Ditching gym with Zim

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Ditching gym with Zim


Growling under her breath as she stormed out of the collij gymnasium Gaz took off down the hallway to get as far away from her gym coach as she could, the purple haired girl cursing the fact that she had chosen gym as an extra-curricular class after her father had mentioned that she should exercise more

When she had signed up for it she had expected to get a female gym coach like she had in skool but it seemed that she had gotten the worst luck in picking that class as her class had a male gym coach and one that was easily not cut out for the job, the guy being an easy 300lbs and could barely run thirty feet before stopping to catch his breath as well

The guy was a major pervert as well to just add the extra layer of frosting on the shit cake that was gym class and he had picked her to be his ‘favourite’, constantly taking advantage of her too tight gym uniform making her run more laps than the other girls as well as perform sit ups and push ups for him under the guise of ‘showing the other girls how it’s done’ when really he was just blatantly ogling how her tits and ass bounced with every movement she made

The final straw however was when he had held her back after the class was over demanding fifty jumping jacks from her whilst he ‘checked his texts’ obviously setting up the recording feature on his phone prompting Gaz to outright kick him in the crotch and storm out of the gymnasium

Hearing the fatasses footsteps echoing down the hallway after her Gaz made a sharp turn down an adjacent hallway, yeah she could have easily turned around and beaten several different kinds of shit out of him but she wasn’t eager to risk expulsion over it, ducking into the nearest supplies closet to hide as she heard his heavy breathing and footstep lumber passed

As the gym coach passed by the closet Gaz became aware that she wasn’t the only one in the cramped space, feeling a familiar firm almost shell-like skinned presence in the dark closet “Zim”

“Gaz-human” Zim’s voice immediately spoke back confirming her suspicions

“Zim, why the hell are you in here?” the Goth girl asked despite the fact that she was hiding as well “are you skipping class again? Wait, isn’t it gym period for you as well?” she inquired as the Irken had taken gym as extra-curricular like she had done, mainly because his Alien anatomy made him much more physically fit than the average human making gym class an easy grade for him

A low annoyed growl came from the Irken’s throat as he was reminded of why he was hiding “Zim’s gym teacher is…very invasive about Zim’s pak”

“He was demanding you remove it again wasn’t he?”

“Insolent earth monkey doesn’t know what he speaks of” the Irken hissed as the memory of his gym coach outright screaming in his face to remove his ‘backpack’ and when of course Zim told him once again that it couldn’t be removed the coach made a grab for him to remove it himself forcing Zim to send him across the room before making a mad dash for it

Gaz scoffed and rolled her eyes at the thought of Zim’s gym coach trying to rip his Pak from his back, as funny as the thought of the look on the coach’s face if he had managed to remove Zim’s pak only for the Irken to drop dead ten minutes later was Gaz had grown fairly fond of the Alien over the years to the point that she was genuinely happy for his company at times “so how long have you been hiding in here?”

“Zim is unsure” the Alien admitted as it had been the beginning of his gym period when he had taken off and he had no way of telling the time in the closet “Zim thinks he is still searching for Zim” he added before stiffening when he heard footsteps outside the closet confirming his suspicions that his gym coach hadn’t given up the search yet

Sighing as she realised that they still had a ways to go before they could possibly leave the closet safely Gaz then truly noticed how physically close she was with Zim, the tiny space around them forcing them to almost press up against each other and she was able to feel Zim’s breath upon her forehead, the Goth girl enjoying the feeling on her skin as from the subtle touching of her breasts against his abdomen let her feel just how smooth and almost hard Zim’s skin was under his shirt, almost like a insects chassis covering his body

“Well it looks like we’re gonna be in here for a while I think we should do something to pass the time” the Goth girl suggested with a sultry smirk which Zim nearly lost in the darkness of the closet until he felt her finger run down from his chest to his groin bringing a broad grin to his face

“You play a risky game Gaz-human, can Zim trust you to not give away our location?” the Irken grinned, his segmented teeth borderline glistening in the darkness as he heard Gaz shuffling around feeling her slide down to her knees

“I’m more worried about you staying quiet while I suck the life out of you through your dick” the Goth slut smirked back as she pulled up her top to free her huge tits, pressing them against Zim’s thighs as her hands went to his waistline, yanking his shorts down in one brisk motion smiling wider as his cock sprang free slapping her in the face

