Rod and Shelby Redline

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Rod and Shelby Redline

It was a normal Friday evening and Rod ‘Torque’ Redline, the master spy, drove in to his condo. He set his briefcase on the kitchen table and went to the refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of beer. He popped it open before parking himself at the kitchen table. Then Rod pulled a pack of cigarettes and a lighter out of his briefcase. He put a cigarette in his mouth, lit it, and then sighed in relief. Rod yawned hugely as both the alcohol and nicotine hit his system. He jumped as something soft and fluffy rubbed against his side. Next thing Rod knew a huge Mane Coon jumped up on the table. The cat was solid black except for a white stripe running down his chest and four white paws. “Nice of you to notice I was home. So, what have you done with your day?” Rod asked as the cat yawned and stretched before he started meowing. “That’s really fascinating Sylvester.” Sylvester jumped on his hood and started rolling around. “It’s about time you give me some lovin’. Have I ever told you, you’re an asshole.” The huge cat sat up and looked Rod in the eyes as he meowed. “I know… I know. You’re cussing me out.” Rod said, chuckling “I can tell in the tone of your voice. You’re probably calling me a dickhood or something like that.” Sylvester meowed like he was agreeing with Rod before jumping back to the table. He walked over to the beer bottle, licking its side. Rod poured a few drops of beer on the table. Sylvester walked over and quickly lapped it up, then he started pawing at Rod’s cigarette. “No, you can’t have this.” Rod said as he poured a few more drops of beer on the table. “It’s bad enough that you like beer... Are you hungry?” Sylvester meowed loudly. Rod drove to the pantry where he kept the cat food, and poured kibble into his bowl. After he licked up the beer, Sylvester jumped off the table. He walked over to his bowl and started eating.

As Rod watched Sylvester eat, his mind wandered back to his final and almost fatal deep-cover operation: It was a year and a half ago when Rod obtained vital information about a plot to sabotage the World Grand Prix(WGP). He arranged a rendezvous with his British counterparts to pass them the information at a welcoming party in Tokyo Japan. Somehow or somewhere, Rod knew that the bad guys were on to him, so he found the nearest bathroom. After thinking he was alone, Rod changed out of his disguise. Then he signaled that he was ready to pass along the information. Rod was standing in front of a mirror when Grem and Acer came looking for him. After a short stare down, Rod spun around, popped his gun out of his rim, and fired off a shot before the lemons charged him. After a quick but brutal fight, Rod knew he was injured to badly to escape. The next thing he knew, an old beat up tow truck backed out of one of the stalls. Seeing that this was an opportunity to ditch the information, Rod quickly attached a device to the undercarriage of the tow truck. After a short conversation with the lemons, the tow truck left the bathroom, without knowing he was carrying top secret information. After the tow truck left, Rod was left alone with Grim and Acer. The two gremlins grabbed Rod and restrained him. Under Professor Z’s order, Grim and Acer threw Rod into the back of their transport and took him back to their hideout. Due to the extent of his injuries, Rod passed out during the drive.

Several hours later: Rod woke up in an old abandoned warehouse. He was suspended in the air by a large electromagnet attached to his roof. Parking boots were on his front tires. Rod started looking around, but unfortunately Grim, Acer, and other lemons rolled into the room. He immediately started to insult them, the next thing Rod knew, he was dropped on a dynamometer and fueled with Allinol. Professor Z arrived a few moments later. He turned on the dynamometer after rolling out of an elevator. Rod’s rear wheels quickly reached 100 miles-per-hour. The Professor in a very smug way, said that he had found a flaw with the fuel. A TV camera was placed in front of Rod, as Acer started to interrogate him. Unimpressed, Rod insulted the lemon. Grem, standing behind the camera asked the professor if he could start it up. The Professor said he could start with 50% power. Rod immediately felt a boiling sensation in his engine. Without any emotion, Professor Z explained what happens to cars fueled with Allinol, are exposed to an electro-magnetic pulse or EMP. The EMP heats up the fuel, causing it to boil. The pressure gets so great that eventually it blows up the car's engine. Acer continued to interrogate Rod. The exchange became heated as smoke started to pour from Rod’s tail pipes. Seeing that they were not getting anywhere, Professor Z turned the power up on the camera. Rod grunted in pain as Acer showed him a picture of him and the tow truck in the bathroom. Rod quickly did a double take. Immediately, the professor knew that the old tow truck was the one that had the information. Professor Z turned away and spoke to someone on the phone. Moments later, he returned and turned the camera up to full power. Seconds later, Rod's engine erupted in a fiery explosion. Thinking that he had killed Rod, Professor Z and the lemons left him at the abandoned warehouse. Unknown to the bad guys, Rod had left his tracking beacon on, the one that he had used to signal his British counterparts. When Professor Z exploded Rod's engine, it set off an emergency signal. When C.H.R.O.M.E. recovery agents found Rod an hour later, he was barely alive. Rod spent several months recovering in a hospital. Once he was healed, Rod returned home. He was rewarded for all of his hard work and was promoted to Special Agent in Charge for the Southern Division of C.H.R.O.M.E., USA.

