High score

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High score

The loud 8 bit beeping of the arcade machines were music to Odd’s ears as he and Aelita walked into the new 24 hour arcade that had opened in the city, the pair having been restless and unable to sleep so they had decided to meet up and just wander around the streets for a while until they found the new gem of a building

“So these places are for playing video games right?” Aelita asked looking in near confusion at the arcade machines making Odd realise that since most arcades had gone out of business thanks to the creation of home consoles there had been no need to tell her about them

“Yeah, arcades were all over the place before home consoles came out” the blond explained as Aelita walked up to the nearest machine, looking amazed that a machine so large was created for a game so basic, the screen showing a simple 8 bit shooter from twenty years earlier “you can actually buy machines like this to have in your house but they can cost a fortune”

His words seemed to fall upon deaf ears however as Aelita was soon engrossed in the game, the pink haired girl luckily having several coins on her allowing her to pay for the machine and quickly began to find great enjoyment in the simplicity of the game, having spent a decade of her life in a virtual world of perfect 3D there was something extremely charming to her to see a world of 2D sprites that simulated people and objects

Smiling at the sight of her indulging in the gaming habits of old Odd was quick to join her, taking the machine next to her and paying for a game before quickly getting engrossed in the retro gaming session

As an hour passed Aelita and Odd went from machine to machine, the pink haired girl showing almost childish glee at discovering every game challenging Odd to see who could get the highest score in every game to which the blond eagerly accepted easily beating her every time thanks to his years of video game experience

A couple more hours passed into the earlier hours of the morning and the night owl patrons of the arcade began to filter out leaving Aelita and Odd the only ones left in the place save for the guy working at the prize register and the lone security guard, the pair having gone from machine to machine trying out every game they could until they ended up in the far corner of the building where most of the lights didn’t reach, the only light illuminating them was that of the screen as Aelita blasted her way through the pixelated enemies of the final level

With one last button bash Aelita’s eyes lit up as the game’s final boss exploded into pixels bringing a triumphant grin to her lips “too easy!” she declared lying through her teeth as her heart was pounding whilst she typed in the initial FUK

“Seriously Princess, ‘fuck’? What are you nine?” Odd teased her to which Aelita just shrugged and childishly stuck out her tongue as she challenged him to beat her score “alright, you’re on” she smirked inserting a coin to boot the game back up

As Odd got to work on the game Aelita removed her thin jacket revealing her tight tube top underneath, the relatively mild summer night allowing her to dress light going with a thin mini skirt as well leaving her legs bare

In roughly twenty minutes Odd found himself on the final level and effortlessly defeating the final boss with a few hundred points more than Aelita, entering his initials as ODD with a broad grin on his face “and I won, so what do I get?” he asked cheekily waggling his eyebrows

Teasingly licking her top teeth Aelita ran her fingers along the front of his body “you’ll see, just one more game” she told him shaking her ass at him as she bent over the machine again hitting replay, giving him a great view of her bubble ass in her tiny skirt as he stood behind her, the tiny piece of clothing showing a teasing view of her cunt underneath as well

After another fifteen minutes of playing Aelita beat the final boss again but this time doing worse than how she did before coming third on the scoreboard whilst her original score was second “you getting tired Princess? You did better last time” Odd teased her as Aelita simply entered her initials as ME!


Fuck me!

Staring at the screen as he finally clocked on to what Aelita had been hinting towards he then looked down at the pink haired girl to find her looked back over her shoulder expectantly, her hands splayed out on the screen to support herself as she pushed herself up on her toes to present her barely covered cunt and ass to him making the blond smirk “you’re gonna have to be quiet Princess” he growled lustfully making her shudder as he glanced around to make sure the coast was clear

Moaning as she felt her mini skirt get unclipped causing it to fall to the floor leaving her naked from the waist down Aelita just nodded pressing her face to the screen as she heard Odd undo his pants, her fingers running down the machine as she bit back a moan of ecstasy at the feeling of Odd’s cock slowly entering her pussy

“Mmmmm fuck me Odd” the pink haired girl moaned louder as she then felt Odd’s hand on the back of her head, pinning her in place as he took deep quick thrusts into her, aiming to be as quick and quiet as possible as to not raise suspicion towards them

“Damn you’re getting worse Princess, one of these days you’re just gonna strip naked in the middle of the street and beg to be fucked” Odd teased taking hold of one of Aelita’s arms, pulling it back as his other hand went to her top pushing it up to bare her perky breasts

“You fucking love it” Aelita panted back as her breasts bounced from Odd’s pace “I might just get Sam to do that with me” she teased before gasping loudly with pleasure prompting Odd to clamp his hand over her mouth “gonna cum” she whined into his palm, having been edging the entire night from the fact that her holes were nearly bare to the world at all times

Driving into her deeper Odd panted harder as he strove towards his release faster and faster, now pounding into her as he held his hand over her mouth tighter to muffle her moans and cries until they quickly climaxed in unison, Aelita’s toes curling as her shoes fell off as Odd forced his cock as deep as possible so she wouldn’t spill a single drop of his load

Wanting to just stay there to enjoy their post climax aftershocks the pair forced themselves to step back and correct their clothing before quickly hurrying out of the arcade after hearing footsteps approaching, narrowly evading the security before heading back out onto the streets and hurrying towards Odd’s house as it was closer

“Well that was officially the riskiest thing we’ve ever done” Odd commented making Aelita giggle “you think we’re banned now?”

“I don’t know, there wasn’t any security cameras where we were and the security guard didn’t see us so I think we’re fine” the pink haired girl replied winding her arm around Odd’s “want to go back next week and find out? I want to beat my high score”

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