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AN:  I know there are people who don’t like the way some of the characters appear in the movie.  If that’s the case, just imagine them looking like you wish they did, as I do and it should help.  But don’t let that stop you from enjoying this story, hah-hah! 

(Chapter One:  Once Upon a Time, Gaston Was Turned into a Gay Hero)

Once upon a time, in a poor, provincial town in France, there lived a handsome hunter and tavern owner named Gaston.  

Everything was pretty good though not perfect for Gaston until he made a wrong turn in his eternal, romantic pursuit of a beautiful, young girl named Belle.  

This all culminated in a battle with a nightmarish, talking beast over the terraces and roof tops of this beast’s towering, medieval castle.  

After Gaston attacked him, at first, he had the upper hand.  It seemed that it was because the beast was so depressed about Belle having left him that he was too listless to fight which is what any sane woman would’ve done.  

He was a hideous monster for heaven’s sake.  

Sure, Gaston locked Belle away in the attic of her house with her father, so she couldn’t get back to him but he knew what was best for her.  

Belle was meant to be with him because he was the real hero of this story not this ugly creature, vomited up from the bowels of hell, itself.  

But then the winds of luck started blowing towards the beast once he caught sight of Belle, below.  

His energy came rushing back to Gaston’s dismay and Gaston soon found his neck being clasped by the beast as he held him over the ledge of the castle terrace.  

Gaston thought he was doomed.  He was actually afraid.  But thankfully his pleas for mercy swayed the monster to hurl him back over the terrace as he released him.  

Gaston helplessly watched as the beast leaped up parts of the castle to get to Belle who was now a few terraces up, waiting for him.  

A blistering rage started to well up within him.  How dare Belle choose that creature over him?  His dagger glinted in his mind.  He was starting to plot before he forgot that the beast had knocked it over the castle terrace.  

Realizing he had no other way to stop him, he reluctantly accepted his defeat before slinking back into the castle.  

He eventually found himself trudging down a road back to his village.  He was beyond feeling despair.  He felt numb.  

Then something peculiar happened.  

He saw a receding shadow on the ground.  

He looked up and saw the foreboding darkness of the sky retreating in a supernatural way.  

He also glanced around him and beheld the menacing, shadowy quality of everything else disappearing, only to be replaced by bright and vivid color.  

He kept drifting along as he started to ponder why everything had changed.  

He wondered if maybe it had something to do with the beast.  His mind became stuck right there.  

He tried to push past that point but the wall in his head just got thicker and thicker.  

Suddenly, he felt himself crashing into something and before he knew it, he found himself on the ground.  

He peered ahead and gasped at what he saw before he jumped back to his feet.  

“Wh-what are you?” he said in shock.  

The being on the ground stared up at him, as if annoyed.  

“What does it look like I am?” the being who Gaston assumed was a ‘he’ sarcastically said.  

It was easy for Gaston to figure out the being’s sex but he still needed to reflect on what else he could be based on the rest of his strange appearance.  

Well, he had otherworldly white hair that fell somewhat past the middle of his back.  He had ethereally blue eyes that almost seemed like they were glowing.  

He wore fantastical looking, silver attire which included metal pauldron armor, fitted breeches, leaf patterns and ornately designed boots.  

Though on the ground, he looked like if he stood up, he’d be around Gaston’s height which was pretty tall.  

But most important of all, he had pointy ears.  

“Are you a—high elf?”  

The being gave him a curious look.  

“How’d you guess so easily?  Usually humans say I’m a leprechaun or faerie or demon or goblin before they say that,” he said, his voice a smooth, elegant baritone.  

“I thought faeries and elves were the same thing?”  

“Does it look like I have wings, to you?”  

Gaston blinked at him.  

“Well.  No.  But actually, at first I was gonna say you were a demon since I don’t believe in magical beings.”  

The male’s brows creased at that, as if offended.  

He leaped to his feet before he pointed at him in a threatening way.  

“How dare you think that I’m-I’m...a demon?  I’m an elf for crying out loud and not just any elf, the most powerful elf in this region!  No one disgraces Sersel by addressing him in such a manner and gets away with it!”  

As Gaston watched him in alarm, he took a few steps back.  

“You’re?  The same Sersel that my mama told me to pray I never encountered in the forest for he cursed anyone who was unfortunate enough to do so?”  

