Pounding Powerpuffs

BY : Hide_My_Sins
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Chapter 1: Sex Ed
Characters: Blossom and Boomer
Writer: Hide_My_Sins

Boomer Jojo entered the Townsville Jr. College's liberty with a pleasant smile on his face. He walked down the stair where the tutoring rooms were held, but they had another serves among the students.

In his hand were some papers that he could not wait to show off. He wore  black jean, sneakers, and a navy blue tee-shirt. Nothing big, just stuff that made him feel comfortable.

He went to the last room at the far end, finding his tutor, Blossom Utonium, waiting inside. She had her red hair tied in a ponytail, while wearing a pink vest over a white, button-up blos. A red plaid skirt went down to her knees and covered her nice, large ass, which Boomer loved checking out. Her legs were not so bad as well, wearing long white socks and black clicks.

“Hey teach,” Boomer spoke up, closeing the door behind him.

Blossom turned around, smiling. “Hi Boomer,” She greeted, “how's my favorite student doing?”

“Check it out.” He told her, smirking as he handed over the papers he was holding.

Blossom looked over the paper, smiling. “A B?” She read, before turning her eyes towards Boomer. “Good job.”

Boomer smiled back, as he watched her. “Thanks Blossom.”

Blossom continued to smile, as she walked up to Boomer, swaying her hips. Pressing Boomer against the door, she wrapped her arms around his neck, while he made sure to lock the door. “Someone deserves a reward.” She softly spoke.

Boomer's smile became a smirk, as his arms reached around and grabbed Blossom’s ass.

The two leaned in closer to each other and started making out. Their lips pressing together, while their tongues twisted and danced.

Boomer squeezed her ass harder, causing Blossom to moan into his mouth. Breaking the kiss, Boomer said, “I love your ‘rewards’.”

“I know.” Blossom responded, smiling as she slowly started to get on her knees.

Boomer watched Blossom undo his pants, and then pull them down along with his underwear.

Boomer’s average penis popped out in front of Blossom. She stared at it for a bit, before taking in her left hand and licking the head while stroking it.

Boomer leaned his head back, closed his eyes, and moaned. It always felt good, even after their other times.

He looked down at Blossom, watching her work. She looked back up at him, smiling as she continued licking up, down, and all around him.

“Damn, that feels so good…” Boomer moaned, and Blossom just added to the pleasure by taking it into her mouth to suck on it.

Boomer gasped, resting his hands on the back her head, while she bobbed up and down on him. “Holy crap Blossom…” Boomer said, “Have you been practicing…”

Blossom just giggled, sending viberation into Boomer’s penis. Grabbing his ass, Blossom forced herself to go faster on him with her entire mouth, bumping her head against his pelvis every time.

Blossom knew that Boomer had the “smallest package” when it came to the Jojo boys, but as the old saying went, “big things come in smallest packages.”

“Oh Blossom…” Boomer groaned, trying to hold himself up, while moving Blossom’s head along his penis. “I am about cum. I am goanna cum. I am goanna…”

Blossom felt Boomer blast barrels of hot, cream jizz into her mouth. She tried swallowing it all, but filled her mouth faster than she could get it down her throat. Soon her cheeks started puffing from the ungodly amount coming right out of Boomer’s balls, causing her eyes to popped open and widen in fear and excitement.

“Take it!” Boomer shouted, holding Blossom’s head in place, and not giving a damn if anyone heard him. “Take my seed you smart ass bitch!”

Blossom’s eyes started to roll in the back of her head. There was no way she could hold it any longer, and Boomer’s cum started to spill out of her mouth and onto her top.

It finally ended; Boomer was catching his breath, as he slowly peeled Blossom’s mouth off. He looked down at her glazed glass eyes and white cum covered mouth and clothing, making him proud of his work.

“So much…” Blossom mumbled, showing the enormous about of white jizz that still filled her mouth. Some of it spilled out when she spoke.

“Swallow.” Boomer demanded. Blossom tried to get it all down, but it took her three big gups to so.

With that done, Boomer helped Blossom to her feet. She gathered all cum that was still on her face, and licked ate that as well. They want over to the table, with Boomer stepping out of his pants and boxers. Blossom sat on top of it, smiling at Boomer as they hugged. “You must have been holding that for a long time.” Blossom said.

