The Unknown Princess

BY : FlameWolf
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Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the ponies from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. I also do not own the O.C. Princess Pi but I have permission to use her. This is just for fun and no profit will be made from this.

Author’s Note:  This is a fic about my fiance’s MLP O.C.  He wanted me to write it so, here we go.  Please excuse any oddness.


The Unknown Princess


By: FlameWolf


Chapter One: The Odd Illness


    Purple eyes watched from the balcony as the multi-colored denizens staggered around in the streets of Ponyville.  Bright blotches stained their furred skin, their heads hanging from the illness ravaging their bodies.  It had all started about a week ago, the first coming in to see Nurse Redheart with a complaint of symptoms of a cold.  Then the spots had come, followed quickly by the loss of any ability to use magic or fly.  Pegasus ponies were now grounded, unicorn teachers were unable to perform their lessons.  And, the worst part was, now Princess Luna was effected.

    Heaving a sigh, Twilight Sparkle turned her back on the disturbing scene to head back inside.  The sound of hooves clopping on the tile echoed off the high walls as she made her way to the meeting room, her ears tipping back from the worry welling within her.  If they were attacked now, it would be all too easy to overwhelm them.  Especially with Celestia distracted with caring for her sister.  It was their highest priority to figure out what was happening and take care of it.

    The skitter of claws alerted her to the fact that Spike had joined her and she turned her head to give her small companion a wane smile.  Since the day he had hatched, the purple dragon had been like a son to her; even more so lately.  She hated the fear in his wide, green eyes as they looked up at her with a painful hope.  So far, she and her friends had been able to handle everything thrown at them.  It was fair that he would expect the same to happen this time.  The only problem was, she had never seen anything like this.  She had no idea if they would be able to do anything to stop it this time.

    Sighing, the young alicorn closed her eyes as she turned to face the closed, ornate, double doors that led to the room her friends waited in.  Allowing her magic to flow through her, she smiled slightly at the familiar, warm feeling.  Opening her eyes once more, she forced the energy into her horn like she has millions of times before.  With a faint glow, the entry swings open with a quiet creak.  The cacophony that greets her is almost enough to blow her away.  It sounded like more than twenty ponies were in there when there were only six.  “Guys!” she called in a vain effort to gain their attention over the deafening din.

    Unsurprised when it didn’t work, she used her magic to amplify her voice.  “Hey!” echoed her voice through the rounded room, effectively bringing a ringing silence with it.  Clearing her throat, Twilight felt her cheeks heat while her wings fluttered nervously when all eyes landed on her.

    “Thank you.  Now then... arguing will get us nowhere.  We need plans.  Rainbow Dash, go fly to Canterlot to talk to Celestia.  Maybe she’s found something,” she began, falling into the role of giving orders with an ease that slightly disturbed her.

    “Don’t you think that if she had news, she would have sent it by now?” the blue pegasus sighed, blowing her rainbow colored bangs out of her face irritably.

    “Yeah, no offence Twi but...  She ain’t exactly been shy ‘bout usin’ Spike before,” added a southern accented voice, bringing her gaze to the amber colored pony to the right of her chair.

    “I know but.. What if she just can’t right now?  You know how sick Princess Luna is.  She could be too worried to even think about writing a letter right now,” the Princess pointed out, only getting skeptical glances from her friends.

    “Fine.  If it’ll make ya happy.  I just think we could use our time better figuring out what to do rather than ask for ideas,” Dash complained, rolling her pink eyes before spreading her wings and taking off in a blur; leaving behind a rainbow in her wake.  This left her with the frightened gazes of her five closest friends and her dear student.

    Cutting through the sky, Rainbow closed her eyes as she relished the feeling of the wind beating against her furred sides.  It helped anchor her, driving from her mind the near overwhelming fear.  Watching all the ponies slowly getting those spots had disturbed her.  Not to mention the fact that she hadn’t been feeling all that great lately.  Her wings had been a bit achey, something she had heard was one of the beginning symptoms.  Pushing it from her mind, she rolled in the air as she approached the looming palace.

    There was no use in thinking about such things now.  Besides, it could very well be just a leftover injury from her days in flight school.  There was nothing to worry about.  She was Rainbow Dash, one of the greatest ponies in Equestria.  She didn’t get sick.  In fact, she did a triple loop before landing to show just how well she felt.  Her enthusiasm only waned when she saw the guards staggering in their spots, different colored dots covering both their bodies.  Hunching slightly, the self proclaimed ‘Blue Blur’ began to make her way to the throne room.