The being made an elaborate gesture with his hand and slightly bowed as he humorously smiled.  

“Glad to make your acquaintance,” he said.  

Gaston stared at him, stunned as he trembled before he remembered who he himself, was.  

He straightened up.  Pushed out his barrel-like chest.  Put his fists on his hips.  Spread his feet apart. 

“Well, you might be the mightiest elf in the land but I am the greatest hunter who has ever lived!  Nothing stands a chance against Gaston!” he said in his usual bombastic tone.  

The being watched him with amusement for so long, Gaston started to display a beaming, uncomfortable smile.  

The being stood up and dusted himself off.  

Then he just stared at Gaston some more, this time with a more neutral expression.  

Gaston’s eyes began to uneasily and comically shift.  

The being abruptly swiped his hand through the air.  

Gaston quailed as his valiant facade disintegrated, for the second time that day.  

Sersel bursted into laughter.  

Gaston stared at him in confusion as he remained in a cowered position.  

As the being kept laughing, Gaston inwardly cursed himself as he straightened back up.  

“Not so mighty after all, are we?” the being mocked.  

Gaston grimaced to himself in frustration at having appeared weak.  

“Listen.  The truth is I don’t care much if you believe in elves or not.  In fact, it’s better for us, if humans don’t.  But elves despise humans.  Or at least we’re supposed to,” Sersel chuckled in a laid-back way, “My reputation will be on the line, if I don’t curse you.”  

Gaston’s eyes grew large.  

His hands shot up.  

“B-but, wait!  Please don’t!  I’ve already just went through hell, fighting this terrible beast and having the woman I love stolen from me by him!  I’ve already been through enough!”  

Gaston gulped as he searched for something else to say.  

“There’s g-gotta be something I can do to convince you to change your mind!  I’ll do anything!  Please!  Have mercy!  I beg of you!”  

Sersel mischievously smirked and pinched his chin as he took in Gaston’s muscular frame in a way that made the hunter feel uneasy.  

“Well—maybe you can do something—” Sersel said with a suggestive darkness in his eyes.  

Gaston’s nose crinkled.  

“I’m not into men,” he said.  

A nefarious smile that contradicted his celestial appearance, flashed onto Sersel’s face.  

“That’s because I haven’t cursed you, yet.”  

Sersel’s hand sprung up.  

Gaston started to cower, again.  

“Pl-please!  Okay, I take it back!  I love men, man!  Like really!  If you want to be my girl, just say the words and it’s done!”  

Sersel appeared indignant, his knuckles on his waist.  

“What makes you think that ‘I’ would be the girl, in the relationship, huh?  Of course, you would think such a thing considering what a conceited, chauvinist brute you are, Gaston.”  

One of Gaston’s manly brows quirked up.  

“Wait.  How do you know my name?”  

“All the elves in this realm, know your name, Gaston—along with your bloodlust for the suffering and death of all the living creatures around you.” 

“But I’m a hunter!  Surely, you don’t fault me for that!”  

“No.  You’re an ignorant barbarian.  Have fun in your new life, Gaston.”  

“My new wha—?”

An energy flashed from Sersel’s hand.  

“Wait—!” Gaston howled.  


Gaston’s eyes flutter open before he finds himself lying in a bed.  

He remains motionless for a moment.  Something feels off but he can’t figure out what.  The room that he’s in feels familiar yet foreign.  

But why would it feel foreign when he’s been sleeping in it for the past year, now?  

He notices that the towering curtains before him are parted and large, glass doors are open, leading out to a castle terrace vaulted by a menacing, grey sky.  

As he notices the howling draft blowing into the room, he realizes that his face feels chilly.  

Then he realizes that what feels like an arm, is wrapped around his waist.  

He wiggles a little and hears a tenor voice blissfully groaning before the arm pulls him closer.  

His eyes bulge from his sockets like balloons as he feels a strange bulge against his as—derrière (hon-hon).  

He turns around before he’s confronted by closed eyes and a smiling face.  

He yelps and leaps out of the bed.  

It’s at that point that he gets a fuller picture of who he was just sleeping with.  

Close up, the face seemed like it belonged to a female because of the fullness and brightness of their lips.  

But now he’s seeing a male with orangish-red, flaming hair and blue eyes, staring at him in confusion.  

He’s not the only one.  