“Scene last night.” Boomer replied with a smirk, before kissing Blossom once again and pushing her down on the table.

Their tongues wrestled for domination, with Boomer pushing his inside Blossom’s mouth. Boomer could taste tiny bit of his cum in her mouth. Grabbing Blossom’s breast through her shirt, she caused her to moan into his mouth.

Boomer groped and squeezed Blossom’s breast harder, enjoying the sounds and feeling of her moan.

Blossom was doing her best to pleasure Boomer right back. Her hands explored Boomer’s chest and back under his shirt. She had a mental map of his six pack ads, his muscular chest, and his tone back.

The two could have continued making out, but decided to break their kiss to get to the closer to the best part.

Blossom took Boomer shirt off for him, tossing it without a care, while Boomer undid the button on her vest and blos. With those undone, Boomer pulled back to look at Blossom’s white bra hiding her breasts.

With a quick smirk, Boomer pulled the bra off to revile Blossom D-cups for his pleasure. Blossom meanwhile laid there, seemingly posing for Boomer while feasting her eye on Boomer’s chest and ads.

The two quickly returned to making out, with Boomer now able to play with Blossom’s beautiful, naked breasts.

The kiss quickly ended however, as Boomer began traveling downward, first kissing around her jaw line and cheek, and then paying great attention to her neck. While Blossom moaned and groaned, Boomer went further down and started to pay close attention to her tits.

“Oh Boomer…” Blossom moan, running her hands through his golden blonde hair. “That's it Boomer… Mm… Suck on my tits… Lick them good… Oh Boomer…”

Boomer did as Blossom asked, sucking and licking her tits till they were poking out. Boomer decided to go down even farther.

Leaving a trail of kissing down Blossom’s stomach, Boomer reached the edge of her skirt. He had no plans on pull them down, but he reached under to grab Blossom’s panties and slowly plead them off her wet, steamy pussy.

He stared, hypnotized by her wet slit, causing him to lick his lips with hunger.

Blossom leaned up, placing a hand on Boomer’s head. “Go head,” she told him, “You have earned it.”

Smirking, Boomer wasted no time in grabbing Blossom’s ass, and shoving his face under her skirt.

“Oh yes!” Blossom shouted, while throwing her head back from the indent shock of pleasure shooting up her body. She kept one hand on Boomer’s head, and the other played with her breasts. “That is it Boomer! Eat out my cunt! Fuck me with your tongue! Mm… I'm so fucking happy I decided to tutor you and Butch!”

Boomer did not like hearing his brothers’ name when enjoying his ‘meal’. So in responds, he spanked her a little.

“Oh!” Blossom spoke, “Sorry… I won't do it again.”

Boomer continued eating Blossom out. His tounge pushed inside, getting a sweet taste of her hot inner walls, while lapping up the juices that leaked from her.

Blossom kept crying out, throwing her head back and grinding herself against his face. She guessed there were some people near the door wondering what was going on inside. The desire for more made Blossom throw her leg over Boomer’s shoulder to get him deeper in her cunt.

Her body started to shake the longer Boomer went on, signaling that she was closed. “Hurry Boomer…” She pleaded, “I'm so close. Please hurry, I need to cum.”

Boomer heard her pleases, and doubled his efforts to make her cum. Pushing his face deeper cause it to rub against Blossom clitoris. He even groped her ass harder, in the hopes that would do it.

And it did, so Blossom cried out, “Boomer! Boomer! I'm about to cum Boomer!”

Boomer pushed harder, shoving his tongue inside Blossom’s pussy as far as it could go.

“Oh Boomer!” Blossom loudly moaned, “I'm cumming! I'm cumming! I! Am! Cumming!” She snapped orgasming all over Boomer’s face with her juices.

It did not last long, as Blossom calmed down about as fast as she came. Bending her head down to check on Boomer, she could not help giggling at his soaking wet face.

Boomer didn't mind, just licking up whatever his tongue could reach around his lips, and getting the rest by wiping it off with his hand.

