A camping trip with Mabel

BY : Lennoxmacduff
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Disclaimer: Gravity Falls is property of Disney. This is a parody and I'm not making any money by writing this story.

Warnings: Unprotected sex.

:: ::

Dipper gave his goodbyes to his sister and closed the main door of the house. With his parents shopping at the mall and Mabel off to buy knitting supplies, Dipper finally had the house all for himself and he wanted to take full advantage of it. After living for almost seventeen years with someone as energetic as Mabel, he had learned to value the silence whenever he could. Dipper intended to grab some snacks from the kitchen, relax on the couch and watch a mystery show on TV. After that, he was going to work a little in his own Journal. Ford had barely addressed the UFO topic in his journals and Dipper wanted to focus his research on the crashed spaceship for his own Journal #1.

When he was about to open the fridge and push aside the jars of Mabel’s juice to get something edible, someone rang the doorbell. Dipper considered ignoring it, but whoever was at the door rang the doorbell three more times in the span of a second. The boy sighed and grumbled his way to the main door of the house with the intention of yelling at whoever was ringing doorbells like that. When Dipper opened the door, there was someone he hadn’t been expecting behind it.

“Hey, Dork.”

Without asking for permission, Pacifica let herself in, walked past Dipper and got into the Pines’ house living room. She was wearing her mini-golf uniform consisting of a tight purple polo shirt, a white miniskirt and knee-high socks. She also had a golf bag hanging on her shoulder.

“Come in, feel yourself at home.” Dipper said sarcastically and rolled his eyes at the lack of basic education. He closed the main door of the house and followed her into the living room.

“For your information, this is technically my house.” The heiress reminded him with a smug smile. She dropped the golf bag on the armchair and sat on the couch. “My father is renting it to yours, so you could say I own the place.”

“You know, that always made me feel a little awkward about us.” Dipper scratched his cheek. “I mean, he’s not going to kick my family out if we stop dating, is he?”

“What do you think?” Pacifica stared at her boyfriend for a second to make sure his worry was genuine and then she burst into giggles. “My father rented your family this house because he owed you a personal favor, Dork, but he still hates you. If we ever break up it’s more likely that he’ll reward you with a manor or something.”

“Really?” Dipper cupped his chin thoughtfully. “Hmm… Having my own manor with butlers and everything in exchange for just breaking up with you sounds good.” He smiled mischievously in an attempt to scare her.

“Yeah, but you’d be single.” Pacifica shrugged and spread her arms on the back of the couch, completely claiming it for herself.

“Oh, but that has many benefits.” He added.

“Such as?” Pacifica crossed her legs.

“First off, I’d have more time for myself.” Dipper listed with his fingers. “I could work on my projects indefinitely, I wouldn’t have to carry your bags at the mall and, best of all, I wouldn’t have to go to those rich elite social parties anymore.”

“Being single has its drawbacks too. For example, you and I…” Pacifica uncrossed her legs slowly and crossed them again with the other leg over, flashing Dipper her panties through the miniskirt in a Basic Instinct way. “…wouldn’t be able to have fun anymore.”

Dipper gulped and his eyes widened. The flashing had been clear enough for him to notice the color of the cotton was purple.

“Besides,” She continued. “I wouldn’t be single for long. Someone has to come with me to those boring rich elite social parties and, if he is also so kind to carry my bags at the mall, I would definitely invite him for the night. Then, we would get in my big, warm and cozy bed to…” The heiress smirked suggestively.

“I-I was just speculating!” Dipper’s confidence collapsed, jealousy burning deep within the boy.

“That’s what I thought.” Pacifica chuckled with satisfaction after making her boyfriend suffer a little. “You better remember this conversation next time you wanna play a tug-of-war with me.”

“So… did you come from the mini-golf course?” Dipper wanted to change topics.

“Nah, I came from the manor. I just needed a good excuse to leave for a few hours.” She removed the glove on her right hand and tossed it onto her golf bag. “Nice pajamas, by the way. They’re very stellar.”

Dipper glanced down at his outfit and blushed in embarrassment. He hadn’t planned to leave the house that day and he was still in his pajamas, which were a dark blue shirt and sweatpants with multiple yellow spots, resembling a star-filled night sky.

“I like stars, okay?” He folded his arms over his chest.

“I like stars too. Wanna know my favorite constellation?” Pacifica stood up and closed the distance between them. She moved her mouth to his ear and whispered “The Big Dipper.”