Gaston perceives the chill hugging his upper body before his vision flies down and he beholds his rippling abs along with other stiff, barren parts of himself.  

His eyes shoot back up.  

“Gaston!  Darling!  Are you okay!” the male says.  

He stares at him for a moment as if lost before his brows crinkle.  

“Adam!” he says.  

Gaston chuckles, his nervousness evident in his voice.  

“I’m fine!”  

His eyes shift.  

“I think—”

The male who Gaston referred to as ‘Adam’ smiles at him, in a sentimental way.  

“Whatever am I going to do with you?” he says.  

While he goes to close the glass doors, Gaston’s eyes follow him as he realizes that the male has the appearance of a naked Archangel Michael, if he were in a renaissance painting.  

“There!” Adam sings once he’s through.  

He reaches Gaston before wrapping his arms around his waist from behind.  

“Now.  Stop being silly and get back in the bed.  It’s chilly out here,” he says against his ear.  

He releases Gaston before giving his firm, round cheek a hardy smack which causes Gaston to jump.  

Adam uses flint against steel to create a spark and eventually reignite the fireplace.  

By the time he gets back in the bed, Gaston is in it as well while tucked under the covers and appearing somewhat lost and tense.  

Adam cuddles up against him while placing his arm over his stomach.  

Gaston’s breath shivers as Adam starts showering his neck with light, soft kisses.  

Gaston starts wondering why he’s feeling so uneasy about what he’s doing.  

It’s not like they haven’t been together many times before.  At least that’s what he remembers.  Yet, he still feels like this whole situation is so unnatural for him.  

A strange memory flashes through his mind of a hideous beast dangling him over the same castle terrace that’s outside of the room he’s in.  

He shudders.  

Another memory floats into his mind.  

It is a memory of the face of the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen.  A woman named Belle.  

But he’s not attracted to women.  

He’s always only been attracted to men.  

Belle is his best friend.  He’s never seen her as anything more than that, so why these weird feelings for her, all of a sudden?  

He remembers that Adam used to be The Beast.  He remembers plenty other things as well.  But this memory of him being dangled over the terrace by him, doesn’t match up with his other memories.  

“Adam?” Gaston says.  

With the other male’s eyes now closed as he keeps cuddling against him, he opens them.  

“Yes, Gaston?” he answers.  

“I know this might sound strange.  But can you please remind me of how we ended up together?”  

Adam watches him with a disbelieving smirk.  

He chuckles.  

“Okaaay,” he says, his tone revealing how peculiar he thinks the whole thing is but he obliges him, anyway.  

He begins by telling him how they fell in love the moment they first laid eyes on each other as children when Prince Adam’s father The King, visited Gaston’s town with little Adam in tow but that they didn’t realize it, until much later.  

He says that when he was twenty-one, he was transformed into a hideous, sleeping beast and everyone in his castle were transformed into inanimate household objects by a powerful and vengeful elf because he stole a magical elf berry from The Enchanted Forest to heal the sick son of one of his female servants.  

The elf also placed a fearsome dragon at the castle to keep anyone from getting to Adam to break the spell which could only be broken with a kiss of true love.  

His father had been away when this happened and was not going to be returning for the next few months.  

However, right before the elf cast the curse, Adam sent his pet Leera—a type of miniature dragon that can fly at supernatural speeds—away with a magical, sentient and self-writing scroll to give to his father, telling him what happened.  

When Adam’s father found out, he remembered that Gaston along with Belle were a part of a long line of humans known as Dragon Hunters and in fact, they were the last of their kind.  

So, he hired them both to bring down the dragon guarding the castle and free his son.  

When they arrived, together, Gaston and Belle easily defeated the dragon.  

Gaston did so with the combination of his enchanted sword, enchanted shield, agility, cleverness and other skills.  

Belle did so by using her intelligence and the magical energy that she can shoot from her hands to back him up, near a tree so that Gaston could jump on top of him and stab him with his sword which caused him to disintegrate into nothing.  

Once they were inside of the castle, they eventually found The Beast entombed in a glass coffin.  

Belle had long been in love with Prince Adam and Gaston knew this because she’d constantly babbled on and on about their secret excursions, together, after she accidentally ran into Adam near the woods, one day.  

Gaston and Adam had also started entertaining each other’s company but they both had convinced themselves that it was just for friendly reasons and it wasn’t as surreptitious as Adam and Belle’s times together.  

