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Dexter's eyes snapped open at the sound of his alarm 5:00AM. He sat up yawning as he stretched swinging his legs over the side of the bed. He'd recently outgrown the step ladder he needed to get in and out of bed thankfully. Sometimes he didn't understand his genetics his sister was two to three times taller than him easily at the age of 11. He sighed shaking his head as he grabbed a towel and change of clothes along with his glasses heading to the bathroom to have a quick shower before getting to work.

Dexter had his work cut out for him today because today unlike every other in his short life he was not going to be working in his lab no today he was going to be doing some work on the family RV. Dexter shuffled into the bathroom his body on autopilot as he ran over the events of a few days ago. HIs father had called he and his sister downstairs for some "good" news. Dexter had been sure that his father would relent and acquiesce to his requests for a new Major Glory action figure, but like his sister his father seemed to have a dark desire to shatter his dreams. "No Dexter I'm not getting you a new Major Glory I've got something better in mind champ. A road trip!" In response to this declaration DeeDee shrieked with joy sounding like a Parrot on Helium as Dexter felt his soul crash into his black zipper boots. The hours he'd planned to work in the lab and invent were flushed down the toilet like so much human waste.

He could actually feel tears stinging his eyes at the loss of so much hard work. His mother must have noticed the black hole he had become and intervened on his behalf. "But don't worry Dexter we have something for everyone on this trip especially you!" His mother said bringing out a Roadmap with stamps and stickers across it. "We know you've grown kind of bored with the science fairs in town, so we thought that maybe a change of scenery was in order. We've set up the route along towns that will be having science fairs and expos of course we probably won't hit them all, but it's still a good oppurtunity for you to work your mind." His mother said brightly smiling wide as a gleam came into his father's eyes. "Of course son think of all that fresh meat you can crush with that big brain of yours as you blaze a path of victory across this great country of ours!"

Dexter broke his reverie as he turned away from the sink having finished brushing his teeth catching sight of himself in the mirror. His red hair sticking out in tufts here and there looking like frozen fire upon his head. he hissed as that brought to memory the times his head had caught aflame. "Stupid DeeDee always messing with my experiments." He grumbled before hopping in the shower. Thinking about the competitions that he would soon win made him smile with pride at the thought of a challenge again.

Dexter had won every science competition in town at least once and the only one who could truly challenge him was Mandark, but he'd learned that Mandark was going out of town with his family for the summer something about recharging chakras in the womb of Mother Nature or something. "What nonsense!" Dexter fumed as he bathed and then exited the shower and dried off before grabbing a pair of Justice Friends boxers followed quickly by black pants and his labcoat. He wiped the condensation from the mirror as he brushed and combed his hair sliding his feet into his boots zipping them up smartly before at last placing his glasses upon his nose and sliding into his gloves stretching them back over his forearm before letting go and hearing the satisfying snap of rubber. "Now I feel like myself." He said nodding as he flung the bathroom door open and stepped into the darkened hallway.

Dexter walked down the staircase before standing before the fireplace. He pushed in several bricks making the fireplace slide to the side with nary a sound revealing it's contents. "Ah my handy dandy portolab I'll never be far from my lab with you at my side." He announced running his gloved hand up and down it's side lovingly. He coughed once before speaking. "Now then enough sentimentality time for work." Dexter checked his watch twenty minutes had elapsed since he'd entered a concious state. "My family will awaken in another hour and fouty minutes. That's not a lot of time well I better go see what passes for a recreational vehicle." He said as he shuffled himself to the front door opening it to reveal the predawn hours. "Computer how much time before sunrise?" He queried. There was a series of beeps before a response was given in a female monotone. "By my calculations the sun will rise in approximately 30 minutes with the sun fully revealed a further 25 minutes after that Dexter."