Dipper squeaked and gave a jerk of surprise when Pacifica cupped his package through his pajama pants and bit his earlobe. The boy attempted to protest at the abuse, but she silenced him by pushing her tongue into his mouth and grabbing his hands to place them on her backside. The boy rolled his eyes, gave her butt a squeeze and returned the aggressive kissing. Since Dipper had finally consented, Pacifica parted the heated kiss and pressed her hand on Dipper’s chest to stop him for a second.

“We’re alone, right?” Pacifica glanced around herself.

“Now you ask that?” He gave her an amused look. “We are, but I don’t know when Mabel will be back.” Dipper looked worriedly at the main door over Pacifica’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry, I just need a quick one.”

Pacifica pushed him back onto the couch and climbed his hips. Dipper’s hands quickly began roaming through her body in an attempt to slide into her polo shirt without success, whereas Pacifica pulled at the elastic waistband of Dipper’s sweatpants and gasped in surprise.

“No underwear? That’s so dirty.” She giggled. “I love it.”

The heiress fished out Dipper’s erect cock and rubbed his frenulum with her thumb. Dipper moaned softly and began rocking his hips against her pleasant hand. He was enjoying the teasing a little too much for his own comfort and stamina, so he quickly gave up on getting his hands under her polo shirt and stopped Pacifica from ending the party before it even started. The heiress laughed mockingly at how deft her fingers were at stimulating her boyfriend, but the sound was chocked back when Dipper slid his hand under her miniskirt.

“Two can play this game, Princess.” Dipper ran his fingers along her sodden folds and caused Pacifica’s whole body to shiver. “You got wet thinking about me on the way here, didn’t you? That’s not very Northwest-like.” He teased and smiled with satisfaction when a blush appeared on Pacifica’s cheeks.

“Shut up and take me upstairs.”

After Pacifica wrapped her arms around his neck and felt Dipper’s hands seizing hold of her backside, Dipper stood up and hurried his way to the staircase. Pacifica moved her mouth to his ear and whispered into it what she was going to do with her tongue, how she was going to use her teeth and where she wanted her daily dose of Dippingsauce. It became difficult for Dipper to breathe and climb the stairs to the second story at the same time. He felt the urge to pin Pacifica against the wall and do it then and there, but the possibility of somebody opening the main door and catching them naked on the staircase won over his lust.

They finally reached the second story. Dipper headed to the first door on the right but Pacifica wiggled her way out of his grasp and got on her feet.

“Wait. Today I we’re doing it here.” She opened the first door on the left.

“But that’s Mabel’s room.” Dipper reminded her.


Pacifica seized the collar of Dipper’s pajama shirt and pulled him into his sister’s room. She shoved him onto the bed and closed the door. Dipper landed on his back and grunted in discomfort at a prickling sensation. One of the multiple plush toys that covered Mabel’s bed, a unicorn, was prickling him on the back. After he got rid of the pointy toy, a pair of purple panties landed on his face. He tossed them onto the floor too and grinned at how Pacifica climbed his hips and spread her nether lips open with one hand as she aimed Dipper’s cock up with the other. A strand of her wet excitement fell onto the head of his penis and caused it to twitch violently.

There was a moment of hesitation during which they stared into each other’s eyes. Dipper’s eyes said that it would take him a minute to go to his room and fetch a condom from his socks drawer. Pacifica’s eyes said she didn’t have that minute and she needed to ride him raw right now. Meanwhile the staring contest lasted, Pacifica rubbed the head of Dipper’s penis up and down her slit. Dipper soon couldn’t hold himself back anymore and gave her the go by placing his hands on her hips.

The heiress smirked, pushed the naked head of his penis against her entrance and got all his length inside. Dipper gasped at the sudden warm and wet feeling engulfing his cock, and Pacifica closed her eyes and shivered as goosebumps covered her skin at the sensation of being completely filled up. She opened her eyes and bit her lower lip as she stared at Dipper lustfully. Pacifica placed her hands on his chest began rolling her hips rapidly against his, causing Dipper to curl his toes and blink every time her mound smacked the base of his penis.

Dipper seized the hem of her tight polo shirt and began pulling it up hastily as Pacifica raised her arms in the air. The heiress changed strategies while Dipper removed her clothes and she began gyrating her hips against Dipper’s, the first half of the circular motion slowly and the second half in the blink of an eye. The bumpy ridges of Pacifica’s inner walls massaged and rubbed his sensitive cock in such a way that Dipper groaned and accidentally gave a yank to the polo shirt.