Gaston and Belle also knew that the spell could only be broken with a kiss of true love.  

So, Gaston coaxed Belle into trying to wake him with her kiss.  

But despite her outward show of apprehension, he recognized that deep down, Belle was desperate to finally authenticate the love that she knew was shared between them.  

Once Belle pushed her rosy lips against The Beast’s very large bottom lip, she remained there.  And remained.  And remained.  Until finally she pulled away.  

Gaston could tell by the miserable look on her face that her heart was crushed that her kiss hadn’t awakened him.  

Belle could’ve used that moment to become consumed with her own grief and devastation but instead, she followed the voice whispering inside of her despite how outlandish what it was telling her, had seemed.  

She convinced Gaston that maybe the kiss Adam really needed was that of a true friend’s and that he should attempt to break the curse with his kiss.  

“What is there to lose besides him simply not waking up?” she concluded.  

Gaston felt a terror rumbling within himself like thunder, at the thought of doing that.  Should he kiss him on the cheek or on the lips?  

It was then that as his eyes fluttered and his body shuddered, his heart revealed to him his true feelings for Adam.  But did he really want to end up like Prince Eric and Prince Ali?  

Everyone in The Enchanted Realm knew that Prince Adam’s father had been urging him to marry and take the throne and everyone knew what happened after someone was awoken by an enchanted kiss.  

Just like what had happened to Prince Eric when he had broken the curse cast upon Aladdin aka Prince Ali by Jafar with a kiss, Gaston would end up betrothed and then married to Prince Adam.  

But was he ready for that?  

His heart said ‘Yes.’  His mind said ‘No.’  

In the end, he went with his heart.  

He didn’t realize until his lips were colliding with Adam’s, just how much and how long he’d yearned to kiss him.  His lips felt like soft, fluffy pillows.  

When Adam’s eyes fluttered open and he sighed Gaston’s name with hazy awe and joy in his eyes, that’s when Gaston realized that Adam felt the same way he did.  

Gaston didn’t fault Belle for not attending their wedding nuptials.  He’d imagined that if he were living another life where he’d been a much more dark and ruthless person, he probably would’ve done worse than that.  

Thank goodness that in this life, he’s a ‘hero’—albeit a same-sex loving one.  

While now over Adam, he smiles at him before giving him a slow, gentle kiss on his lips.  

“I’m sorry about how I was just acting.  I don’t know what got into me.  I just needed you to remind me of who I am because my brain was playing tricks on me for some reason,” he says after the kiss. 

Adam tenderly smiles back at him.  

“It’s alright, honey.  I understand.  Brains do strange things, sometimes.”  

Just then, the doors to the terrace open.  

Both of their eyes fly towards the sound the doors make.  

“Belle!” Gaston gasps.  

He swiftly moves off Adam.  

They stare at her stunned, as she meets them.  

Gaston’s gaze awkwardly shifts as he holds the covers close to his chest as if he’s a delicate princess.  

“Belle!  Wh-what are you doing here?” he says.  

He notices the anxious look in her eyes as her eyes frantically glance around, as if she’s worried someone could come to get her, at any moment.  

Her demeanor makes Adam and Gaston appear even more frightened than they already are.  

“I-I’m sorry, Gaston to interrupt you guys—”

She averts her eyes from them while appearing embarrassed.  

“I don’t have much time.  You’re not supposed to be here,” She looks at Adam, “None of us are.  An evil and powerful elf—”

“A wh-what!” Adam asks with dread in his tone.  

“A malevolent, sorcerer elf named Sersel—”

A memory of being confronted by a being by that name, in a forest, flashes through Gaston’s mind.  

His head rattles.  

“Oh no.  Don’t tell me he’s up to no good, again,” Adam says.  

Belle watches him.  

“Y-you know who he is?” she says.  

“Of course, I do!  He’s the one that cast the curse on me before Gaston broke it.”  

Belle looks down as if wounded.  

Adam’s eyes flash wide.  

“Nuh-nuh-no!  B-Belle, that’s not what I meant!  Of course, you both helped break the curse!”  

His laugh reveals his uneasiness and guilt.  

With her eyes tucked away from them, she sighs.  

“Yeah.  Of course, we did,” she says, her voice laden with sarcasm.  

