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by George Glass, with Eh Steve

Summary: Dipper, uncertain about his feelings for Pacifica, is sent on a whirlwind tour of alternate realities where he is dating a different girl in each.

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Chapter 1: Into the Multiverse

With nearly the entire town partying at Northwest Manor, Dipper felt the first tinges of exhaustion starting to cloud his mind.

“Uhh, I think I should get going,” he said to Pacifica. “It’s getting pretty late.”

“Are you sure?” the blonde girl asked.

“Yeah. But it was fun. We should do this again sometime.” Dipper gave her a half-hearted smile.

“Like that would ever happen,” Pacifica made a dismissive sound. “But seriously, Dipper: Thank you. For everything you did tonight.”

“You’re- You’re welcome,” he stammered.

Pacifica leaned in and gave him a hug. “Goodnight, Dipper.”

“Um, ‘night.”

Dipper broke the embrace and made a beeline for the front door, not even bothering to check in with Mabel or any of his friends. Outside, he picked his way around trampled decorative shrubs and passed-out partygoers. He exited the front gate, went a short ways down the road, then turned off the road and into the forest to take a shortcut back to the Mystery Shack.

Feeling alone enough, Dipper let his inner thoughts sound into the night.

“The one night I decide to not worry about the Author, the journals, or the laptop, I get a whole new weird thing to deal with instead. ‘Thank you. For everything.’ What’s that supposed to mean?”

He walked on. “She hugged me. Which was nice and everything, but it’s Pacifica! She said it herself: Next year, everything will be back the way it was. Why should I think that she’ll be any different?”

For several minutes, Dipper walked quietly. His mind raced, trying to figure out whether there was an ulterior motive behind Pacifica’s hug. Even if there wasn’t, even if it was a totally sincere expression of her feelings, could she even be a decent enough human being for him to reciprocate those feelings? He always figured that somewhere, there was a perfect girl for him—someone he would meet one day and they would just click, and everything would work out on its own, without anything needing to be changed, or going wrong.

He stopped. “How am I supposed to find that girl? I don’t even know if my perfect girl exists!”

The already quiet forest fell eerily silent. A pinkish mist started to roll in around Dipper’s ankles. There was an astringent quality to the miasma that, had Dipper been a smoker, he would have recognized as menthol.

“Sweetie,” a hoarse voice called out from beyond the pink cloud, “it’s not that simple.”

Dipper spun, trying to locate the speaker, “Who- who’s there?”

“Aww, you’re scared. I’m not gonna hurt you, hon.” The voice grew nearer to Dipper. A feminine form appeared in faint silhouette. “I’m here to teach you about girls.”

By now, the mysterious figure was beginning to come into focus. From what he could tell, Dipper guessed the speaker was female, and older. “Uh, not to sound rude, but other than being…a girl, I guess…what would you know?”

“What would I know? Let’s just say love is kinda my specialty,” she said, with a chuckle that quickly devolved into a hacking cough.

A scuffed black stiletto was the first thing to materialize fully out of the haze. Taking another step forward, she came fully into view. A tacky, animal-print dress ended about four inches too short of where one would expect a skirt to fall on a woman of her age. The dress had little structure and offered no support for her sagging breasts. She held a cigarette with lipstick stains on the filter matching the too-red hue on her lips, drawing attention to the not-quite-fine lines adorning her face. Her long, wavy, slightly frizzy hair was blonde-ish, with more than a touch of dark roots showing.

Stranger danger was one thing, but strange was pretty much the baseline in Gravity Falls Forest. This went way beyond that. Dipper was sufficiently weirded out.

“Love?!” the boy croaked. “Who said anything about love?”

“Dipper, you asked about finding the perfect girl. So you’re really asking who you should love. And like I said, I know love.”

“But who are you?” Dipper demanded, trying to sound braver than he felt at that moment. “And how do you know my name?”

The woman put a hand on Dipper’s hat. “Okay, take it easy now. No need to get all testy.”

Her touch had a soothing effect. Dipper felt a wave of calm relax his frayed nerves. He noticed that even though she was a smoker, she smelled amazing—like flowers, with a sweet, smoky, musky scent. The fragrance wafted into his nose, working its way into his mind, loosening the taut tangle of his thoughts.

“You smell really pretty,” he said dopily.

She quickly took her hand away. “Sorry, kid. That might have been a little much.”

She blew a ring of smoke in his face. He coughed, but he felt a bit more focused.

“Dipper, I know your name because I’ve been watching you.” He was about to protest, but she cut him off. “I am Aphrodite, the Love Goddess.”

“You wouldn’t happen to, um, know Love God, would you?” Dipper asked, indicating with his arms Love God’s significant girth.

“Yeah,” she said with a hint of exasperation. “He’s my kid. I was young and didn’t make the best choices. But right now, I’m here for you.”

“So you’re going to tell me who the perfect girl for me is?” Dipper’s chest started to swell with hope that something would actually turn out right for him.


Well, this was par for the course. As soon as he had started to get his hopes up, they were dashed, skewered on Aphrodite’s faux-leather stiletto heel.

