The Sullen Bitch who cried Stomach Distension

BY : Tastatura
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. This is a fictional story. I make no money doing this. I don't own The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. Any resemblance to person(s) living or dead is purely coincidental. Love your pal Jesus.



Sounding out repeatedly throughout the interior of the most ‘active’ classroom contained within Endsville Elementary were footsteps light, yet sharply-paced.  Detailed by the disruptive clopping of a pair of buckled flats against the classroom’s tiled flooring, their owner was none other than Mandy: one of, if not the school’s most prevalent student.


Carrying all of her familiar placid prickliness, the blonde progressed from the classroom’s mouth to her seat whilst following the most convoluted and lengthy path possible. Exerting dominance and applying irrelevance unto others had stood as the girl’s foremost pastime since the utterance of her first words, and since then, turning down an opportunity to do so, no matter how small, proved beyond her.


Guided by this desire, her arrival at her seat saw her invest in several short pruning activities before folding the lower portion of her appropriately-cut pink dress into a consistent flatness against her development-less rear, and finally seating herself.


From here, the glare that served as her primary facial expression was aptly directed at the bespectacled woman at the front of the room—the very same one that she had forced to wait with her entrance, and whom she had ignored glances from all throughout her walk.


“Thank you for taking your seat, Mandy. I hope you’re as prepared for today’s multiplication practice as you look.” she exhaled, an authoritative femininity to her voice.


Turning back to face the rest of the glass, the older woman flattened a misplaced thread of her well-maintained hairdo back into ordinance prior to addressing the other, far more ‘typical’ children contained within the classroom.

“Moving back to the lesson, I believe I had asked if anyone had any questions. If not, I’ll be handing out today’s worksheet. I expect some amount of quiet for the rest of your work period, and more importantly, that you complete the first page before the end of the class. Am I understood?” she outlined.


Perhaps as a result of the motherly quality that her voice maintained, or more realistically, the known consequences for a lack of adherence, a low “Yes Ms.” was released from most every seated student within the classroom. The two exceptions to the chorus were familiar: Billy’s thought bereft silence, and Mandy’s sour, indifference-born silence.


As per usual, Billy’s broke at the arrival of his worksheet at his desk. Seeing it set the youth into a fruitlessly hyperactive surge meant to aid him in its completion—an admirable exertion if not an entirely ineffective one. Mandy’s came well after she unearthed a pencil from her desk to begin writing. In typical fashion, the sole reason for which she parted her lips was for the release of yet another expression of listless disdain.


“So much for getting an education.” she muttered flatly, her eyes steadily shifting downward toward the equations below her.


Despite stating her displeasure, the hair-banded girl devoted herself to the work ahead of her, and allowed the low hum of activity within the classroom to fade from her focus entirely. In doing so, her progression through the worksheet turned to a veritable blitz of scribbled solutions at the cost of no more than her attendance to the world around her.


Regrettably, as was often the case within Endsville, even an especially short ‘disconnection’ from reality came with its costs. At this point in time, those which Mandy incurred involved her failure to catch the opening of the classroom’s door, and the entry of a figure monotheistic and humanoid…






First on knees and then on planted feet, an intimidating, oversized mass of unwashed, humanoid,  pitch-black flesh worked its way through the classroom’s front door, and upon doing so, returned to an upright hulk directly ahead of it. The strenuous activity—eased by the many sheets of gratuitous sweat-droplets that covered his bloated frame, yet inherently complicated by the inordinate girth of his stomach, excessiveness of his 8 foot stature, and the muscular bulk of his limbs— drew stares and gasps from the individuals present within the classroom.


Save one.


Privy to his inhuman appearance and menacing features, the faceless monster perpetuated his voice throughout the classroom prior to taking action against the impending outbreak of screams and fervor within the undersized room.

“Fuck, almost forgot my spell. The last thing I want is you brats getting all up in arms when I’m only here for one of ya.” the monster started, a congested chortle inexorably-linked to morbid obesity rumbling from his throat.


As these words left his lips, he raised the defined musculature of his right arm and pointed it in the direction of the classroom’s student. Subsequently, he snapped his fingers, and sent a formless tremor of magical energy across the classroom’s length.


A pair of consequences stemmed from the gesture. First, the extension of his hand localized the attention that had been directed at him to his arm. The expulsion of magic that his fingers produced collected this attention, and redistributed it evenly across the classroom’s populace alongside a binding mental ascription. Whilst its means were complex, its content was simplistic: in an instant, the presence of its naked and faceless executor was normalized by all those who had chosen to attend to him.