“Listen.  I just need to talk to Gaston, anyway.  I could care less about you, however.  How dare you not remember who you were and marry him, of all people in this fake place?”  

Both their eyes squint at her.  

“Wh-what do you mean, Belle?” Gaston says.  

Her eyes shoot towards him and the rage in her eyes hits him like a lightning bolt.  

“Sersel created this reality and placed you in it to curse you for being a terrible person in your real life.  Unfortunately, he brought The Beast and I along with you.  I retained my memories from my former life while having my memories from this one as well, although I’m not sure that was Sersel’s intentions.  But both of you did not.”  

Her eyes fall on one of Gaston’s hands which is protectively resting on Adam’s thigh.  

They then slide away, her face revealing how repulsed, flabbergasted and hurt she feels by the sight of it.  

Gaston appears disconcerted as his vision drifts sideways.  

“I’m not admitting I believe you.  But how do you know all of this?”  

“Before he brought us all here, Adam was cursed as The Beast.  I broke the curse with a kiss of true love.  You ended up fighting him over me and he defeated you right before the spell was broken.  Then not long after that, Adam and I found the enchanted mirror on the floor, in his bedroom.  We gazed into it to find out where you’d gone.  We saw the confrontation you had with Sersel in the forest along with him cursing you.” 

They both stare at her with stunned expressions as she goes on.  

“Also, in this life, he revealed himself to me shortly after you and Adam came together and I ran away with him and secretly became his partner out of anger and heartbreak, over you two.  That’s why you haven’t seen me, since then.”  

Adam points at something on her.  

“What’s that on your wrist, Belle?  It’s absolutely ravishing,” he says as if he’s a female aristocrat obsessed with the latest fashions.  

She looks down.  


She wraps her other hand around what he pointed at before attempting to twist it around.  

“This is a bracelet Sersel gave me as a gift to suppress my magic,” she weakly says.  

Gaston releases a silent laugh.  

“Well, if we ever have a baby shower and he decides to invite himself, tell him we don’t need any more gifts, especially double-edged ones like that.  And her outfit is different, too.  Breeches and boots look ravishing on you, Belle.”  

Belle appears exasperated and flummoxed.  

“This isn’t the time to banter about fashion, you guys!  Did you not hear a word, I just said!  This reality is an illusion!  It’s not real!  You and Adam will never be having a baby shower!”  

They both appear taken-aback by that last statement, in the flamboyant way a fop would.  

“If you were yourself, Gaston, you’d punch this you in the jaw and vomit for days at the thought that another you, is into anything other than women!  In our world, you were in love with me, not The Beas—!”

With a thunderous sound and a flash, a being appears in the room.  

Belle spins around as Adam and Gaston fix their eyes on him.  

“S-Sersel!” Belle gasps while appearing visibly shaken and terrified.  

“Speaking of the devil,” Adam mumbles as he looks down.  

Gaston growls.  

“You filthy snake!  Get out of here!”  

Belle titters.  

“That’s the Gaston I remember!” she says.  

Her eyes shoot in Sersel’s direction.  

“You’re too late!  I already told them the truth!”  

A fiendish smirk creeps onto Sersel’s face.  

“Whatever do you mean, Belle?” he says.  

Belle glares at him.  

“Don’t pretend to be oblivious Sersel.  You know exactly what I mean.  You cursed Gaston and threw him into this awful, fake existence.  You brought Adam and myself to this place along with him.”  

With his arms crossed against his broad, hard chest, he menacingly and darkly laughs.  

“Well, even if that were true Belle—and it’s not—do you honestly believe that your newfound knowledge will actually help you, in any way?  You’re simply behaving like this because,” He looks at Adam, “you still aren’t over this pathetic, weak excuse for a human.”  

Sersel makes a gesture with his arms and hands, in emphasis of his body.  

“Tall.  Muscular.  A handsome face.  A deep, baritone voice.  A powerful elf of the highest order.  What more could you wish for?”  

“You may be more powerful than I, Sersel but you’re still an extremely evil, demented individual!” Adam says, interrupting his bloviating.  

Sersel creates another wicked, deep throated laugh.  

He puts his hand against his chest.  

“Me?  Evil?  Perhaps you should rethink that assertion, Prince Adam.  I only cursed you because you stole something of immense value to me from my lands.  I was only acting in self-defense.  However, you were seizing something that didn’t belong to you.  Who’s the true evil individual, here, then?  Seems as if you may need to take a good, long, hard look in the mirror, my spoiled, self-entitled little Prince.”  

