P. F. A. S. (Post-Fusion Attachment Syndrome)

BY : GeorgeGlass
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P. F. A. S. (Post-Fusion Attachment Syndrome)

by George Glass

Summary: The day after their first fusion into Stevonnie, Steven and Connie find that they can’t stand to be apart. As their problem worsens, the Crystal Gems determine that the kids’ organic problem needs an organic solution.

Note: This story takes place the day after the events of the Season 1 episode “Alone Together.” The story contains spoilers for that episode and for “Future Vision.”

- - -

8:03 a.m.

Steven awoke to a familiar, musical sound that his sleep-fogged brain couldn’t quite place. He could only force his eyes about halfway open in the bright morning sunshine, so he half-looked, half-groped for the source of the sound. His hands soon found it—his phone—and clumsily pawed the Answer button.

“H’llo?” he mumbled.


Remembrance hit him like one of Garnet’s gauntlets. The musical tone was the special ringtone he had set for one particular person.

“Connie!” he cried, suddenly wide awake. “Where are you?”

“I’m at home. I just woke up, and I…I suddenly really wanted to call you.”

Steven’s heart leaped. “Can I come over? I wanna see you.”

“No!” Connie exclaimed, and there was a sensation like a long nail being driven through Steven’s chest until she went on, “I’ll ride my bike to your house. See you soon!”


10:17 a.m.

Garnet walked in through the front door. She had been down at the beach, practicing some combat forms while she used her future vision to scan for potential threats. Having found one, she had come back to the house to fetch Amethyst and Pearl to help her deal with it.

Steven and Connie were behind the kitchen counter, the girl skinning kiwis while the boy assembled the blender. Garnet smiled internally, because seeing the two kids together brought to mind their remarkable fusion into Stevonnie the previous day. It had been a huge surprise to everyone, and Pearl was still puzzling over how it was even possible.

Garnet, for her part, couldn’t feel any way but good about it. She was proud of Steven for having accomplished fusion, especially at such an early stage in his training. And she was happy for both Steven and Connie that they had been able to share what Garnet considered to be one of the greatest experiences that Gem life had to offer.

“Good morning, you two,” Garnet said.

“Morning, Garnet!” Steven replied.

“Hi, Garnet,” Connie added.

“We’re making kiwi smoothies!” the boy volunteered.

“Hmm,” Garnet replied.

Despite having lived on Earth for thousands of years, Garnet had never fully understood the human obsession with reformatting their food—altering its temperature, mixing it in various ways, or, as in this case, converting solid into liquid. But it seemed harmless enough, as long as the humans were careful with their food-reformatting tools.

It was this thought that made Garnet notice something unusual in Steven and Connie’s behavior. Even though they were performing separate tasks that did not require physical proximity (and perhaps even made it inadvisable), the two children were side by side, their torsos and legs making the maximum contact possible for two people so positioned.

There was no time to assess their behavior now, though. A gem-creature was going to arise from the ocean floor in approximately seven minutes, and if it wasn’t stopped, it would absorb every last grain of sand on the beach and become a gigantic crystalline creature that, depending on which future came to pass, would look like a crab, a squid, or that quiet boy with the oddly shaped head.

Garnet didn’t mention any of this to Steven. She preferred that he not participate in the battle, where he would be at substantial risk. And she hadn’t yet decided whether he was ready to learn about her future vision.

“See you later,” Garnet said, and went to fetch her two comrades.


1:34 p.m.

Amethyst ambled through the front door, holding a bag of movie-theater popcorn that somebody had thrown away even though there were a whole bunch of perfectly good unpopped kernels at the bottom. They were thickly coated with salt and butter-flavored oily stuff, which made them that much more delicious.

“Hey, Amethyst,” Steven said over the loud crunching sounds the Gem was making as her inhumanly strong teeth demolished the popcorn kernels.

“Oh, hey, Steven,” Amethyst replied, spraying bits of crushed kernel as she spoke. “Connie, you still here?” Then, looking down, she added, “What are you guys doing?”

Steven and Connie were lying on the living room rug—or rather, Steven was lying on it, face down, and Connie was lying crosswise over him, with her stomach on his back. Both looked up from their books.