Upon noting its effectiveness, the monster exhaled, and set his abhorrent frame into a fat-obstructed stride towards the sole student whose head remained downturned towards her desk.


“For a second there, I thought all of the females in here had their heads up. That would’ve sucked; I’d have come through that piece’a shit door for nothing.” he noted aloud, considerable thuds narrating each of the tonne-weighted footsteps he completed through the classroom. “Anyway, blondie down there will do just fine. I have no idea why she is paying so much attention to a piece of paper, but if she can concentrate so firmly on something like that, odds are she’ll be a half-decent socket for my cock!” he finished with a chortle.


Throughout his utterances and the short-lived progression that they accompanied, the classroom’s population adhered to the barrel-gutted abomination as though his very existence was a sort of pleasant film. Even the room’s assigned teacher, a living example of educational stringency, addressed his presence as no more abnormal than a boisterous video clip.


“Well, you heard him, children.” she stated, unimpressed eyes casting another domineering gaze over the classroom. “Mandy’s going to be rutted like an underage sow by our repulsive friend here, but that doesn’t mean that you’re exempt from your homework. No matter how loud the sounds of her tiny little body being invaded by his unwashed cock become, I still expect you all to have the first page finished by the end of class.” she noted clearly.


Once again, the classroom’s children sulkily adhered to their teacher’s direction. Again did their eyes return to the worksheets ahead of them, and again did their attentions move from the rancid creature within the room onto the act of active problem-solving.

This time, though, neither of these shifts were formally thorough. Anticipating the climax of an ‘enthralling film’, the entirety of the classroom’s student population devoted half of their cognitive resources to observing Mandy’s impending cunt-gutting at the hands of the beast that had invaded their classroom…




As the sole student within the classroom ignorant to the presence, scent, and intention of the hulking monstrosity beside her desk, Mandy herself had yet to so much as look up from her worksheet for a breath of fresh air. The boredom that its content induced (rather than engrossment in mathematics) had necessitated that she finish with it as quickly as possible and return to her favorite pastime: brooding.


“5. 12. 7. 9. 8….and -1. What a joke.” Mandy thought to herself, her writing hand busily entering numbers wherein they belonged. “If the whole sheet goes on like this, actually finishing it will make my brain mushier than Billy’s…” she complained internally.


Unfortunately for her, the selfish concentration that she exerted resulted in her missing what few signs of an otherworldly presence were offered up to her.


Throughout her hurried scribble, a clawed hand whose width vastly exceeded that of her midsection was extended towards her. Once close enough, the nail of its index finger was applied as a cloth cutter to the hem portion of her dress, and dragged painlessly up from this position to its end point at her neck. The end of the gesture saw the baby-pink garment fall away from its protective covering of her milky flesh, and wholly expose the lithe, relatively under-developed expanse of her torso. Whilst the barest minimum of plumpness could be seen fluffing her breasts and hints of acute indentation widening her hips, the hellish girl’s naked frame did not stand as a departure from the juvenile ‘norms’ displayed by the majority of pre-teens.


As it turned out, though, the monster responsible for her precise disrobement was far from picky. No sooner did he render the girl as naked did he extend his hand’s clammy fingers away from one another, set its palm to face her naked front, and slam the limb inwards to completely consume her upper body as a carnival claw might one of its valueless toys.


It was at this point that Mandy’s ignorance as to the monster’s presence was forcibly torn from her, albeit more so through intuition than perception. What supernatural adventures she had enjoyed thus far aided her in recognizing that a monstrous limb had grabbed her upper body, and through the closing of its grasp, forced her arms into ribcage-testing squeeze against her sides. Regrettably, the sort of creature that had grabbed hold of her, its intention, and the bizarre sensation of grubby flesh against her bare chest remained inexplicable for her.


Predictably, it was her nakedness that lit the fuse of her temper. Even as a girl of her particular disposition, the possibility of her naked body being put on display for her entire class remained mortifying enough to coax a seething outburst from between her lips.


“Rrrr…what is it this time!? Can I not go one day without dealing with this abnormal garbage?” she lamented, her eyes frantically darting to her left and right. “Whoever or whatever has their hand around me better be ready to keep it there for the rest of their miserable lives, because the minute I get free, you’re going to wish you never left whatever miserable little hole you—!!”


Indifferent to her grumbling and shouting, the monster responsible for her ‘torment’ seized a prime opportunity to educate his captive without actually addressing her. Interrupting her tantrum of morose threats, he raised her frame out of its seated position at her desk until her lower body was settled at a familiar height partway up the absurd length of his gut.


