A little proposal

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Jay, the elemental ninja of lightning, who shared his bedroom with four other grown men, was sitting alone.  He had spent the earlier part of the morning sparring as was his usual training regime.  Their master, Sensei Wu, was certainly a task master.  Always keeping them on their literal toes to prevent complacency.

He had looked out of the window from his shared sleeping quarters. Staring dolefully at the grey rainy sky with a sigh and some distinct butterflies in his stomach. He was holding firmly onto a little black box, safely nestled in his palm, making his hand clammy.

He had been holding that same box for the past few hours wondering what he was meant to do with it or more specifically how to get the girl of his dreams to accept him for who he was.

He sat back on his bed feeling deflated, he opened the box and peered inside at the beautiful golden engagement ring and the single solitaire diamond that stood proudly in the centre. He had saved up for this ring by working night shifts and various other part-time jobs as well as keeping up with his ninja duties.

God knows how but he had somehow managed it, and now finally, all his hard work and fruitful endeavours had paid off, well almost because she still needed to say yes. The woman of his dreams, the one he loved and the one he would die for, still needed to say...yes.

When Jay had found out about his parentage and subsequent inheritance, he decided to make a posthumous promise to his biological father Cliff Gordon. He promised that he would not waste his father's money and estate on materialistic items. All his father had mentioned in his will was a simple phrase which cemented Jay's stance on not wasting the money nor selling the family estate.

'If you want it that bad you have to work for it and if you do it right everyone will know your name. Just work until you don't have to introduce yourself anymore.'

A little contentious for some but it had obviously worked for him so Jay adopted it as his own with some adaptations. But a part of him did feel a little guilty at destroying the rather expensive yacht his father had owned and cherished, heck Cliff Gordon loved it that much he even had his own private pier.

He knew that the yacht and the fact that it was in pieces shortly after it was sailed could be largely attributed to the electrical storm they had encountered just before the battle with the sky pirates all those years ago. It was the only expensive item from his father's estate that Jay had destroyed, yet it wasn't done on purpose. Although, the flack he got from admitting the truth wasn't worth the grief and aggravation, especially when he had admitted that he had made a wish...or two.

Since then, he swore he would only use his inheritance if he really needed it, in times of need or perhaps emergency but in all reality, it was for his future and the future of any potential children he might have and he was happy with that. So for those reasons, Jay worked himself to the bone, pulling all the hours he could just so he could afford to buy the ring he knew she would love.

But not just that, for he also had to save up enough money to buy a rather luxurious meal at one of the best restaurants in Jamanakai Village which was a short dragon's ride away from their current location. The almost exhausted but happy and ambitious blue ninja had done it, he had saved enough and bought the ring outright and he even had over $200 for the meal and any wine or champagne they might order.

Everything was falling into place, all he had to do know was ask Kai. It was the next thing on his list bar popping the question to his soon to be betrothed; Nya.

The blue ninja stretched his legs and stood, he put the ring box in his top drawer and straightened his blue ninja gi. He took one last look in the mirror and wiped at some missed toothpaste before running his fingers through his hair. He had quite a few hours until he was due out on patrol again, the perfect opportunity to ask Kai a serious question.

"Come on Jay you got this, all's you gotta do is ask him for permission to marry his sister. There's nothing to it haa haa." Jay smiled nervously, looking back at the bedside cabinet before leaving the bedroom, closing the door behind him.

Luckily for the ninja team, there were no real villains save for the odd few criminals that were always causing small time trouble in the suburbs, what with small time petty crime and unnecessary violence that was swiftly dealt with.

Nothing the patrol of doubled up ninja couldn't handle, today it was Lloyd and Cole or the pair to be reckoned with. Any that came into contact with those two wouldn't fare so well.

When Kai and Jay went out, all that happened was Kai would often come back with a headache. Jay wasn't called 'Zaptrap' or 'motor mouth' for nothing, the blue ninja could talk the hind legs off a donkey and then some. He only paused to take a breath or when complete and utter silence was called for, the rest of the time he was issuing pure humour and positivity, laughing at his own dark humourless jokes.

Sometimes he couldn't even tell his jokes properly as he would laugh so hard before the actual punchline but who was Kai to quell his happiness unless it was called for. Heck, it was a complete contrast for Kai and if he dared to admit it, well, he favoured all the patrols with Jay.

But it was still fun and Kai didn't mind patrolling with Jay, he was actually more fun than Cole, The master of earth was always so serious and too focused for his own good.

Zane was so consumed with statistics and would often bring them up at the most inopportune time.

Lloyd however he was still a little naïve, never really knowing what to say but moving into small talk to pass the time. Their patrols could often be as boring as Hell as Lloyd was still learning the basics of leadership and his conversational skills would sometimes lapse into his missed childhood. Kai didn't mind though Lloyd would always be under his wing metaphorically.

Kai was out on the deck of the Bounty, he was sparring with a training dummy, having just completed the training course in record time beating his previous record as his Sensei looked on.

"Impressive Kai, always striving for perfection isn't a bad thing, but you must know when to accept your own limitations."

"Hai, yes Sensei." Kai bowed to his Sensei and went to grab his bottle of water, looking to his side he noticed his brother in blue approaching with a purposeful grin on his face and a confident stride. The side of Kai's mouth curved up into a smirk, he knew that look, Jay was about to ask him something important no doubt relating to his sister.

'The make or break moment, I could either knock him down a few rungs or I can make him squirm or maybe!' Kai thought but stopped as Jay cleared his throat in front of him.

"Uhm Kai, can I ask you a question, please? Actually, it's a more um, a permission thing."  He stalled and his flushing face and glare shot to the floor.

"Fuck's sake, just spit it out Jay, come on already."  He shook his head in annoyance.  "Pfft, you normally don't know when to stop!" Kai chortled to himself making Jay blush a little at the true statement.

He stood up straight and cleared his throat again, "I-I wanted to ask for your permission." He said more clearly, though he was sure his body was betraying him because he could feel his cheeks match the colour of Kai's gi.

"P-permission for wh-what?" Kai coughed on his water, shaking his head in confusion at why Jay would need his permission for anything, unless, of course, it was to do with his sister.

"I want to ask for Nya's hand in marriage and I thought I would a-ask you for her hand. Please!"

Kai's face faltered, his mouth hung open in shock. He was for a few seconds completely lost for words.


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