They stopped all of a sudden and stared at how the fabric of Pacifica’s super expensive designer purple polo shirt was now torn at the side.

“Oh my gosh, you idiot!” Pacifica’s eyes widened in disbelief as she took off the ruined polo shirt and stared at the slit on the side. “This shirt was more expensive than your whole wardrobe!”

“I’m sorry.” Dipper quickly apologized.

“You’re gonna pay for this.”

Wearing now only her white mini-skirt and her purple bra, Pacifica tossed the polo shirt aside and leaned on top of him. She trapped Dipper’s bottom lip in between her teeth and pulled at it all while she resumed grinding her hips against his so hard that the sound of skin smacking against skin and the squeaky bed springs filled the room. Dipper opened his mouth to groan his immense pleasure and Pacifica seized the opportunity to invade it with her tongue. She swirled her tongue around his and seized hold of Dipper’s pajama shirt to yank it open. Buttons flew in the air and Dipper’s chest was exposed. Pacifica then dug her fingernails in his chest and began gracing it until Dipper’s moaning became constant.

Dipper felt a surge at the base of his penis and he wrapped his arms around Pacifica’s lower back to stop her. He was about to cum, and he needed to be in control for pulling out on time. The heiress parted the heated kiss and whimpered. She was just as close to orgasm as he was. Dipper readjusted himself under Pacifica by bending his knees and placing his feet flat on the bed. He gave her a reassuring smirk and she answered with a huge grin. Pacifica then buried her face into his neck to enjoy the ride. Dipper was going to make her cum, and cum hard.

The boy hiked up her miniskirt, seized a good hold of her naked buttcheeks and began thrusting his hips against hers, sliding the whole shaft of his penis in and out of Pacifica each time, gradually increasing the speed with every thrust until he achieved the pace that made Pacifica pant heavily. Dipper felt her wet excitement rolling down his shaft and over his balls to pool onto the bed. He noted mentally to change Mabel’s bed sheets later and nibbled Pacifica’s earlobe to overexcite her. The heiress’ pants turned into breathy moans about his nickname, and her inner walls tightened around his penis as she neared orgasm. Dipper felt his own cock beginning to pulsate in response as he made a mess of precum inside her. He moved a hand over her butt and massaged the area between her anus and her vaginal entrance while he waited for the last moment to pull out.

The soft prickles caused by Dipper’s fingers on her perineum made Pacifica clench her buttcheeks and squeak as her whole body shook in orgasmic pleasure. Dipper rolled his eyes back in his head and groaned at the sensation of Pacifica’s inner walls squeezing and sucking his pulsating cock in. He fought the overwhelming desire of thrusting just one more time as deep as possible to ejaculate inside her, and instead he pulled his cock out in the last instant. A gush of sperm sprayed Pacifica’s butt without the aid of any hand. Dipper then grabbed his cock and stroked it fervently to help release load after load, causing Pacifica’s hips to jerk at every new splatter that landed on her backside. When the sticky barrage stopped, Pacifica shivered at the feeling of how Dipper’s warm fluids rolled down her buttcheeks and thighs to pool on the bed. She also noted mentally to remind Dipper to change Mabel’s bed sheets.

With their sexual tension relieved, Pacifica moved her face in front of Dipper’s and pecked him with difficulty. Both teens were panting heavily in exertion to recover their breath. Dipper cupped her cheek and stroked it with his thumb while he grinned and stared into her deep blue eyes until Pacifica blushed. She would never admit it, but Dipper’s warm hazel eyes were one of the few things that made her nervous.

“You know, I had other things to do this morning.” Dipper attempted to sound upset. “Next time you want a quickie you could give me a call before dropping by.”

“Oh.” She smirked. “Excuse me if I ruined your plans of grabbing a snack and spending the rest of the morning watching a nerd show on TV or burying your nose into that book of yours.”

“Um…” Dipper blushed and wondered if he was that predictable. “It’s okay.”

Pacifica giggled and scooted sideways to hug her boyfriend and rest her head on the left side of his chest. The sound of his pounding heart and the tender strokes of his hand on her hair made Pacifica sigh happily and enter a state of complete relaxation. She tried to doze off a little and, with a little bit of luck, catch one of her favorite dreams. The heiress had memorized some dreams that had repeated in her sleep over the years, but she had a favorite above all. In that dream, Dipper and she were on vacations at an empty beach riding a white horse, Dipper behind Pacifica on the saddle. Dipper then told her to stop the horse and turn around. He was holding out an open square box with a ring in it and about to propose to her.