“Now for the best part.” Boomer told her, pushing her leg off her shoulder, and getting to his feet.  Face to face, Boomer took hold of her hips, lining himself up with her.

“Oh no,” Blossom told him, blocking his path with her hand. “You haven't earned that yet.” Boomer pouted, gentally being pushed away; before Blossom surprised him by turning around and bending over.

He watched, as Blossom flipped up her skirt to show her big, amazing ass. “But you have earned the right to fuck my ass…” She sexually said with a smile. Her ass was as if someone took two water melons and set them next to each other. With her hands, Blossom spread her asshole for Boomer to get a better view. “Fuck me now.” She demanded.

Boomer was quick to comply. Grabbing hold of Blossom’s butt, he took a moment to line himself up, before ramming his cock up her asshole.

Blossom screamed, as he started fucking her ass. Boomer’s rammed his entire penis up Blossom’s big butt, smacking her wet folds with his sack.

“That's it Boomer!” Blossom shouted out, “Fuck my ass! Fuck it like you own it!” The truth was, Blossom enjoy Boomer’s sack spanking her cunt more then his penis in her ass. That sack was another reason way she had him fucking her ass, and not her cunt.

“Oh Blossom!” Boomer moaned out, bending forward so his chest was on her back.

Blossom felt Boomer’s hands leave her botty and grab her breasts, while also working on leaving his marks on her neck.

“Mm…” Blossom moaned loving the attention he was giving her all over. “That's it Boomer… Make me feel good all over…” With him kissing her neck, rubbing her breasts, fucking her ass, and best of all, smacking her soaking wet pussy with his balls, Blossom wondered how much longer she could hold out.

Boomer loved this reward for his good grades. Blossom gave him better rewards the better his grades got. He would get an A next time, and stuff her cunt. But with how tight and wonder her ass was, he might just settle for being a B student.

They continued on for a while, till Boomer spoke up. “Blossom…” He groaned, than pause for a bit before continuing. “I'm about to cum…”

Blossom turned her head to look over her shoulder at him. “Just hold out for a little bit longer…” She pleaded, feeling her own orgasm ready to pop.

Boomer gridded his teeth, fighting back his balls’ urge to fill up Blossom’s ass with his cum. He continued trusting in and out, battling Blossom’s tight ass.

“Keep going Boomer!” Blossom told him, “I'm almost there!”

He keep fighting, encouraged by her words. With every trust, Boomer could feel himself ready to inject his seed in her.

Blossom’s eyes widen, knowing the time was close at hand. “Hurry Boomer!” She shouted, “I'm about to cum! I'm so close! Just… a… little… more… YES!” She screamed at the top of her lungs, as her pussy release its juices on to Boomer’s balls and the floor. Her mouth was wide open, tongue hanging out, and eyes rolling in the back of her head.

Boomer finally stopped fighting his body, trust his entire penis in her, and let his jizz fire up Blossom’s butthole.

Blossom could not believe all the cum that was filling her ass. ‘Oh god,’ she thought, ‘it's even more than I can handle.’

Boomer’s pistol was firing jizz like a high-pressured firehose. Blossom could feel stomach starting to expand from the ungodly amount that ne was pouring into her. It was completely insane.

For seven full minutes, Boomer continued stuffing Blossom’s ass. It became too much, and started leaking out during the whole thing.

The two lay on the table after it was all over, trying to catch their breath. With the little strength he had left, Boomer pulled himself out.

Blossom quickly moaned, as her body poured out the excess cum that was still inside her. Her belly slowly deflated, pushing out all the white hot jizz it could.

All of Boomer’s cum that fell out collected into a surprisly big pile on the floor. Boomer couldn't believe he had that much inside him.

Blossom weakly got up, turning to look at Boomer, and wobbled over, where he caught her. They held on to each other for a moment, before looking into the other’s eyes and laugh.

“We surtinly made a big mess in here.” Boomer pointed out.

“We sure did.” Blossom agreed with a smile.

“You think we should clean up, and get to studying for the exam?” He asked.

Blossom thought it over, before throwing her arms around Boomer’s neck and kissing him once again. Boomer kissed her back, grabbing her ass, as the two fell to the floor to “study” some more.

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