My Sisters' Keeper

BY : JoJo
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Lincoln came awake to the sound of his phone alerting him to a new text message. He groaned a little as he reached over blindly grabbing at the nightstand next to the bed. He brought the phone to his face seeing two messages. The first was from his parents asking him how things were going. He rolled his eyes as he sat up stretching and looking around his parents bedroom. After reaching HIgh School Lincoln went through a massive growth spurt now standing at 6'. Of course he could no longer sleep comfortably in the linen closet and so had moved to the garage with his family's help he was able to convert it into a nice living space for himself. Today however was the start of his parents week long trip to Hawaii that his father won in a raffle at work. He'd moved back into the house for the time being. Rubbing his face as he typed out a quick reply. Everything's fine stop worrying and enjoy yourselves! He hit send and climbed out of bed.

He went to his parents' bathroom to begin his morning ritual reading the second text he'd received which came from Clyde. Hey buddy you ready for the BEST NIGHT EVER!!? Lincoln couldn't help but smile at his friend's over the top question, but he'd be lying if he said he wasn't just as excited. Last year Ace Savvy had finally got his due with a feature length movie. He and Clyde wer over the moon about it, but after careful consideration they had decided to wait for the movie to come out in stores so they could fully immerse themselves in the film in the comfort of their own home. It had been Clyde's task to get the movie while Lincoln was to prepare the space, and food for the event. His parents being out of town was just the icing on the cake. 

It was sad to admit, but this week would be the last chance the two would have to spend time together after this it was off to college for both of them. Clyde was heading to MSU for his study in psychology while Lincoln was heading to Kendall College of Art and Design. They would rarely have time to hang out even if they did come back on holidays. He sighed as he walked out of the bathroom getting dressed for the day. He donned an orange button down shirt and some jeans choosing to remain barefoot for the moment. Thinking about college always got him excited but at the same time filled him with dread. After all he would be away from his family for months at a time a lot could happen in that amount of time. He could come back one time to find everything the same and the next his entire family could be turned on it's head. He was brought back to the time when he'd smashed up Lisa's project and was taken on a crazy what if spin of what his family could turn into. He shook his head and sighed. "That's why I have to make the most of this week and spend as much time with my youngest sisters as possible.

Lincoln wasn't trying to pick favorites among his sisters, but the younger ones needed him more, after all he, Lori, Leni, Luna, and Luan were the oldest five and had spent the most time together growing up, hell it was a whole two years before Lynn was born. He walked out of his parent's bedroom listening for the telltale signs his sisters were up. He was rewarded with silence. He released a breath he hadn't known he was holding. "The ten headed beast slumbers still." He whispered as he snuck towards the kitchen to get breakfast ready. "Pancakes would be best less clean up and easier to customize." He spoke to himself getting the ingredients out.

As Lincoln began to work on breakfast in Lori and Leni's room there was a secret meeting taking place this Cabal consisted of Lori, Leni, Luna, and Luan. They were silent as the noise of cooking began to drift up through the floorboards. Lori nodded once before speaking. "We all know why we're here right?" She asked receiving three nods in return. "Lincoln is leaving for college in nine days ladies. Our beloved brother is going to leave us for who knows how long." All their eyes shone with a film of unshed tears. The four young women loved their brother so much, more than was acceptable even. "We have to do something." Leni voiced looking to Lori her older sister hoping she had some sort of plan. "Yeah but what? This is Lincoln's dream of pursuing his art and I don't want to stop that even if takes him away from us." Luan chimed in which all four agreed with. "But what if he goes to college and some skank gets her hooks in him? I would literally die if he came home on break with a girl in his arms. He's our brother and no one can love him like us!" Lori hissed to which everyone agreed vehemently gritting their teeth at the idea.

Luna ran a hand through her short brown locks. "I don't know dude it seems like Lincoln doesn't even give us the time of day anymore all he does is dote on the youngsters." Luan nodded. "I've noticed that too. A couple days ago I asked him to help me with a skit and he said he couldn't because he promised to help Lola with her hair. I mean talk about a brush off!" She said giving a weak chuckle. "Same here." Lori said sitting on her bed next to Leni. "I wanted him to help me practice for my driving test, and he told me that he was too busy helping Lisa with an experiment." "He doesn't want to watch me model my clothes anymore either." Leni said clutching Lori's pillow. "Or rock out with me." Luna sighed.

They all sat in silence reliving the memories of their brother's rejection before Lori shook her head. "This cannot stand we just have to show Lincoln how much he means to us and make him realize how much we mean to him." Lori stood up and drew all her sisters closer. "I've got a plan to show Lincoln what only we can offer him and by the time he goes to college we will literally be the only thing on his mind now listen close." She said before devolving into conspiritorial whispering.

Lincoln had just dumped the bacon onto a plate to drain as he heard footsteps. He turned around as Lori and Leni appeared. "Bro can you take us to the mall there's a sale going on me and Leni want to catch." Lincoln rolled his eyes. No please, not even a good morning if he hadn't grown up with her he'd say his sister was a real bitch. He sighed. "Good morning to you too Lori, and I can't right now I've got to get everybody up and fed and then I've got some things set up for Lynn, Lucy, the twins and Lisa." He said and if he didn't know better he swore he saw a flash of anger in his sister's eyes, but he chalked that up to her being mad at not getting her way. "Oh please Lincy! Pwetty pwease with a chewwy on top!" Leni said rushing forward and embracing him in a hug that smashed her breasts softly against his chest. His face enflamed with embarassment at feeling his sister's breasts on him. Of course being a teenager he'd felt a girls boobs before there was Ronnie Anne the night before she left to move back with her family, and then there was Christina who he'd worked his ass off for that one, but Leni's were sooo soft. He pushed her back looking down at her as he panted. "Uhhh f-fine Leni I guess I could take you guys to the mall, but you two have to help me out with Lily get her ready for the car and make her bottle."

They both nodded happily going up the stairs. "And don't let the others know I want this trip to be quick!" He whispered loudly after them before setting the places at the dinner table. "Well it was bound to happen eventually I needed to run to the store to get the snacks and stuff for the movie with Clyde anyway besides it's just Lori and Leni hopefully I can get them in and out grab the food and be home in time to bond with my little sisters before Clyde gets here". Lincoln grabbed two pieces of toast and a handful of bacon along with a lettuce and tomato forming a quick BLT which he ate just as quickly as he heard footsteps signaling the arrival of Leni and Lori with Lily in tow. "Good you're ready let's go." He said snatching the keys off the hook by the door. "Uh where's our breakfast?" Lori asked with a frown. Lincoln arched a brow. "Are you kidding me right now we're on a deadline here woman! You can get something at the mall." He said donning his jacket eating the rest of his sandwhich in a few quick bites. Leni's face contorted with disgust. "I am not eating MALL food for breakfast! Like, it'll totally break me out if I eat something like that first thing in the morning not to mention what it'll do to my thighs!" 

Lincoln groaned at his sister as she shouted the one word that would bring his plan crashing down around them. Immediately he heard the sound of their doom as seven airs of feet thundered downstairs. "The mall we wanna go!" Shouted Lola. Lincoln sighed. "Alright everybody go upstairs and get ready the van leaves in ten anybody not in the van gets left behind!" He shouted as feet roared back upstairs. He looked at Leni then at Lori before shaking his head walking into the kitchen to put the plates of food he'd made in the oven, but he knew even with this measure they'd still be cold when they got home. Some much for breakfast! He thought slamming the oven door shut and heading out to the van to warm it up. Soon the entire loud clan was crammed into Vanzilla and headed to the mall.

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