Rod looked contently around his home. He had a great job and a beautiful fiancé, Sylvester was a bit of an asshole, but that was what Rod liked about him. Rod’s life now was very different from his childhoods. He was the second oldest sibling in the family, he had an older brother: Axel, and two younger sisters: Jessica and Margret. Rod had a difficult childhood, in fact all of the kids did. Luckily, the two brothers and the two sisters grew up with a very deep bond between them. Rod's parents had a rocky and unstable marriage. Their father, James, was an abusive alcoholic. He would get so drunk that he would beat his children for no reason. Their mother, Gloria, was a drug user/dealer that would get high with Rod and Jessica almost every night. One-night James came home extremely drunk and he told Rod to get him a beer. Rod made the mistake of telling his father to go fuck off. Enraged, James grabbed the fire place poker and started to beat Rod with it. Luckily, Axel was in another part of the house. He came running when he heard the commotion. When Axel saw what was happening, he grabbed the weapon from his father. Even in his drunken state, James knew better than to get into a fight with Axel, because Axel was twice as big as he was. James staggered out of the house and passed out in the backyard. Axel turned his attention to Rod. Rod was very disoriented and he was bleeding heavily from multiple cuts. After half an hour of trying to get the bleeding to stop, Rod started to go into shock. Axel knew he had no other choice, he had to take Rod to the hospital. The brothers made up a story about how Rod got into an accident on the way home from school. Not knowing anything different, the brothers thought that they were going to be blamed for James's actions. It was something that they had always been told. After treating Rod, the emergency room doctor, Doctor David Pontianak knew that the brothers were hiding something.

Once Rod was admitted to the hospital. David took Axel to his office. "Axel… I’m going to be blunt. I know Rodney wasn’t in an accident." The doctor said "So, why don’t you tell me exactly what’s going on." "I don’t know what in the fuck happened!” Axel said “I came home and found Rod lying in a puddle of his own oil. He was barely able to tell me what happened.” "Son, if your brother was injured that badly in an accident, there would have been police and ambulance reports. I checked… there are none. An ambulance would have brought him to the hospital, and not taken him home. Finally, you don’t get those kinds of injuries from an accident. Rod’s injuries are from being beaten, severely. I have a feeling by the way you’re acting, tells me that one or both your parents beat him. The x-rays also show that this is not the first time he's been beaten either.” David said "We took an oil sample. It shows that Rod has Cocaine in his system, so tell me exactly what's going on." "That's not true any of it, don't use any of that fuckin’ medical mumbo-jumbo on me!” Axel protested “You don't know what it’s like to live with an…” Suddenly Axel was aware of what he just said. He shut up and drove to the window. “Axel… come here and sit with me a minute." David said as he embraced the young car beside him. He could tell that Axel was having trouble admitting that he was right. "The way I know that Rod, you, and your sisters have been abused…isn’t from medical training.” David said “I was an abused kid too. Luckily, someone cared enough to get involved…" He told Axel about his abusive parents.  After David finished telling his story, Axel again drove to the window. Unable to keep his composure any longer, Axel finally broke down and cried uncontrollably. In a heartbeat, David was beside Axel, trying his best to console him.

Thirty minutes later, Axel dried his tears and finally confessed James had beaten Rod in a drunken rage. “By law, I have to call the police and report this." David said “Don’t worry, I will help you.” "Dad will be livid when he finds out that I took Rod to the hospital…  Can I call the girls and let them know what’s happening?” Axel said “I know Dad will beat them when he finds out." "Tell your sisters to come here; it’s the safest place for them. I’ll have child protective services here waiting for them. I promise I will find a place for you and your sisters to stay until Rod is released.” David said “Don't worry Axle, your father won't be able to hurt them, you, or Rod ever again." David handed Axel his cell phone before driving out of his office. Axel took a deep breath and called home. "Jess, it’s me Ax.” Axel said when Jessica answered “Don’t freak out… I had to take Rod to the emergency room." "Oh my god, what happened?" Jessica asked nervously. “Maggie and I was wondering where you two were." “Dad’s drunk, he beat Rod so badly that I couldn't get the bleeding to stop.” Axel said “Rod was starting to go into shock. I didn’t know what else to do so… I ended up taking him to the hospital." "Is Rod going to be okay?" Jessica asked “What do you want Maggie and me to do?” "Rod’s pretty beat up, but he’ll recover. Jess… The doctor knew that Dad beat Rod. You and Maggie are to pack what you can stuff into a suitcase, then come to the hospital. Don’t take long, the police are on their way.” Axel explained, he could hear Jessica start to cry. "It will be okay Jessie, I promise." "I’ll pack a suitcase for you and Rod too.” Jessica said “Mom and Dad are passed out on the couch, so it should be easy for us to slip out of the house.” Axel and Jessica talked for a few more moments before hanging up. Once Jessica and Margret made it to the hospital, the police surrounded the house and arrested their parents. To make a long story short, James and Gloria lost custody of all four of their children. They were also sent to prison for multiple felonies. James was sentenced to 25 years and Gloria was sentenced to 15 years. One set of grandparents ended up raising Rod and his siblings. Unlike their parents, Rod’s grandparents, were tough and very strict. Rod and Jessica got the drug counseling that they needed and soon they were drug free. In a stable home with grandparents who loved and supported them, the siblings turned their lives around. Rod became a straight A student but still had his smart mouth, which normally got him in a lot of trouble. Rod was accepted in to a police academy after graduating from high school with honors. His superior crime fighting abilities got him noticed by C.H.R.O.M.E. It wasn’t long until they recruited him. To his surprise, Rod soon found out that he was good at disguises. Rod became a master of disguise and quickly became a top agent. Sadly, Rod's grandfather passed away a few years ago and his grandmother passed away right before Rod left on his WGP case. Suddenly, the grandfather clock in the living room chimed 5 PM and Rod snapped back into the present. He noticed the time, Rod snuffed out the cigarette before getting up to start dinner. Shelby his fiancé, would be coming over for dinner, something she did regularly.

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