How Did This Happen?

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Day One Peculiarities





Entry One,


It is officially the end of the world. At least, it feels like it to me. Oh how the years have passed, from one torturous grade to the next. I have no problem with school work itself. No not at all, I quite enjoy it. It is the people that terrify me to my very core. Which brings me to my yearly ritual on this night; writing in a new book for every school year. Except tonight, I lament the fact I am to start high school tomorrow. A first world problem I admit, but the horrors that await me in high school are not ones I look forwards to. Wishing myself luck, I hope my first day won’t be horrendous or memorable in the wrong way.


DD put down his pencil and dark brown cover book on his lap and sighed. He ran a hand down his face then glanced over at his chair. His school supplies organized and in pristine condition inside his new leather satchel. Edd put his diary into his desk side drawer then put the pencil on top. He was about to turn in for the night when his phone lit up. DD picked it up and unlocked  the screen; it was a message from his Dad.


Father: Hey kiddo, sorry we can’t be there on your first day. This business trip is taking longer than we thought.


Me: It’s alright Father. Is the meeting going well?


Father: It’s going as well as it can be. Trying to get these Europeans to partner with us is tedious work.


Me: I hope things go well for you. I will keep you guys updated on my school progress if you wish.


Father: I’m sure you Mother would appreciate that son.


Father: She says she loves you and wishes you good luck on your first day.


Me: Thank you Mother. I am going to retire now, it is nearly 10:00 pm. Good night and good luck to you Father.


Father: Good night son. Best of luck tomorrow.


DD locked his phone then put it on it’s charger for the night. He laid back in his bed and stared up at the ceiling. Both of his parents went overseas on a business trip four days ago. He assumed they are going to be sightseeing as well as focusing on work, but it’s still strange for the house to be so quiet, even though it happened more than he’d like. Edd turned on his side then checked to make sure his alarm was set up properly for the fifth time today, the last thing he needed was to be late on the first day. Finally satisfied that his alarm would go off at the appropriate time, he let his eyes close and sleep wash over him.



Just a cast away an island lost at sea-o! Another lonely day, no one here but me-o!


DD grunted sleepily as he rolled over sleepily. He slowly sat up and yawned as the music continued to play. Boy did he love ‘The Police’, he couldn’t get enough of their music!


More loneliness than any man could bear! Rescue me before I fall into despair-o!”


Edd shuffled off his bed and sung absently along to the song as he used the bathroom.


I'll send an S.O.S. to the world. I'll send an S.O.S. to the world. I hope that someone gets my, I hope that someone gets my, I hope that someone gets my message in a bottle. Yeah. Message in a bottle, yeah.”


DD stretched when he exited the bathroom and got dressed. He pulled on a pair of nice blue jeans, a black AC/DC shirt with red lettering and a casual light brown jacket. DD picked up his old black beanie and went in front of the mirror in his bathroom and brushed back his hair. He slipped on his beanie then adjusted it to how he always had it. Of all the things he’s changed in  his life, he’s never felt a need to change his habit of never letting anyone see him without a hat, especially his beanie. He just felt… naked without it, incomplete even. After pulling on his sneakers, eating breakfast, brushing his teeth then putting on his satchel, he gave himself a once-over in his mirror. DD nodded and smiled “Best of luck Double D.” He nodded again then grabbed his keys and left the house through the garage to grab his bike and chain. After closing  his garage, he started pedaling towards the school. As he biked he heard an approaching loud noise. Suddenly, the noise zoomed past him loudly and he almost fell off his bike as he jolted to a stop “Dear me!” He gasped as he put a hand over his heart. He watched as someone on a motorbike sped off down the street wearing a black jacket and black pants. DD was fairly certain he saw a backpack on the biker’s back. Edd shook his head and started pedaling again “Crazy ruffian.” he grumbled as he pedaled.


When he finally got to the school, he looked at the sign and sighed “Peach Creek High… Hello again old girl.” he locked up his bike and pulled out his schedule “Um… English first thing, not bad.” He read the room number and teacher name then walked into the school. He looked around then heard a rushed pair of footsteps coming towards him.


“Double D!”


Edd yelped as he was suddenly ran into and picked up “H-Hi E-Ed!” He managed to wheeze out as the tall teen hugged him tightly.


A grouchy and  familiar voice came up behind Ed “Will you let the poor kid down Ed? You’re going to suffocate him at this rate!”


Ed giggled “Okay Eddy.” He put DD down and  grinned down at him.