The heiress displayed a silly grin as a pleasant flutter took over her heart. She rubbed her face on Dipper’s chest and dozed off a little. Dipper noticed how her breathing became steady and how her body relaxed, and he couldn’t help but smile warmly.

“Hey.” He nudged her lightly. “C’mon, don’t fall asleep. We have to clean up.”

“Mmm.” She moaned. “Let me sleep or I’ll tell my father to fire you.”

“But I don’t work for your father, I’m not a butler.” Dipper chuckled and nudged her again. “Pacifica, really. This isn’t even my bed.”

“Just five minutes more.” She whined playfully.

“Fine, five minutes more.” Dipper rolled his eyes and continued stroking her hair.

They stayed silent for few minutes but, right when Pacifica was about to fall asleep, Dipper spoke again.

“Princess, is there something wrong?”

“Hm? Why do you say that?” Pacifica raised her head and stared at him.

“It’s just that… I can’t get off my mind this is the third time you’ve dropped by for a quickie this week and… well, today is Tuesday.” Dipper gave her a lopsided smile.

“So what? Can’t I enjoy my boyfriend?” She countered matter-of-factly.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love these quickies.” Dipper quickly clarified. “But I’m beginning to think you spend your free time in the bushes of the yard waiting for me to be home alone.”

“Pfft. Don’t be silly, Dipper.” She rolled her eyes. “I wait in the limo.”

“I was being serious.” Dipper narrowed his eyes at her.

“Me too. You can even see the limo outside.” She pointed lazily at the window.

“Oh... That kind of proves my point.” He scratched his cheek. “Tell me what’s wrong. No secrets, remember?”

Pacifica kept the smile for a few more seconds and then she sighed and her attitude went from happy to gloomy.

“Remember this camping trip idea you had for later in the month?”

“You don’t like it?” Dipper was astonished. “But it’s such a fantastic place! There’s a river with a small waterfall where we could have a romantic picnic, there’s also a hill in a clearing where at night we could do some stargazing, and the best of all is…“

“My father doesn’t let me go.” Pacifica muttered.

“…that we’ll be alone because everyone is at the beach this year and — Wait, what?”

“My father has forbidden me from going with you to that camping trip.” She repeated with a sigh.

“Of course he has.” Dipper growled and narrowed his eyes. “Preston…”

“You know,” Pacifica commented amusedly. “he does the exact same thing when he mentions your name.”

“Oh, Mr. Northwest has finally taken the bother of learning my name after four years?” He raised both eyebrows in genuine surprise.

“Well… He says Dopper, but he’s really trying.” She smiled sheepishly.

“I’m sure of it.” Dipper commented sarcastically.

“Try to make an effort on your part too.” Pacifica sat up on the bed. “I really, really need you two to get along. He’s my father and you’re my boyfriend. I can’t have you two bickering all the time.”

“What excuse did he give you?” Dipper changed topics. The bad blood between Preston and him wasn’t something he could fix overnight.

The heiress cleared her throat and did her best imitation of her father’s voice.

“And where is the butler going to cook your meals in the middle of the forest? You are not going to eat wild animals like a savage, are you?”

“Really?” Dipper asked in amusement. “You told him that we’re bringing our own food in a cooler and that I can cook, right?”

“Yeah, I’ve told him that a thousand times but he always comes up with a different excuse.” Pacifica replied in a tired voice. “I can only guess the real reason is that my father knows what you and I will be doing during these vacations.”

“You mean…” Dipper’s eyes darted left and right, unsure of what she meant. “Camp, relax and maybe take a dip in the river?”

“Sex, you idiot.” Pacifica glanced at him in disbelief. “My father obviously doesn’t want us to be left alone because of that.”

“Why? Because the age of consent in Oregon eighteen and we’re sixteen? So, what?” Dipper ranted, completely triggered by the topic. “In Canada it’s sixteen and in most of Europe it’s fourteen. Our law is absurd. We’re not ‘old enough’ to give consent, so legally speaking we’re raping each other. It’s just a bunch of nonsense. Besides, do you really feel ‘corrupted as a minor’?”

“Hey, don’t get all philosophical on me.” She stopped him. “It’s my father the one against it, not me.”

“For being the owner of such a successful company,” Dipper grumbled. “I can’t believe how old-fashioned your dad is. I thought him smarter.”