“There you are” the Goth slut husked feeling her cunt ache with need already as she wrapped both hands around his fat cock, her amber eyes nearly glowing in the dark as she looked up at him before running her tongue around his broad cock head making them both shudder “fucking delicious” she breathed before shooting her head forward to deepthroat him to the base in one smooth action

“Yesssss” Zim hissed as he rested his head back against the wall, resting one taloned hand on her head as the other reached down to grope one of her tits, the sharp tips of his fingers digging into the supple flesh making Gaz moan and hum around his shaft as she nuzzled her face against his hairless groin, staring up at him with total lust as her hands then went to his ass drawing him deeper down her neck

Holding him down for roughly twenty seconds Gaz then pulled away letting Zim’s cock rest against her face as she panted for air “don’t think I’m going to do all the work here” she growled lustfully beating his cock against her tongue “I want you to put your tongue to work as well” she demanded as she then stood back up and shimmied her shorts down her thick thighs baring her tight little cunt and huge bouncy ass

Now naked from the waist down Gaz proceeded to show off her gymnastic skill before performing a hand stand in the tiny space, leaning against the wall as she moved until her face was level with Zim’s cock and her cunt was near his face, the Irken quickly getting the message as he took hold of her waist and snaked his long segmented tongue out to tease her dripping slit “mmm that’s the idea” Gaz moaned as she then eagerly took his cock back into her mouth and throat

Groaning as Gaz began to furiously pump her head along his cock Zim delved his tongue deep into her sweet tangy cunt, his long thin segmented tongue digging deep into her hole easily finding her g-spot and attacking it mercilessly making her moan and shudder against him as she nuzzled her nose to his balls, burying her face in them as her tongue worked his cock

Forcing his tongue in harder Zim had Gaz orgasming in under a minute, the purple haired girl screaming with pleasure around his cock as his girth thankfully muffled her, moving a hand to cup the back of her head again pressing her face harder to his groin as he bucked his hips to fuck her throat, her face steadily turning red from lack of air but she honestly couldn’t care less, his cock tasting too good to let out of her drooling mouth letting her saliva run down her face into her hair

After another few minutes Zim reached his climax whilst his tongue brought Gaz to two more climaxes in the same amount of time, burying his cock down her throat he unloaded hard forcing her to swallow his load making her gag and choke, her cheeks swelling up even more as the remaining cum filled her mouth to the point that it overflowed her lips running down her face and into her purple locks

Uncaring as to how she looked as Zim released her allowing her to shift back onto her feet Gaz simply turned around pressing her tits to the wall as she looked back at Zim “fuck my ass, now” she husked pressing her thick ass back against the Alien’s cock as he eagerly complied, his taloned hands resting on her shoulders as he pulled back as far as he could before thrusting forward as hard as he could forcing a good two thirds of his monster cock straight into Gaz’s tightest hole

Biting her lip to stifle her scream of pleasure as she felt her insides stretch and reshape around Zim’s cock Gaz braced her hands against the wall as the Irken started to pound into her ass as hard as he could “fuck that’s it…fuck that ass…fucking break me!” she moaned and grunted angling her hips to try and push back against him

Burying his cock deeper Zim then moved a hand around to clamp it over Gaz’s mouth “if little Gaz does not stay quiet she will draw unwanted attention” he hissed as his cock made her stomach bulge slightly as well as her eyes to roll back as her body shook with orgasm again, the Goth slut wanting nothing more than to scream, to tell him that she didn’t care if anyone found them but Zim did have a point, if her coach found her in such a position it would only give him more of what he wanted and there was no way she was giving him that satisfaction

As another orgasm hit her hard Gaz bit down on Zim’s finger nearly drawing blood as he hissed at the slight pain in her action, his cock erupting deep in her ass flooding her insides with his hot green cum making her bite his finger harder to suppress her moan of pleasure “mmmpphhh, zassit, deeeppp” she mumbled against his digit as he unloaded his cum inside of her

Holding himself in place for over a minute as he relished the feeling of his climax Zim then slowly pulled out of Gaz’s tight hole making her mewl and purr at the feeling of it “holy shit, I think that was our hottest fuck yet, you’re improving” the Goth grinned back at him as she reluctantly pulled her gym shorts back up whilst Zim fixed his pants “hopefully those two assholes have given up by now”

Slowly opening the door to peek out Gaz smirked as she found the hallways deserted “ok I’m gonna make a run for it” she told the Irken looking back at him “I have gym again tomorrow so meet here same time?” she then grinned making it obvious to the Irken that it was more an instruction than a request as she then left the closet closing the door behind her

Neither of them were gonna pass gym that year

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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