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Disclaimer: Gravity Falls is property of Disney. This is a parody and I'm not making any money by writing this story.

Chapter 1: Prelude

Warning: Safe chapter. It's the introduction.

It was a sunny day at the beginning of the summer vacations. The twins had been living in Gravity Falls with their parents in their own house, courtesy of the Northwests, ever since their fateful summer four years ago. Dipper and Pacifica began a friendship that summer which, by the end of it, their friendship became a young romantic relationship. In addition, Mabel's multiple attempts to be friends with the heiress bore their fruits and the two girls became best friends. Now, Dipper, Mabel and Pacifica were just a few months from being seventeen years old at the end of that summer vacations, and they couldn't be any happier.

Dipper, Mabel and Pacifica were testing the new hole they had added to their own personal mini-golf court they had built themselves years ago in the backyard of the Mystery Shack. Whenever they were bored at school, the two girls made use of their artistic abilities to design new holes ideas in a notebook, and when Dipper, who was who built them later, gave the sketches his approval, they got to work.

"Alright." Dipper stood up and dusted his shorts. "It's ready. Give it a try."

The hole wasn't a complicated one. It had rained a few days ago, and they had made use of a small mound of grass and dirt that was surrounded by a puddle of mud for their hole. Firstly, there were several Stan Bobbleheads forming a trail. Then there was a small cardboard bridge over the puddle, and finally the hole rested on top of the small islet-looking hill.

Mabel dropped her red golf ball at the start of the hole and stood next to it.

"Do the hip wiggle and eh!"

She swung her golf club and hit the ball. The red ball bumped strategically into the bobbleheads, ran over the cardboard bridge and stopped a mere inch from scoring a hole in one.

"That was awesome, Mabel! You almost beat the hole in your first try!" Dipper praised his sister's skills at mini-golf, and wondered how she had failed trigonometry at school while she was so proficient in mini-golf.

"If you think that was good, wait until you see a professional, Dork." Pacifica smiled smugly and put on a white glove on her right hand.

Mabel bowed at her with a hint of mockery and stepped aside to let the heiress stand at the start of the hole. Pacifica stuck her tongue out at the brunette and both girls giggled.

After they had buried their rivalry years ago and found out how many things they had in common, Mabel and Pacifica had become practically sisters. They designed clothes together, Mabel doing sweaters and Pacifica dresses, they loved the same boy bands, the heiress had an especial appreciation for whatever the brunette cooked and, of course, they enjoyed playing mini-golf together.

Dipper stared at their interactions with a happy smile. The first thing that had worried him years ago when he had begun dating Pacifica was how Mabel would react. Mabel, however, took it all but badly. The cheerful brunette bounced at the idea of her brother having his first romance and tried to help in any possible way, getting the couple into some embarrassing situations rather than helping them in more than one occasion, but they eventually got used to it and enjoyed her fun and weirdness, forming a most unusual trio of friends.

Pacifica dropped her purple ball and stood next to it with her eyes closed in concentration. Dipper's eyes examined her form in fascination, beginning on her long blonde hair that reached her hips, and continuing to her purple polo shirt with the Northwest monogram on the right side of her chest. He stopped there for a second, admiring how the fabric clung to her mounds and gave her chest a most entrancing sight. His eyes continued downwards to her white mini-skirt, following it to her bare knees and ending on her socks. Dipper’s mind came up with the image of Pacifica wearing only those socks and he blushed red as he pushed those thoughts away. His favorite moment was about to happen, so he raised his gaze up to her closed eyes and awaited.

Pacifica opened her eyes, the heavy purple eyeshadow making room for her deep blue eyes that always made Dipper's heart skip a beat whenever she fixed them on his hazel ones, and she swung her club to hit her purple golf ball. The hit was aggressive, but skilled, making the ball pass through the course easily, hit Mabel's golf ball, pushing it into the puddle, and then entering into the hole.