“Hi, Amethyst,” Connie said. “We were just reading.”

“Uh, is that even comfortable?” Amethyst asked, gesturing at the spot where Connie’s body lay over Steven’s.

“It’s Steven,” the girl said simply, smiling.

Amethyst’s purple brow furrowed. “How come you guys are acting all schmoopy?”

“Wha-? We’re not acting…the thing you said,” Steven replied, a bit defensively.

“Whatever,” Amethyst said. She wasn’t all that interested, anyway; she’d just gotten her hands on the latest season of Ill-Behaved Housewives of Empire City, and she had important binge-watching to do.

“Later, schmoopsters,” she said, and headed for her room.


4:58 p.m.

Pearl warped into the house as she mentally assembled her to-do list for the evening. Her sword collection was due for its monthly polishing, she needed to spend some time on the new classification scheme she was developing for the gem creatures they had caught and bubbled to date, and she wanted to obtain a few more air purifiers for her quarters—the six she already had weren’t quite managing to eradicate the various unpleasant odors that wafted up from Amethyst’s room.

She saw Steven and Connie sitting on the sofa and frowned. Not because she disliked Connie; on the contrary, Pearl thought Connie had been a good influence on the boy—not least by instilling in him a love of reading, something Pearl had never managed to do herself. Although she supposed that perhaps Connie’s childish fantasy novels more readily appealed to the mind of a human youth than did Pearl’s favorite written work, the fourteen-volume Chronicles of Gemkind.

No, her frown arose because Pearl had seen Steven and Connie here in the living room much earlier that day, when Pearl left the house with Garnet and Amethyst to fight the peculiar onion-headed gem monster that had attacked the beach a couple of miles up the shore. Luckily, thanks to Garnet’s forewarning, they had made quick work of the creature and safely bubbled its gem. Pearl had remained behind to clean up the pieces of its acquired sandy carcass while Garnet and Amethyst went about other business.

“Hello again,” Pearl said. “Connie, have you been here all day?”

“Well, no, not…all day,” the girl said, looking a bit cornered. “I mean, I woke up late, and then it took me almost half an hour to ride here on my bike, so…”

“Well,” Pearl said, “I think it’s about time for you to be getting home. Your parents will be expecting you.”

“No!” Steven cried, startling the Gem. “I mean, um, she can’t go yet. We’re in the middle of a game of Go Fish.”

Pearl looked down her long nose at the two children, who were sitting right next to each other, each with one arm around the other’s shoulders. They both held a hand of cards in their free hand.

“Don’t the rules of that game specify that the players not be able to see each other’s cards?” the Gem asked.

“We made up new rules,” Connie explained. Then she turned to Steven, and after glancing at his cards, she said, “Give me your threes, please.”

“Nope,” Steven replied. “You’ve already used both of your Gimme Thats, all four of your Trade Yous, and your one Please, I’ll Be Your Best Friend.”

Connie looked slyly at Steven. “But I haven’t used any of my…”

“Uh-oh,” Steven said.

“…Made You Drop ‘Ems!” Connie finished.

Her free hand dropped her cards on the coffee table, well out of Steven’s reach, then grabbed for the boy’s cards. Steven held them up, trying to keep them away from Connie, but her hand darted under Steven’s arm and began tickling him fiercely.

“No! No!” Steven shouted, laughing and leaning away from her as he struggled to keep his cards out of Connie’s reach despite her tickling fingers. The girl, also laughing, lunged for the cards. She failed to reach them and ended up pushing Steven over with her body. Climbing on top of him, she kept tickling him until his hand opened spasmodically and his cards fell to the floor.

“Ha! Made you drop ‘em!” Connie shouted, snatching up Steven’s dropped cards from the coffee table but making no move to get off the boy.

“Oh, man!” Steven shouted, now crying from laughter. “I can’t believe that rule was my idea!”

The warp pad blazed brightly for a moment, and Garnet appeared, returning from a solo mission. Amethyst emerged from her room almost immediately thereafter.

“Well,” Pearl said, “I think that’s enough horseplay for one day. Connie, you’d best get going; if you’re riding your bike, you’ll want to be sure you arrive home before sundown.”