Double D coughed then rubbed his ribs. He looked up and saw a familiar face “Thanks Eddy.”


The shorter teen waved a hand “Whatever.” He half-smiled “How’s your folks?”


Edd shrugged “Still in Europe. Four days now and counting.”


Eddy nodded “Ah, I see.” he smirked “Party?”


Edd looked shocked “Eddy! You know I am against defacing my home for the amusement of others!”


Eddy shrugged “Your house wouldn’t get defaced…”


DD frowned “You can’t promise that and you know it.”


Eddy shrugged again “Can’t stop me from trying.” He wrinkled his nose “What’d you got for first?”


Edd grinned “English.”


Eddy grumbled “I got math… Can you believe that crap?! I mean, who’s brain is awake enough in the morning to deal with numbers and shit?” Edd opened his mouth “Yeah yeah, we know, you’re smart n’ shit… Stop gloating.”


Edd frowned again at Eddy “Whatever Eddie.” he turned around and started walking.


“Hey, where ya goin?” Eddy called after him.


Eddy waved without looking back “Class, where else?” Double D sighed as he walked, Eddy and Ed was still the same. He didn’t get why those two didn’t change at all over the years. Eddy was still kind of mean to him and Ed… Well, he’s Ed. He found the classroom and sat down in the middle of the room in the chair closest to the window. As he set up his desk with his notebook and pencil, he glanced around the room. Only two other kids were here already; Jimmy and Rolf. He was actually surprised to see Jimmy without his ring of metal, apparently he got it removed since the last time he saw him. Rolf looked generally the same but he was trying a new hairstyle by shaving the left side. It wasn’t that bad looking if Edd was to be honest but he’d never get the hairstyle himself. After the students filled in, the class started. The teacher, Mr. Jones, was a fairly nice person as long as he had a cup of coffee in his hand. Edd mused that the man would probably have a panic attack if he didn’t have a cup within a minute of finishing his last cup. Second period was History which was a generally boring subject to most, but he enjoyed learning about the past. Strangely though, history in any grade seemed to pass by very quickly.


Third period was Science class and Edd was very excited about it. He walked to class then  realized three minutes later he was lost. “Oh… Dear…” His sweat dropped as he tugged on his collar and looked around frantically “Oh my…” He looked down at his paper and started to walk quickly and mumble as he counted the room numbers. Finally he found the right room and sighed in relief “Here you are.” he opened the door just as the school bell went off. DD paled then looked at the teacher.


The teacher chuckled and motioned to him “Come on in young man, I won’t consider you late.”


DD let out the breath he’d been holding “Oh thank you sir.” he looked around the class “Hm, looks like pairs.”


The teacher nodded “Go ahead and sit down at any lab table.”


Double D adjusted his satchel strap and walked down the aisle “Hmm…” He spotted an empty lab table and slid down to the end and set up his designated science notebook and pencil.


The teacher, DD found out his name was Mr. McNeeley, started up his projector and projected the syllabus for the term on the board for everyone to copy down.


“Hey, Double D.”


DD blinked and he looked up from his notes as saw Sarah turned around in her stool. Double D smiled warmly “Hello Sarah. Do you need something?” he then frowned “You better not ask me for a pencil or paper.”


Sarah laughed “No no, I have that.” she paused “Okay, I lied, i need paper.”


DD sighed then grumbled “Fine… One second…” he carefully pulled out a piece of loose-leaf paper and handed it to her “Go out shopping later, I don’t like giving out paper every day.”


Sarah raised an eyebrow “It’s only the first day.”


Edd grimaced “Exactly.”


The door to the Science class opened and the teacher frowned at the new students “Class started five minutes ago Mr…?”


The student pulled off his hood and scowled “No Mister crap. Just Kevin.”


Mr. McNeely blinked then returned the scowl “No cursing in my class. Go sit down. Try to be on time next time Kevin.”


Kevin snorted the put his right hand into his pocket and sauntered down the aisle, a bored expression on his face. He grimaced as he realized the only seat left was next to a beanie wearing dweeb, also known as Edd or Double D. He plopped down into the seat, put his black motorcycle helmet on the table and crossed his arms.


DD glanced over at the noise that came from the helmet landing on the table and realized it was the same one that went past him this morning. He sat up and turned to Kevin. “Kevin, next time you go out on your motorbike, please refrain from almost running me over or giving me a heart attack.”


Kevin raised an eyebrow at Edd “And…?”


