The Loud House After Dark

BY : GeorgeGlass
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Disclaimer: I do not own The Loud House or its characters. I made no money from writing this story. It sure was fun, though.

From the dark upstairs hallway of an ordinary two-story house, we climb the wooden stairs into the attic, then squeeze through a panel into a horizontal ventilation shaft.

It’s a strange place to be on a Friday night. But we are here by invitation. In the dimly lit interior of the duct, we see the lower half of a pale face, the eyes hidden by tarry black hair.

Good evening. I’m Lucy Loud. My brother, Lincoln, has told you a lot about what goes on in the Loud House in the light of day. But tonight, I’m here to show you what happens in

The Loud House After Dark

by George Glass

Lucy, barefoot and clad in a heavy black nightgown, sits cross-legged on the metal floor, which makes her just the right height for the cramped ventilation shaft. Here and there, tiny beams of dim light shine upward from small, circular holes in the floor of the shaft.

It’s Friday night, and exactly eleven o’clock—the witching hour, because we’re on Central time. Mom and Dad are fast asleep, but every one of their kids is wide awake. Although not all of them would admit it. Look down into the hallway, and you’ll see what I mean.

We look down through one of the holes just as Lynn emerges from her bedroom. She is wearing an oversized white-and-blue sports jersey as a nightgown. Seemingly sleepwalking, Lynn holds her arms out in front of her like Frankenstein’s monster, and she leaves the bedroom door open behind her as she turns left and ambles slowly down the hall.

It all started with Lynn. And every Friday night, it still starts with her.

Lynn pushes open the door to Lincoln’s room and enters. The door closes behind her.

On these Friday nights, every movement triggers another. Watch.

The door to Lori and Leni’s room creaks open. Leni sticks her head out. Seeing no one in the hallway, she emerges, wearing an astounding outfit: a sheer black top, under which a lacy black bra is clearly visible; a matching black miniskirt; and high-heeled shoes that are unmistakably stripper-wear. Leni walks gingerly to Luna and Luan’s room and disappears through the door.

Then, at the far end of the hall, the bathroom door opens to reveal a freshly showered Luan, wrapped in a large white towel. She starts back toward her room, but she seems to be walking on tiptoe, trying not to make a sound.

As she passes Lola and Lana’s room, the door opens suddenly. We hear a stifled scream as four small arms pull Luan inside. The door shuts behind her.

The door to Lori and Leni’s room opens again. This time, it is Lori who sticks her head out, sees no one in the hallway, then comes out into the hall. Wearing a fuzzy, light-blue robe, she quietly makes her way down the hall, where she slips into Lisa and Lily’s room.

Moments later, Lori emerges again, with Lily in her arms, wrapped in a pink blanket. Lori whispers baby talk to keep the child quiet as she takes her baby sister back to the older girl’s room.

Lucy clears her throat to get our attention.

That’s​ all we’re going to see in the hallway for now. Let’s take a look at what’s happening in private.

Lucy gets up and moves down the vent shaft. We follow her and look down through a hole near the far end of the shaft, where we see the interior of Lincoln’s room. Lincoln is in bed with his eyes closed, the covers pulled up to his neck. But he is not asleep, judging by the way he moves aside to make room when Lynn lies down next to him.

See what Lynn has on? An oversized baseball jersey. Seems pretty normal for her, right?

But it’s not. On every other night of the week, Lynn wears a T-shirt and shorts to bed. Only on Friday nights does she wear that jersey, which Dad bought her at a game of the Royal Woods Raccoons—a farm-league team that Lynn doesn’t even like. And now, you’ll see why she wears it.

Lynn, lying on top of the covers, seems to shift in her sleep. As her hips scootch downward on the bed, the hem of her jersey hikes up. We see that she is wearing nothing underneath: Even in the dim light, her bare pussy is clearly visible, with the faintest wisp of brown hair just above it.

Now, Lucy beckons us to a different peephole.

Don’t worry—we’ll get back to Lynn and Lincoln soon enough. But first, there are other things you should see.

Through the peephole, we see the interior of Luna’s room, illuminated solely by the funky, ever-changing colored lights of the disco flashlight that Lincoln once gave his rocker sister. The flashlight is currently on Luna’s desk, propped up so that it points at the ceiling.