“My father is old-fashioned, you say?” Pacifica snapped as a spark of anger crossed her eyes. She didn’t allow anybody to insult her family. “How about we tell your parents when they get home that their son has just had unprotected sex on his sister’s bed, and we see their faces?”

“Uh… okay. Point taken.” Dipper smiled sheepishly. “Although, to be honest, my dad would probably give me a high-five. My mom on the other hand…”

“Your mom would definitely kill you.” She finished the sentence for him.

“Yeah, mom is like that.” Dipper chuckled. “I guess we’ll have to call the camping trip off then.”

“I guess, but…” Pacifica lowered her gaze.

“But?” Dipper rested a hand on her thigh and gave it a squeeze.

“This trip was kinda important for me…” She grabbed Dipper’s hand. “I mean, this is our last chance to have some quality time together without having to worry all the time about getting caught. Next summer we’ll have to prepare for college, and after that we’ll be even busier.” Pacifica inhaled deeply and her voice lowered to a murmur. “I just want to be with you.”

Dipper sat up, tucked a finger under Pacifica’s chin and raised her head. He was frowning worriedly, but he was also smiling warmly at her.

“Princess, I have no idea how I’m going to do it yet, but we’re going camping this month. I promise you, and you know I never break my promises.”

Pacifica blinked a few times in astonishment. One of the main reasons for Dipper to nearly never promise anything was that he always kept the promises to the end, regardless of how hard they were.

“I love you a lot.” The heiress threw her arms over his shoulders, tackled him to the bed and began smothering his face in kisses.

“Okay, okay.” Dipper giggled happily and stopped her. “You know your father better than me. How do I convince him?”

“Uff… that’s gonna be hard.” Pacifica gave him a lopsided smile. “You need him on a really, really good mood.”

“And… what puts him on a good mood?” Dipper feared the answer.

“My dad likes it when I behave and do as he says, and going camping kinda collides with that.” Pacifica frowned.

“Hmm...” Dipper cupped his chin thoughtfully. He had expected that answer. “Let me think of something.”

Pacifica drummed her fingers on his chest and waited. Dipper was completely deep in thought, but his eyes discreetly darted at her half-naked body from time to time, and she had noticed it. The heiress smiled slyly. She had felt his erection growing a few seconds ago, and knew what was crossing Dipper’s mind.


“What?” Pacifica raised an eyebrow at him.

“You’re half-naked and it’s… distracting.” Dipper’s face flushed red. “I can’t think straight.”

“Oh.” Pacifica sat up and took off her bra. “Does this help?”

“Not really.” Dipper stopped looking at her face and fixed his gaze on her exposed breasts.

“I was thinking,” Pacifica grabbed his penis and pumped it lazily into a full erection, earning a sigh from her boyfriend. “that I’ll just behave super well these two weeks in the manor to keep my dad on a good mood, but that means I can’t sneak out anymore and we can’t see each other in the meantime.”

The pleasure of Pacifica stroking his penis and the disappointment at the idea of not seeing his girlfriend for two weeks collided in Dipper’s mind.

“But,” Pacifica continued. “if it works, we’ll go camping and I’ll do this every single day.”

The stroking won in Dipper’s mind.

“I-I’ll come up with something to convince your dad in these two weeks.” He immediately blurted out.

“Good.” She smirked and ran her tongue along her lips. “Now I’d like to have a parting gift.”

Pacifica opened her mouth and engulfed the head of Dipper’s penis. The boy inhaled sharply and knew these were going to be a very long two weeks without her.

:: ::

:: ::

A pickup truck arrived at the Northwest manor gates and sounded the horn. The intercom near the gate gave a small static sound and then a voice spoke.

“Northwest manor.”

A brunette cheerful girl poked her head out of the vehicle and yelled into the intercom.

“Hi, Bernard! It’s me, Mabel! Open up!”

On the driver’s seat, Dipper stared in admiration at his sister.

“Do you know all the butlers by name?” He asked.


The manor gates opened shortly after and Dipper drove the pickup truck into the front yard.

“Dipper,” Mabel drummed her fingers on her skirt. “if in the end Pacifica can’t come with us, you and I will go camping anyway, right?”

“I’d like her to come…” Dipper frowned. “But yes. We haven’t packed all this stuff to not go camping now.”

“Thanks for inviting me.” Mabel grinned at her brother.

“Bah, don’t mention it.” Dipper gave a squeeze to her knee while driving. “We’re twins. I wasn’t going to leave you here, let alone right now.” He smiled back.

