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Chapter 1:

          Maddie groaned softly and rubbed the back of her neck. She had finally finished cleaning the living room of the bagges home! She could of sworn she heard the little pink dog giggling, but brushed it off as she was just exhausted, “ah, Maddie dear you must be exhausted, you should sit down for a bit!” Maddie turned her head to see Muriel holding a tray of lemonade.

Maddie smiled shyly, “Thank you, Mrs. Bagges! But you didn’t have to go to all the trouble.” Muriel laughed; she always saw Maddie as if she was her own daughter, which gave her a little leeway in taking a breather now and again. Eustace however, “she’s right Muriel! The last thing we need is for you babying her and her slacking off!” He grumbled. “Nonsense, Eustace! The dear girl should take a break, she shouldn’t tire herself out!” Muriel calmly replied.

Before Maddie had a chance to interrupted, the phone in the kitchen started to ring. Muriel set the tray on the table and went to answer it, with Courage following right after; a few awkward minutes passed by as Maddie sat down, not giving a thought to whoever Muriel was talking to; however that changed the moment she heard Courage’s little feet running to her and jumping on her lap, cowering in fear. She worriedly patted his head, “w-what’s the matter, little guy?” All Courage did was curl into a ball and whimpered. Muriel came out of the kitchen with her usual smile, unaware of her dog’s little freak out. “Mrs. Bagge, what’s going on?” Maddie asked, “Oh! My dear nephew is coming over for a visit today; it would be quite lovely if you two meet each other!” she giggled as she sat down in her rocking chair, “M-Mrs. Bagge! You’re not trying to set me up with your own nephew are you?” Maddie asked nervously.

Eustace interjected, “That freak is not stepping one foot into this house!” Something clicked in Maddie’s mind which caused the corner of her mouth to twitch, “F-Freak?” She turned to look at the old man, intrigued in hearing more about his nephew, “the freak’s a barber, a freaky barber, with his own freaky barber shop, where freaky things happ-” His rant was interrupted by a smack on the head with a rolling pin form Muriel, “Where in the hell did she come from!” Maddie thought looking at the couple in shock, “Now that’s enough, Eustace! He’s a very nice boy and can stay as long as he needs!” she looks up at Maddie, “Maddie dear, let’s fix up the guest room! He’ll be here in a few hours!”  Maddie giggled, placed the little pouch on the floor and hopped up, “Sure thing, Mrs. Bagge!”


After a few hours of fixing the room and occasionally calming Courage down, Muriel and Maddie hears a knock at the door, “oh, there he is! Come along Maddie!” Muriel starts heading downstairs with Maddie right behind her. Once they got to the door, Maddie was too busy prying Courage off her leg. She immediately stopped when Muriel opened the door to greet her nephew. Maddie’s eyes were fixated on the man, almost hypnotized by him. “Fred dear! How lovely it is to see you again!” Muriel said cheerfully, she then tugs on Maddie’s hand and pulled her over to meet the taller male, “Fred! This is Madison, the young lady I told you about!”

Maddie smiled shyly at Fred and put her hand up to shake his, “Hello, Fred! It’s good to finally meet you!” Fred grabs her hand and kissed it gently, “Hello, dear Madison. It’s a pleasure to meet you as well.” He replied creepily. Maddie giggled, not really bothered by how creepy he is; Courage however ran to the kitchen and hide under the table. Maddie shook her head and sighed, still trying to figure out why he was so bothered by the man.

The day went on normally: Muriel and Maddie talking to Fred with the occasional complements Fred gave about Maddie’s hair; often times Courage would either cowered next to Muriel or just run off to hide whenever Fred took small glances at him. Eustace would mostly remain quiet or mumble about the other man, most of which were not kind words. Obviously. But Fred would not be bothered by it. He doesn’t seem bothered by a lot of things, Maddie noticed; he always has that huge creepy smile on his face.


The day ended with Muriel, Eustace, and Courage going to their bedroom along with Fred and Maddie going into their respective bedrooms. Fred strips off his suit to put on some comfortable clothes to sleep in, which was just a pair of long green pajama pants. Finally he turns off the lights and onto the bed as he quickly let sleep consume him.