“I did it to save a dying child and prevent a loving mother’s grief.”  

“You should’ve found another way to accomplish that instead of trespassing on land that wasn’t yours and pouring salt on the wound by stealing from it, as well.”  

Adam appears infuriated, his body trembling as he glares at him.  

“I bet Belle’s telling the truth!  I bet you really did curse us and place us in this horrible place where you have full control over us!  Tell me!  What did I do to you in my other life to deserve this fate by your hand, huh!  You were only supposed to punish Gaston!  But you punished two innocents along with him!  What’s your rebuttal to that, huh!”  

Sersel whips his face away with his arms still folded as he huffs.  

“This is ridiculous.  I didn’t come here to argue about this foolishness.  I came here to get my wife who has been exceptionally stressed out, as of late which is why her mind insists on concocting these outlandish lies that I have done things, I simply have not.”  

Belle appears outraged and astonished.  

“I am not!  Making this up, Sersel and you know it!  I’m not crazy!  I know this place isn’t real!  I may not be able to prove it, right now!  But I will, eventually!”  

“And then what, Belle!  You’re going to demand I turn them both back into rainbow colored, fairy dust crapping unicorns and send them back to this supposed other reality that they roamed with all of their rainbow colored, sunlight eating, book reading, castle building sisters and brothers, hm!”  

Adam and Gaston snicker.  

Belle hears them and her wounded eyes swing back to them.  

“You’re on Sersel’s side?” she says.  

Both their eyes fly up to her before they frantically shake their heads ‘No’ with apologetic grins on their faces while insisting they aren’t on his side and that they weren’t laughing at her, just the joke.  

Belle stares at them with an incredulous, sullen look on her face.  

Their eyes guiltily wither.  

She turns back to Sersel who now appears quite vexed.  

“My patience is wearing thin.  Get over here, wife.  Now,” he commands.  

Belle rebelliously glares at him.  

“I’m not your wife, Sersel!  My heart belongs to Adam!  I don’t care what kind of spell you have him under!”  

She points to him.  

“That man over there, is not the real Adam!  You can’t keep us trapped here, forever!  You will never make me love you!  Never!”  

With a bloodcurdling fury in his eyes, Sersel’s arm and hand shoots out as if he’s clasping an invisible neck.  

Then an unseen force causes Belle to be yanked towards him at a frightening speed.  

His large, elegant hand ends up squeezing her small, fragile neck.  

Gaston and Adam stiffen up like dogs ready to attack.  

As Belle releases choking sounds, Sersel’s grip tightens and the bones in her neck make a crunching noise.  

“Belle!” Gaston exclaims as he perks up.  

Right then, with Belle’s face trembling and grimacing with her heartbreak and fear, tears start streaming down her cheeks.  

Gaston finally is unable to hold back anymore and he leaps up and rushes towards Sersel.  

Sersel’s other arm and outstretched hand, flies up before an invisible force hurls Gaston against a wall with him grunting in pain.  

Gaston comes crashing back towards the ground, seconds later.  

As Belle’s voice continues to create choking and wheezing sounds, Sersel begins to coldly taunt her. 

“Who’s in control, human?  Next time, you shall think twice before defying the great elf, Sersel.”  

His fingers snap open.  

Belle’s body drops like dead weight onto the floor and then while keeled over, she starts holding her neck and violently wheezing and gasping, for air.  

Adam lifts his head as if he’s about to spit.  

“Bastard!  Why are you doing this to us!” he shouts as his infuriated, grimacing face quakes.  

But his trembling body reveals the terror overwhelming him.  

It makes sense that he would be afraid since he’s been cursed in this reality by Sersel before.  

Sersel’s icy stare flashes from Belle to Adam.  

He gives him a malevolent smirk.  

“Because I can,” he cruelly tells him.  

He combs his fingers through his flowing locks before they fall back against his back and shoulders like a virginal maiden’s hair would.  

While on the floor on his stomach, Gaston helplessly looks on as does Adam as Sersel starts dramatically swirling his arm in the air.  

A lavender smoke starts to encircle him and Belle and it grows higher and higher while moving in a swirling pattern, until it’s enveloping and concealing them both.  

Once it clears, they have both disappeared.  


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