Dipper parked the pickup truck near the manor and both twins got out. Dipper was wearing his usual red flannel shirt and jeans combination, and Mabel was wearing a dark green sweater with the drawing of a camping tent, jeans and a shoulder bag. Preston Northwest was soon walking down the steps between the manor door and the front yard to meet them. He was, as usual, in a three piece suit.

“Hiya, Preston!” Mabel chirped happily. “How’s business? Are your richer or poorer?”

Preston first threw a glare at Dipper, who broke eye contact and feigned to check something in the back of the truck, and then he raised an eyebrow at Mabel.

“Richer.” Mr. Northwest replied plainly. “What are you doing here driving… that?” He waved his hand in the general direction of the pickup truck.

Soos’ old pickup truck hadn’t aged very well. The chassis was rusty, the copilot wing mirror was missing, and the vehicle overall looked old and worn. It was however still rather easy to drive and, lacking a better vehicle for it, the twins had loaded it up with their supplies for the camping trip.

“What?” Mabel shared a confused look with her brother. “Pacifica didn’t tell you?”

“Hm.” Preston snapped his fingers and a butler came. “Tell my daughter her friends are here.”

A few minutes later Pacifica walked down the same steps. She was wearing a purple blouse that read ‘FANTASY’ over her chest in white bold letters, and a white skirt. Dipper had seen that exact blouse in the mall for ten dollars, but he was certain Pacifica’s cost at least six times that price simply because of the materials, the designer, the brand, and plenty of other factors he would never understand or care about. The outfit reminded Dipper of her mini-golf uniform, with the exception that the loose blouse waved and flashed her midriff as she walked, and the word FANTASY ironically drew the eyes towards her big breasts. The boy grinned approvingly at his girlfriends’ outfit, and at the same time Preston frowned disapprovingly at his daughter’s outfit. The heiress reached the twins and tousled her hair, brushing Dipper with it. That was her way of saying “Hi” to him whenever her father was around. Mabel immediately began chatting in a lively way with Pacifica, since it had been over two weeks since they had last talked together.

Preston cleared his throat and both girls fell silent.

“Well?” He looked at his daughter. “Is there something you want to tell me?”

“Yes.” Pacifica gave her best determined look at her father. “There’s a forest north of here and I want to go camping there with them for a few days.”


“But—“ Pacifica blinked a few times and got upset.

“Let me do the talking, Paz-Paz. You sold the place short.” Mabel interrupted and pushed the heiress aside. “We’re going to a camping area three hours north from here. It’s a nice place, very recommended by…”

As Mabel sold Preston the trip, Dipper and Pacifica walked out of earshot to have a little bit of privacy. Pacifica was still upset and had her arms folded over her chest.

“Your sister was your idea to convince my father? Really?” Pacifica raised an eyebrow at him.

“Well… yeah.” Dipper rubbed the back of his head. “I mean, Mabel has always won her discussions with your father.”

“And the real reason is?” Pacifica narrowed her eyes at him. He was doing that thing with his eyebrows again.

Dipper hesitated for a moment.

“I didn’t want to leave her here alone.” He sighed. “Mabel had a difficult breakup with her boyfriend last week and she was very, very sad. I couldn’t just go camping and forget about her. I’m really sorry, Princess.”

“Hmm… Well.” Pacifica relaxed her posture and smiled wryly. It wasn’t the first time Mabel had gone through a difficult breakup and the heiress felt compassionate of her. “I like your sister, she’s funny and, I guess that if she manages to convince my dad, the least we can do is invite her along.”

“Oh Princess, you’re the best!” Dipper smiled broadly. He had been afraid of Pacifica taking badly the fact that Mabel was accompanying them.

“The thing is,” Pacifica grinned at the compliment. “that when we get there I had planned to spend the whole day naked, but I’m not doing that with your creepy sister around.” She joked and Dipper chuckled.

They overheard Mabel groaning.

“Why noooooot?” The brunette whined.

“I don’t like this idea at all.” Preston declined with a sharp gesture of his arm.

“Give me a good reason about why Pacifica can’t come with us!” Mabel demanded.

“You’re driving a rust bucket.” Preston raised an eyebrow at the pickup truck. “Does that even have any airbags?”

“Of course it does!” Mabel reassured quickly. “I think?” She scratched her cheek doubtfully. “Um… Give me a second good reason! That one didn’t count.”

“How old were you again, sixteen?” Preston crossed his arms. “Do you even have a license to drive that?”