Connie looked at Pearl with what appeared to be terror. Then she grabbed hold of Steven and buried her face in his chest.

“Please don’t make me go home,” she begged, her voice muffled by Steven’s shirt.

Steven wrapped all four limbs around her and held her tight, like he was afraid she might suddenly be torn away from him.

“Don’t make her leave,” he whimpered. “We promise not to play like horses anymore.”

Pearl’s jeweled brow furrowed. This behavior was puzzling to say the least.

“Connie,” Pearl said, “why are you afraid to go home?”

“Yeah, what’s wrong with your house?” added Amethyst. “You guys have premium cable.”

“She’s not afraid to go home,” said Garnet. “She’s afraid to leave Steven. And Steven’s afraid to let her go.”

Pearl looked at the two children, each holding on to the other like a shipwrecked sailor clinging to the only floating barrel in sight. Then realization struck her, and she smacked herself in the gem on her forehead.

“Of course!” she exclaimed. “This is P.F.A.S.!”

“Um,” Steven said cautiously, “can boys get that?”

“No, it has nothing to do with-” Pearl sputtered, then decided not to go any further in that direction. “It’s Post-Fusion Attachment Syndrome,” she explained. “When two gems fuse for the first time, afterwards there is sometimes a lingering need for closeness.”

“So that’s why they’re so schmoopy!” Amethyst said, grinning. “Awww, it’s pathetic, adorable, and hilarious all at the same time!”

“Amethyst, don’t make fun,” Garnet said.

Pearl looked sharply at the purple Gem. “After your first fusion with me, you followed me around like a lost puppy for an entire morning.”

“Yeah, but,” Amethyst said, eyes darting evasively, “I wasn’t this pitiful.”

“You cried when I wouldn’t let you drink my used bath water.”

Amethyst’s eyes went slightly misty as she sniffed, “I didn’t want to waste good bath water.”

Pearl turned back to the kids and frowned. “But this isn’t normal. Their P.F.A.S. should have worn off hours ago. Instead, it’s getting worse.”

“This is the first time two organic beings have ever fused,” Garnet said. “We don’t know what normal is.”

The big-haired Gem turned to the kids. “Connie, call your parents and tell them we’ve invited you to stay for dinner, and that Steven’s father will drive you home later.” Then, looking at Amethyst and Pearl, she said, “You two come with me,” and led them into the kitchen.

Huddling with her comrades behind the kitchen counter, Pearl whispered, “Garnet, do you have a plan?”

“Maybe they didn’t un-fuse right,” said Amethyst. “We should smoosh them back together and try again.”

“Fusion is what caused this problem in the first place,” Pearl retorted sharply. “Having them fuse again could make it even worse.”

“This is an organic problem,” Garnet said firmly. “It needs an organic solution.”


Connie pressed END on her phone and put the device down on the coffee table. To her extreme relief, her parents had agreed to let her stay for dinner and have Steven’s dad drive her home afterward, even though Connie couldn’t answer her father’s question about whether Mr. Universe’s van had side-curtain airbags.

Almost unconsciously, she snuggled closer to Steven—or tried to, but her side was already pressed as tightly against his as was physically possible. It wasn’t enough; talking about going home had caused a terrible ache in the center of her chest, and only being very close to Steven could even begin to assuage it.

Steven must have been feeling the same way, because just then, she felt him turn toward her, and his arms encircled her.

“Sorry,” the boy said pitifully. “I just…have to.”

Connie didn’t speak; she simply wrapped her arms around Steven and held him as tightly as he was holding her. The ache in her chest diminished.

“This is so much better,” she replied. Then, softly, she added, “Don’t let go.”

“I won’t,” Steven murmured. “I promise.”

The three Gems were in the kitchen, whispering among themselves until Pearl cried, “You can’t be suggesting-” and was cut off by a “Shhhh” from Garnet. Then, after a brief bout of particularly fierce whispering, Pearl left the kitchen and came over to them, the other two Gems behind her.

“Steven, Connie,” she said awkwardly, “we’ve been discussing your…issue…and we believe it is the result of a neurochemical imbalance in your organic brains.”