“What I’m going to do is let you find that out for yourself.”

Dipper was wary of Aphrodite’s roundabout replies. “Wouldn’t that just be the same as if you never showed up at all?”

“Again, no.” She took out another cigarette, pressed it between her lips, and lit it.

“I,” she said, touching her hand to her chest, “am a goddess; therefore, I have power. A lot of it.

“There are other universes, Dipper. Countless other realities where nearly any variation down to the tiniest detail is possible. What I’m proposing is, you find out who your perfect girl is by taking a little trip.”

“A trip? Where?”

“Well,” she had a pensive look that dissolved into a smile, “the best way to put it might be this: I’m going to let you walk in another Dipper’s sneakers for a while.”

Even given the generally elevated level of weirdness associated with Gravity Falls, Dipper felt confused. “How does that work?”

Aphrodite flicked the ash from her cigarette onto the ground. “First, I open a ‘door’ to another reality where another Dipper exists, in a different set of circumstances than yours. Then I put your consciousness into that other Dipper, which’ll let you live his life for a while. Believe me: It’ll help.”

“Um…” Dipper was conflicted. Part of him wanted to jump at the chance to explore another dimension, with the bonus of possibly sorting out some of his mystifying thoughts and feelings regarding love. But another part of him was more than a little worried about the risks.

Perhaps to snap Dipper out of his daze, Aphrodite sent another puff of smoke his way. He coughed, blinked, and looked at her.

“So, you interested?”

The blast of tar and nicotine helped him focus. “Two questions. First, what happens to my body—and, now that I think about it, the other Dipper’s mind—when I’m in the other universe?”

“You and the other Dipper are technically the same person, so you can actually share space in his mind. You’ll be you, but you’ll also be him. So instead of feeling like you were dropped into a strange land, being inside of the other Dipper’s head will help you feel a little more at home. And because the other universes may be a bit…different, you may need the help.”

“You didn’t answer about my body, though.”

“Sorry, it must have slipped my mind. Your physical form will be kept safe in a pocket universe to keep any unsavory characters—like your old friend Bill Cipher—from running off with it.”

The memory of being possessed by Bill was enough to give Dipper chills, and he was relieved to know that it couldn’t happen here. But he remained wary.

“Second question: If I’m in this other universe ‘figuring this out on my own,’ how do I get home?”

Aphrodite smiled. “I’ll be keeping an eye on you. While you’re another Dipper, you won’t be able to see or hear me, but I’ll be around. When the time is right, I can pull you out of there and back into your own body.”

Dipper took a deep breath. Then he stuck out his hand.

“All right,” he said. “You’ve got a deal. Time to learn something about myself.”

Aphrodite flicked her cigarette off into the distance and returned Dipper’s handshake. When she clasped his hand, they were surrounded by a flash of light, and then both of them vanished.

The cigarette butt sparked some leaves into a small fire. Before it could spread, a Manotaur happened by, smothering the tiny blaze with his massive hoof.

*          *          *

Dipper felt strange; streaks of different-colored lights flashed by, but nothing seemed like it had form. Incorporeality was a feeling he would never get used to. He had the sensation that he would feel sick to his stomach if he had one.

“Where are we?” Even though he couldn’t see Aphrodite, he could sense her presence.

“Think of it as a shortcut.” The Love Goddess’ voice sounded far away. “Connecting parallel universes is complicated. It’s not like folding a piece of paper.”

“Oh. So…where are we going first?”

“I’ve given it some thought, and maybe we should start you off with something straightforward.”

“What do you mean by ‘straightforward’?”

“Let’s just say some universes are a bit too weird for the novice traveler like yourself.”

Dipper started to imagine what she might mean, then quickly decided not to. “So who is this Other-Dipper supposed to be with?”

“I’ll let you guess.” Even with the distortion caused by their current method of transportation, Dipper could hear a smile in her voice. “Who’s been running through your head all summer?”

“No way…” Dipper breathed. “Do you mean-?”

“Gotta drop you off now,” Aphrodite interrupted. “Have fun, kiddo!”

Lacking form, Dipper had no sense of direction, but now he had the distinct feeling that he was being dropped from a great height as he screamed, “AHHHHHHHHHH!”

*          *          *

Suddenly, the falling sensation stopped, and Dipper became aware that he had a body again. Which was good, because the front of it was up against something that felt…nice. And it smelled nice, too.

His eyes snapped open. He was in the back of a car—no, a van. Thompson’s van, whose interior was illuminated only by yellowish sodium vapor light that intruded through the windows.

His vision still adjusting to the darkness, Dipper couldn’t easily see the person seated next to him, torso partly pressed against his. But he knew instantly that it was a girl, from the warm softness of her body, which he could feel even through the flannel of her shirt.


“Dipper, you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this,” the girl said.

And now, as she drew even closer to him, he could see the way the yellow light from outside turned orange where it illuminated her bright-red hair. And then he saw the unmistakable wonder that was the lightly freckled face of Wendy Corduroy.

Her lips pursed as she leaned towards Dipper, their mouths getting closer by the moment.

“Oh, boy,” Dipper squeaked.

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