    Pawing at the round table while Applejack and Rarity fought about whose idea was more practical, Fluttershy did her best to keep her coughing as well hidden as possible.  Given the fact that no one had noticed yet, it was working well.  Still, she just wished her friends would get on with things.  She hadn’t felt well for a long time now and just wanted to rest.  Besides, this room was far too hot anyway.  It would do all of them some good to open the windows to get some air.  Unfortunately, no one would be able to hear her over to arguing.  It would be easier to just do it herself.  Getting out of her throne with a sigh, she caught sight of something on her hoof that made her heart stop in her chest.

    There, on the inside facing side of her left front hoof, was tiny, blue dot.  Rubbing it briefly on the floor in the vain hope it was some chalk, the yellow pegasus felt her dread deepen when she saw no effect whatsoever.  Shifting green, fear-filled eyes; she saw no one had taken notice of her predicament.  Filled with relief, she simply sat back down; hiding her hoof under the unblemished right one.  There was really no reason to worry the others.  Not when there was so much to do.  Besides, it was probably just some blueberry juice and was best not to mention.  So, she ignored the voice inside her and simply watched her friends.

    “Darling, I just don’t see how evacuating Ponyville could help anyone.  Who’s to say we won’t spread it or that we aren’t the only ones affected.  Its best we stay here and send out a small party for help,” Rarity pointed out, purple, curly tail swishing in annoyance at the farm pony’s stubbornness.  It certainly didn’t help that she had this terrible itch in her throat and that poor Sweetiebelle seemed to have little to no energy these days.

    “What about the ones that aren’t sick?  Ya jest sayin’ we sit by and wait til they’re jest as bad off as th’rest?!” came a protest that had no real good answer.

    “We let them leave, they could still be carriers.  They could take the disease with them.  Are you sure you want to take the chance of infecting Appleloosa?” asked another voice that drew that attention of everyone.

    Suddenly finding herself the center of attention, Starlight Glimmer felt her lavender cheeks flush as she scuffed her hoof shyly.  “Germs can work like that.  And, s-since we don’t know how this thing travels, m-maybe we should all stay here?” pointed out her small voice, a shaky smile on her muzzle while the others considered what she had said.

    “I agree with both Rarity and Starlight.  We can’t take the chance of infecting others with this.  Not until we learn more about it and if we can stop it,” Twilight sighed, feeling guilt stab her at the stricken expression that crossed Applejack’s freckled face.

    Ears tipping backward, the amber colored pony had to admit the others were right.  Yet, this knowledge still pained her.  She had wanted to at least get her family out before they started exhibiting symptoms.  Yet, if she was honest with herself, they already were.  Applebloom and Mac had seemed a bit listless.  Even Granny seemed to have less pep than she used to.  “I guess so... but what now?  Can we do anything fer th’sick?” she whispered, not encouraged when she only heard silence in response.

    “Nothing we try helps.  Not even Zecora has any remedies,” Twilight sighed, feeling more defeated than ever as she scuffed her hooves in annoyance.

    Suddenly, Dash came crashing in through a stained glass window; multi-colored glass raining down in her wake as she landed on the magical table.  The map that was currently displaying Equestria flickered off while the other ponies ran to the fallen pegasus’ side.  “What happened?” the newly dubbed Princess of Friendship asked, eyes scanning her friend’s blue furred body for cuts.  She was only set slightly at ease when she saw nothing.

    “P-Princess Celestia... ill.  Entire castle... sick,” gasped out of the exhausted pony, pink eyes wild as she looked at the others gathered around her.

    Chaos soon ensued, the six uninjured ponies all talking at once.  Pinkie was by far being the loudest, screaming things that were unintelligible due to the noise.  Only Twilight was trying to maintain a semblance of calm, doing her best to get the attention of the others.  It was only when she magically amplified her voice again that she had any success.  “Girls!” echoed her voice through the room, effectively stopping the others in their tracks.  Turning back to Rainbow, the newly crowned Princess fluttered her wings nervously.

    “Did you talk to Princess Celestia?  Does she have any advice?” the purple alicorn blurted, doing her best to keep the panic blooming in her own breast at bay.

    Getting to her hooves and hopping off the table, Dash dusted herself off with her wings before heaving a sigh.  “Well, I did talk to her...  It wasn’t good news...  We’re basically on our own on this one.  Unless Discord knows something,” came a declaration no one really wanted to hear.  Immediately, all eyes went to Fluttershy; making the painfully shy, yellow pegasus squeak as she sank down in her throne.

    “Uh...  I guess we could ask him...,” she murmured, barely loud enough to hear.

