Sex on the beach part 2

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Sex on the beach part 2

Mumbling as she slowly rose from sleep Sissi groaned as she forced herself to sit up, yawning as she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and looked around realising that it must have been pretty late in the morning as she was the only one in the tent

Well save for Yumi that she only noticed when she heard the Geisha shift behind her making her honestly jump before realizing who it was, looking back as Yumi rolled over to face her in her sleep Sissi was surprised to find her still asleep as she was normally one of the groups early risers

“Hmm, must be sleeping in for once” Sissi commented as Yumi rolled over onto her back revealing her huge breasts and tight little pussy to her, the sight making Sissi bite her lip as her own pussy clenched with growing arousal “maybe a little wakeup call is in order” she breathed as she immediately lied back down on her front between the Geisha’s legs

Gently taking hold of Yumi’s toned thighs Sissi spread them wider before leaning in to slowly run her tongue along the Geisha’s tight little slit, the action making Yumi shudder and moan in her sleep which in turn made Sissi titter against her cunt

Gripping her thighs harder digging her fingers in Sissi then pushed her tongue as deep as she could into Yumi’s pussy, moaning with lust at her sweet tangy taste as Yumi squirmed again in her sleep, slowly rousing as Sissi worked her tongue inside her folds

As Sissi’s tongue delved deeper inside of her Yumi let out a shrill gasp as she suddenly jolted away, her back arching as sheer pleasure coursed through her body “what the…oh god!” she exclaimed as an orgasm rocked her body seemingly out of nowhere as Sissi gently bit down on her clit, the slut humming against her cunt as her body shook and squirmed with ecstasy

Tittering as Yumi’s breathing came out in heavy pants Sissi then slowly kissed her way up the taller girls body, dipping her tongue into her navel making Yumi squirm before running her tongue up between her tits and along her throat until they were finally face to face “well…good morning to you too…” Yumi panted with a tired smile before leaning up to kiss Sissi to which she eagerly accepted, the girls winding their arms around each other as they kissed hungrily

As the girls kissed their breasts squashed together as they ground against each other, creating a delicious friction between them as their clits pressed together sending jolts of pleasure through their bodies

Breaking the kiss Yumi moved her mouth to Sissi’s throat kissing it hard before spanking Sissi hard making the slut squeak at the stinging pleasure from the hit before she moaned as Yumi then rolled her onto her back, pressing her down to keep her in place before taking hold of her right leg draping it over her shoulder so that their cunts could press together

When their cores made contact both girls let out a sharp gasp of pleasure which quickly devolved into heated pants and moans as Yumi rocked her cunt against Sissi’s “ah fuck, god you’re so fucking wet” the Japanese girl moaned as they both steadily soaked the inflatable mattress beneath them

“Mmmm yeah that’s good, fuck me” Sissi moaned back rocking her hips to grind her pussy harder against Yumi’s, the tent soon filling up with the sounds of their moans and gasps until finally they both came together with a joint cry of ecstasy

After a few minutes of relaxing in her orgasm afterglow Sissi decided it was time to get some sun, leaving Yumi to rest in the tent as she made her way outside grabbing a towel and some sunscreen from her bag she had left at the tents opening before going to find herself a good spot

Since the group had the entire beach area to themselves Sissi was spoiled for choice when it came to spots for sunbathing, eventually picking a spot near the rock face that separated their little alcove from the rest of the beach so that she could have some shade later when the sun went behind the rocks

Setting her towel down Sissi then went to work in applying the sunscreen, she came to the beach to get some sun after all, not first degree burns

Humming to herself as she massaged her arms and legs rubbing the lotion into her skin, admiring how she began to glisten in the sunlight before she moved onto her more intimate parts of her body, biting her lip as she rubbed the sunscreen into her breasts letting her hands linger for a few moments longer than needed before moving down to lather her stomach

With her front adequately covered Sissi then came to the age old dilemma of applying the lotion onto her back, able to reach her shoulder blades and lower back but when it came to the rest of her back she couldn’t remotely reach “god damn it” she sighed as she glanced around to see if any of the others were nearby

Luckily for her she quickly caught sight of Corbin sitting nearby enjoying the sun as she was, smiling as waved at him drawing his attention before beckoning him over “hey, can you come help me with something?” she asked him as he approached her “be a dear and do my back?” she then smiled as Corbin happily agreed to which Sissi proceeded to lie down on her front on her towel to allow Corbin to straddle her lower back biting her lip as she felt his cock rest on the base of her spine