Luna, wearing her usual short, purple nightgown emblazoned with a skull, looks the lingerie-clad Leni up and down.

“Back in black, huh?” Luna says. Leni just smiles.

Luna hands her sister a pair of Bluetooth headphones and puts on a second pair herself. The young rocker then pulls her plain desk chair out into the middle of the room and sits in it. Leni stands in front of her, tall in her high-heeled shoes, feet apart, waiting.

“Ready?” Luna whispers, a smile on her face.

“Oh, yeah,” Leni replies eagerly.

Luna reaches back to her nightstand, where her portable music player lies, and presses a button. We hear only faintly the music that escapes from their headphones, but we can tell that it is a hard rock song with a steady, pounding beat.

The moment the first note plays, Leni begins to sway her hips to the rhythm. She turns sideways to Luna and sexily undulates her whole body, from her chest with its small breasts to her flat stomach to her ever-so-slightly curved hips. Who knew that the gawky, gangly Leni was capable of such erotic grace?

The ​Loud House is full of secrets. Everyone here has one. And tonight, you will learn them all.

Lucy directs us to a different hole in the duct’s floor, where we look down into the interior of Lola and Lana’s room. Lola, wearing her pink nightgown and her usual black tiara, faces the towel-clad Luan, standing between her and the bedroom door; Lana, in light-blue pajamas and her red ball cap, stands opposite Lola, close behind Luan. We strain to hear the whispered words they exchange.

“Mmm,” Lola says, looking at Luan as though she were a thick slice of ice-cream cake. “All fresh and clean.”

“She looks delicious,” Lana agrees.

Luan’s eyes flick nervously back and forth between the blonde twins. “Come on, you guys,” she pleads. “Do we really have to do this?”

“You know we do,” Lana replies hungrily.

“Now be a good girl and let us,” Lola adds with a scintilla of threat.

Luan opens her mouth to speak again, but she utters only a tiny squeak as Lana suddenly grabs the edge of Luan’s towel and yanks it off her older sister’s body, leaving Luan stark naked. We now can see every detail of her body: the gentle swells of her just-beginning breasts, her light-brown nipples, her stomach with its perfectly circular navel, and her pink slit—which, surprisingly, is entirely hairless.

“Mmm, good girl,” Lola says, licking her lips. “You shaved, just like we told you to.”

Luan whimpers with embarrassment.

Lola and Lana. Everyone talks about how different they are. But have you ever thought that maybe they seem a little too different? Like they’re trying to be different?

And that’s the first secret you’ll learn tonight: that deep down, these “very different” twins aren’t different at all.

Now, let’s see what’s happening in Lisa’s room.

We move to another peephole and look down just in time to see Lisa slide out of bed, wearing her glasses and her usual green pajamas.

Lisa goes to her dresser and opens the bottom drawer. From beneath stacks of folded sweaters and turtlenecks, she digs out a rectangular object that resembles a twenty-by-thirty picture frame. The frame has wires and tiny, blinking LED lights around its periphery.

Lisa places the frame on the floor and presses a button on its exterior. The frame begins to glow, and the area of carpeted floor beneath it vanishes, replaced by darkness.

“Lovecraft,” Lisa whispers, as though calling a beloved pet. “Loooovecraaaaft, come oooouuuut…”

From the rectangular portal, something rises: a green tentacle, thick and fleshy. Then a second tentacle appears, and a third, until there are nearly a dozen of them, waving gently in unison like the tendrils of a sea anemone.

“Good boy,” Lisa whispers.

She takes one of the tentacles in her hand and gives the tip of it a little kiss.

“You know how I like to get shtarted,” Lisa says.

She kisses the tentacle again, then begins teasing the tip of it with her tongue. At the same time, some of the others wrap gently around her body, embracing her.

There’s one more place to look. Prepare yourself, because what you are about to see may shock you. And I say that after showing you Lisa’s tentacle monster.

We now look down into Lori and Leni’s room. Lori has set Lily on her bed and is pulling something out of her closet: a battered wooden rocking chair, painted white, that looks like it might have been purchased at a garage sale.

