rolled around and Nicole didn't want to get out of bed and either did Gumball. Gumball had put his arm under Nicole’s and they interlocked their legs together and slept all day like that. When Nicole had woken up the next day, they had someone knock on their door. Nicole threw on her bath robe and walked to the door. She looked through the peep look in the door and saw that it was the manager of the apartment they were living in. She then opened the door and said


“Yes, can I help you?"

The manager was very upset and said



Nicole completely forgot that she had to pay rent. Nicole ran toward the bedroom and woke Gumball up and told him to pack his stuff. Gumball said


“Mom, what’s going on?!”

Nicole replied

“Gumball I completely forgot to pay rent and we have one week to come up twelve-hundred dollars or we’ll be thrown out. So we need to pack out stuff and leave, unless you have that money?”


Gumball shook his head and proceeded to pack his stuff. Nicole had gathered everything they brought with them and they left the apartment. They threw everything in the truck and the back seat of the car and they were on the road. Nicole looked over at Gumball and said


“Honey are you okay?”

Gumball nodded and then replied

“Mom, where are we going now?”

“I’m not sure, sweetie, maybe we could go back to Elmore and try and ask someone to crash for a couple of days?”

“We can’t, before we left I went to every house in Elmore and told them to go fuck themselves!”


Nicole didn't say anything, she just kept driving. Gumball was so exhausted and he tried to sleep. He closed him eyes and before he knew it Nicole started shaking him to wake him up. Gumball opened his eyes and looked around to see they were in some rundown motel that looked like no one had stayed in there for years. They got out of the car and walked to the front doors of the motel. No one was at the front desk, so Nicole rang the bell on the desk and only immediately someone came from the back room.


“Hello ma’am, how can I help you today?”

“Can we have a room for two nights?”

Nicole said. The man then said

“Okay that will be $65 for two nights.”


Nicole dung around in her pockets and handed the man a little over the money he asked for, but Nicole told him to keep the change. The man then handed the room key to Nicole and they walked back to the car. Nicole grabbed some of her lingerie for Gumball and some other clothes. Gumball just took some clothes so he could change when they got into the hotel room. They walked toward the hotel room and unlocked the door. When they walked into the room, they saw the place was very dirty. The carpet and bed covers were stained and had a smell of musk on them. Nicole put her clothes in the bathroom and all of a sudden she screamed. Gumball ran to the bathroom to investigate. Gumball said


“Mom what is it?”



Gumball took his shoe off and swatted the cockroach until it was flat as a pancake. Nicole thanked him and she was going to get a shower. Gumball left the room and walked toward the bed and jumped onto it. He grabbed the TV remote and turned the TV on. While Nicole was getting her shower, Gumball had decided to call his father. Gumball grabbed the hotel phone and dialed his father’s number. It rang and rang, but just as Gumball was about to hang-up the phone someone answered.


“Hello? Who is this?”

“It’s me Gumball, your son?”

The voice didn't say anything for a very short period of time and right as Gumball was about to hang up the phone, the voice said

“Gumball is that you?”

“Yes, is this Richard?”

“Yes son, this is Richard, how are you and your mother doing?”

Richard said.

“Fine, were in a hotel room right now.”

“Hotel room, what for?”

“Because we couldn't afford the rent for the apartment we were living in?”

“Why are you and your mother living in an apartment?” Richard said shaking and very nervous.

“Because we… Sorry dad I have to go, I’ll call you later.”


And after that Gumball hung up the phone and walked to the bathroom, where his mother yelled for him.


“Yeah Mom, what did you need?”

“I just wanted to know who you were talking too.” Gumball swallowed a gulp of spit and said it was his friend Bobert. Nicole said

“Okay” and Gumball left the room. Nicole thought to herself,

“Who was Gumball really talking to?”


Nicole thought of a variety of different people, but on one made any sense. The more she thought about it, the more she was getting frustrated, so she decided to let the whole thing go and forget about it. When Nicole had finished her shower, she had seen that Gumball was already sleeping. So she put on her bath robe and climbed next to Gumball. It was in the middle of the night, when Gumball woken up. He looked over and seen that Nicole was sound asleep. He slowly and quietly climbed out of bed and walked to the door of their motel room. He made sure that he grabbed the motel key, just in case he got locked out. Gumball needed a break from Nicole and a walk is just what he needed. Gumball walked around the motel parking lot for over an hour and when he got back to the motel, he realized that this is not the life for him. He wanted Nicole to be in it, but he didn't want to have to move from place to place because they couldn't afford it. Gumball was walking back toward the motel, when he saw Nicole standing out in front of their door, with her arms crossed and a very upset look on her face. As Gumball approached her, she said


“Where were you? I was worried sick something bad had happened to you.”

“I’m fine, don’t worry, I’m going to bed.”

Before Gumball was halfway into the motel room doorway, Nicole grabbed his arm and shoved him in front of her.

“Ouch! What was that for?”

Gumball said as he rubbed his arm.

“Because I was worried sick about you and you think it’s not that big of a deal to just run off like that.”