“Um, okay,” replied Steven, even as Connie wondered where Pearl was going with this.

“We have a…solution…that we think may work,” Pearl continued, her voice becoming more and more hesitant. “It is a human…act that is a bit like fusion…at least, it’s as close to it as most humans can come…and it involves, um, an exchange of fluids.”

“You mean like sharing a soda?” Steven asked. “Because we’re already doing that.” Not releasing his hold on Connie, he nodded toward an open can of orange pop on the coffee table.

Pearl looked to Connie, and the girl saw desperation in the pale Gem’s big eyes. What did Pearl need to tell her and Steven that she was so afraid to say? What was this “exchange of fluids” she was talking about? A blood transfusion? Kissing? Or did she mean-

No way.

“Um, Pearl?” Connie asked. “Are you talking about-” she tried to think of the cleanest, most clinical word possible “-intercourse?”

Pearl’s cheeks turned blue—her version of blushing. “Y- Yes, that’s what I mean.”

“Connie,” Steven asked nervously, “what are you guys talking about?”

Now it was Connie’s turn to blush.

“She means they…they think we should… have sex.”

Steven’s eyes went huge. “Sex? You mean, put the thingy in the…other thingy?”

Connie swallowed. “Uh-huh.”

Amethyst commented from over by the kitchen counter, “You guys are going to share your weird body-goop with each other?” Then, sighing appreciatively, she added, “Humans are so cool. Can we watch?”

“Amethyst,” Pearl said sternly, “sexual intercourse is an intimate act between two people.”

“She’s right,” said Garnet. “Let’s give them some privacy.”

“Aww,” Amethyst whined, but she followed the other Crystal Gems through the door that led to each Gem’s respective room.


Steven, still holding on to Connie as if for dear life, said, “So, um, do you…know how to do this?”

“Well, I- I understand the basic idea,” Connie said nervously, “but…I mean…I always figured I wouldn’t even have to think about this stuff until college!” she blurted. Then, wistfully, she added, “Maybe not even then.”

“Okay,” Steven said, not quite understanding the implications of what Connie had said. “So…what do we need to do?”

Connie’s speech grew even louder, quicker, and higher-pitched as she said, “I- I don’t know exactly what to do! I mean, when people do it for the first time, there’s- there’s supposed to be kissing, and candles, and romantic music, and then we’re supposed to- I- I don’t know! I’m totally unprepared for this! It’s like every nightmare I’ve ever had about taking tests at school!”

Steven hated that Connie was so upset, especially because he was the cause of it. They wouldn’t be in this mess if he hadn’t accidentally fused with her, and that wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t asked Connie to dance with him on the beach.

“It’s- It’s okay,” Steven said, even as he tried to think of a way to make that statement true. “Maybe…maybe we don’t have to do all that stuff. I mean…Pearl said this is an intimate act between two people, right?”

“Yeah,” Connie said. “Steven, where are you going with this?”

“Well, if it’s just between us, then isn’t it up to us to decide what the right way to do it is?”

Connie pulled her head back far enough to look Steven in the eye, and Steven saw the muscles of her face begin to relax just a little.

“You’re right,” she said. “This is about you and me. Alone, together.”

“Yeah,” Steven said, smiling.

Impulsively, Connie kissed him—a light peck on the lips that made Steven giggle. And soon, there was more kissing, and more giggling.


Unbeknownst to Steven and Connie, the other Crystal Gems had not gone to their separate rooms but were lingering in a sort of anteroom that Garnet had created just on the other side of the door. She wanted to linger there for a minute to make sure that the two kids were off to a good start before the three Gems adjourned to the temple.

Garnet’s face didn’t show it, but the tall gem felt twinges of joy as she heard the sounds issuing from the next room.

“What are they doing in there?” Amethyst asked. “It sounds like fun. Can’t we go see?”

“They need their privacy,” Garnet replied firmly. “What they’re doing is…special.”

“Fine,” Amethyst huffed, rolling her eyes. “I’m goin’ to my room.”


Amethyst entered her cavernous chamber beneath the temple—and immediately ran through her piles of valuable junk and hurried to the old drainpipe that led outside, to a point near the water.