"How was that?" She raised an eyebrow at Dipper and he smiled nervously at her blue-eyed gaze.

"That was—"

"That was mean, sis-sis!” Mabel protested as she poked Pacifica on the chest. “Did you really have to push my ball into the mud?"

"Hey, those things happen." She shrugged and smiled mischievously. "It was an accident."

"Dipper?” She sought the support of her brother. “What do you think as the judge? Wasn't that illegal?"

"Um..." Dipper flipped the pages of his notepad where he had a record of what they could and couldn't do. "Let's see... It's not a Stan shot... and it didn't break any windows so... Nope. Sorry, Mabel. The only way that could’ve been illegal according to what is written here is if Gompers had taken Pacifica's ball into its mouth and then spit it against yours." He closed the notepad.

"Oh, that was a great day." Mabel giggled happily at the memories.

"That really happened?" Pacifica stared at both twins with an amused expression.

"Yeah. It was the first time I was about to get a hole in one.” Dipper explained. “Sadly, the goat decided otherwise." He shrugged and chuckled at the memories too.

"You guys are weird." She giggled and went for her ball.

The heiress measured the distance over the puddle between the small islet and where they were standing. She in no way was going to stain her designer shoes with mud, but her pride forbid her from asking for help either. Pacifica took a little run and jumped over the puddle, landing on her feet and palms on the small islet. She rose to her feet and winked at them playfully.

Mabel clapped her hands in admiration while Dipper gawked stupidly. When Pacifica had jumped, Dipper had got a glimpse of her purple cotton panties under her waving skirt and he was now in consequence picturing wonderful images in his mind, each and every one of them making his cheeks burn.

"I saw it too.” Mabel nudged his brother playfully after noticing the increasing blush on his cheeks. “Pacifica surely likes purple!" She giggled and waggled her eyebrows.

Dipper’s face flushed crimson red at being caught staring and coughed a few times nervously. He noticed how Pacifica had her golf ball already, but she was hesitating to jump back.

"Pacifica, do you need help?" He walked up to the edge and offered his hand.

"No, it's just..." She bit her bottom lip.

Pacifica realized she had made a fatal mistake. She could easily jump the gap with a little run-up, but there was no room in the small islet for her to take that little run. Her pride, however, kept demanding her not to ask for help.

"I can do it on my own, alright?" She snapped.

"Sure, I didn't say you couldn't." Dipper raised his hands in a defensive gesture and took a step back to let her do the jump.

The heiress stood on the edge and prepared to jump.

"Wait, wait!" Mabel interrupted her. "Can you pick my ball now that you are there? It fell near your feet in the mud."

Pacifica raised an eyebrow and looked first at the mud, then at her own hands and then at Mabel.

"I'll buy you a new one." She concluded without thinking it twice.

"Thanks, sis-sis!" Mabel chirped happily.

Pacifica prepared herself to jump. She crouched on the edge and then thrust herself in the air with the help of her legs, landing right on the other side's edge. She smiled smugly too soon, since she lost her balance and waved her arms in the air in desperate tries to at least fall forwards into the grass.

"Ah! Dipper!" She yelped and Dipper gave a stride forwards in an attempt to catch her.

The heiress reached for the collar of his vest and pulled from it, making Dipper lose his balance too, and both of them fell into the puddle with a splash. Mabel gasped worriedly for a second, and then she burst into laughter at the couple and fell to roll on the ground.

Pacifica sat up in the puddle next to Dipper with a dumbfounded face. Her hair, her polo, her skirt and, most importantly, her designer shoes, were all covered in mud. Dipper rolled onto his back and sat up next to her. He was way worse. Dipper's complete front side was covered in mud, from his feet to his bangs.