Nicole said. Gumball then explained to Nicole that he just wants to go home and he is tired of running. He told Nicole that if they didn't go home, that he’ll call Richard and stay with him until Nicole straightened everything out. It took Gumball and Nicole hours to discuss everything they had gone through and what was next for them. Nicole and Gumball decided to go back to Elmore, but they wouldn't tell anyone what they plan on doing for money. Nicole thought of the idea to have sex with her son and film it. She wanted to make porn with her son and sell it on the internet for a profit. The two didn't think of what if they got caught? They didn't think of, what if someone they knew found the videos and told police about it. They thought the idea was a pretty good one and they both went with it. They were making their way back to Elmore, when a police officer turned is lights and siren on. Nicole not thinking of it stops and pulls over. About 5 minutes went by until the officer came to the car and knocked on the window,


“Miss” The officer said.


“Do you know why I pulled you over?”

Nicole swallowed a gulp of spit and very nervously said

“No officer, would you like to explain why it is that you pulled me over?”

“Miss you do realize that you were doing a 70 in a 55 right?”

“No officer, I wasn't aware of that. What are you going to do now?”

“Now I’m going to walk back to my car and write you a ticket for driving over the speed limit. And next I’m going to give you my phone number, so if you ever get lonely at night you-“


Nicole said, now very upset and felt harassed.

“I would like it if you would get my ticket so I can be on my way.”

Gumball very nervous and not wanting to say anything tugged on Nicole’s arm sleeve.

“Mom, can we get something to eat?”


Nicole whipped her head around and gave Gumball a very dirty look. He had seen that look many of times and he knew that he needs to be quiet. So Gumball sat in his seat and didn't say a word. Nicole looked back at the officer and told him


“Sorry about him sir, he hasn't had any breakfast today.”

“I understand miss, well I’m sorry I have to give you this ticket, but the law is the law. Now you have a good day, and buckle up.”

Nicole thanked the officer and when he walked away she crumbled the ticket into a ball and threw it in the back seat. 

“Mom, what did you do that for?”

“Because honey, that officer is an asshole and there was no way I was going 70 in a 65.”

Gumball was confused because the officer said that Nicole was doing 70 in a 55.

“Mom, the officer said that you were doing a 70 in a 55, why are you saying it was a 70 in a 55?”

Nicole out her hand on top of Gumball’s head and turned it forward and pointed to a speed limit sign that said

“55 MPH”

Nicole then said

“Gumball that asshole was hitting on me, meaning that he wanted to do what you and I do when were alone.”


Gumball finally understood what was going on and after all that wrapped up they were on the road again. As they drove for hours and hours, Nicole wanted something a little “naughty” to do. So when Gumball fell asleep, she reached over and put her hand down his pants and grabbed his cock. She wanted to stroke it, but her just touching it almost woke Gumball up. So as they were progressing on the ride to Elmore, approaching it within minutes, they realized that something was very every wrong. They were driving down some of the familiar streets they had drove on for years only to see it abandoned. Nicole was turning into their old driveway only to see that on one was around. Not their neighbors, not their really close friends, nothing. As they entered the house, they saw that the inside was completely destroyed. Furniture was flipped over and destroyed. Spray paint in red was all over the walls saying “THE ONES THAT DECEIVED US!” then it was pointing to a picture of Nicole and Gumball. The two were very confused and wasn't sure what was going on. They continued walking through the house seeing memories that they wish they could relive. Nicole especially wanted to relive the time that her and Richard were taking care of Gumball and Darwin because they thought it would be a good idea to get into a gray storage tub and slide down the stairs. Gumball and Darwin were in a lot of pain, but Nicole didn't want to listen to their screaming, she wanted to remember what Richard did after the boys went to bed. They made passionate love all night and it was the first time in over 3 years that Richard did anything with Nicole. They went out to dinner every once and a while, but it was the first time that Richard actually wanted to do something with Nicole. While Nicole remembered all that, Gumball was upstairs remembering what good times they had in the house. He walked into his old room only to see that everything had been destroyed. He remembered the time that he and Darwin were making a fort in his room and it fell apart as soon as they entered it. They worked really hard on the fort, but it turned out if they would have added a chair in the middle it would have been a lot more stable. The more they walked through the house, the more they remembered the good times they had in the house. When Gumball was done reminiscing; he went down stairs and waited for his mother to get done. Nicole on the other hand wanted to look around some more, but she knew that Gumball was getting impatient. As Nicole was walking down the stairs, she stopped and took one last look of the upstairs of their house. They walked to the front door and left the house. As they were walking to the car they noticed a car flying down the street.


“Gumball get back in the car!”


Nicole yelled. Gumball didn't what he was told without a question. Nicole walked to the car coming down the street, thinking that it would stop. As the car was only a couple of feet from hitting Nicole, she jumped out of the way. The car still flying crashed right into their house. Nicole hurried up and ran to the car. She started yelling at the driver asking them if they were okay, and it turned out to be Richard.

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