Transforming herself into a long, slim purple snake, she slithered quickly down the pipe, out through the grate, and back up to the house. Then, moving as quietly as her eagerness would allow, she slinked up the wooden stairs that led to the front door and slithered over to a spot beneath Steven’s window.

Grinning, she slowly raised her snake-head like a periscope. Then her mouth fell open as she observed the fascinating goings-on inside.

Steven and Connie were standing next to Steven’s bed, repeatedly pressing their lips together. Steven’s shirt was off, and now, Connie’s cheeks turned pink as she whispered something to Steven and then raised her arms. Steven pulled the girl’s blue top up and off, then quickly seized her in his arms again.

Wow, Amethyst thought. She knew that most humans had a weird thing about taking their clothes off in front of one another, so the fact that Steven and Connie were doing it suggested that this moment held great importance. Garnet was right: What they were doing was special.

And then something grabbed Amethyst’s long snake-tail and yanked her away from the window. Surprised, Amethyst reverted back to her human form in mid-air and landed on her butt in front of the one who had yanked her.


“Amethyst!” Pearl hissed, angry that the purple Gem had defied Garnet’s orders so shamelessly. “Garnet told me I’d find you here. What part of ‘Let’s give them some privacy’ didn’t you understand?”

“Um, the ‘let’s’ part, I guess?” Amethyst answered.

Pearl seethed. Amethyst’s casual disregard for chain of command and the social order—or order of any kind—was always a source of annoyance to the white Gem, but right now it was almost infuriating.

“But look,” Amethyst said, turning back to the window. “It’s…sort of amazing.”

Pearl hated herself for it, but she couldn’t resist taking a peek. Taking care not to be too visible, she looked through the window with one eye.

Inside, both Steven and Connie were standing up. This suggested to Pearl that they had not made much progress toward sexual intercourse, which, as Pearl understood it, humans usually did lying down. But then she saw how close they were holding each other as Connie reached down behind Steven and pushed his white briefs down over his hips, letting them fall to the floor. Steven did the same with Connie’s plain gray panties, and then they were both naked.

It wasn’t these actions that interested Pearl so much as they way that Steven and Connie performed them without looking at what they were doing, because they couldn’t take their hands or even their eyes off each other. And the way that they pressed their very different bodies together…Steven’s rounded, pale form against Connie’s angular, dark one…it made Pearl think back to the first time she fused with Rose, which had been her first fusion with any Gem who wasn’t another pearl, and which had been…magical, in every way.

Pearl heard Connie say, “This is kind of embarrassing, huh?”

Steven flushed red as he replied, “Yeah. But at least, when we’re close together like this, we can’t see each other naked.”

Connie smiled at him, and Pearl felt warm inside for some reason.

“You can find the bright side of anything,” Connie said, holding Steven tight.

Mesmerized by the sight, Pearl half-consciously whispered, “They’re so…absorbed in each other.”

From behind her, Pearl heard someone clear her throat. She turned around, and there stood Garnet, who was holding Steven’s inflatable raft for some reason.

“Yeah, I saw this coming,” the cubic-afroed Gem said.

“Garnet,” Pearl whispered, “I’m sorry, I-”

“Come on, you two,” Garnet said quietly, addressing both Pearl and Amethyst. “We’re going on a salvage mission to the wreckage of the Sea Spire. By raft.”

“Um,” whispered Amethyst, “haven’t we salvaged everything from there already?”

“We might have missed something,” Garnet replied simply.

Pearl knew this mission was both a distraction and a punishment. But she also knew that she deserved it, so she would take it like a Gem.


Connie couldn’t remember the last time she had felt so many emotions at once. She was naked in front of a boy for the first time ever, which made her scared and embarrassed, and she was scared of letting go of Steven, too. But the feel of his arms around her and his warm skin pressed against hers was both a pleasure and a relief.

And then there were the other feelings—the ones that, until very recently, she had tried to ignore or suppress whenever they arose. At best, they were a distraction, because she had more important and age-appropriate things to think about than…that. And at worst, they were a source of frustration, because having no friends included having no prospect of a boyfriend. Not that she was old enough to have a boyfriend, anyway.