Just below this position twitched the melon-sized helmet of greasy, smegma-lined phallus meat that topped his arousal-swelled cock. Extending from its root at the swamped plain of sweat and pubic hair settled atop his crotch, the imposing trunk offered a surface area flagrantly cultivated by finger-thick veins occasionally compressed into large, grub-sized zig-zags, and other, more traditional vessels organized into extensive branching systems from its base to its tip.  Offering a length just short of two feet, and an overall girth and circumference on par with that of average human lower leg, the twitching stalk represented its owner as appropriately as any mere phallus could.


Ignorant to that which drooled directly beneath her naked rear, Mandy’s first instinct upon being shifted up into the air by her invisible captor was one that demanded she address the heat beneath her, and more importantly, the identity of her assailant.


To accomplish these things, her mewling survival instincts stood as willing to stoop to any and all of her perceived lows—even asking for help.


“H-hey! You with the snot drooling out of his nose!” Mandy barked. “Are you just going to sit there slobbering over your homework, or are you going to try and help me? You’re obviously a spineless mental reject, but shouldn’t you at least be…I don’t know! S-screaming at the fact some invisible monster has one of your classmates!?”


To the sound of Mandy’s voice, the tragically slow youth she had addressed responded as he normally would: with fear and respect. The contents of his response, however, differed greatly from what she had expected.


“O-oh…sorry, no can do, Mandy.” he replied sheepishly. “Everybody in class thinks this is…I dunno, kind of interesting. It isn’t like having you get split in half by some massive monster’s cock is all that weird, y’know?” he suggested.


Abruptly, a shift of his skull returned his gaze toward the blank sheet beneath him, and a distress hush invaded his tone.


“You’re gonna get me in trouble if you keep talking so loud, too! Everyone else is just watching like usual, so why don’t you just stop complaining and let everyone focus on what they wanna focus on!” he hissed.


Aghast, Mandy’s mind riffled through its options. On the one hand, her preservation instincts demanded that she speak out against the monster that was supposedly going to invade her insides with its cock. On the other, blasting her discontent at the gawking boys and sneering girls that made up the majority of her classmates was demanded by her pride.


Yet again, indecision on her part proved costly.


Well before she could come to a decision, the monster that controlled her frame saw fit to tighten his grasp, and subsequently plunge her crotch downwards onto the head of his member. His doing so was neither imprecise nor thoughtless; the angle traced by his palm slammed the filth-greased spearhead of his cock into a visceral punch against Mandy’s rosy cunt lips, and upon breeching them, saw her vaginal canal harshly gored with a cock reeking and overtly lubricated.


Ironically, it was the savage uncorking of the blonde’s pudgy, juvenile mound that freed her mind of the magic that denied her perception of her assailant. In time with the gutting, stomach-warming nuzzle of a cock-head fatter than her midsection was wide up into the taut confines of her vaginal canal, the grotesque black hand, inhumanely-massive size, and eye-watering musk maintained by the creature that consumed her frame became visible to her.


Naturally, seeing these things in tandem with feeling their consequences nearly snapped the icy tart’s ‘invulnerable’ demeanor in two.  That which preserved it was purely biological; in the moment, the ruthless punch of her assailant’s cock into her steadily-moistening folds had knocked the wind right out of her…



The first to take advantage of Mandy’s agape silence was the owner of the writhing phallus responsible for the stint. Elated at the warmth and texture of her insides, another perverse utterance escaped him well before his body could act in response to the sensations.


“Well, shit! This is about as good as I thought it would be! For a…fuck, however old you are, you’ve got a half decent cock-sleeve between those legs!” the monster complimented, a garbled wryness to his voice. “I have to wonder if it’ll stay that way all the way through, but if nothing else, I know I’ll at least be able to blast one decent load inside that womb, GEH-HEH!”


Eager to test his own theory, he applied his free hand to a phallus-gratifying contortion of Mandy’s trapped frame. Pinching the opaque pudge of her left thigh with his left hand, he pulled the limb from its harmless dangle towards the ground up to an angle nearly perpendicular with her torso. Upon raising it as far as her bone structure would allow, he exchanged his pinch of her thigh to a full on clasping of her calf, and thereafter set about using her newly postured frame as a form of masturbatory doll. Via a sharp upward stab from his hips, several additional inches of his rank endowment were nosily stabbed up through her reddened cunt lips. From the pleasure wrought from these thrusts came an unyielding salvo of particularly invasive hip stabs and outward wrenches that propelled the obscenely-textured phallic battering ram through her pre-pubescent vaginal canal with all of the smoothness of cement through a narrow tube.