    As if her words had summoned him, the infamous troublemaker appeared in a puff of purple, sparkly smoke.  Different sized eyes glittered down at them from a gray furred head that vaguely resembled that of a donkey, bushy brows waggling as his long body bent for him to bow.  “Well, hello my dear friends,” cooed his gruff mid-tone, his eagle claw brushing off the brown fur of his body.  Then he was disappearing, reappearing over Fluttershy’s right shoulder to press his cheek against hers.

    “And just why were you seeking me out on this fine day?” sigh an inquiry while he ruffled Flutter’s pink mane with his lion’s paw.  Disappearing once more, he popped into existence behind Twilight; floating in a relaxed position while he smirked.

    “Could it have anything to do with this illness that seems to be ravaging Ponyville?  Could the saviors of Equestria possibly need my help?” purred out of the prankster, his red scaled tail wagging as he allowed his eagle claw to play with the violet monarch’s tail.

    Whirling to face the former villain, Twilight called upon all the patience she possessed so she wouldn’t blow up at him.  “Please, if you can help us; then do it.  If you can’t, then stay out of the way,” she pleaded.  She was a bit surprised when the embodiment of chaos looked abashed.

    “I would but... I promised...  Sorry,” murmured an apology before he was disappearing once more, leaving the ponies a bit confused.

    “The only thing left to do is to explore the Everfree Forest.  If we find something strange, maybe Zecora will be able to make a cure with it,” Twilight sighed, feeling the very start of a headache.

    Soon Starlight was helping to coordinate the others, sending them off in pairs in different directions.  Pinkie would be with Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash would be with Applejack, Twilight would be with Rarity and she would be with Spike.  So, when they reached the edge of Everfree, the pairs branched off in their respective directions.  They would just have to hope they found something of use or didn’t get horribly lost.

    Hunching slightly, Flutter led the way through the looming trees; heading toward a meadow she knew of.  There was always something blooming there.  It was a good possibility they would find something.  Focusing on the song Pinkie was humming as she bounced, the petrified pegasus used the tune to anchor herself.  She couldn’t do much good if she allowed herself to freeze up.  Besides, the pink pony was right here to help if she should need it and she did have a way with animals.  If they ran into any timber wolves, they should be fine; at least in theory.

    Unbeknownst to the small group, there was a pair of green eye watching everything in a small, clear orb.  Sighing, the figure fluttered their wings before glancing down at the two beside them.  “Think we should help them?” asked a reluctant sounding voice.  Blue and red eyes simply met the green ones overhead, a brief moment of silence passing between the trio.

    “We could give them one chance Princess.  They seem nice,” responded the voice belonging to the blue eyes.

    “Ha, you always want to make friends.  We saw how they reacted when the yellow one became a bat pony.  Who’s to say they won’t act the same toward us,” protested the voice belonging to the red eyes.

    “That’s precisely why I want you to be the one to send out a representative.  A test if you will.  If they fail this test, we will leave them to their fate,” declared the voice belonging to the green eyes, the floating orbs narrowing when the small figure protested.

    “B-but majesty....,” they began, trailing off when they saw the stern light in those almost hypnotic eyes.

    “A-alright but... I want them to be able to leave at the first sign of trouble.  I don’t want to lose anyone to these so called heroes,” sighed the red eyed silhouette, ears tipping back as they wandered off toward the exit.

    “Neither do I but... maybe its time we try to trust again.  I tire of living by ourselves, of being too scared of pony society...,” sighed the one in charge, worried eyes watching the ponies on the orb.

    “I want to make friends too.  I just hope they are more accepting than they seem,” they continued, not sounding too hopeful.

    Grimacing at the mud under her white hooves, Rarity regretted ever agreeing to come out here.  The only thing that kep her searching was Sweetiebelle.  The poor dear was only getting worse.  It would be a matter of time before the spots showed up.  She had to find something to help!  Anything!  Spotting a polka dot colored trio of leaves growing close to the ground, she rushed forward to pull them up with her magic; running to show her discovery to Twilight.  She felt her heart drop when the alicorn backed away from her in horror.  “Rarity, that’s Itchy Sticky!” she protested, flinching when the unicorn flung the plant away.

    “Oh, I’m hopeless at this,” the seamstress bemoaned, ears flattening while she felt genuine tears well up in her blue eyes.

    Trotting over to her friend’s side, Twilight wrapped a wing around her to offer comfort.  “At least you’re trying.  We can’t give up now,” she whispered, smiling when the fashion pony sniffled, nodded and went back to the search.  Brushing aside a bush in front of her, the Princess did the same; letting out a surprised noise at what she found.  There, laying in a sleeping ball, was what looked to be a bat pony colt.

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