Pacifica would have been mad if someone had pulled her into a puddle of mud, even if it was accidentally, but she knew Dipper couldn’t be mad at her. The heiress raised her hands to his face and wiped the mud off it to reveal an amused smile and a pair of hazel eyes staring at her. The eyes that had decided to trust her four years ago in the Northwest Annual Fest, and the eyes that were always warm and tender with her. In these last four years of relationship, the boy next to her had shown her a whole new world of experiences. Pacifica had met gnomes, manotaurs and all kind of weird creatures. She had experienced magic, explored caves and discovered ruins. She had even learned cryptograms and outsmarted Dipper a couple of times when they had to decipher something. But, most importantly, she had fallen completely in love with Dipper Pines.

Although that didn’t keep her from making fun of him now and then for old times' sake.

"Nice catch." Pacifica teased him playfully while wiping the mud off her forearms.

"Nice jump." He teased back.

Dipper stood up and offered her a hand. Since her pride was now covered in mud, Pacifica gladly accepted it. He raised her to her feet in a single pull. The heiress lost her balance for a second and leaned her hands on his chest. She touched it through his red t-shirt. It was dirty and wet, but she also felt it hard and warm.

"Sorry for dragging you into the mud." Pacifica muttered as she stroked his chest with her hands. Apologizing was not her thing.

"It's alright." Dipper murmured and pushed a lock of blonde hair out of her face, brushing her cheek with the back of his hand in the process. Among the smell of wet grass and mud, he could still catch her distinctive lilacs perfume coming from her long blonde hair which intoxicated him pleasantly.

Pacifica saw his face blushing slightly and thought he looked cute. She gave him one of her small smiles she knew Dipper loved so much. Then, she closed her eyes and parted her lips slightly, a gesture he also knew very well. Dipper's mud covered hand reached behind her head to pull her closer and kissed her upper lips very softly, letting her taste his bottom lip. Next, he kissed her lower lip in the same way, feeling how she shivered in his arms in expectation. Having the desired effect with his teasing, Dipper finally tilted his head and brought her into a passionate kiss as he pulled her into a hug.

Pacifica hummed softly and gave herself completely to the kiss. She loved him for the exciting adventures. She loved him for the fun twin sister. She loved him because her father disapproved him, but she above all loved what a great kisser Dipper was.

"Save something for the wedding night, lovebirds!" Mabel yelled at them and giggled.

The couple parted on the spot and blushed. The sex subject was not their favorite. When the topic had arisen years ago, they had concluded on restricting their making outs to kissing on the face and neck, and keep the touching above the waist and out of her breasts. Their opinions however varied in this matter. On one hand, Dipper saw Pacifica as the love of his life and he couldn't wait to deepen their relationship and prove his affection. On the other hand, Pacifica ended up slightly affected after the fateful summer they had when they were twelve, and she wanted to wait until she saw the signal she had dreamed about when they had begun their making outs. Dipper loved her too much to bear seeing the concerned face she always put whenever he addressed the subject, so he stopped asking her and guessed Pacifica would tell him when she was ready.

"Uh... It was a joke, you know?" Mabel added doubtfully, seeing how the couple had grown silent all of the sudden.

Pacifica was snapped out of her thoughts and noticed how Dipper and her were covered in mud and how Mabel was clean. She couldn't help but smile mischievously.

"You wanted your golf ball, didn't you?" The heiress bent over to grab the red golf ball from the mud and then she threw it at the brunette.

The ball flew through the air along with some mud towards Mabel's chest. She skillfully caught the ball in the air but she wasn't so lucky with the mud. Pacifica had hoped to stain Mabel's sweater in mud but, since the mud weighed less, she ended up unintentionally striking the brunette right in the face with it.

"Oh my gosh, Mabel! I genuinely didn't want to do that!" Pacifica gasped in concern.

Mabel wiped the mud off her face and displayed a smile full of malice. The brunette rushed to the puddle and took a handful of mud, splashing it on Pacifica's face as if it were a cake. The heiress yelped in surprise and went for revenge, forgetting completely about her expensive outfit. Dipper shrugged and joined them soon afterwards.