But now, she was experiencing those feelings in an entirely new context. She wasn’t alone in her room, trying to study or sleep. She was with Steven, her friend. Who was also a boy. Boyfriend? That was too complicated a topic to think about right now. But he was at least…boyfriendly.

The thought made her smile, even as those other feelings bloomed freely within her—the ones that made her face, neck, and chest feel warm, that made her little brown nipples harden, that made her feel hot and wet between her thighs.

Emboldened, she whispered, “Steven…lie down with me.”

The boy blushed again. “Okay.”

Still holding on to Steven, she maneuvered them until they were standing sideways to the bed, each with one outer thigh against the mattress. Then they fell sideways onto it.

“Here,” Connie said, starting to roll onto her back and trying to pull Steven with her. “Get on top of me.”

“Are you sure? I don’t wanna squish you,” Steven replied.

“As far as I know, this is how people usually do it,” Connie said. “And if you’re squishing me, I’ll let you know.”


She and Steven rolled until his naked body was on top of hers. She kept her arms around him.

“Mmm,” Connie said. “You’re not squishing me at all. It’s more like you’re a big, warm blanket.”

“It’s…it’s really nice for me, too,” Steven replied. “Your skin’s so soft…”

He kissed her, and now she could feel his warm, solid thing—his penis, she thought, making herself feel even hotter and wetter down there—against her thighs.

Before, she had been ready to put off losing her virginity for as long as a decade. But now, she felt as though she couldn’t wait even one more minute.



“Put the thingy in the other thingy.”

Steven took a deep breath and said, “Okay.”

He lifted himself up and reached down between their bodies. To Connie, the loss of contact between their torsos was almost physically painful, as she still needed to be as close to Steven as possible, but she knew it was necessary and tried to bear it as best she could.

“Um, Connie?” Steven said as she felt him moving the head of his penis around between her thighs. “I’m not exactly sure where it’s supposed to go.”

“Uh, move it lower,” she replied.


“No, go all the way to the bottom part.”


“Um, no.”

Connie tried not to let frustration get to her. She needed Steven to be in full contact with her again, and more, but she hadn’t considered that he wouldn’t know anything about vaginas. Then again, how would he? He’d been raised and educated by inorganic aliens who probably only knew so much about the facts of human life, let alone what to teach Steven about them.

“Here,” Connie said, reaching down to grasp Steven’s hand with hers. “Let’s both do it.”

She guided him, realizing that even for her, it was a little tricky to find the right spot by feel alone. But she managed it, making the head of Steven’s member settle in the depression of her entrance.

“That’s it,” she said in a whisper. “Now push.”

“Okay,” he whispered back.

Connie had expected it to hurt, and indeed, the stretching sensation as Steven began pushing into her was painful. But she willed herself not to make a sound, because the discomfort was overshadowed by another feeling. That desperate ache in her chest, which had been exacerbated to the point of agony by even the thought of being separated from Steven, was now dying down. And in its place, a new sensation was arising: fulfillment. Fulfillment so strong that it was indistinguishable from joy.


Pushing his thingy into Connie’s thingy had felt absolutely wonderful to Steven, but as he did it, he had seen a flicker of pain on her face.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

Connie wrapped her arms tightly around him. “Better than okay,” she breathed.

And then, as his mind let go of worry, a thought came: A part of him was inside Connie. Inside her.

“Connie,” he whispered, “we’re so close.”

“As close as two people can be,” she whispered back. “It…it feels better than anything.”

Beneath him, she pushed her hips up against his, making his member go fully inside her. Then she lowered her hips again, and he came partway out of her.

“Oh my gosh,” Steven exclaimed. “That feels amazing!”

He started pushing in time with her, making himself go all the way in and then pulling most of the way out before pushing in again. It felt even better than before, and as he looked at Connie’s face, he could tell that she liked it too.

“Steven,” she panted, “it’s like…this is what…we needed…to do…all along…”

“Yeah,” Steven gasped. “This…feels good…every way… something can…feel good…”

“Oh…yes… exactly…” Connie moaned.

