A much needed break

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A much needed break

Danny was exhausted

It had been a good near five years since the Ghost Earth incident and Vlad’s expulsion from Earth but that didn’t mean that Danny got a break from Ghost hunting as there were still plenty of Spirits eager to cause trouble whenever they could

This night however was more annoying than anything as he spent a good two hours chasing the Box Ghost, how the spectral idiot managed to keep escaping was beyond him and if he genuinely didn’t feel sorry for him Danny could have caught him immediately but since he wasn’t really a threat to anyone and was more goofy than scary Danny let him enjoy a couple hours of freedom before recapturing him

Touching down at his front door Danny reverted back to human form before letting himself in, no longer having to worry about keeping his identity a secret made things a lot simpler when it came to Ghost hunting allowing him to transform on the fly without risk of being freaking people out

Entering his house Danny headed straight for the basement activating the portal to the Ghost Zone before opening up the flask to cast the Box Ghost back through the portal, the annoying Spectre letting out one last cry of ‘beware!’ as he disappeared into the other side “yeah, yeah, whoooo beware! God he’s annoying” Danny sighed as he closed the flask and shut down the portal “I’m going to bed”

Kicking his shoes off at the base of the stairs Danny then made his way upstairs, stopping halfway when the sound of soft music reached his ears “huh? Music? Jazz, you home?” he called out to which he got no response, even if his sister had been home it was highly unlikely for her to be playing music so late at night putting him quickly on guard

Continuing up the stairs Danny kept his footsteps quiet just in case if someone had broken in, and for some reason was playing music whilst robbing the place, he’d get the jump on them

Upon reaching the top of the stairs Danny then realised that the music was coming from his room confusing him along with the smell of what seemed to be scented candles which only added to his confusion

Taking a deep breath to prepare himself for whatever he found inside ready to go Ghost at a moment’s notice Danny quickly threw the door open

Instead of finding an intruder or even a ghost however Danny was shocked to find Sam laid out on his bed obviously expecting him as she was wearing nothing but one of his t-shirts leaving her naked from the waist down “took you long enough to get back” she tittered as she moved into a kneeling position beckoning him to come closer

“Sam? What’re you doing here?” Danny asked whilst complying all the same, walking closer to Sam so that she could take hold of his shirt

“What? Can’t a girl break into her man’s house to surprise him?” the Goth girl smirked as she played with the hem of his shirt

“Ok but how did you get in here? Not that I’m complaining anyway, I’d much rather have you in here than some random dude taking my stuff”

“You left your window wide open, it was real easy to just climb up here” Sam explained as moving back onto the bed keeping hold of Danny’s shirt to pull him along with her before flipping them over so that he was on his back with her hovering over him “you’ve been gone for hours, must have been a tough Ghost”

“Nah, just the Box Ghost, felt kinda sorry for him this time so I let him explore for a bit, he was really trying to be scary” Danny explained making Sam raise an eyebrow “what? You can’t tell me that you’ve never felt sorry for him, he’s so pathetic it’s kinda adorable”

“Whatever you say Danny, if you want to adopt him though you’re the one who has to clean up after him” Sam joked as she straddled his waist, grinding her bare groin down against his jean clad waist loving the feeling of the denim against her cunt “either way you’ve had a long hard night, what kind of girlfriend would I be if I didn’t help you unwind?” the Goth girl then purred grinding down harder against Danny’s groin biting her lip as she felt him harden under his pants “just lay back and let me do everything”

Now there was no way for Danny to bring himself to go against such an instruction as Sam was already undoing his pants, his erection springing free moments later making Sam gasp and moan as it slapped hard against her bare slit “mmm fuck, someone’s happy to see me” she breathed rubbing her wet slit against his meaty seven incher making them both shudder at the feeling “it’s a good thing I’m just as happy to see him”

With that Sam wrapped a hand around her boyfriend’s cock, stroking him to make sure he was fully erect before moving her pussy over his cock head and sliding down him to take his length all the way to the base in her hot snug cunt “oh Jesus fuck!” she exclaimed throwing her head back with a moan of pleasure as Danny’s cock made her groin bulge out “god I love your fucking fat dick!”