“Why would I need a license? Dipper and I have been driving golf carts ever since we were twelve! We can drive. We drove here, didn’t we?” Mabel reassured Preston with her best grin, but he just frowned back. “No? Give me a third good reason then!”

“You could run into a bear in the forest.” 

“We have a gun for that!” Mabel said mischievously as she pulled out a pistol from her shoulder bag.

Preston was startled at first but, after giving it a closer look, he pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed.

“That’s a water gun.” He murmured.

“Yeah, but the bear doesn’t know that!” Mabel grinned.

Mr. Northwest glanced first at Mabel and then at his daughter with an expression on his face that clearly asked if this was all a joke.

“Well, thanks for trying.” Pacifica said in a disheartened murmur. “But apparently I’m not going camping with you after all.”

“Darn it.” Dipper muttered under his breath. “Wait here, I have an ass to kiss.”

Dipper walked up to Preston and Mabel.

“Give me a tenth good reason!” Mabel was still determined.

“Mabel, please stop. Mr. Northwest, can we speak in private?” He tried to sound as formal as possible.

The Northwest patriarch nodded and waited for Mabel to leave them alone and go back to Pacifica.

“If you are going to talk nonsense like your sister, save yourself the trouble.” Preston crossed his arms.

“Look,” Dipper refrained himself from harshly defending his sister. “I know we didn’t achieve the best first impression but, really, it’s a safe trip. We have our own food, the place is regularly used for camping, and we’ll be only three hours away from here. Besides, Mabel used to be a girl scout and she has experience camping. Pacifica is completely safe with us.”

Preston kept staring at him with a blank expression.

“And…” Dipper added hesitantly. “She will have her own tent, so you don’t have to worry about anything.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Preston raised an eyebrow at the boy.

“Uh… That we have separate tents?” Dipper tittered. “And um… my sister will be with us at all times!”

Mr. Northwest remained silent for a few seconds.

“Do you care for my daughter?” He asked and Dipper nodded immediately. “Then look at her: She’s wearing a blouse, a skirt and a pair of shoes, and she wants to go camping like that! An hour after you’ve camped, her hair will have tangled countless times in the branches, her blouse will be torn, she will have a sprained knee, and she will want to come back.”

“She’s stronger than you think.” Dipper would have thought like Preston if it hadn’t been for the multiple times Pacifica had accompanied him on mystery hunts over the years. “But let’s assume you’re right. Look at her again: She’s also very excited at the idea.”

Preston had a look at his daughter. Mabel was showing Pacifica her Swiss army knife, and the heiress was amazed at large number of tools the brunette was pulling out of the small pocketknife had. The corkscrew got her a giggle when she asked about it and Mabel shrugged. Pacifica indeed looked very excited.

“If she wants a camping experience that much, I could let you camp here in the backyard.” He turned to Dipper. “My Pacifica is not old enough to go on her own to the forest.”

“Camping here wouldn’t be the same.” Dipper shook his head. “If she comes with us, Mabel and I will watch over her at all times.”

Preston didn’t look very convinced, so Dipper reinforced his point.

“Don’t you think it’s better that she has this experience now that she’s young?” Dipper asked. “I mean, can you say right now ‘I want to go camping’ and drop all your responsibilities for a whole week?”

“No, I can’t.” Preston sighed heavily and pinched the bridge of his nose. “Alright, fine. Pacifica!” He got her attention. “Go pack your things. You can go camping with them.”

Mabel and Pacifica stared dumbfounded at Preston for a second, and then they squealed, hugged each other and began giving little jumps of joy. Dipper giggled at the girls and Preston couldn’t help but smile.

“Oh,” Preston suddenly remembered. “and put something on. You can’t go camping like that.”

“Mabel!” Pacifica snapped her fingers as if she were ordering a butler. “Sweater, now!”

The cheerful brunette quickly searched in her shoulder bag and pulled out a sweater for Pacifica. Preston grinned approvingly at how his daughter used the lower class, and Dipper frowned disapprovingly. The sweater was purple with ‘I’m also very rich’ written over the chest and with drawings of money wads on the belly. Pacifica stared amusedly at the sweater and commented how that would save her lots of time when meeting someone new.

After the girls left to do Pacifica’s baggage, Preston placed a hand on Dipper’s shoulder and looked at him seriously.

“Listen to me, Dopper—“

“Dipper.” He corrected him despite feeling mildly intimidated by Preston’s imposing taller and wider frame.