Edd growled “And I don’t appreciate that kind of thing first thing in the morning.” He had to restrain himself from yelling in agitation. How nonchalant the teen next to him was, was highly irritating.


Kevin shrugged “Whatever dweeb.” He pulled out his phone and took a picture of the screen then started to browse the internet on his phone.


Edd was baffled by Kevin’s actions but instead of continuing to argue with him, he simply decided to ignore him and focus on writing. One minute into writing, his left eye twitches at a small chuckle to his right. He glared over at  Kevin who looking down at his phone. DD discreetly glances at his phone screen and is stunned; Kevin is looking at memes! The audacity! Edd has half a mind to tell him off but mentally slaps his own cheek and goes back to writing. Class finally ends and Kevin finally puts away his phone that he’s been on all class. Edd has a feeling that he’ll just write the notes down at home, but he doesn’t care enough to dwell on the thought. He puts his things away and heads to lunch.


“Edd! Over here!”


Double D looks over and see’s Ed waving at him from a table. DD chuckled and heads over “Salutations Ed and Eddy.” Ed grins and Eddy rolls his eyes but smiles “How are your classes so far?”


Eddy shrugged “Hate em all but that’s normal for me.”


Ed just keeps grinning “Me and Eddy share first class! I’m not good with numbers… But the teacher is nice!”


Edd smiled at his friend “I’ll help you out a bit if you need Ed.” he waved a hand “Private tutor if you will.”


Ed nodded vigorously “Thanks!”


Edd sat down and pulled out a sandwich bag, chips and a water bottle. Eddy scoffed but went back to eating his school lunch. Eddy took a bit then said “Hey, notice how different some people look? Like Jimmy, he doesn’t have that thing on his mouth anymore. And Rolf, I don’t know what possessed him to do so, but the new hairdo looks interesting.”


Eddy nodded “Yeah, and did you notice Johnny?”


Edd frowned “What about him? I didn’t have him in my classes yet.”


Eddy leaned in close like he was telling a secret “I don’t see plank around him…”


DD widened his eyes “Really?” he looked around and spotted Johnny sitting under a tree “Well, that’s a peculiar sight. I wonder what happened.”


Eddy snorted “Maybe his woody friend got termites or rotted on him.”


Edd nodded then gagged slightly at the thought of mold and bugs “Ugh… Disgusting but plausible.” he took a swing of his water “Any other changes you guys notice?”


Ed shrugged and continued to devour his food. Eddy tapped his chin “Uh… Pretty sure Nazz finally got tits.”


Edd spat out his water “Eddy!”


Eddy cackled “What? It’s true!”


Edd frowned and wiped his chin with a napkin “That was completely uncalled for.” he shook his head “And of course she did, it’s how biology works Eddy.” He waved a hand “The females of the species get breasts and the males go through puberty that usually results in something embarrassing happening. Whether it be psychological or physical.” Ed blinked at him, completely lost after he said the word “biology”. Eddy looked like he lost interest after Edd said “breasts” as wasn’t going to go into more detail about female biology. DD sighed and rubbed his temple “Why do I even bother…” He pulled out a book and started to read as he ate his food.


After lunch, DD walked to Botany class. It was a fairly simple class to be perfectly honest. The teacher, Mrs. Hovle, was obviously a hippie of some sort if the bangles, large glasses, and  multiple layers of clothes were anything to go by. Though she seemed a bit distant -Edd assumed she had that far away look due to drugs- she was actually quite pleasant and fun to listen to. After Botany classes ended with Mrs. Hovel telling them that by Saturn’s position we should all be careful tonight, DD headed to his last period.


When he got to class, he was excited to get into a new course the school recently added; Automotive. DD had always wanted to try his hand on the mechanical side of the world since Eddy seemed to enjoy creating things. He walked into class with an open and eager mind and was immediately greeted by the smell of oil and other metallic smells in the garage classroom.


A beefy looking man walked out of an office and grinned “Good to see young kids eager to learn how machines work!” he crossed his muscled arms “We’ll wait for the rest of the class to get here before we start.”


DD sat down on one of the nearby stools and laced his fingers over his knees as he waited. He didn’t know if he needed to get out his notebook but he had one prepared for the class just in case.


The teacher grinned as the door opened “Ah, Kevin, my young mechanical prodigy! Welcome welcome!”


Kevin smirked and shook the teacher's hand “What’s up Mr. Gibson?”


Mr. Gibson’s smile widened “Just waiting for everyone to get here of course. Good to have you in the class Kevin, i might need ya as a second hand for demonstrations and such.”


