Night of the Bimbo Sisters

BY : Flagg1991
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There is no more dangerous combination than the malignant sociopathy of a toddler and the IQ of a genius. Many times of her short life, Lisa Loud had sacrificed the safety and well-being of her family in the pursuit of science...and sometimes in the pursuit of entertainment. On a blustery October afternoon, as the tepid autumn sunlight drained from the sky and dead leaves danced along Franklin Avenue, Lisa carried the final box of supplies into her room and stacked it against the wall, with the others. From her desk drawer, she took a revolver and slipped it into the front of her pants, hiding it with the hem of her baggy green sweater. The gun was homemade, but virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. You wouldn’t know the difference if you saw it...and you wouldn’t know the difference if she shot you with it.


The gun was a new creation, tailor-made for the experiment she would soon run. She doubted she’d need it, as the sliding metal door she’d installed was meant to survive a direct nuclear strike (she, unfortunately, did not have access to nuclear weapons, and thus had not been able to test it), but if on the off chance any of them got into the room, she had it.


“We’re going to have a lot of fun tonight,” Lisa said, approaching her sister’s crib. Lilly was happily playing with a light up toy. “Are you ready?”




A wicked smile crossed Lisa’s face. “I’m excited too.”


She went out into the hall and glanced at her parents’ room. It was Friday night, and soon, they would emerge, dressed in their finest and ready to hit the town. Before dinner, Lisa slipped them a slow acting sedative. By the time their night was nearly up, they would be too tired to come home and would sleep in the van. Or fall asleep and crash on the way back. Either one. They would not be present for the festivities either way.


Luan, her older sister, came into the hall with her dummy, Mr. Coconuts, practicing one of her inane comedy skits. She was so much like Lilly, blinded by a shiny toy. Lisa grinned as she thought of what would befall the brace-faced comedienne what would befall all of her siblings.

Ah, there was Lincoln now, coming out of his room in his underwear, fresh from finishing a new comic book no doubt. Lisa was especially interested in what would happen to him. As the only boy in the house, he was apt to be the center of attention tonight.


A thrill ran through her. She had been planning this for months, carefully refining her formula and testing it on small animals she bribed Lana into catching for her. When she was sure she had the right stuff, she observed her prey, making notes and imagining how each would react. Lori, as the oldest, was a controlling personality. Lisa imagined her oldest sister would become even more domineering, or perhaps the opposite: Totally submissive. Leni, kind, sweet, gentle Leni, would most likely retain her tenderness. The others were harder to read. Lynn and Luna possessed the capability of becoming aggressive, especially Lynn; Lisa imagined Lynn inclining toward sadism, with possible masochistic tendencies. Lincoln would not be affected. The gas would only affect the girls, sans Lilly and Lisa herself, of course, as they would have their own air supply. It was possible that the...results of the chemical could be passed through close contact, such as biting and kissing. It was in the rodents she tested it on. Finding out was half the fun, though.


Back in her room, Lisa sat before a bank of computers and hacked into the many cameras Luan had installed around the house in her endless quest of “comedy gold.” This made Lisa wonder if her unfunny sister would display voyeuristic leanings tonight, watching with wide, lustful eyes as her siblings tore each other apart.


On the screen, Lisa saw Luna and Lynn in the living room, the former listening to her radio and the latter kicking a soccer ball. In her room, Lucy was reading a novel (Lisa foresaw the little goth finding a taste for blood), and in their room, Lori and Leni was both texting.


Lisa reached into the drawer and brought out a framed black and white picture. It was of Josef Mengele, the notorious Nazi “Angel of Death” who conducted experiments on the Jews at Auschwitz. Lisa knew that Nazi ideology was based on pseudo-science, mysticism, and outright bullshit, but she greatly admired Mengele. He was a man of science who took the opportunity to further his research. After the war, the United States government seized his findings and reaped the benefits, which perturbed Lisa. They were too squeamish to do the work, but they had no qualms about taking and applying the results.


“For science,” she told Mengele. “And myself.”

She thought he would understand. He most likely enjoyed his work the way she enjoyed hers.


On the screen, mom and dad came out of their room and went down the stairs. They were to the door before they yelled out that they were leaving, and then scurried out before they could be stopped.

“Almost time,” Lisa said over her shoulder.


Lori got up from her bed and went into the hall. She was most likely on her way to the living room, where she would camp on the couch until mom and dad returned, ordering her siblings around like servants. Leni followed, happily gabbing about nothing important. Lincoln returned to his room and flopped down on his bed. Lucy did not move.


Lisa waited until the majority of her siblings were gathered in the living room before pushing a button: The metal door slid closed with a whoosh. She got up, went over to the crib, and picked Lilly up, then went back to her chair and sat.


“It’ll affect the older ones first,” Lisa explained. “Lori and Leni are so close in age and sexual maturity that it may happen simultaneously, or may even affect Leni first. Luna and Luan will be next, maybe in minutes, maybe in seconds. Lynn, Lucy, Lola, and Lana will be last. Inside of ten minutes, our sisters should be out of their minds with lust, and poor Lincoln won’t know what hit him.”

She laughed richly. “Nor will anything else, for that matter.”


Lilly made a “gah” sound. “Would you like to do the honors, Lilly?” Lisa held her sister forward and pointed at the big red button next to the keyboard. “Slap it.”


Laughing, Lilly slapped it, and smoke began to fill the living room.

Lisa slapped another button, and all of the windows and exterior doors were sealed.


It was going to be a long night.


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