Lori moves the chair over next to the bed. Then, smiling at Lily, Lori pulls the top of her blue robe open, revealing her bare chest. The pink nipples that cap her small, firm, round breasts harden visibly.

She lifts Lily up off the bed, holds the toddler against her naked torso, and sits down in the rocking chair. Then, gently and deliberately, Lori adjusts Lily’s position so that the tiny girl’s mouth is directly in front of one of Lori’s rosy nipples.

“C’mon, sweetheart,” Lori whispers.

Lily puts her mouth around Lori’s nipple and begins to suck. Lori closes her eyes and sighs with pleasure, holding Lily to her.

No, Lori isn’t lactating. But I think she wishes she were. And yet Lily doesn’t seem to care; she’s happy to keep sucking, whether there’s milk involved or not. So if Lily has a secret, it’s her oral fixation.

Now, speaking of fixations…

We return to the peephole into Lincoln’s room. Lynn is still in the same position on Lincoln’s bed—on her back, with her legs wide open. But now, her oversized jersey is hiked up a bit further, almost to the bottom of her ribcage.

This all began when Lynn and I weren’t getting along, and she was sleeping in Lincoln’s bed. She never laid a hand on him then, but I think later on, the thought came into her head that there in that private little bedroom was a boy, with a boy’s body and the parts that come with it. Never mind that he was her brother.

Lincoln is no longer under the covers, which are pushed down to the level of his knees, and we see that he is wearing only his white briefs.

Hmm…this is new. This time of year, Lincoln always wears his orange pajamas to bed. He only sleeps in his undies on the hottest nights of summer—or when he falls asleep while reading comics.

Now, Lincoln lies on his side next to Lynn, and his hand is on her bare stomach. Slowly, it moves upward, under her jersey, and we can see the outline of Lincoln’s hand moving under the thin synthetic fabric as Lincoln eagerly moves on to one of the two little bumps on Lynn’s chest.

You and I know that Lynn’s “sleepwalking” is an act. But does Lynn know it? Or has she somehow convinced herself that she really is sleepwalking, and that she bears no responsibility at all for what is happening in our brother’s bed?

Lincoln’s hand now slides out from under the fabric of Lynn’s jersey and travels down the girl’s flat stomach. It brushes through her faint tuft of pubic hair, and then Lincoln’s fingers begin to explore the hot, wet, slick place between his thirteen-year-old sister’s legs.

As for Lincoln…well, we’ll get to that.

We move back to the scene inside Luna’s room. Leni is standing back a bit from Luna, gyrating her hips sexily as she throws her sheer black top into a corner. Luna’s eyes are riveted on her dancing sister, and Leni returns Luna’s gaze with smoke in her eyes.

Leni dances up to Luna and bends over, leaning her bra-covered breasts into her sister’s face. The blonde girl puts her hands on Luna’s knees and pushes them apart so that Leni can move even closer.

Never stopping her erotic dance, Leni looks right into Luna’s face. We can just barely overhear what the older girl whispers, and we surmise that Luna, who is listening to their shared music at full volume, must be reading Leni’s pink-glossed lips.

“Do you like it?” Leni breathes sultrily.

Her eyes fixed on Leni’s face, Luna nods, murmuring, “You’re a black magic woman.”

“Want some more?” Leni teases.

“Oh, yeah.”

We move back to the hole that looks into Lola and Lana’s room. Both little girls are looking at the naked Luan like hungry coyotes.

“Don’t be difficult, Luan,” Lola scolds. “You know what to do next.”

“But…but it’s just so weird,” the older girl whimpers.

“Do it, Luan,” Lana says. “We’re hungry.”

“But you shouldn’t eat right before bed,” Luan quips weakly.

Lola gives Luan a look that could make a timber wolf run away yelping. Luan swallows. Then, slowly, she moves her feet wider apart.

There’s my late-night snack,” Lola says, looking eagerly at Luan’s exposed, shaven pussy.

“Mmm, and there’s mine,” Lana says, eyeing her older sister’s small, pink asshole.

