Steven Universe: Milky Way In Turmoil

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Chapter 0: The Day It Happened (S)

7, August 4177 AD, 21:14 PM (Homeworld's time)

Homeworld, The Red Diamond's suite.

Homeworld...a place which Gems are proud's their home. It has its own ideology and culture which is fascinating for every visitors on Homeworld. No wonder why Gems are proud of it. It's their home..but not for Steven.

Steven is relaxing on his chair as he watches the view of the Crystallia City from his window. He holds a cup of wine while he wears nothing but pants and boots.

The memories of his lost ones are still spinning around his mind. Even already it passed 2000 years after the final strike on Kinderplanet. The thoughts of his lost ones still can't leave him alone. From that day, he felt in a great depression. Many times he had thoughts to kill himself.

But thanks to Yellow, Green, Pink, Blue and White never happened to him.

His Red-Skin Pearl left the bathroom...or good old Crystal Gem Pearl to him. She covered her wet naked body with a towel. She notices her Diamond: Correctly Steven sitting with thinking expression. She approached and give a kiss to his bearded cheek "Steven...why are you such grumpy" She nuzzled his cheek playfully.

Her love to him made him smile again "And look who woke up finally." He pulled her to him and shared their kiss together. They didn't stop here. Red Pearl or just Pearl to him starts exploring her master's mouth while he with his free hand starts exploring her red back

Red Pearl starts breathing heavily as he manages to get her arouse, Red Diamond or Steven really can make her beg for more. "Steven, please...not right know" Red Pearl moved her mouth away from him, moaning.

Steven giggled at her before he assaulted her neck, licking it as the sign of teasing games. Red Pearl starts moaning for more as for how her's master hot saliva hits her body. It makes her sweat more

He then reached to where she wrapped her towel around her body. With one simple unwrapping it. Her towel fell on the floor.

"My Diam-Steven!" Red Pearl hissed, even he is a Diamond, they both are still in one stage of rights. That means Diamond's Pearl can object her Diamond's orders if she felt like and in result: she won't be a shattered by a Diamond.

But Steven doesn't really afraid of her. She understands his love games and so he is. furiously pulls her to him, making her fall on him, laughing as for how she enjoys their little games. Steven starts exploring inside her mouth very carefully. He trails his hand to her breast, slightly cupping it. Red Pearl moans very lustily, meaning she is enjoying it.

Suddenly. He quickly pulled her to him, making her fall on him. She laughed as for how she enjoys their little games. Sure Steven can make everything more interesting.

"Mm!" She muffled before Pearl managed to pull out from his mouth "Steven...please, stop for now."

"You sure?" He kissed her stomach.

"You know that I can't handle the another route with you." Pearl breathed to his mouth

Steven giggled be he looked at her with a smile on his face. "I know. I just teasing you, my lovely Pearl." He touched the top of her nose.

"You think I don't know?" Pearl laughed.

Steven released her from his embrace. Red Pearl stands up on her feet. She didn't wrap her towel again as there is nothing to hide away from him. He saw her like that for many times for his time of ruling Red Court. After all, he doesn't mind to see his Pearl a naked in front of him.

Steven proceeds to look at the view of the city with a serious face. Pearl becomes worried of him. Even it passed 2000 years she still has mother instincts to Steven.

Pearl sat on the nearest chair to him. "You okay?"

Steven gazed at her for a moment, only to stare at the view again "Not really"

"Is something bothering you?"

Steven drinks his cup before speaking "It just I feel bad that I can't do anything to prevent my friend's death, Pearl. You were there when it happened."

Red Pearl got up and leaned to him to his ear, "They died so that you would live, Steven. Without their sacrifice, we would never defeat the Empire and you Grandfather. Steven" She whispered before she returned to her chair again.

"I know, Pearl. But my Grandfather wasn't the one who needed to be defeated" Steven drinks his cup again, thinking of his friends "But overall, I just miss them all. They were like a family to me. Now I haven't got anything to consider as a family."

"Don't talk like that. I know the other Diamonds and Pearls love you as I'm. We are your family. I'm your family...Rose is still your mother."

"Thanks for that, Pearl." He smiled before he drinks his cup again "How is she by the way?"

"Oh, She is fine, Steven! Guiding "The Order Of Crystal Gems" with Golden Diamond on Terra and Homeworld" Pearl replies.

"Good...There is something I want to do while I have a free time"

"Which is?"

"I want to make a biography of my life. I think Gems should know about me. They should know what I went that they don't make same mistakes."

"Steven" Pearl got up, having a happy expression "It's Great Idea! It will be so exciting to share your adventures with others. Fortune also should know."

"I'm glad you approved." He smiled at her.

She smiled back at him. She got up from the chair and leaned to him, kissing him very sweetly. Pearl then stopped their kiss "The Matriarch Pearl will have a meeting with other Diamond serving Pearls and Phantom Pearls. I was invited."

Steven laid his hand on her cheek "Then go, Pearl. I still need to start with the book."

"Once the meeting will be over," She leaned to his ear "I'm all yours." She planted a kiss on his forehead before going to prepare herself for the meeting.

"And Pearl..." Steven suddenly says.

"Yes?" Pearl stops and turns to him.

Steven spins his chair to her direction "Next time, try to not scream that loud." He grins "I don't want the entire Red Court to hear your moaning."

Red Pearl giggles "I'm sorry, Steven. But it's not my fault that you're so awesome in bed."