Clearly, whatever discomfort Connie had felt before was gone now, which made what they were doing all the more enjoyable for Steven. At the same time, though, he was starting to feel like he needed more. It took him a second to realize what ‘more’ would be.

“Connie,” he breathed, “I…I wanna go faster…Is that okay?”

The look on her face answered his question instantly: Her eyes went big with realization, like going faster was exactly what she wanted, too, but she hadn’t quite figured that out yet.

“Yes!” she replied, her hands gripping Steven’s upper arms as though for extra emphasis.

Steven started pumping faster, and Connie kept time with him. In the back of his mind, Steven had known she would; if their accidental fusion had taught him anything, it was that he and Connie were in perfect sync.

She let go of his arms, grabbed his face, and pulled it down to kiss him. Being inside her made the kiss feel even better than the ones they had shared earlier, and Steven returned it ardently.

If Steven had needed any more proof of Connie’s enthusiasm, he got it when she let go of his face, grabbed hold of his hips, and began pulling him against her, helping him thrust into her.

Wow, Steven thought. She really likes this. She really likes doing this with me. She really likes me.

With that thought in his head, Steven couldn’t help himself—he started thrusting even faster into Connie.

“Oh, Steven!” she cried. She bucked harder against him and pulled at his hips more vigorously.

He felt a sensation beginning to arise inside him. It was kind of like being tickled, but from the inside, and it felt way better than that. And it was building up, stronger and stronger.

“Connie,” he moaned, almost whimpering. “Something’s gonna… I’m gonna…”

“Me too!” the girl cried. “Just keep going!”

Steven couldn’t have done anything but keep going. He thrust into Connie as hard, fast, and deep as possible, and the two of them moaned and gasped and whined and grunted as their passion overtook them.

“Connie!” Steven screamed. “Connie, I’m…Aaaaaaaaaaah!”

He felt as though he were exploding with pleasure, exploding into Connie somehow, and then she was screaming along with him and pulling him as deep into her as he could go and holding him tight against her.

When it was over, Steven rolled off of Connie—and landed on the floor with a thump.

“Are you…okay?” Connie panted.

“Yeah,” Steven gasped. “I forgot…how close…we were…to the edge…of the bed.”

Too tired to get up, Steven simply lay there on the floor, breathing hard, and listening to Connie’s breathing, too.

After a minute, Connie said, “Look, Steven—we’re not even touching, and we’re okay!”

“Freedom!” Steven cried.

“I guess our P.F.A.S. is cured,” Connie said.


Then Connie’s hand appeared, reaching down to him from the edge of the bed. Steven took it.

“Touching you is even nicer when it’s voluntary,” Connie said. Steven chuckled.

Several seconds passed as Steven simply lay there, enjoying the feel of his best friend’s hand in his. Then something—partly an urge, partly an idea—came to him.

“So…” he started.

“Yeah?” Connie replied.

“You wanna do it again?”

“Sure! How about with me on top this time? And…maybe…some other ways after that?”

“Sounds great!” Then Steven thought of something. “So… I’m gonna get up now. And when I do, I’m gonna see you naked. Unless you want me to close my eyes or something.”

“Well, we did just have sex. Seeing each other naked shouldn’t be any big deal.”

Steven got up off the floor and looked at Connie where she lay on the bed. He’d never taken a good, long look at her body before, even when it was clothed, but now, his eyes drank in the sight: the reddish-brown hue of her skin, her slim legs, her flat stomach with its cute, oval-shaped navel, the little dark-brown circles of her nipples, her slender neck, her flowing black hair, and those big, black eyes, so full of intelligence and kindness and everything that was Connie.

“You’re wrong,” Steven said, smiling. “It is a big deal.”

Connie glanced down at Steven’s crotch and smiled back at him. “Big enough,” she said with a giggle.


After almost three hours of paddling and then an hour of searching the underwater wreckage of the Sea Spire, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl used the sunken spire’s pad to warp back to the house—and immediately heard screams. The three Gems instantly summoned their weapons and ran to the source of the screaming: Steven’s bed. They caught only a glimpse of Connie and Steven—Connie on all fours, with Steven kneeling behind her and holding his hips against her bottom—before the two naked youths dived under the covers. Then they sat bolt upright, pulling up the bedsheets to cover themselves.