Shortly after the delivery of these inhumanely powerful thrusts began, an unsightly, cock-shaped bulge burst into existence across the length of Mandy’s midsection. Swelling the pale flesh red and taut, the dense protrusion lacked the harsh angle and surface detail that one may’ve expected to see generated from thrusts as guttural and tireless as those that were delivered through her cunt. These ‘tame’ (assuming one defined tame as the distension of a little girl’s stomach with a girth comparable to a sapling tree’s trunk) visuals were owed solely to freshness of the spongy canal of cuntmeat that contained the cock in question, and the ‘resistance’ innate to Mandy’s body cavity. Simply, long-suffering was written into the girl’s blood; albeit to an extent easily invalidated by the orifice-loosening endowment of her suitor.


It was this ‘long suffering’ that rendered the penetration session’s physically strenuous qualities as difficult to discern from an internal perspective. Outwardly, however, it remained apparent that Mandy’s virginal innards were in no way suited to accommodate such a massive shaft within them at the pace her suitor desired. Proof of this appeared as a sickening 8th inch of obsidian cockmeat joined the 7 before it in a regular, cunt-loosening rifle through her precum slick folds. At this juncture, the rigid tip of the monster’s cock was met with firm resistance from her nubile cervix, and as a consequence of his glans’ contact with the all-important button, a vicious tightening of her inner canal along its scalding, vein-traced exterior.


Ironically, the resistance put forth by her cock-choked innards could not be matched by Mandy’s will. Having been denied a proper breathing rhythm by the ruthless spiking of cockmeat through her womanhood, her first following the monster’s arrival at her biological impasse was put to use in a plea. Not a frigid, backhanded insult. Not an indifferent minimization. Merely scream-laden pleas that any other arrogant, yet hopelessly outmatched little girl was liable to produce.


“AAAAAAHHHHHH!! Th-that’s too deep you stupid idiot! It’s squeezing a-against something in my stomach; it can’t go any further!” Mandy exhaled, her utterances carrying a frantic hurriedness. “T-Take it out r-right now! I-I’m too small for this to keep working; my s-stomach c-can’t swell anymore, so –you’ll never be a-able to fit it all in anyway!” she shrieked.


Initially, the monster’s perception of proceedings remained limited to the blunt ‘fight’ put out by Mandy’s womanhood. Feeling his cock held up in its domination of the miniscule girl’s folds signalled his instincts toward the devotion of all of his strength and energy into swelling her womb with seed. Equally, what mischievous facets of his personality remained active refused to allow her shameful pleading to go unpunished. Thus, a compromise was spawned within his mind—one that leaned towards optimized sexual satisfaction, but a compromise nonetheless.


In a tone devoid of sympathy for her stressed frame, the monster spoke out.


“What makes you think I can’t fit everything inside you? I don’t think you’re giving your cunt much credit, kiddo; the thing has been sucking tight to my cock since I stuffed it in there, so I’m willing to bet that it can take another foot.” he reasoned. “I’m not the only one who thinks so, either. Just look around ya’! There isn’t a kid in here that doesn’t think you can manage some more monster cock in ya, GE-HAHA!” he noted.


Once again, the monster’s utterance served a dual purpose. To begin with, Mandy’s attention was momentarily redirected from her cock-skewered frame onto her surroundings. At a glance, the very same students who often cowered in fear at her presence or hid themselves at the sight of her approach were beaming, snickering at, or simply ignoring her plight. None of their faces or postures displayed the slightest hint of remorse or sympathy; only anticipation as to how the fucking of her frame was to unfold. In these short glances that the blonde passed around the room, it became apparent to her that she was no more than a form of entertainment to them—one that was expected not to disappoint.


Coming to terms with her abandonment silenced her disgruntled mewls, and provided the monster with an opportunity to adjust her position atop his shaft once again. Without fully extricating his member from her cunt, he purposed his disabling grasp on her torso to aggressively rotate her frame 180 degrees atop the length of his cock. Upon settling her frame into a chest to chest position relative to his own (and inducing a volatile ‘juicing’ of preteen female lubrication down across the lower inches of his member), he released his grasp of her upper body entirely to take up possession of her sole, still dangling leg. Compressing its calf in a manner similar to its opposite, he raised the limb to a height and angle at parity with her torso.


Effectively, the monster both tormented Mandy, and organized her frame into an ideal breeding position through the same utterance. Of course, as mentioned previously, a bias remained present within his actions. With the completion of his adjustments came a peeling of paltry inches of his shaft from his captive’s sex stained folds, and almost immediately afterwards, the shooting of these inches and more back inside of her inflamed tunnel via an impaling thrust from his hips. Through the act, well over a foot of his writhing, reproductive mallet was forced through Mandy’s cunt, and by default, her cervix. Invading both the sweltering button and the defenseless uterus that it protected in the very same instance birthed a curved, cock-shaped bulge that carried the majority of the length and detail innate to his endowment through Mandy’s midsection. Far longer than the underage blonde was tall and thicker than any female body cavity was to entertain, the grizzly distension induced a considerable stretching of her now glans-hooded uterus, and as a consequence of this, a notable displacement of the organ from whence it belonged.