Pouring an ample amount of sunscreen onto Sissi’s back Corbin got to work rubbing it into her skin, admiring how silky smooth she felt under him as his strong hands worked the lotion into her back making her moan and hum at the pseudo massage “mmmmm that’s good” the dark haired girl moaned “good boy”

“East with the moans there, you could give a guy the wrong idea” Corbin smirked as every hum and moan from Sissi made his cock twitch against her back “keep this up and you might end up with something else on your back” he added teasingly as he shifted back slightly to press his cock between her ass cheeks

Gasping as she felt him thicken against her tightest hole Sissi responded by shaking her ass around his cock making him groan with arousal “who says I wouldn’t like that?” she purred looking back over her shoulder at him “it’s good for the skin”

Grinning as he caught onto what she wanted Corbin moved his hands down to cup her thick ass cheeks between thrusting between them, his girth teasing her tightest hole as she pushed her ass up to give him a better grip on her “mmm that’s nice, you dirty boy” she moaned as she rested her head on her arms jiggling her ass around his cock to further stimulate him as she gave him a butt job

To Sissi’s delight Corbin only lasted a couple of minutes as she worked her ass against his cock, humming as she felt his cock erupted between her ass cheeks showering her back and hair with his hot thick load “fuck, that’s a good boy, now stick it in my ass” she then instructed gripping her towel and biting her lip to the point of bleeding as Corbin eased his dick into her tightest hole with total ease thanks to the mixture of cum and sunscreen that coated it

Groaning with pleasure as her tight hole constricted his dick Corbin got to work fucking her fat ass, gripping her slender waist as she moved onto her hands and knees so that she could push back against his thrusts “god your ass is always so fucking tight” he grunted as he pushed balls deep inside of her pressing his balls to her dripping cunt

“You know you love it” Sissi moaned back gasping as Corbin then grabbed a rough fistful of her hair dragging her head back with it, the action making her back arch baring her bouncing breasts to the sun as the light made her skin glisten “oh fuck! You know I love it rough!” she then shrieked, her cry of pleasure echoing throughout the beach alcove as she orgasmed hard out of nowhere

As the pair continued to fuck near violently on the beach towel they were unaware that they had inspired an audience, just a few metres away Odd and Sam were roughly going at it on the sand, the couple not even bothering to put a beach towel down after they had emerged from the tent having went in to get their sunglasses and found Corbin fucking Sissi just a few metres away

“That’s it baby, fuck my ass” Sam moaned as she laid on her side with Odd behind her, pleasure coursing through her body as her husband pounded her fat ass whilst she watch Sissi getting the same treatment from Corbin

Crying out as Corbin slammed his dick deeper into her ass Sissi then noticed that they were being watched, smiling dirtily she raised a hand to wave at Sam before her jaw dropped and her eyes rolled back as she felt Corbin cum deep in her ass, warming her insides with his hot seed

Biting her lip as she watched Sissi take Corbin’s load up the ass Sam decided to give Sissi a show back, pushing back against Odd coaxing him onto his back so that she could mount his cock and ride her ass on it reverse cowgirl style giving Corbin and Sissi a full view of her tits and cunt as she bounced her huge ass on Odd’s cock

“God fuck…I love your fucking cock up my ass!” Sam cried out making sure the others could hear her as she rode her husband’s dick with everything she could, orgasming hard in under ten seconds of starting making her head roll back and her body start to shake whilst her hips worked on autopilot, never stopping as if her life depended on it, even when Odd came flooding her ass with his hot cum she still rode him as hard and fast as she could for several minutes more until her legs couldn’t support her any longer collapsing back onto her husband’s chest

Panting heavily with exertion as she enjoyed her post orgasm afterglow Sam looked up as she felt a shadow wash over her finding Sissi standing over her “I’m gonna go have a swim to wash off, want to come with?” she asked offering Sam a hand to which the dark skinned girl took allowing Sissi to pull her to her feet

“Yeah, sounds good” Sam replied with a tired smile “the waters really calm too so how about I show you just how long I can hold my breath for?” she then offered with a teasing tone to her voice making it obvious that she wasn’t suggestion a mere ‘hold your breath’ contest

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