Dexter smiled. "Very well I won't be working in the dark for long." He said as he began his analyzation of what would serve as his home for the next three months. It was a massive thing then again most things were massive to Dexter. It was 25' long with a height of 15' and a width of 7'. The overall color was white with two black racing stripes going across the sides he noticed his dad had taken the liberty of adding a pair of fuzzy dice over the rearview mirror stem. Dexter sighed shaking his head at his father's theatricality before heading into the RV itself noticing a nice carpet along with a table and booth along the driver side of the vehicle.

Dexter could see a couch that unfolded into a bed that his parents would share while he and his sister would be given a pair of flip out bunk beds like the ones that would be found in a ship. He nodded once before heading to the cockpit of the vessel finding it uniform to most other vehicles of this size. Finishing his inspection Dexter walked outside as he spoke. "Well it's more than I expected, so this won't take nearly as long as I hypothesized. I should be done with enough time to spare for an actual breakfast." With that out of the way now it was time for the real work to begin Dexter slithered under the machine and got to work by the time he was done this machine would be able to do everything, but fly.

DeeDee woke up as the sounds of tinkering came to her mind. She shot up at the sounds the sun shining into her undefended eyes from the slit revealed in her curtains. She slid out of her pink bed her nightgown riding up her body revealing her pink panties before falling back into place as she walked over to the window and flung the curtains open wiping sleep from her eyes as she looked down at the RV noticing a short figure retreating from it. She smiled and shook her head. "Just Dexter no doubt doing something weird to the RV." She said as the sight of the RV jolted her memory and she squeaked with excitement running to get dressed before dancing out of her room and into the kitchen where her darling brother sat eating some kind of sandwich.

"Helloooooooo Deeeeeexteeeeeer!" She said with the enthusiasm of a chihuahua after a treat. Dexter frowned at her as he chewed his sandwich refusing to let her get to him. "Awww not happy to see your beautiful sister on the morning of our road trip?" She asked before reaching over and picking him up crushing him against her chest. Dexter struggled out of her grasp blushing as he dropped to the floor. "No I'm not!" He said storming off. DeeDee just shrugged happily before snatching Dexter's half eaten sandwich and eating it.

Dexter was heading back to his room to gain some peace of mind as he noticed his parents coming out of their room fully dressed and ready for the day. His dad in a light yellow button up shirt and khaki pants that ended above a pair of beat up pair of hightop sneakers perched atop his head was a hat that read number 1 Dad. HIs mother wore a floral top with pants ending in a pair of low heels. "Where you going Champ the RV is that way we're heading out right now. Your mother and I decided we'd get something to eat on the road. We know how excited you and your sister are to get out there so hurry up!" His dad said ushering him back downstairs and out the front door DeeDee not far behind as the entire family crammed into the RV. Dexter walked to the back of the Rv hopping on one of the bunks before turning on his portolab and after plugging in his headphones he began to play Beethoven it would soothe him after his run in with DeeDee.

Why'd she have to grab him up like that forcing him against her and the bigger question being why were her nipples hard?! He thought to himself. Looking up he spotted DeeDee lounging in the booth her feet on the table as she stared out the window pointing out everything she saw. He wasn't attracted to DeeDee per se, but Dexter knew he was at that age where girls stopped being simple annoyances and started having odd effects on him. One of those effects being the bulge in his pants that he kept shifting to hide as he leaned up against the wall that sat at the foot of the bunk sliding himself out of view as he pulled off one his gloves finding his palm slick with sweat.

The first time this had happened was a few months ago as he was sitting out back reading, DeeDee and her friends had come over to swim in the family pool. He'd watched them from behind his book intending to leave before they dragged him into whatever they were about to do, but he stood transfixed by MeeMee one of his sister's best friends in her bathing suit. He couldn't take his eyes off her watching her body undulate as she swam through the water the way her wet hair curled about her neck and face. The sight of her pink one piece gripping her body almost painfully tight. Dexter had to get away, but he felt something happen to his penis he looked down to see he was hard as Igneous rock. He got up and ran hoping his speed would cover the obtrusion in his pants.