“Hmph. Mason,” Preston refused to say the nickname. “I leave both of you in charge of my daughter but, if something happens to my Pacifica, I don’t care whose fault it is. I’m blaming you. It doesn’t matter if it was an accident or if it was your sister’s fault. I’m blaming only you. Understood?”

“Yes.” Dipper displayed his most serious face. “I would do the same anyway.”

“Good.” Preston nodded. “Do you use protection?”

“W-what!?” His voice cracked.

“If Pacifica comes back from this trip with a surprise, I’m also blaming it on you.”

“O-okay.” Dipper felt his cheeks burning and his hands sweating buckets.

Preston and Dipper waited in silence for the girls to come back. The boy didn’t want to look at the Northwest patriarch. He already knew Preston was glaring at him as usual. A few minutes later Mabel and Pacifica came back. Behind Pacifica, three butlers carried her bags, suitcases, and what apparently was a big camping tent. Dipper gave her a surprised look, since Pacifica alone had more baggage than Dipper and Mabel together.

“I need my viscoelastic foam pillow or I can’t sleep.” Pacifica explained.

“Right.” Dipper scratched his cheek since that didn’t explain all that baggage.

“Pacifica,” Preston frowned at his daughter. “aren’t you wearing next to nothing? Look at Mabel: She’s wearing jeans.”

The heiress glanced down at her outfit and then raised an eyebrow at her father. Her outfit and Mabel’s were practically the same, only changing the skirt for the jeans.

“Yeah, but it’s really hot today.” She shrugged. “I’m not putting on the leggings”  

“Do you want a butler to accompany you camping?” Preston offered with a worried expression on his face. “I’m certain they can use a camping gas stove.”

“No, dad. We’ll be okay.” Pacifica smiled. “Dipper and Mabel can cook.”

“Pfft.” Mabel snickered. “I wouldn’t call what Dipper does in the kitchen ‘cooking’.” She earned a glare from her brother.

“At least let a butler drive you there in a limousine.” Preston insisted.

“It’s a three hours trip, and I want to spend it with my friends.” Pacifica was filled with determination. “I’m going with them in the pickup.”

“Alright.” Preston sighed heavily. He snapped his fingers to get a butler’s attention. “Bring a pickup truck from the garage.”

The butler nodded and left. Dipper, Mabel and Pacifica shared a confused look. Soon after, the butler came back driving a black pickup truck. The vehicle was noticeably bigger than Soos’ old pickup truck. The chassis was spotless, the tires didn’t look worn at all, and the vehicle overall looked shiny new. Dipper and Mabel gawked at it when they realized what that meant.

"Is that for us?" Mabel was the first to ask.

“Yes. Load it up with their baggage.” Preston ordered the butlers and then turned back to the twins. “Now, who of you two is going to drive?”

Mabel immediately put on her best grin but, after pondering about it for a second, Preston ignored her, leaned down threateningly and glared at Dipper.

“Do not exceed the speed limit.” He narrowed his eyes and dropped the car keys in Dipper's hands. “And I want the pickup back in one piece. That rust bucket of yours will be waiting here until you return.”

Dipper nodded very slowly, his eyes bulging out. He had never driven a vehicle that big.

"Woo!" Mabel yelled jubilantly. "Car upgrade! You want shotgun, Paz-Paz?"

"I get kinda carsick if I'm not in the backseat." She smiled apologetically. The heiress was too used to be in the back of a limousine.

"Oh, then I'll sit with you in the back!" She cheered. "C'mon!"

Dipper and Mabel got into the pickup truck. Pacifica however stayed out for a little longer. Her father was still frowning worriedly at her.

“Perhaps…” Preston whispered so that only Pacifica heard him. “…you could camp here in the garden? I could bring wild deer and rabbits and whatever else you could see in a forest.”

“Dad, really. I’ll be okay.” She gave him a small smile. “What, you think I can’t do this?”

“No, of course you can.” Preston shook his head and sighed. “Look, if you feel uncomfortable, call me and I’ll be there in an hour.”

“I’ll do that.”

“And don’t eat anything from the wilderness. Only the food you take with yourself.”


“And don’t touch any wild animals.”



“Dad, relax.” Pacifica closed the distance between them and hugged her father. “I’ll see you in a week.”

“Not in front of the lower class!” Preston hissed and glanced worriedly at the pickup, where Dipper and Mabel were grinning teasingly.

Pacifica snickered and parted the hug. She got in the pickup and sat in the backseat, behind Dipper. Dipper started the engine and they waved goodbye at Preston as the pickup left the manor fence. They couldn’t believe it had all worked out.

:: ::

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