Suddenly, Lola plunges her face between Luan’s legs while Lana roughly pulls Luan’s ass cheeks apart and shoves her face between them. Luan slaps a hand over her own mouth, stifling a scream.

As we switch back to Lisa, the small girl breaks off an intense tongue kiss with one of the tentacles and lifts her arms above her head. Her extra-dimensional partner seems to understand the cue and uses two of its tentacles to seize the hem of her baggy green pajama top to lift it up and off. We see Lisa’s tiny brown nipples protrude from her pale chest, stiff with her growing sexual excitement.

“There’s my good boy,” Lisa whispers.

Lovecraft may be another species, and from another dimension, but he’s Lisa’s perfect partner. Not just because of his tentacles and everything they can do, but also because he is completely obedient to her. He knows her preferred routine, and he follows it exactly, to the point that much of the time, she doesn’t even have to speak; he just knows what to do.

And that’s Lisa’s secret: her need to be in control. Given how little control any of the Loud children have over our lives, I suppose it’s not surprising that Lisa craves it.

As those two tentacles fold the pajama top and place it neatly on Lisa’s bed, two others gently pull down her loose-fitting bottoms, along with her plain white undies. The girl steps out of her shed garments, now fully naked save for her thick glasses. From this angle, we can see Lisa’s puffy, dark-pink sex peeking out from between her short legs.

She steps her small feet apart—another cue for the tentacle-creature, which gently places the very tip of one tentacle against the base of Lisa’s tiny clitoris and begins to rub it in small, slow circles.

“Yeeessssh…,” Lisa sighs.

We switch peepholes again to watch Lori stroke Lily’s hair as the toddler suckles at her breast. Lily doesn’t seem to mind that Lori’s breast produces no milk; the mere act of sucking her eldest sister’s stiff, pale-pink nipple seems to please her.

“Yes, baby,” Lori croons softly. “Yes, suck Mommy’s breast…Ooooh, that feels so good, honey…”

Lori’s free hand reaches down and, apparently by feel alone, fully unties the sash of her fuzzy, light-blue robe, then pulls the robe open at her waist. We see that Lori is wearing a pair of sea-green panties underneath.

Lifting her hips, Lori pushes the panties down to expose a blonde-tufted pussy that is the same shade of pale pink as her nipples. With the same hand, Lori begins to casually play with her clit.

Now, let’s go back to Lincoln’s room. I have a feeling something’s about to happen there that we don’t want to miss.

We notice Lincoln’s tighty-whities on the floor by the bed as the fully naked boy takes his hand away from Lynn’s now very wet pussy. The girl continues to lie still with eyes closed, but we can see that her breathing is faster now, and her face and neck are flushing pink.

Does Lincoln know she’s faking? You’d think he must. But if so, why does he treat Lynn as though she’s asleep? Why has he only gradually, over several weeks, worked his way up to touching her breasts, and then between her legs?

Carefully, Lincoln gets up, walking on his knees on the bed to position himself between her legs. His erection juts out in front of his slim hips, solid as Lynn’s Louisville Slugger.

Gingerly, Lincoln lies down on top of Lynn. He puts much of his weight on his knees and elbows, but his bare chest still presses against Lynn’s small breasts, and his hips against her thighs.

Then he reaches down, positions his cock at her opening, and slowly sinks in. We can’t see his face, but we hear the long breath that escapes him as he enters her, a near-silent sigh of unparalleled pleasure.

Lincoln slides all the way in and then holds still, clearly savoring the sensation of being inside Lynn’s warm, tight vagina. Then, subtly, he starts to pump his hips.

And now, Lincoln has worked up the nerve to do what he’s almost surely wanted to do all along: fuck. Fuck a real girl. Even if the girl is his own sister.

Does he believe that he’s doing this without her knowledge or consent? If so, does he know that most people would call that rape? Does he care? Or does he care only about getting inside a girl’s hot, wet, open sex, regardless of whose it is or whether she’s willing?

And that is both Lynn and Lincoln’s secret: denial. They’ll tell themselves any lie they have to if it gives them an excuse to satisfy their carnal desires.

Now, time to look in on Leni and Luna.