An hour later they looked like they had gone to a spa to have a mud bath. The three teens lay on the grass to rest under the morning sunlight. Where Dipper and Mabel were content with the fun they had just had, Pacifica was looking at her ruined outfit with a sad smile.

"Sorry about the clothes." Dipper was the first to notice her face.

"It's alright... I had fun here." Pacifica perked up slightly and stopped examining her mud covered outfit.

"Next time I can lend you one of my sweaters if you don't want your clothes to get dirty." Mabel suggested with a smile.

"Nah, I'll just get new ones. I'm rich." The heiress shrugged and sat up. "Besides, this polo is so last season. I was gonna get rid of it anyway."

"Dipper could also use some new clothes." Mabel pointed at her brother who was pulling mud out of his vest pockets.

"Huh?" Dipper stopped and examined his outfit. The vest was a total mess, the shorts had mud everywhere and his T-shirt was damped, but it was nothing that couldn’t be washed. "Why? I'll just wash it or take one of the spares."

"C'mon, bro-bro! You have been wearing the same outfit for four years!" Mabel insisted as she sat up.

"Like you!" Dipper countered in complete astonishment. "You still wear a sweater and skirt!"

"It's not the same! I wear a different sweater every week! Besides, I look cute in them." Mabel rolled her eyes at the obvious difference. "You look childish with those shorts. No offense." She quickly added.

"What's wrong with my shorts?" He sat up as well and began examining them as if it were the first time he saw them.

"Nothing, it's just that they don't... fit a sixteen years old guy. Don't you think, Paz?" Mabel looked at the heiress for support.

"Oh, um..." Pacifica bit her lower lip. She knew how self-conscious her boyfriend was, so she tried to measure her words very carefully. "Well... Your outfit kinda gave you a cute look..." Dipper smiled at the compliment. "...four years ago. I'm with Mabel on this one." Pacifica concluded and Dipper frowned.

The boy gave a dumbfounded look at his outfit. He considered it part of his identity, something he had always worn. It had already been hard for him to get rid of his cap a couple years ago since school didn't allow hats in the classroom, and that had only been one article of clothing. Dipper stared at his outfit for a long time, as if it were an old friend he was telling good bye, and groaned.

"Fine. I'll get some new clothes." He agreed with a sigh.

"Yes!" Mabel pumped a fist jubilantly. "Pacifica and I will go with you to the store tomorrow!"

"No way.” Dipper declined the idea sternly. “You'll try to get me into a sweater and Pacifica into a tux. I'll choose my new outfit on my own."

"He caught us." Pacifica whispered into the brunette's ear and both girls giggled.

:: ::

:: ::

The next morning Dipper went to the store while Mabel and Pacifica stayed in the twins' house. The heiress usually went there to have lunch with the twins two or three times a week and then she stayed for the rest of the afternoon playing games with them and, if Mabel had to leave somewhere, making out with Dipper, so she was expectantly waiting to see what kind of afternoon would be that day.

"What do you think Dipper is going to buy?" Mabel asked curiously. "I think he's just going to buy the same clothes in different colors." She giggled.

"If he does that I'll make him return the clothes." Pacifica chuckled. "I'd like... a black leather vest. He'd look very manly."

"And like a bad boy." Mabel added.

"Yeah... It wouldn't fit him, would it?" The heiress asked doubtfully while trying to picture Dipper with a rogue look. She realized she couldn't do it.

"Nah, my brother is too kind for a black leather vest." Mabel discarded the idea.

There was a ring in the kitchen.

"Be right back!" Mabel chirped happily as she stood up and left.

Pacifica had a look around the living room to pass time. Everything brought wonderful memories to her mind. On a shelf there was a picture of her fourteenth birthday. Since her birthday was in late September and the twins' was late August, that year they had delayed their birthday and Pacifica had celebrated hers a little earlier so that they could do it on the same day. The heiress treasured that day among the happiest of her life.