He'd spent the rest of the day looking up and tracking down every shred of information he could on what sickeness he might have had and after hours of research he came to the conclusion and how to resolve it or so he thought. It was as if merely acknowledging he was attracted to girls set off his hormones, now every girl excited him to the point that he'd need a good 15 minutes to masturbate. His teacher the girls at school all brought their own fresh hell. DeeDee was his most avid torturer her tights stretching up those long long legs of hers showing of every contour they had to offer the way her tutu hugged her thin frame accentuating the woman she would grow into. These thoughts only served to fuel his current hard on. I wish I could have done this in my room, but if I don't do it now I won't be able to concentrate enough to invent something for the first science fair! He thought to himself as he eased his hand back into sleeve and then down his body into his pants grabbing hold of his engorged cock.

He looked around for something to hold his eventual orgasm, but all he found was the glove he recently discarded. He shrugged resigned to this. Any port in a storm. He thought to himself and this definitely was a storm consisting of hormones and lust! He picked up the glove with his free hand dropping it down the front of his shirt catching it with his other hand and then slipped the glove over his cock. He hissed feeling the latex warm from his body heat and slick from his sweat. He smiled as he licked his lips. Oh that feels good I wonder if this is what a vagina feels like? He thought to himself as he began to stroke himself with the glove thoughts of MeeMee manifesting as he imagined what could have happened if she'd chanced upon him as he masturbated to her.

The feel of her soft hands wrapping around his swollen meat gently pumping it up and down before she would envelope it in her mouth. He could feel her tongue lash against his head slathering him in her saliva. Daxter began thrusting against the glove as his fantasy played out in his mind's eye. He'd lean forward as he pinched MeeMee's nipples circling them with his ungloved fingers as she leaned closer forcing more of himself into her eager maw before sliding aside her bathing suit to reveal her tight, wet pussy. Dexter reached down to her tiny slit spreading it for her as her juices dripped from it before she pulled free of his love meat and repositioned herself above his cock and then she slid down his length slowly devouring him inch by inch with her hot cunt slurping him up into it until MeeMee hit his base. Dexter's breath hitched as his hand sped up and gripped him tighter as he imagined MeeMee's virgin pussy would squeeze him begging him for his seed demanding he cum inside her. He would grab her hips sliding his palms up and down her thighs as he began to thrust he'd see her eyes widen each time he entered she'd beg him not to stop to go faster and he would because it felt too good not to.

Dexter's hand was a blur inside his pants slamming against the fabric repeatedly as he felt his climax nearing. He could hear MeeMee screaming in his head for him to cum inside her and he did. Dexter's cockhead flared as it blasted it's first load right into the middle finger of the glove followed swifly by another volley quickly filling the digit the excess flowing out and into the index and ring finger slots. Dexter laid back against the wall his entire form bathed in sweat. He snatched the headphones off his head Bethoven's musical genius forgotten in the pursuit of more carnal pleasures. He undid a few buttons on his labcoat allowing air to flow across his drenched skin. He felt like a wrung out sponge all his moisture either on his skin or in his glove. He gingerly removed the glove from his overly sensitive now flaccid boyhood twisting the end closed as he hid it inside the portolab. He'd throw it away once they stopped somewhere for now he got up coming to sit at the booth across from DeeDee notcing a plate of food there for him.

He looked up at his mother who smiled gently finally getting his attention. He could see his dad's profile in the driver seat trying to eat a breakfast burrito without spilling anything on his new shirt. "Sorry honey I called you several times, but you didn't say anything so I thought you were asleep, but don't worry DeeDee ordered for you." Dexter looked at the plate of pancakes and bacon. He smiled at his sister she was the greatest detriment to science in the world, but she was so kind it made up for it somewhat. "Thank's DeeDee." He said as he cut into the pancakes. "No problem Dorkster!" She said laughing at him. Dexter sighed he was too hungry to verbally joust with her right now. And to think this is just the first day! 

This is my first fanfic and I could think of no better place to write it tell what you think and keep a lookout for chapter two!!

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