However, a grunt left his lips as he felt something lightly going over his crotch. Pushing it off as just the blankets he continue to get some rest, only to later gasp softly as he felt something go under the waistband of his pants, grabbing hold of his cock and tugging it gently. A giggle fills the now heavy hot air; Fred finally opens his eyes, half asleep but still able to see a female silhouette over him, “M-Madison?” he called out quietly, he tried to move to get a closer look but was quickly pushed back onto the bed; the figure moved a little closer to him. “Did I wake you Fred, silly me.” The figure whispered seductively. Before he could react, a deep moan escapes his lips as he felt the figure roughly grind on his crotch; he could feel the figure’s wetness though her panties; he bit his lip so as to not get louder, however the figure just giggled and went closer to his face; fully reveling Maddie in just her underwear, “Freddy baby, we can’t have that. I gotta hear my boy scream.” Fred gulped, this was not the girl he meet this morning; this Maddie was completely different! He was quickly snapped out of his thoughts as he heard the woman growl in frustration. He gasped once more as he felt her hand wrapped around his neck, his pants and boxers being pulled down. His cock shot out in excitement, pre cum already oozing out, “what do we have here?” She grabbed hold of his cock and started rubbing the tip against her clothed entrance; she licks her lips and kept her eyes on his. Fred’s groaned softly, tugging at the hand on his neck, “w-we can’t. M-Madison; this is quite naughty of you.”

She looks down at the now flustered man, a giggle leaving her lips, “You haven’t seen nothing yet baby.” She pulls down her panties and positions his cock at her entrance, “let’s see how freaky you really are.”  Before Fred could register anything, she shoves his cock right inside her and starts riding him roughly, not giving time to adjust to his size. Fred gritted his teeth and tightly shut his eyes, “M-Madison…please…wait.” He breaths out, Maddie shot down to kiss him, shoving her tongue into his mouth, grinding roughly on his cock. She pulls away and went faster on top of him, her hands now on his tanned chest, “fuck…”

Maddie immediately stops and looked at Fred in shock, Fred opens his eyes and looked up at her. Finally realizing what came out of his mouth, he quickly covered it; his face becoming much redder than normal. He tries to stutter out an apology but his arms were quickly grabbed and pinned onto the bed, “you horny little fuck!” she whispered in his ear. His eyes rolled to the back of his head as she pounds much harder onto him, “M-Madison! Slow down, you’re…you’re gonna make me cum!” His back arched as Maddie grabs hold of his hair, “n-no…don’t…do that.” He breathes out, his hand grip the sheets as he felt her walls tighten around him, she bend lower to Fred’s ear and whispers, “go ahead, baby boy…cause I’m about to cum all over your big throbbing cock!” He couldn’t take it anymore, with one last thrust he shoots his load inside her, moaning her name loudly as she rode though the orgasm until she finally came as well. She falls on top of him as they both pant, trying to catch their breath, “you’re quite an amazing man, Freddy baby,” she giggled softly. “You’re quite amazing yourself…my dear.” He moves closer to kiss her, when he pulls away Fred started to feel sleepy again, Maddie smiles and whispers, “goodnight Fred,” as he falls into slumber once more.


          Fred slowly opens his eyes and looked out the window, realizing that it is the next day he slowly rises up and immediately grabs his head groaning in pain, “W-what happened?” He looked down and went bright red at what he saw, his pants soaked in cum. He quickly tossed the blankets off of him and quietly went towards the bathroom to wash up, luckily everyone is downstairs. As he stood under the shower, he started contemplating what had happen last night; his face went red as he finally figured out what happened.

“O-oh god! Did Miss Ma-Madison and I? No we couldn’t have; she’s too sweet! She would never act like that. I…I would never act like that…would I?

Fred groaned softly trying to convince himself that what happened last night was not real. He gets out of the shower, put his green suit back on and headed downstairs for breakfast; when he gets into the kitchen; his eyes get wider as he saw Maddie helping Muriel set the table. Noting how sweet her face looks compared to the seductive eyes he saw last night. Maddie looks up and smiles happily, “Oh, Mr. Fred you’re finally awake.” She goes up to him and notices his expression, “Fred? Are you all right? You’re sweating a lot.” Fred snaps out of his thoughts and smiled, “I’m…perfectly fine Miss Madison! I supposed that I’m still a bit tired.” He laughs nervously.

Maddie was about to ask another question but was stopped by Courage tugging her away from the strange barber, “What the? Alright Courage, geez. I’ll feed right now okay?” She looks back up to Fred, “Well sit on down before your food gets cold, kay Mr. Fred!” Fred nodded and sat down at the table. Muriel was talking to Fred with the occasional comments from her husband, however Fred was in his own thoughts at the moment; taking quick glances at Maddie and turned away as soon as she either notice or his face becomes hot.

“I supposed I dreamt it…good, but…why would I have such a naughty dream about her? Either way, it was just one time…I doubt it will happen again.”

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