Next to it, there was a picture of Dipper, Mabel and Pacifica with their parents. The Pines father with Mabel's goofy smile and the mother with Dipper's nervous smile were behind the twins, while Preston was directing a mild glare at Dipper as usual and Priscilla was smiling genuinely happy for her daughter, both behind Pacifica. The heiress still couldn't believe everything her father had done to ensure her happiness after they had talked about how miserable she felt when she was twelve. Pacifica knew her father hated her boyfriend, but she also knew his love for her was bigger than that hatred. Preston had hired the twins' father and had rented them this house after all.

Mabel came back with a smoking bowl filled with cookies and Pacifica squealed.

"Do they have chocolate tips!?" Pacifica asked eagerly with a broad smile.

"Yup. Careful, they are freshly baked and very hot." Mabel warned her.

Pacifica grabbed one cookie and blew on it to cool it down. Then she shoved the cookie into her mouth in an almost desperate way, moaning at the pleasurable sweet flavor. In the Northwest Manor there were all kinds of food one could imagine, all but sweet chocolate. The Northwests, or rather Pacifica's parents, preferred bitter chocolate and they were very stern regarding how much sugar their daughter had in her diet, so whenever Mabel made cookies Pacifica always tried to enjoy them as much as possible.

"These are amazing." Pacifica praised her cooking skills as she kept stuffing her face.

"I can put these in a bag if you want to take some home." Mabel suggested happily.

"My father would kill me if he knew how much sugar I eat here." Pacifica declined the idea and ate her third cookie.

"Old Pres-Pres is still with his diet thingy? Last time we had a sleepover in the manor he tried one and said that my cookies were delicious." Mabel commented proudly.

"Did he?” Pacifica gaped at the new information. “So he can eat all the sugar he wants but I can't." She frowned and slumped back into the couch. She grabbed her forth cookie.

"Pacifica, Pacifica... You are getting slow with age." Mabel chuckled and earned a raised eyebrow from the heiress since they were both sixteen. "If he eats but doesn't want you to, you can blackmail him!" She chirped happily.

Pacifica began tapping her chin, a gesture the twins had rubbed off on her.

"You’re speaking of blackmailing my dad, and it’s me who gets slow with age?" She smiled mockingly.

"Hmm… You know, maybe your father is right about this." Mabel had a look inside the bowl to realize with a surprised expression that there were less than half of the original cookies. "You ate most of these and I haven't even touched one yet."

"Oh, sorry." Pacifica blushed slightly in embarrassment and nibbled her seventh cookie more slowly.

A few minutes later they heard a key opening the main door to the house and then they Dipper came in.

"Well, what do you think?"

Dipper had bought a pair of blue jeans and a red flannel shirt with a black undershirt beneath. He spun slowly so that both girls had a good luck at him and then he looked at them nervously.

"Whoa, Dipper! Now you look like a teenager!” Mabel praised the outfit and stood up to have a closer look. “In fact, you look like one of Wendy's brothers!"

"You think so?" Dipper rolled his sleeves up and picked up an umbrella, resting it on his shoulder as if it were an axe. He then made a very clumsy lumberjack posture.

"Sorry, bro-bro. You need to be bulkier to pass for lumberjack." Mabel snickered and poked her brother in the belly.

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever." He chuckled and left the umbrella back in its stand. "What do you say, Pacifica?"

She didn't answer. Pacifica had been gawking stupidly at him ever since he had entered through the door. With the red flannel shirt and jeans, Dipper matched perfectly the image of the dream she had had when they were twelve. That was the sign she had been waiting for. Pacifica knew the moment had come. She wanted to take their physical relationship to the next level.

Mabel noticed how Pacifica was left dumbstruck and waved a hand in front of her face.

"I'd say she likes it." The brunette shrugged and giggled.

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