Brace Yourself

BY : ChKn_kLr
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It was 3:00 in the morning. Junior Jeffrey Huhnmörder was sleeping when a loud bang startled him awake. He knew the sound had come from the wall behind his bed. “Why now?” he groaned, his voice overshadowed by his mother’s screams of ecstasy and a steady rhythmic banging. Slowly he got out of bed and stretched before going to investigate what his parents were doing (he knew; he’d just never seen it). When he peeked through the door, he gasped.


His mother, Katherine, was holding onto the headboard for dear life and screaming in pleasure. His father was firmly squeezing her hips and slamming into her tight puffy pussy repeatedly. She slammed her eyes shut and cried, “FUCK ME! OH, YES! HARDER, BABY, HARDER!”


Junior bit his lip and knew without looking that he was getting turned on by the sight of his parents fucking. “That is so hot,” he whispered, whipping out his own cock and lightly squeezing the base. Making sure he wouldn’t get caught, he bit down on his index finger to keep quiet and controlled his breathing as best he could. Luckily, his parents were too busy to hear him. How could anyone be heard over Katherine’s screams? He breathed a quiet sigh of relief as he stroked his dick slowly. The show was just getting started.


Katherine let out a high-pitched squeal and squirted all over the place. Her husband purred lasciviously, “Yeah, baby, squirt on my big dick.” She vocalized her pleasure nonstop, not caring who heard. Her man decided to switch places with his cock still inside her, putting him on his back and her on top. “AH! BABY! MMNH!” the MILF exclaimed, slowly starting to slide up and down his 18” fuck spire. She put her hands on his chest, looked into his robot eye and purred, “You like that? You like my tight pussy on your cock?” The cyborg nodded and grabbed her hips again, making her bounce a bit more and grind her clit into his pelvis. Her eyes gleamed as she looked at him and screamed, “OH, MY GOD, HONEY BUNNY! YES! YES! YES!  FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! MAKE ME BOUNCE HIGHER!” Her husband responded by pumping his hips.


Meanwhile, Junior watched them and bit his lower lip. His cock throbbed, and a clear bead of precum had pooled at the tip and was slowly trickling down the underside of his shaft. He blushed furiously and kept his slow and steady pace.


Katherine was bouncing furiously on her beloved’s massive cock. As she approached her seventh orgasm, she sang the really high part of that one Mariah Carey song. “You make me feel… so… hi-hi-hi-hi-HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH!” As soon as she hit that high note, she erupted. Hot, sweet love juices sprayed from her pussy as her motions slowed for a moment. She came down from her orgasm and got right back at it. What escaped her pouty lips was a loud symphony of sheer ecstasy. “OH, BABY, FILL ME UP! GOD, YES! HNNNGH, BLOW YOUR LOAD INSIDE MY PRETTY PUSSY! YES, YES, YES, YES, YESYESYESYESYESYES!!!!” Her husband pulled her close and locked lips with her just as he busted for the eighth time that night. As they broke the kiss, he purred, “There’s more where that came from, baby.”


Junior’s blue eyes bulged at the revelation that his father had inhuman stamina. His strokes became quicker and his cock was drooling pre. He looked on and hissed under his breath, “God, Mom’s so hot… yeah, ride that cock, you fucking whore.”


“MNH! OH, MY GOD, BABY, YOU’RE SO FUCKING GOOD AT FUCKING ME! FILL MY WET PUSSY!” Katherine cried, bouncing on her husband’s meat. “HAAAAAAAAAAAAAH YES! YEAH, BABY, FUCK ME JUST LIKE THAT!” She was in pure bliss as her man kept his hands on her hips and helped make moving easier for her. He smiled up at her and laughed, “You’re so wet.” She really was wet. Every time she moved, his pelvic region got drenched. “And tight,” he purred, feeling her clamp down on his member. Katherine squealed as she came again,  gushing all over his lower body and the bed. “I’m not too far behind, babe,” the Mad Scientist hissed through clenched teeth. He shot yet another load into her and kept going.


The young voyeur gasped quietly. His heart was racing. Smirking, he let out a soft purr and whispered, “God, yes, take it deep, slut…” He blushed even more, pre now coating his hand. “Fuck, yeah,” he purred quietly. “Your pussy looks so fucking good… I’ll bet it’s squeezing that fucking dick…”


The couple were too busy fucking to notice their 21-year-old son jacking off while watching them. “AH! YEAH! OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YES, HONEY BUNNY, FUCK ME HARD! GIVE IT TO ME DEEP!”


Junior bit his lip hard and ran his other hand through his hair as he kept watching. He could barely breathe. His skin was covered in goosebumps, yet his core was burning. He hoped he could last a little while longer.

Katherine and her husband looked at each other. He asked her, “You gonna cum?” She nodded furiously and panted, “Are you?” The cyborg purred, “Yeah…” The brunette locked lips with her husband and squealed into his mouth as she came violently, squirting again and drenching everything under her. He blew his last load into her and growled into her mouth. Their son bit his lip even harder and hit his own peak, trying his best not to give himself away as he blew his own load. Blood trickled down his chin and he stifled a moan as his cock shot rope after rope of thick, white cum. One strand hit him in the chin. He rode out his orgasm as his knees seemed to buckle under him. Grabbing the wall and cursing under his breath, he waited for his parents to fall asleep, then stuffed his cock back in his boxers, licked the blood and cum off his chin and headed back to his room. 

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