The creature responsible for these nature-defying sexual feats proved indifferent to the happening and its many visual attributes. Focusing solely on the fact that a handful of his shaft’s inches remained outside of the ‘loving’ embrace of Mandy’s folds, the monster concerned himself only with the retraction of his hips, and the settling of his crotch into yet another chain of punishing, upward-angled thrusts into his captive turned cock-sleeve.


Impressively, Mandy’s focus did not deviate away from the effects of the first thrust laid into her even after others like it were regularly pile-driven through her cock-tented frame. As if trapped within a form of mental limbo, repeated “HGNNYUUUU!”’s indicative of the debilitating stimulation wrought by the initial thrust spilled from her lips for several seconds before, as a consequent of her body’s complete reduction into an undersized masturbatory aid, slurred pleas concerning her fear for the future and insufficiency as a sexual partner streamed from her mouth in her usual, monotonous tone.


“HI-HI-HIYUGGHH….” she exhaled. “Sh’too big, s’makin’ me feel shick, sh’makin’ m-my tummy f-feel s-siiiick…” she mewled.


None of these utterances were acknowledged by the creature responsible for them. Like those that had come before them, each one was ignored in favor of preserving cognitive resources for that which mattered to him: savouring the desperate suckle of nubile female innards around his stimulation-famished phallus…






The piercing thrusts whose injection path smothered a rigid urethra against virginal cunt-floor, forced perverse and heavy ‘HLSCHH-HLSCHH-HSLCHH’ noises from between slovenly folds, and produced angled smashes of a monstrous cocktip against the displaced ceiling of Mandy’s womb came to an end precisely as any keen observer may’ve predicted.


Being a gluttonous, faceless beast willing to grind his cock into the first child he deemed appropriate, the monster who had taken up Mandy’s frame failed to pace his masturbation with her innards. As the remaining half hour of her instructional period ticked by, so too did a countdown toward his release. Nearing his euphoric peak induced a final upturning in the careless brutality displayed within his thrusts; a welcomed sight for both the interested and indifferent children who had observed the event thus far.


Seconds before the repeated chiming of the P.A system’s bell, a definitive thrust saw Mandy’s cunt forced as deeply down onto the monster’s shaft as her tragically human frame would allow. Subsequently, a grotesque screech from the monster ushered in the outflow of discoloured strands of cock juice into her uncorked womb. Spewed out directly against her uterus’ ceiling and fattened by veritable centuries of fermentation, the bulky strands appeared as the flailing of miniature serpents throughout their tumultuous delivery directly into the organ’s interior. In spite of their extremely ‘active’ regurgitations from out of their progenitor’s phallus, each of the ropes contributed to the formation of an excessive amount of sludgy glut within Mandy’s stomach. This was to say that each of the pungent, semi-solid ropes carried a sufficient ‘knot count’ and overall thickness to see the distended flesh of her stomach weighed downwards into a sac-like shape. Eventually, her overtaxed innards came to mirror an over-swelled balloon whose mouth remained secured to the mouth of flowing, impossibly-large garden hose.


Thankfully, the danger implied by this analogy was never realized. Sometime after the amount of semen within her exceeded the amount required to simulate a full-term pregnancy (were her stomach not enamoured by cock meat), the monster’s orgasm came to an end, and the repeated chime of the school’s bell broke the selfish sexual trance that had guided him. Satisfied with his muse, yet too content to remove her from his member, the monster maintained her impalement atop his shaft throughout his retreat from the classroom. Stymied by the flow of excited student’s exiting the in front of him, his departure eventually received punctuation from the desk-situated woman who had originally normalized his violation of Mandy’s frame.


“You were very disruptive throughout class, Mandy. Outrageously so.” the female teacher complained, her gaze directed down at the first of the stack of worksheets she was to grade. “I’ve also yet to receive your sheet of math homework, so bloated with inhuman semen or not, you’ll be coming here after school to finish up. I’ll arrange everything with your parents, so let this be a lesson to you about taking your class work lightly.” she finished.


Left only with these words and the sound of semen sloshing and splashing within her bloated guts, Mandy was whisked from the inside of her classroom not as a student, but as a cock-holster never to be removed from her station…


Not before her suitor enjoyed his fill of her.


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