We look down into Luna’s room, where Leni has backed away from Luna a bit but maintains eye contact with her as she continues dancing. We are just in time to see Leni unsnap her lacy black bra, slowly whirl it over her head, and toss it into a corner. Luna smiles at the sight of Leni’s perky breasts and small, erect, pink nipples.

Slowly, Leni moves closer again, returning Luna’s smile as she approaches. Leni’s body undulates in languorous vertical waves, the girl moving with the skill of a professional belly dancer. It’s no wonder Luna can’t take her eyes off Leni.

You must be wondering how Leni does it. After all, this is a girl who can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. Literally.

But this is different. For all the complexity of her movements, she’s really only trying to do one thing: please her sister. Entertain her, charm her, beguile her, using her body alone. This is Leni at her most focused.

Leni moves between the seated Luna’s legs again, and now her breasts move in slow circles, inches from the brunette sister’s face. Then, delicately but quite purposely, Leni brushes her nipples against her sister’s lips. Luna’s cheeks redden with arousal.

We switch back to Lola and Lana’s room, where the twins are happily eating out Luan’s lower holes.

“Mmm, soooo tasty,” Lola says as she takes a breather. Then she looks up at Luan and adds, “You’re going to keep being a good girl, right?”

Lana’s face is still buried between Luan’s ass cheeks as the older girl replies, with a feeble chuckle, “I guess I know when I’m licked.” We hear both the quaver of anxiety and the rasp of sexual arousal in her voice.

Lola pushes her head between Luan’s thighs again and resumes hungrily licking her big sister’s pussy, putting the tip of her tongue between Luan’s lower lips and running it up and down. Lana, meanwhile, seems to have her tongue all the way inside Luan’s asshole, and the red-capped girl makes an “Aaaaah” sound (which would no doubt be “Mmmm” if she could close her lips) as her tongue probes deep inside her sweating, panting older sister. Luan gasps and whimpers.

Back in Lisa’s room, the bespectacled girl moans “Ohhhh” as eight of her extradimensional lover’s tentacles pleasure her naked body. Two of them tease her tiny brown nipples; another plays with her clitoris; one strokes up and down between her puffy labia; three simply roam her body, touching every square centimeter of her bare skin. And the very tip of one touches her lips.

“Lovecraft,” the girl says, her voice vibrating with what sounds like lustful anticipation, “it’s time to let your reproductive inshtincts fully assert themselves.”

We have less than a second to speculate about what Lisa means before the tentacle that had hovered before her lips pushes into her open mouth.

Other tentacles lift Lisa up off the ground, keeping her upright as two more tentacles pull her legs wide apart. She pants audibly, and a deep flush of sexual excitement breaks out on her bare chest.

With no more preliminaries, a tentacle—its first ten inches or so coated in some kind of clear, natural lubricant—begins to enter Lisa’s puffy-lipped vagina. The girl groans with pleasure around the tentacle in her mouth.

Even as the tentacle in Lisa’s sex works itself in deeper, another such limb, also coated in the creature’s natural lubricant, rises up behind her. Lisa inhales sharply through her nose when the tip of the tentacle makes contact with the split between the cheeks of her small ass. Then the girl’s eyes close dreamily as Lovecraft’s digit begins to push inside her little anus.

Interesting, isn’t it? Lisa wants to have total control—but that includes the freedom to give up her control.

We return to Lori and Lily. The toddler is still happily sucking her big sister’s breast, and Lori is rubbing herself a bit more earnestly than before. Listening intently, we hear what the eldest Loud sister whispers to the youngest.

“Some day,” Lori breathes into the suckling child’s ear, “Mommy is going to marry Daddy Boo-Boo Bear. And then, every single night, Mommy and Daddy are going to fuck, and fuck, and fuck-” she rubs her clit extra hard as she speaks these words “-until they make a sweet little baby just like you.”

“Mommy will yell, ‘Yes, shoot all your cum into me! Make a baby in me!’ And Daddy will be so excited that he’ll cum hard inside her and fill her up with so much baby juice that she can’t help but get pregnant.”

And now you know Lori’s secret: She wants to be a mother. She wants it so badly that her maternal instincts are all tangled up with her sexual desires. I guess it’s not surprising that at least one of us turned out that way, considering…well, we’ll get to that. But first, there’s still more to see.

