A four player game

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A four player game

“Hey guys, can we play?”

Odd and Corbin had been enjoying a relaxing gaming night in when they heard the drunken giggle from behind them, turning around to find Milly and Tamiya stood behind them obviously drunk out of their minds by the fact that they had to hold onto each other to stand up straight

What the girls were wearing as well made it obvious that they had been out to have a good time, both of them sporting micro skirts so short that it was blatant that they weren’t wearing underwear, Milly wearing a tiny tube top which was currently pulled down to her stomach keeping her breasts bare to the world whilst Tamiya just wearing a mesh tube top which kept her tits visible at all times

Exchanging a quick glance Odd and Corbin simultaneously pressed pause on their game and stood up to face their guests as the girls eagerly dropped to their knees in front of them “this game is much more fun” Milly breathed with excitement as Corbin undid his pants letting his hardening cock fall out onto her face whilst Odd picked Tamiya up making the dark skinned girl giggle as he carried her to the couch

Moaning with delight as Corbin’s hot cock weighed heavy on her face Milly started to drunkenly kiss and lick along his length, adoring the thick musky taste of it as she ran her tongue along every inch of it whilst he stroked her hair, her moans soon drowned out by Tamiya’s cry of pleasure as Odd undid his pants and forced his cock deep into her dripping cunt “oh fuck yes! Fuck me like your wife! Make me scream like a bitch!”  she begged as her groin bulged out around Odd’s girth, her toes curling in the air as Odd held one of her legs up high

As Odd began to rail Tamiya into the couch cushions Milly opened her mouth wide to eagerly take Corbin’s cock down her throat, her eyes rolling back and her cunt dripping with arousal as she enjoyed his heavy flavour on her tongue, humming and moaning as Corbin rested his hand on her head “that’s a good girl, take it deep” he praised her as she nuzzled her nose against his groin

Lifting her hands to massage Corbin’s thighs Milly started pumping her head along his cock as fast as she could, the sounds of Tamiya getting brutally fucked on the couch less than three feet away only arousing her more to the point that her arousal started to stain the carpet between her legs

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck yes!” Tamiya screamed as Odd gave her everything he had, her small body bucking and jerking violently on the couch as she clutched at the cushions for dear life, her pussy feeling like it was going to explode but she didn’t want the fucking to ever end

It was honestly the hardest fuck she had even received and she was thankful for it as since she and Milly were so small guys tended to act like they’d break so the fact that Odd was fucking her like she was a mere fuck doll was a welcome break from the norm “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!!!” she then cried throwing her head back as her pussy clenched tight around Odd’s cock, desperate to never leave as her tiny body shook with pleasure

“Holy shit” Odd groaned as Tamiya got even tighter around his dick, his hands grabbing at her mesh top and ripping it to further expose her tits as his thrusts got slower and deeper, pushing deep into her womb making her eyes roll back and her tongue hang out

“Please cum in me” the dark skinned slut gasped as Odd pushed into her womb again making her mind turn into a hazy mess of lust and pleasure, her toes curling as she turned to look at Milly just in time to see her friend taking Corbin’s load in her mouth making her hunger for Odd’s cum even more

When Odd came inside of her moments later Tamiya felt like her brain was going to explode, her head rolling back onto the couch as her toes curled tight, loving the feeling of every shot of hot cum he dumped inside of her making her suffer a mini orgasm from the feeling alone

Hungrily gulping down everything Corbin gave her Milly made sure not to waste a single drop of his hot addictive cum before she let his cock out of her throat, the maroon haired girl zealously licking along every inch of it to make sure his cock was clean before looking up at him with a bright smile as if waiting for his praise, praise she received via him stroking her head making her giggle and simper “you taste so good” she breathed taking his cock back into her mouth giving it a few more loving sucks before Corbin stopped her

Taking hold of the petite slut Corbin moved her and bent her over the couch as Tamiya was now sat back against it, her eyes and mouth open with excitement as Odd stood over her sliding his cum covered cock between her lips intending to give the dark skinned whore the face fuck of her life, immediately starting to thrust hard and fast down her throat the moment he bottomed out in her mouth making her gag and choke

As Tamiya choked on Odd’s cock Milly’s eyes rolled back and her jaw went slack as Corbin pushed into her from behind, the slow penetration quickly giving way for rough hard thrusts which pushed Milly forward towards Tamiya’s cum packed cunt

The sight of Odd’s cum dripping from her friend’s slit prompted Milly to act purely on impulse, the maroon haired girl leaning forward to push her tongue as deep as she could into Tamiya’s cunt making her cry out with surprised pleasure around Odd’s pounding cock, only pleasuring him more as he drove his cock harder into the dark skinned sluts mouth

With Odd’s cock railing down her throat without mercy and Milly’s tongue probing her cunt Tamiya found herself cumming harder than before, her hole clenching tight around Milly’s tongue making her purr as Corbin pounded into her hard from behind forcing her face harder against her friend’s dripping cunt

“Damn you’re fucking tight” Corbin groaned as Milly squeezed him like a vice, the tight heat of her pussy driving him towards his climax faster than he had expected

Luckily for his pride however Odd didn’t last much longer, the blond groaned as he emptied his balls straight down Tamiya’s throat giving Corbin the silent go ahead to do the same with Milly, burying himself balls deep inside the petite girl before unloading deep into her womb  making her body shake as his cum set off her orgasm

Humming as she felt Corbin’s cum flood her spasming pussy Milly reached back to hold onto his arm, squeezing tighter around his cock as if begging him not to pull out as she rested her head on Tamiya’s thigh “this game…is much more fun…” she panted with a dirty smile before leaning in to lick up another trickle of cum from Tamiya’s cunt

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