The Worst Nightmare

BY : Tickler1991
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Chris's POV:

Over the summer my family went to Universal Studios, and we had loads and loads of fun there. We stayed at Universal two two days, and while there, Irma and I bonded more than we ever did.


I arrived at Sheffield Institute at 8:00 A.M. Sheffield Institute is a dual middle school and high school that goes from 5th grade to 12th grade. For my first class, I had had Social Studies with Mr. Collins.


Right after history, we had art class. In art class, the teacher discussed the necessary materials needed for the class and what was the plan for the day.


When I was, 8 Irma told me that she and her friends Will, Taranee, Cornelia, and Hay Lin are Guardians.


She told me that the duty of Guardians is to protect the universe from evil.


After art, I had 5th-grade math with Mrs. Rudolph where we went over the topics we went over last school year such as the number line and adding and subtracting decimals. I love math with Mrs. Rudolph so much, as she makes it very fun and easy to solve math problems and the formulas stay in my head!


Because it was the first day of school, it was the day to get our height and weight checked. After Math, we went to get our height and weight checked. I was asked to take off my shirt and pants to make sure the results of the weighing were the most accurate.  Once only in underwear and socks, I got on the scale. My weight was 60 LBS, which was very low for my height and my age. The nurse then asked me to stand against the wall, and put my heels against the wall, and keep my head straight so she could check my height. My height came out to 55 inches, or 4 feet 10 inches tall. My Body Mass Index, on the chart came out to only 12.5, which for my age, was about 10 lbs underweight, which for my age and height, was pretty significant.


After having my height and weight checked, I went to the cafeteria.


Then, I got in line to get my lunch. Once I got my lunch, I was not very hungry so, I only got a grilled cheese sandwich, and a bottle of juicy-juice apple juice. I sat down next to Lillian Hale, and she was upset about one of her teachers mistreating her.

"So, did you hear about what Mrs. Thompson is having me do?!" Lillian asked.


"Lillian, what is it?", I asked her.


Lillian told me while rolling her eyes, "Mrs. Thompson is having me write a 10-page essay on why I should not talk out in class, but I never talked out! God, she is such a fucking retard!"  


"How did that happen?" I asked her.


She told me, "Well, it all started when Megan the girl behind me decided to chat with Monica and Ashley, and guess what?! Do you know who Mrs. Thomson called to the board, me?! I told her it was not me, but still, that idiot is making me write this fucking ten-page essay and to top it all off, but I talked back to her, trying to prove it was not me, I got a two-hour detention after school!"


I then asked her, "Did you do anything about it after she gave you the detention?"


She told me, "My mom has arranged a meeting with the principal and Mrs. Thomson."


After I finished talking with Lillian and having lunch I had P.E. with my dad who was the school's coach. After P.E., we got dismissed. I was waiting for the H-20 bus at the bus station. Once the bus came, my fellow students and I showed our Heatherfield student bus passes to the driver, which meant to school days we were allowed to take the bus and subway for free to get to and from school.

Once I got to the 110 TH street station, I transferred to the Heatherfield outbound midtown express, (which was the name of the line) which took me to the last stop, away from the city center, which was only one block away from my house. The walk from the subway station to the house only took two minutes, and I didn't even have to cross the street, just walk around the corner. The police station my dad worked at was also right in front of the subway station, and also took my dad only two minutes to walk there. My dad has never, ever been late to work, since he lives on practically the same street as his job.


After school, I went to soccer practice where we played for about an hour before I went home.

Once I got home, and did my homework I got on my first day of class, and all of my chores, I played about an hour on my PS2 playing Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, which was Irma's my game that we both played.


Irma got the game new last year in 2006, but the game came out in 2004. Irma was now a junior at Sheffield Institute, but we did not have class at the same time, but we saw each other sometimes and said hi to one-another.


Irma is a tomboy.  She loves having wrestling and tickle-fights with me often. Because, I am so small and skinny, she beats me and makes me submit every time.

When I came home from school, Irma surprised me by jumping me and wrestling me to the ground. She took my shoes and my knee length socks off, and she began to tickle the soles of my feet with her fingers, and licking them as well! 

Irma tickled me until I passed out. Once I regained consciousness, I realized that I was spread-eagled tied to my bed, nearly completely naked, in only my underwear.


Irma told me, "Chris now that you lost so badly to me as punishment I will do anything I want to your skinny little body!"


"No, Irma, anything but that, please anything but that!!!" I mock begged in despair.  

Then she said, "Just for that pathetic excuse to get out of your punishment, I will make it that much worse. Now young Chris, You will die."

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