Mark of ownership

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Mark of ownership

Odd fidgeted nervously in the waiting room of the tattoo parlour, the constant buzzing of the tattoo needle making his skin itch as he waited for Sam’s session to be over, whilst he had nothing against tattoo culture nor did it clash with his Catholic faith Odd had never had the urge to get a tattoo, in fact the idea of a hot needle digging ink into his skin made him squirm

His wife on the other hand loved the idea of getting a tattoo especially after Yumi revealed that she had gotten Ulrich’s name tattooed on the back of her neck in Japanese on a whim so she had dragged him along with her which he would have been fine with if she had actually allowed him to give an input into the design of her tattoo, instead simply telling him to wait in the lobby whilst she had it done

As the hour mark ticked by Odd began to get a little worried wondering just how big of a tattoo she was getting, a large one meant repeat trips meaning that she’d most likely drag him along every single time

Thankfully however after another five minute wait the door to the tattooing room opened and Sam came out smoothing her top down whilst the tattooist explained to her of what to do to make sure that her tattoo didn’t get smudged or discoloured in the next couple of days whilst it ‘settled’

“Ok now make sure to keep the area of the tattoo dry so cover the area whenever you bathe and refrain from fully submerging yourself for up to four weeks to make sure the ink doesn’t run” the artist explained “now it may also burn or itch for a while but that is completely normal, just refrain from touching it more than necessary” he added before letting Sam go to move onto his newest customer

“That took longer than I thought it would” Odd stated as he stood up relieved that they could finally leave “so what did you get? Roses? Tribal marking? Your mom’s name in another language?”

“You’ll see” she just tittered back “just wait a couple of days for the ink to dry and I’ll show you” Sam then told him before sauntering out of the tattoo shop leaving him to just follow her wondering what the hell she had gotten that she wanted to keep it a secret

And over the next four days Sam stuck to her word outright refusing to show Odd what she had had done, either wearing a shirt or some kind of covering on her back to keep her tattoo hidden from him and for the first time ever she turned down anal, sticking to purely her mouth and cunt to make sure he couldn’t sneak a look at her back

On the fifth day however she finally showed off the tattoo, the dark skinned girl waiting for when Ulrich and William came over to watch the soccer game with Odd before strolling into the living room completely naked, the guys taking immediate notice to her thanks to the ball game “so…what do you think?” she asked with a smirk as she stood in front of the TV with her back turned to them shaking her fat ass to get their attention

Finally taking notice of her the guys took a moment to admire her thick booty before realising that she now had permanently etched in dark ink across her skin

‘Sam Della Robia, the sole property of

Odd Della Robia

Ulrich Stern

William Dunbar’

“So what do you think?” she tittered looking over her shoulder to find them staring in both surprise and a little shock at what honestly looked like a legal binding contract on her skin

“What the bloody hell is that lass?” William asked shocked that Sam had had his name etched onto her back

“Just a list of people who have the right to fuck me whenever they want” Sam replied swaying her hips as she spoke “it’s going to be longer but I just need to ask the other guys if they’re cool with it, I just had the inkling that you three would have been ok with it from the off”

Well the guys couldn’t deny that, the idea of having ownership of Sam having great appeal to them and the fact that she had had their names inked on her back was a great ego boost for them “So? I’ve given you guys literal written permission to use me however you want whenever you want, aren’t you going to act on it?” she then purred giving her ass a good hard spank before turning around and dropping to her knees looking at the guys expectantly

And as always they didn’t disappoint her, all three of them getting as naked as she was before standing over her, their hard erections inches from her face making her bite her lip lustfully “oh fuck yes” she simpered before Odd took hold of her head and plugged her mouth shut with his cock

Happily gagging on her husband’s cock Sam took hold of Ulrich’s and William’s stroking them as Odd fucked her face, the slut moaning loudly around her husband’s cock as Ulrich reached down to grope at her chest

Sucking harder on Odd’s cock Sam them pulled away as he released his grip on her head letting her move her mouth to William’s as Odd moved to take his place behind her, ready to reclaim the hole that Sam constantly declared to belong to him above everyone else whilst Ulrich moved lower as well, Sam positioning herself on her hands and knees as Ulrich could take her cunt whilst Odd eased his cock into her ass

With all three of her holes plugged full of cock Sam orgasmed hard, her body shaking as her eyes rolled back whilst the guys got to work in using her as nothing more than a mindless fuck doll, just how she liked it “god yes guys, fucking use me!” she screamed internally as William’s cock clogged her throat entirely making speech impossible

“That’s it lass, choke on it” William grunted as he furiously pumped Sam’s head along his cock making her gag and retch horribly but the slut had no complaint to it, the act of being skull fucked so brutally only turning her on more making her pussy an even better fuck hole for Ulrich

“God damn she’s so tight” Ulrich panted as Sam moved her hips as fast as she could along his cock in tandem to her husband fucking her ass, her virgin tight cunt feeling like a velvety vice from long neglect “I need to use this hole more often” he groaned rolling his head back as Sam suffered a mini orgasm from his words alone making her cunt even tighter

“She likes to save her cunt for special occasions” Odd smirked as he drove his cock deeper into his wife’s ass, making her thick ass cheeks jiggle and ripple against his groin as he pulled her arms back to make her tits bounce in front of Ulrich’s face

Showing that some of her oral skill seemed to be genetic Sam made William cum first, the Scotsman slammed her head down his dick burying her nose in his pubes as he unloaded hard down her throat forcing her to swallow every drop of it, his load so large and thick that some of it even shot out of her nose as her eyes rolled back into her head

Happily choking down his load Sam gasped as William then pulled out of her throat leaving her panting and gasping for air “oh fuck…more…fuck my face more…” she whined licking at William’s cock before gasping at the feeling of Ulrich suddenly cumming inside of her, her eyes dilating as her body shook in ecstasy from the feeling of his cum flooding her womb

Before long Odd joined them in climax, burying his cock deep into Sam’s ass as he unloaded hard further warming her insides with cum making her shuddering and babbling mindlessly in ecstasy

Pulling out of her the guys stood over Sam as she slowly got back onto her knees, the slut looking up at them with lust and adoration before wrapping her mouth and hands around their cocks, constantly swapping between them to show them all the equal love and attention they deserved as she worked them to another climax

When the guys came again Sam eagerly opened her mouth to catch as much as possible as they painted her face and hair with their seed, the feeling of their hot cum making her mewl and simper as she lapped up as much as possible

When they finally stopping cumming Sam continued to stroke and kiss at their cocks giggling as they throbbed against her lips “god I love your cocks, I should have added cum dump to my tattoo, you think the guy will do it if I pay him enough?” she teased only half joking, the idea of such a word etched on her skin soaking her cunt all over again

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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