A Mother's plot

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Chapter I



”Anne will you please be ready” said Dr. James Possible to his wife as he knocked on the bathroom door “we will be too late for the interview”

“Hold your horses dear” employed his wife Dr. Anne Possible “I just need some perfume”

“I will be waiting in the car”

“Good, I will come soon”

Anne Possible sighted and though back upon the plan that she had made. It was perfect and could not go wrong. She knew it was a dirty trick, but All is fair in love and war as the old code said. Besides she had no other choice. Either she played dirty tricks or she risked loosing the only man who was truly worthy of becoming her son-in-law and father of her grandchildren.

She smiled again and sighted.

Ever since her daughter Kim Possible had flirted with her best friend Ron Stoppable, (Though she was only under the affect of some sick invention), Anne had understood that Kim emotions for Ron ran deeper then she would admit, (why else would the sight of Ron being in mortal peril be enough to break its control), and after they kissed at the Junior Prom a little over a year ago, Anne swear that she would do ANYTHING to ascertain they ended up as husband and wife. ANY-THING

10 universities had they looked on and the results where ALWAYS the same; Kim was welcome but Ron's GPA was too low for admission. It kept making her angry, but she wouldn't give up, Kim was far too shallow. If she entered a university without Ron, it was merely a question of time before she fell for some rich, academic good-looking student and that was unacceptable.

So she had made this plan. She, James and Ron's parents will all four go to the next university and demand Ron's acceptance, she knew that James wanted to use Mr. and Mrs. Stoppable to change her meaning about always back out after the rejection of Ron´s admission, but so what, her plan was perfect.

Since they were probably be gone until tomorrow Ron should babysit his adoptive sister. James had been worried. Ron had a tendency to need help and the first he called for help was Kim. But Anne had though on that. She had specked to Vice-principal Barkin and had told him to give Jim and Tim, (Kim's twin brothers), a homework assignment about creating a report that told about some responsible they had done during that weekend. James had been very glad about it since childcare was something important and helping Ron look after Hana would be considered responsible. He didn't knew that they knew all about their mothers plan, in fact their mission, as they called it, required them there.

Anne had also allied herself with both Kim's techno geek friend Wade and her fashion friend Monique. Both of them knew the plan and was more then ready for there part in the plan.

Anne though back on the clever way she had cheated Kim. From the moment Kim and Ron started dating, Kim knew that there eventually would come a day where Ron and her would have sex with each other, so to prevent “unfortunate results”, Kim had been taking Birth Control pills. In order to avoid James's wrath, Anne had filled the prescription for the pills in her own name, so it would be her name on the bottle with pills. James had, of cause, never found them, but you couldn't be to careful. She knew also that Ron had some very strong condoms, (something she had secretly agreed with his parents), so they were fully protected. Or so they believed

Anne knew all was ready and had understood their parts when she called them half an hour ago. She felt like a general preparing a battle. The last couple of weeks she had switched Kim's Birth Control pills with ordinarily Tic-Tacs, so she was now fertile again. She had made some very weak condoms, which would break when Ron broke Kim's hymen, (That was the twins task, to switch Ron´s normal condoms with the weak ones). Monique's task was, once the twins called and said they had been successful, to have Kim dress herself in some very hot clothes and then lure Ron over there in a way so he would have to come.

Once Ron had seen Kim in the outfit, Monique would text the twins that they should move to the next step of the plan. To call and come up with a story about that they needed help with babysitting Hana. Monique would say that they needed a woman’s help and that she would come to help them. Then when Kim and Ron were alone, Wade would hack into Possible power grid and shot it down. Kim and Ron would then could turn on some candlelight, (bough by Anne for this occasion, though Kim didn't knew), and the romantic candles, the “safeness” of the pills and the condom, and the fact that they was alone, (cause Monique had text that she had to remain at Ron´s house for the rest of the night), should probably create the correct atmosphere for a little time very close to each other. Because there was only one thing to do in order to ascertain the survival of Kim and Ron's relationship: Kim needed to have a stronger responsibility than college, and that meant pregnancy.

“Well now Kim” her father said “can I trust you to keep yourself out of trouble and with no boys, though you will be alone in the house”

“Dad” the red-haired teenager said “I am not going to be alone”


“Monique is coming to play fashion show with me”

“Fashion show?”

“Yeah, we each has some stylish outfit on and the points the judge gives determinate the winner”

“Who is the judge”


“KIMBERLY ANN POSSIBLE” her father yelled “No boys means NO BOYS and I.....”

“Dad he is not going to be HERE, he will see it all through the Kimmunicator”

Kim’s father cooled down.

“Good then”

“You're worrying yourself too much dear” said Anne as she entered the living room.

“I just don't want to see her unhappy”

“Well” Kim whispered “If you ain't soon are going to tell Ron that he shouldn't fear taking one step closer to marriage I will be unhappy, thanks to you.”

“Bye bye Kim” said her mother as went into the car.

“See you tomorrow sis.” said the twins from the backseat.

Kim smiled as they drove away.

Meanwhile at the Stoppable house

“Are you certain that you can handle your sister, Ron” asked his mother

“Mum” Ron said “ It will be a piece of cake. KP´s brothers are coming over to help”

A sound came from the driveway.

“That must be them” Ron's father said “I still don't understand why they are so worried about you and Kim being alone together. Just because you are dating, it doesn't mean that you will just jump in bed with her at first chance you get”

“Well” a male voice from the door said “You can´t be too careful.”

“Which is actually why we have bough some very strong condoms for him.” Ron's mother said.

Jim and Tim came in and said:

“Hey Ron, is it now we shall learn your sister about how to create explosive devices”


“Jeez dad we were only joking” said Jim.

“Yeah” laughed Tim “We know that we are only going to do the proper child care things”

Dr. Possible lowered one of his eyebrows

“Why do I get the idea that we instead of giving Ron helpers, we have given him two more problems”

Everyone laughed on the way to the car. But before they left Anne whispered:

“Are you two sure you are up to it?”

“Yes mom”, said Jim “in fact while the rest of you were laughing we made the switch”

Anne smiled


“Uncle Jim and Uncle Tim,” said Tim “man I like the sound of that.”

Anne smiled again when James drove her, himself and Ron's parents out of Middleton

“The dices are cast” Anne though “There is no turning back now, none at all”

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