Looking in again on Lincoln and Lynn, we see that Lincoln is now pumping away earnestly at the prone Lynn. Lincoln’s head is next to his sister’s, so we can see the girl’s face: Her eyes remain closed, but her mouth is open as she pants in time with her brother’s thrusts.

She’s breathing right in his ear, but I doubt he’s even hearing it, let alone thinking about whether it means that Lynn might be conscious. I suppose that’s to be expected, given that he’s having sex for the first time ever.

Lucy’s seemingly neutral choice of words belies what we hear beneath them: a tremor of excitement.

Which probably also means that he’s not going to last long.

Indeed, Lincoln starts pumping faster. And beneath him, we see Lynn’s hips begin to move, subtly but unmistakably, in time with Lincoln’s.

You have to wonder if Lynn is moving like that on purpose, or if her body is just reacting to being fucked, instinctively wanting to participate.

Lucy’s voice is decidedly breathy now. Maybe it’s the sight alone that turns her on…or maybe she’s imagining herself in Lynn’s place.

Lincoln is fucking Lynn at full speed now. We hear faint, whining gasps with every thrust, and then it becomes one long, high, through-the-teeth whine as he plunges all the way in and, it is clear, comes inside her—heedless of the way that his sister is spasming beneath him with her own orgasm.

We tear our eyes away as Lucy directs us back to our view of Luna’s room. The topless Leni continues to dance for Luna, Leni’s bare breasts inches from her brunette sister’s face.

You might be asking yourself: What is this really about? Why would Leni want to give her sister a lap dance?

Well, put yourself in Leni’s high-heeled stripper shoes. You’re one of eleven kids, and you’re not the genius, the star athlete, the comedian, the pageant queen, or the rocker. You’re not the one with a boyfriend who dotes on you twenty-four/seven, or the one with a collection of loyal pets, and you don’t stand out like the baby, or the only boy. In your daily life, how much attention does anyone ever pay you?

But here, now, you’re a star. You may have an audience of one, but that one person is watching you and only you. Her eyes follow your every movement, and in those eyes, you see nothing but appreciation of your beauty, and surrender to your sexual magnetism.

Skillfully, Leni moves next to Luna, raises one leg high in the air, and drops it on Luna’s other side as she seats herself on her younger sister’s lap. Then, delicately, Leni’s lips brush against Luna’s. Luna’s arms go around Leni as they kiss again, more firmly this time.

And it’s not much different for Luna. How often does anyone do something special just for her? But now a beautiful girl is dancing for Luna’s pleasure, and Luna’s alone. Every toss of Leni’s hip, every smoky look over her shoulder…it’s all for Luna. And so is this.

Seemingly in one continuous movement, Leni scoots back and off of Luna’s lap and pulls her own black panties down to her ankles. She steps one foot out of the lacy undies; then, with equal parts artfulness and enthusiasm, Leni kicks her other leg in the air, sending the panties flying in a lofty arc into the corner.

As the blonde girl shimmies toward Luna’s chair again, Luna suddenly becomes more active than she has been since Leni’s dance began. Quickly, the brunette strips off her purple nightgown and panties, revealing her breasts—which are very small but capped with brown nipples whose large size suggests the possibility of further breast development—and her pink pussy, which sports a tuft of brown hair lighter than that on her head.

Luna remains seated but raises her right leg up so that her knee is about a foot above the level of her chair’s seat. We understand why when Leni slides her ass onto the chair, facing Luna. Leni pushes her left thigh under Luna’s lifted right one and lifts her own right leg over Luna’s left. As Leni scoots forward, the two girls fit together like puzzle pieces, and their pussies press against each other intimately. Then, without a single spoken word passing between them, they begin to move against each other.

We know that some people call this “scissoring” or “grinding pussies,” but neither term even begins to do justice to the fluid, coordinated, and exceptionally erotic act we are now witnessing. The two move together as though they were one person. Even their breathing is in perfect sync, their bare chests rising and falling in time with their movements.