"Then we're even, Pearl" He smiled.

"Of course." Pearl then left to the nearest room to prepare herself. Steven grabs his outfit. He put his red Diamond top uniform with his red robes, similar to Blue Diamond's ones. He notices his mask lying on the bed...well, not entirely his is the correct term to use.

"Don't need for that for now?" He said to himself

Anyway. Steven moved his chair closer to his table. He grabs the clean book and the pen. He about to write the first letter before he heard the familiar voice. "Dad?"

Steven turned around to see a little Yellow Gem Girl with a doll of Emperor Carnelian on her hand, smiling a brightly to her father.

"Fortune!" Steven happily lifted up her daughter and hugged her "How my little Yellow-Buttercup had spent the day? Did you enjoy Planet Terra?

"Yes, Dad! You won't believe! I was in Strawberry Field with my mother. My Grandmother Rose was there too. She told me all the details of how she battled with Diamonds."

"Did you enjoyed all the details?" He nuzzled her nose which giggled in response to her father's nuzzling

"Yes, she also told me how about the third battle: how you and Crystal Gems kicked my Great-Grandfather's forces out of Terra. I wish I was there to see massive ships jumping away from Terra." Fortune fanboyed.

Fortune's remarks made Steven increase his mood "I'm glad that you enjoyed the history of Strawberry field. Fortune. But for me: it was most sad moments of my life. I lost so many that day."

"Ahh, don't tell me sad parts, Dad. After all, you still have me, my mommy, Aunt Zeira and Mia, That Grumpy Aunt Carolina and more." She giggled.

"And that it's true." He laid her on the couch "Speaking of mommy, where is she?"

"I'm right here, dear." Said a voice from behind

Steven turned around to the direction where the voice. Steven smiled to see a Yellow colored woman with a Diamond Gem on her chest relaxing against the entrance door. Yellow Pearl also stands near her.

"Hey there. How is your court, Celiana?" Steven asks.

"Not much..." Yellow Diamond sat near to her daughter. She grabbed a comb to fix Fortune's hair "Yours, Steven?"

"Nothing new, dear. Just always. Work and work to keep Red Legion and Red Court in good condition"

"Good" Yellow Diamond then laid her tender hand on Fortune's cheek "How my little bird spend the day with her Grandmother?" She asks very adorably to her daughter. Steven smiled by Yellow Diamond's adorable voice.

"Oh, It was great, mommy. Rose told me so many interesting tales of how she shattered Pink Diamond then many years later realized that Pink Diamond played foul everyone...including my grandpa, Aron Tylat."

Yellow Diamond laughed "Yeah, I remember that moment...I also want to something to give you, daughter"

Yellow turned around to Yellow Pearl "Pearl, would you kindly bring that?"

"With Pleasure, my Diamond." Yellow Pearl bowed and left for to bring a present.

Minute later. Yellow Pearl came back with a very small chest on her arms. The chest itself is made of gold and has the Yellow Diamond's symbol. On the front, it says "Property of First Yellow Diamond. The Touchers will be shattered!"

Yellow Pearl laid it on the table. Yellow Diamond then pulled a Diamond made a key to and opened it. With unclick, Yellow Diamond lifted up the chest and shoved her hand inside it. Then it reveals what inside it.

An Amulet

Steven smiled that he recognized this amulet. It's special amulet for all Yellow Diamond's that rule over the Yellow Court. It's made especially of Diamond material and colored in yellow, representing the owners.

"Fortune. This an amulet belong from my Grandmother to my father and to me...Now I want you to have it." Yellow Diamond carefully placed the amulet on Fortune's neck and lock it so it won't fall down. "Do you like it?"

Fortune check it on her, it's very small and not heavy, but suits her very well "But mom, I thought it was meant to only Yellow Diamonds!"

Yellow Diamond laughed before speaking "Fortune, you will become a new Yellow Diamond after me. Besides, it won't be bad if Yellow Diamond let her daughter wear it as much how she likes."

"Really?! Can I wear it in public!?"

Yellow Diamond nods, still having a smile to over the face.

"You're the best Yellow Diamond ever, mommy!" Fortune hugged her mother.

"Anything for you, my dear bunny" She kissed her forehead.

"I always wanted to ask you. How both you met each other?" Fortune asks, eager to hear from her father and mother.

"Well, it' was not the best met I had with your mother, Fortune," Steven replies before glaring at Yellow Diamond, who in answer smiled at him

"Why?" Fortune adds

"Because we were too busy running from your Great-Grandfathers army, Fortune."

"Really!" Fortune was always eager to learn more about her Great-Grandfather. "Can you tell me what happened to all you and my Great-Grandfather. But how did you end being hostage by Homeworld, dad?"

"'s a long tale." Steven sat near Fortune.

Yellow Diamond help Fortune to make her daughter comfortable on her laps while Yellow starts caressing Fortune's hair

"Ahem..." Yellow Pearl coughs to get an attention "I was also the apart of it." She says to Fortune

"Really?" Fortune said in disbelief.

"That is true, Fortune. She also helped me defeating the Evil from this Galaxy. White, Pink, my Pearl, your Grandmother and much more also were a part of this tale. It all started on 2017 when your mother returns to Homeworld...and this is where" He makes a pause to Fortune to make more eager for the story "The Emperor's Wrath Unleashed on Diamonds...and on Crystal Gems too"

"And this is where..." Steven pauses again "My new life of fighting against your Great-Grandfather's Empire begins."

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