The best kind of workout

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The best kind of workout

“Come on Ryan, just five more miles”

Yumi’s words sounded like death bells in Ryan’s ears as his legs and chest burned begging him to stop as he continued to run on the treadmill, the meter on it reading 10mph and five miles already run and he honestly felt like he was going to pass out or outright die

“Why did I ever tell her that I wanted to lose a couple of pounds?” Ryan lamented to himself as his heart burned harder, lasting another ten seconds on the treadmill before slamming his hand on the stop button “no…fuck it…I’m done…” he panted borderline collapsing against the machine as sweat dripped from his body

Raising an eyebrow as Ryan staggered off the machine Yumi placed a hand on her cocked hip to silently show that she wasn’t going to let him off so easily, she may let her friends use the gym for free after closing hours but she was never soft on them during their workouts “we’ll move onto some simple stretches then”

Letting out an audible groan of displeasure at her words Ryan still resided himself to his fate, taking a few more moments to catch his breath before moving to stand behind her to watch her movements “ok now stretch left” she instructed keeping her feet cemented to the ground as she stretched her upper body to the left to show Ryan how to do the same

Whilst her instruction was simple Ryan took a few moments to follow it as he found his eyes glued to Yumi’s ass, the Geisha having dressed in a simple sports bra that was easily a couple sizes too small for her bust and some thin revealing spandex shorts which showed off every curve of her ass leaving him staring for a couple of seconds before he complied

Despite the fact that she couldn’t see him Yumi knew exactly where his eyes were smirking as she then instructed him to stretch right, the sounds of his grunting and the loud popping of his spine showing that he was complying “ok now for something more complex, bend your knees and rise on them” she instructed him holding her arms out straight in front of her balance as she demonstrated the move, her ass becoming even more prominent as she bent her knees and lowered herself

Staring at her ass again Ryan grimaced as he struggled to get in the same position, his knees quickly protesting as he found himself barely able to hold himself up feeling like he was going to drop at any moment

In his struggles however Ryan then noticed something about Yumi’s shorts as she rose up, between her legs was what looked like a crease, no a tear, but it wasn’t frayed as if the shorts were just stressed too much causing them to rip, the tear was far too clean meaning that it had been deliberately cut into

“Ok now to finish off just touch your toes” Yumi then instructed smirking to herself as she did the action before him, effortlessly bending at the waist to touch the ends of her sneakers proving to Ryan that she had in fact cut her shorts, a perfect hole between the legs showing off her cunt and ass sending the blood from Ryan’s brain straight to his groin

As Yumi held her position Ryan came to the realisation that she was doing more than teasing him, it was an invitation to which he acted upon it

After a couple of seconds passed with nothing happening Yumi started to think that he hadn’t gotten the message starting to rise up when she felt his hand on her hip and two of his fingers pushing deep into her exposed cunt “mmm fuck, that’s a good boy, since you’re a little too new to the harder exercises we’ll just start with what comes natural” she moaned as he tested her finding her already soaking and ready for him

“No complaints here, I didn’t come here looking for a heart attack” Ryan responded as he surprised Yumi by removing his fingers and pushed down on her back to coax her to rest on her hands whilst he raised her hips

Balancing on her hands as Ryan lifted her into a handstand Yumi then gasped with delight as she felt his tongue delve deep into her dripping cunt “oh fuck” she moaned before moving one hand to his groin, pulling his shorts down to free his cock so that she could return the favour eagerly taking his cock into her mouth moaning loudly around it

Groaning as Yumi began to bob her head along his cock Ryan got his tongue to work in her sweet little cunt, loving the tangy taste of her pussy as he wrapped his arms around her waist to keep her held to him, each movement of his tongue making the Geisha shiver and shake against him as she moved a hand up to pull her sports bra up to free her huge bimbo tits

Letting her tits bounce as she bobbed her head, sucking hard and sloppy on Ryan’s cock letting her drool run down her face and into her hair as she felt her orgasm quickly building up, the pointers Ryan had been given on cunnilingus having definitely paid off, her toes soon curling in her sneakers as her body shook in orgasm making her moan even louder around his cock