Lucy taps us on the shoulder and brings us back to the peephole into the twins’ room, where the two little blonde sisters are aggressively eating out Luan’s pussy and asshole. The older girl stands there, shaking and gasping, seemingly helpless as her young siblings feast on her.

So you’ve probably been wondering: If Luan doesn’t want this, why doesn’t she just tell Lola and Lana no? Or shower at a different time, when the twins couldn’t yank her into their room without anyone noticing? There are a hundred different things Luan could have done to avoid this situation.

So we have to conclude that Luan does want this. But then, what is she so afraid of? The twins? The strange intimacy of what they are doing to her?

Lana pulls her face out from between Luan’s ass cheeks and licks her lips with satisfaction. “Welp, I’ve had my fill.”

Lola removes her tongue from Luan’s pussy and steps back, blotting at her face with a handkerchief in a ladylike manner that seems incongruous with the voracious pussy-eating in which she has just been engaged.

“Yes, that’ll be enough for tonight,” the diminutive pageant princess agrees.

Luan, panting, looks distraught. “But, but…I wasn’t- I haven’t-”

“Run along now, Luan,” Lola says. “Just remember to be back here next Friday.”

“Yep,” Lana agrees. “Seeya.”

“But- but- but-”

No, what Luan fears is something inside herself. Something she has always been afraid to let out.

Until now.

Luan’s face reddens with anger. Suddenly, she slaps Lola’s tiara and Lana’s red ball cap off their heads. Then she seizes both girls by their blonde hair. Each twin stifles a yelp.

“You two,” Luan hisses, “are going to keep eating me, and you’re not gonna stop until I cum, do you understand? Otherwise, I’m gonna pull your hair out ‘til your heads look like two halves of one butt!”

Open-mouthed, the two smaller girls look up at her, their blue eyes huge.

“O- okay,” Lana stammers.

“Y- yes, Luan,” Lola manages.

The twin girls resume eating Luan’s pussy and asshole. The older girl’s face, previously contorted with anger, now relaxes into an expression of pure bliss.

We return to Lisa’s room, where the tentacles are holding the girl upright in the air. With both hands, Lisa is gripping the tentacle whose end is in her mouth, and she works her head up and down on it, fellating it. We can tell from the gulping and swallowing sounds she makes that the tentacle is deep in her throat.

Lisa spreads her legs even farther apart, and the tentacles in her pussy and asshole begin to fuck her hard. Her face turns up to the ceiling, and her eyes roll back in her head in something approaching rapture.

And now it becomes clear why Lisa has taken that tentacle so deep into her mouth: not only for the sensation of being fully penetrated, but also to muffle the orgasmic screams that now only half escape her throat. Her small body convulses so wildly that the tentacles holding her limbs have to tighten their grip to keep her from pulling free and falling to the floor. And now the creature too seems to find its climax: A thick green liquid oozes out from around the tentacles penetrating Lisa’s pussy and asshole, and we hear the girl swallowing repeatedly as the tentacle in her mouth cums as well.

 Going back to Lori’s room, we find that the seventeen-year-old has moved Lily to her other breast, and now Lori is rubbing her own clit at full speed, even as Lily happily suckles away.

“Oh, Lily,” Lori moans, and we hear strain in her voice from the effort it takes to keep her voice down, “keep sucking, baby, don’t stop, Mommy loves you so much, you’re making her feel so good…

Lori’s voice, instead of growing louder, rises higher in pitch as she shuts her eyes and rubs her clit as fast as her fingers will move.

“Mommy’s…gonna have…lots of sex…and lots of babies…oh, God!”

Lori bites down on the corner of Lily’s baby blanket and screams her orgasm into it.

Lucy again clears her throat, and we look over at her.

So now you know every Loud child’s secret. I haven’t needed to tell you mine, because by now, you’ve already figured it out: that I like to watch.

But there’s still one secret left to tell, and it’s the answer to a question that has probably been bugging you for a little while now: What makes eleven kids, half of whom haven’t even gone through puberty yet, crave sex so much that they have to have it with their own siblings every Friday night?