Groaning with pleasure as Sam started to ride his cock Danny reached up to grab hold of her breasts through her top, the action making Sam bite her lip with a lustful purr as her hands covered his encouraging him to grope her tits as much as he pleased whilst she ground her cunt down on his cock “that’s it Danny, they’re all yours” the Goth girl panted as she then pulled Danny’s hands off of her chest for long enough for her to pull her shirt up, resting the hem on top of her chest to keep her tits bare for her boyfriend before placing his hands back upon them

Squeezing Sam’s breasts harder Danny shuddered as he felt her pussy start to ripple around his cock, Sam had always been a bit of a ‘quick shot’ when it came to orgasms and it seemed that a simple minute of riding her boyfriend’s cock whilst he fondled her breasts was all she needed to hit her first climax

“Oooh god Danny!” Sam exclaimed as she came hard on his cock, her pace barely stopping as she gyrated her hips squeezing tighter around his manhood “I love your cock Danny!”

Moving her hands to Danny’s shoulders Sam leaned over him as she rode him harder and faster, her ass clapping against his thighs as she panted and moaned shamelessly, focusing solely on making him cum “come on Danny, I want your cum, cum deep inside me, I know you want to fucking cum in me!” she goaded him before leaning in to kiss him hard, her moans muffled as Danny moved his hands from her breasts to her back to hold her down as he then started to thrust up into her, his cock throbbing and pouring precum into her hungry cunt

Sam’s muffled moans quickly became a muffled scream of pleasure when Danny’s cock then erupted inside of her, the Halfa burying every inch inside of her to empty his load straight into her womb making her toes curl, her second orgasm hitting her like a freight train out of nowhere reducing her to a shuddering mess on top of Danny

Giving herself a couple of minutes to get the feeling back in her legs as her orgasm aftershocks coursed through her body Sam then slowly climbed down Danny’s body so that her face was level with his groin eagerly taking his cock into her mouth, moaning and shuddering with delight as a jolt of arousal shot up her spine

God she loved sucking his cock, even once joking that it was the ‘only meat she’d let inside of her mouth’, the thickness, the warmth, the texture, the taste, everything about it drove Sam wild to the point that her eyes actually rolled back as her mind swam with arousal as she began to frantically bob her head along his cock, gagging softly over and over as the head pushed down her throat repeatedly

“Fuck Sam that’s so good” Danny groaned reaching down to cup the back of Sam’s head, pressing down gently to make her take his entire cock into her mouth making them both moan and shudder with pleasure, Sam clutching at her boyfriend’s thighs as her throat bulged out around his girth

Starting to choke around his cock Sam then tapped her hand against his thigh to signal him to let go pulling back and taking a deep breathe coughing lightly “oh fuck, that’s so hot” Sam panted staring near lovingly at Danny’s cock leaning in to lick it from balls to tip before starting to stroke his dick whilst she kissed and licked his balls sucking them into her mouth for a liberal tongue bathing

Soon enough his cock started to throb again prompting Sam to move her face to the head as she stroked him faster, using both hands to jerk him off as she breathed hot on his sensitive cock head “come on Danny, give it to me, I want it all” she pleaded lustfully gasping with delight a moment later as he proceeded to give her it all, his cock erupting again covering her face and hair with thick ropes of cum as she opened her mouth wide to catch as much as she could

Hungrily swallowing the cum that landed on her tongue Sam continued to stroke Danny’s cock as he collapsed back panting heavily, the Goth girl pouting slightly as his dick went soft in her hands giving it a few loving kisses before finally leaving it alone “well, I think that was an adequate reward for a job well done” she teased fully removing her shirt and using it to wipe up the rest of the cum from her face and hair

“If that was my reward for a few hours of Ghost hunting I’m gonna start pulling all-nighters” Danny joked back making Sam smirk and playfully slap his leg before laying down next to him

“You start doing that and I’m gonna have to get Paulina in on this to make the reward worth the work” Sam retorted making Danny’s eyes go wide with surprise


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