“What’s going on?” Amethyst shouted. “Why were you screaming? Did something attack you?”

Pearl, eyes darting around the room, cried, “It must be some kind of invisible gem monster!”

“Fan out and find it!” Garnet commanded.

“Wait!” Steven shouted, holding up his palms and inadvertently letting the bedsheet drop, exposing his nakedness. Connie grabbed the edge of the sheet and pulled it back up to cover them both again.

“Nothing was attacking us,” Steven explained. “We were just…finishing.”

“Whoa,” Amethyst exclaimed, “there’s body-goop and screaming? Man, humans are awesome!”

“I see,” Pearl said, clearly a bit unnerved by it all. “So…are you two feeling better?”

Both kids nodded.

“I bet you guys are gonna want to do this all the time now,” Amethyst said with a grin.

“Well…” Connie said blushing.

“…maybe,” Steven finished, equally red.

“Connie,” Garnet said in that tone of hers that was somehow both sober and warm, “do you think you’ll be able to go home now?”

The girl nodded. “Yeah.”

“Good,” the red Gem said.

She sat down on the bed between Steven and Connie. Then she put a hand affectionately on the back of each child’s head.

“I’m glad this was a good experience for the two of you,” she said. “And someday, it will be again.”

Both kids were just turning to look at Garnet with puzzlement when she flicked an index finger against the back of their heads. Both children fell forward, unconscious.

“Garnet!” Pearl exclaimed.

“What’dja do that for?” Amethyst cried.

“They’re not ready for this to be part of their lives yet,” Garnet replied. “Someday, they’ll do it for the first time again. And it will be because they want to, not because they have to. For now, all they’ll remember is spending the day together.”

“Uh,” said Amethyst, “then we’d better clean ‘em up and put their clothes back on before they wake up.”

Pearl looked at the purple Gem with surprise. “Amethyst, that’s…very sensible.”

“This ain’t my first crime scene,” Amethyst replied casually.


After helping Connie put her bike in the back of his van, Greg Universe opened the passenger-side door, and Connie climbed in. Steven and Amethyst had walked Connie down to the van, and Greg overheard their conversation as he went around to the driver’s side.

“G’night, Connie,” Steven said.

“Good night, Steven,” the girl replied warmly.

“Think we could hang out some night this week?”

Connie frowned. “I’ve got a tennis match and a violin recital coming up, so…I’m going to be pretty busy.”

“No big,” Steven replied. “I like to think that your overachieving balances out my underachieving. You know, like with Pearl and Amethyst.”

“Uh, I’m achieving exactly the right amount,” Amethyst retorted halfheartedly.

“Next weekend for sure, though,” Connie went on. “I’ll call you!” Then she shut the car door.

As Steven waved goodbye, Greg started up the van and drove away from the beach house. Connie turned to him.

“Thanks for the ride, Mr. Universe.”

“No problem, Connie,” Greg replied. “It’s good to have a chance to talk to you, actually.”

“Oh. Um, you too.”

After a moment, Greg went on, “You know, Steven is friendly with pretty much everybody. But living with the Gems, and not going to school…all that makes it a little hard for him to make actual friends.”

He cleared his throat. “What I’m saying is, I’m really glad you two are close.”

After a moment, Connie said, “Uh, yeah.”

This answer seemed odd to Greg, and he glanced over at his young passenger. She was deep red from her cheeks all the way down her neck.

“I’m sorry, Connie,” Greg said. “I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

“Oh, no, I’m, I’m not embarrassed,” the girl replied. “I…I don’t know why I turned all red.”

Greg turned on the air conditioning. “Could be that new upholstery cleaner I’m using at the car wash. I should have known that stuff was too cheap not to have something wrong with it.”

“No,” Connie said, “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. Actually, I feel…good. Like…like all is right with the universe.”

Greg chuckled. Then, impulsively, he reached over and ruffled Connie’s hair.

“You’re all right, Connie Maheswaran,” he said.

Then he drove on.

- - -

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