Well, consider this: Each of us is the child of two people who produced​ eleven kids—not because they were super-fertile or anything, but because they just kept having sex. Even when the house was full of crying babies and toddlers, even with the exhaustion that comes from midnight feedings and diaper changes and all the work it takes to support their family and keep this house from falling down, they kept having sex. Is it any wonder that their children are the horniest people alive?

But there’s something else we inherited a lot of, too. Something that might be just as important. Look.

We return to find Lincoln using a couple of moist towelettes to wipe up the mess around Lynn’s used pussy. His having the towelettes on hand suggests that he has cum on Lynn’s body before, on one of their previous Friday nights. But as Lucy has told us, this is the first time he has ever cum inside her, and it is clear that Lincoln has no idea what to do about the mess he has made in Lynn’s vagina. He does the best he can, then silently drops the used towelettes in the wastebasket next to his bed.

Lynn is breathing slowly and evenly now, the athletic girl having long since recovered her breath after her silent orgasm. After a minute, Lincoln leans over her and, gingerly, kisses her lips. Then he lies down and closes his eyes.

Another minute passes as the two siblings lie side by side, eyes closed. Then Lynn, eyes still shut, sits up.

By sound alone, she finds Lincoln’s face and kisses him gently on the cheek. Then she rises to her feet and “sleepwalks” back down the hall to her room.

For a moment, Lincoln’s left eye opens. Then it closes again, and soon the boy seems to be truly asleep.

We change views just in time to see Leni and Luna gripping each other, each one’s face buried in the other’s shoulder to muffle their involuntary vocalizations as they reach orgasm simultaneously.

When it’s over, Luna touches Leni’s face.

“You’re beautiful,” she whispers.

With angelic softness, Leni replies, “I love being beautiful for you.”

They hold each other a moment longer. Then Leni says, “So next week, you’re gonna dance for me?”

“Uh-huh,” Luna replies. “I’m puttin’ together a smokin’ outfit. It’s gonna rock you like a hurricane.”

“I can’t wait,” Leni says.

We switch views again. Luan, Lola, and Lana are all panting and looking at one another. Each twin pulls a hand out of her own panties, suggesting that both young blondes have just masturbated to orgasm while bringing Luan to hers. Luan maintains her grip on the twins’ hair.

“So,” Luan gasps, “are you two going to behave from now on?”

“We’re sorry, Luan!” Lana blurts. “We’ll be nice, I promise!”

“We just think you’re yummy!” Lola chimes in pleadingly.

Luan releases her grip on the twins’ hair.

“And I always thought I’d taste funny,” Luan quips. Then she kisses each twin on the forehead, wraps her bath towel around herself, and says, “See you next Friday.”

Luan leaves, and the twins climb into their beds. Lana looks up at the ceiling, starry-eyed—too much so to notice our peephole, thankfully.

“That was awesome,” Lana sighs.

Dreamily, Lola replies, “She rules my world.”

Back in Lisa’s room, the young girl is standing on her own two feet again, toweling herself off as Lovecraft’s tentacles do the same with another towel. When they finish, Lisa drops both towels in a laundry basket, then gathers all of the tentacles into her arms and hugs them.

“Good night, Lovey,” she says happily. “I’ll shee you in a week. Although, in your dimension’s relative time, it will only be four hours and forty-two minutes, so get some rest and eat plenty of protein.”

She kisses one of the tentacles. They squeeze her affectionately, then withdraw back into the rectangular portal and vanish.

Lisa switches off the portal and puts it back in its hiding place in her dresser. Then she climbs into bed and closes her eyes.

Seconds later, her bedroom door opens, and Lori tiptoes in, carrying Lily. The teenager gently places her baby sister in the crib, then kisses the toddler on the cheek.

“Good night, Lily,” Lori whispers. “Big Sister loves you.” Lily smiles up at her.

Lori leaves and quietly shuts the door behind her. We look back up at Lucy.

And now, you’ve seen it all. You know every secret this house harbors. So it’s time for me to bid you goodnight. I’m sure you can find your way out.

But you’re welcome to come back next Friday night. I wouldn’t mind the company. I only ask for one thing in return…

Tell me your secret.

- - -

Big thanks to Fairy Slayer for his beta services on this story, and thanks to you for reading! If you would care to leave a comment, I will reply to it at

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