“Oh god” Ryan groaned pulling his head back as the vibrations of Yumi’s moans sent blissful shivers through his body, his grip on her slipping prompting Yumi to move her hands fully back to the floor to balance herself in a perfect handstand in front of him as she continued to upside down blowjob

Feeling the blood pool in her head making it spin Yumi tried her best to ignore it as she tasted precum and felt his cock throb against her tongue, needing just a few more hard sucks to drag Ryan over the edge moaning lustfully as his cock erupted in her mouth

As his cum filled her mouth Yumi waited until the very last drop was given to her before slowly lowering her feet to the ground, holding herself in a reverse crabwalk for a couple of seconds before finally raising to her feet so that she could swallow “not bad, not everyone can support a one hundred and twenty two pound girl so easily so easily, Odd and Jeremie somewhat struggle at holding me up for a handstand blowjob” she complimented licking up the rest of the cum from around her lips

“Thanks, I try my best” Ryan replied feeling his confidence swell a little as Yumi fully removed her sports bra tossing it aside

“Well it’s earned you a break, lay on the mat and let me do the work for this one” Yumi instructed to which Ryan eagerly obeyed, ridding himself of his shorts completely before laying back on the gym mat as Yumi followed and proceeded to straddle his waist

Placing a hand on his chest for balance Yumi then slid down onto his cock all the way to the hilt with total ease, both of them letting out a shuddering moan of pleasure “mmm fuck, nice and deep” the Geisha moaned pressing her hips down as she rolled them loving the feeling of his cock head pressing against her cervix

“You’re always so tight” Ryan groaned back as she squeezed hard around him like a vice, so wet and hot as she began to ride him, smoothly moving her hot cunt along his shaft as he laid there to enjoy it as instructed

Biting her lip as she rolled her hips faster Yumi moved her hand from his chest to her own, starting to fondle and grope her bust whilst she rode him, the sound of her ass clapping against his thighs echoing throughout the gym room “god yes…fuck I love this dick…” she moaned biting her finger as she squeezed her breast harder with her other hand

Panting with pleasure as Yumi increased her pace Ryan leaned up, gripping her hips and biting down on her free breast making the Geisha gasp at the pleasurable sting his teeth made on her supple flesh “shit, that’s it, fucking bite me” she moaned cupping the back of his head encouraging him to bite her breast harder

As Ryan sunk his teeth in deeper and pulled hard on her lower back forcing her to take more of his cock he soon had her orgasming for a second time, her entire body shaking and going limp as she moaned his name in ecstasy, the moment giving him a chance to push forward and pin her under him in the missionary position

Gasping as her back hit the floor Yumi then whined as Ryan suddenly pulled out of her, her disappointment soon fading as he then grabbed hold of her spandex shorts and tore them to pieces leaving her completely naked save for her sneakers “oh fuck…fuck me…fuck me hard!” she begged/ordered forgetting the fact that she was meant to be in control entirely letting out a shriek of delight as Ryan dove back onto and into her throwing her head back in ecstasy as he started pounding into her needy cunt

“God you’re so fucking tight!” Ryan grunted as sweat poured down his back, his muscles burning from exertion but he refused to stop when Yumi’s pussy felt just too damn good, practically able to feel the pounds falling from him as the sounds of their rough rutting echoed throughout the gym

“Oh god…oh god I’m cumming again!” the Geisha cried as her third orgasm of the hour hit her hard, making her eyes roll back and her back arch, her pussy squeezing him so tight that Ryan didn’t even have the chance to hold back, his shuddering groan quickly accompanied by his thick rush of cum straight into Yumi’s spasming cunt and womb

As he released into her Ryan felt like his very life was being drained through his dick, slumping forward between Yumi’s tits as he panted heavily for air “very…good….very good…” Yumi panted equally as fatigued as him “I think we’ve found the perfect workout for you, a couple months of this and I’m sure I can fuck a six pack onto you” she grinned as she stroked the back of his head whilst he nodded into her cleavage, he definitely didn’t have anything against Yumi using sex to get him in shape

“Now…how about a fifteen minute break before we go onto our next workout?”

Or she could just kill him before he even got a one pack

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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