Kevin smirked “Sounds good.” he looked around and spotted Edd sitting on a stool patiently. He walked over and sneered “I think you’re in the wrong class dweeb. The knitting class is down the hall to the left.”


Edd scowled “For you’re information,” He stood up and narrowed his eyes at Kevin, he also noticed that Kevin was a bit taller than him “I am here to learn about machines. I am in fact, in the right class Kevin.”


Kevin reeled back for a second, completely taken back Edd’s tone. He regained his composure and sneered again “Whatever dweeb. Don’t forget, you’re gonna need to get hands on in this class. Grease and all that shit are going to be on your hands and probably your clothes.”


Edd gulps at that then nodded “I understand that. I came prepared for such a predicament.” he half-smiled “Wet wipes are a very useful cleansing tool you know.”


Kevin eyed Edd then snorted “Whatever.” he then walked away.


Edd sighed in relief that Kevin was finally gone. He sat back down and continued to wait for class to begin. The first day of Automotive class was fairly simple. The teacher gave out a packet with pictures, names and descriptions of the parts of an engine the students were going to take apart, identify then put back together. Edd was thoroughly fascinated with each mechanical piece and how it contributed to make the engine run smoothly and properly. He was slightly sad when class ended but eagerly left when the teacher said they could take the  packets with them and keep them. When he left, he heard the sound of heavy boots to his left.


“Not too complicated for ya dweeb?” Kevin snickered.


Edd politely smiled at Kevin “Not at all, thank you Kevin. It was actually quite fascinating.” he sped up as he walked quicker to where his bike was chained up.


Kevin stared after Edd then growled and went over to his motercycle. He hopped on, closed his jacket and pulled on his helmet then revved up the engine.


Edd was on his bike when he heard the engine of the motorbike sound. His heart thumped loud at the terrifying noise then watched as Kevin sped away down the street. DD shook his head “Death traps…” he sighed then started to pedal to his house.





DD looked up from his book at looked over at his phone. The message light was blinking as he heard another beep that signaled another message. He reluctantly put down his book and  picked up his phone then opened the first message.


Mother: Hello Edd! How was your first day of the ninth grade?


Me: Salutations Mother, my school day was fair. I find myself so far enjoying the automotive class I am taking this year.


Mother: That’s good to hear. Look sweetie, I’m sorry to say but it looks like we’re going to need at least another week in Europe. Do you think you can manage?


Me: Yes Mother, I am capable of taking care of myself for that period of time. I will contact you if I am in need of assistance.


Mother: You better call me if you need something. Are you sure you will be alright on your own? We’re usually not gone this long.


Me: I will be perfectly fine Mother, do not worry about me.


Mother: Well, if you say so. Love you honey.


DD pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed heavily. This was definitely going to be a record breaker for longest time away from home for his parents. He could always stop into a friends house if he needed anything so he wasn’t worried. Edd opened up the other message.


Eddy: Hey! How’s it hangin?


Me: Well, I am not hanging so I am doing fairly good.


Eddy: Smart ass. So, how long are you parents going to be gone?


Me: From the look of it, for another week or so. Why do you ask?


Eddy: One word Edd


Eddy: P-A-R-T-Y


Me: For the last time Eddy! I will not be hosting frivolous festivities in my house!


Eddy: What?


Me: I am not throwing a party Eddy.


Eddy: Come on man! Now is the perfect time! Since they’re gone longer you have more time to clean up!


Me: Eddy. This discussion is over. Good night.


DD put his phone on mute and put his phone down “Why does he keep insisting?” He groaned loudly in annoyance. He glared at his phone when the message light blinked. He grumbled and opened the message.


Eddy: You could finally meet a hot chick and finally get a girlfriend! Wink wink nudge nudge?


Edd groaned loudly again and put his phone face down on his bedside desk. He dragged a hand down his face then glared at the ceiling. DD really hated how his life was going sometimes. Every once and awhile he’d love to just go outside and scream. But alas, he couldn’t, not without looking completely crazy anyway. He rolled over in his bed so he was on his stomach and pulled out his diary. He made a few notes about his day then stuffed it back into the drawer. Glancing over at his clock, he noticed that it was nearing nine already. He rolled  off his bed and quickly got ready for bed before plopping into his bed and making himself into a human burrito “Sarah better not ask me for paper tomorrow…” DD grumbled angrily as he snuggled down into his bed.

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