Stevonnie's Angels

BY : TheDirtyEquestrian2.0
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Hello, everybody! My name is TheEquestrianidiot2.0. All I can really say right now is thank you for clicking on this humble little story of mine. This was thought up after a long a weird conversation between me and Master of the Boot. Eventually, I said "Fuck it!" and wrote up "Stevonnie's Angels". We're still really trying to figure this whole thing out, so it might have really sporadic updates. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy! Also, I'll be using female pronouns because honestly she looks and sounds more feminine than she does masculine and Stevonnie is literally half Connie and half Steven, and Steven is half Rose, making Stevonnie three parts female and one part male. I'm aware she's a hermaphrodite and is equal parts male and female, but I'll be using the words 'she' and 'her' for simplicity. Thanks again to my co-author Master of the Boot for all the help and advice he's given me. You're the best man! Be sure to go check out his stuff! Enough of me talking! ONWARDS AOSHIMA!


Night had long since fallen across Beach City, and a curious event was taking place, hidden yet in plain sight.

Kiki Pizza panted into the night air underneath the boardwalk dock. She was splayed out on her back, nude and in plain sight aside from the cover of night and the fact that on one ever walked around that late. Her body was covered in a fine sheen of sweat, and her aching nipples pointed up towards the night sky, begging for someone, anyone to tweak them or suck on them, even if it was just a little.

Even more curious was the sight of the woman in front of her, hands running up and down Kiki's thighs with her head buried between them. It was a familiar dark haired gem fusion, dutifully servicing the girl's luscious folds with her agile tongue.

"Stevonnie is so fucking good at licking." Kiki thought to herself, but her thoughts were quickly cut off as Stevonnie nipped at her now-exposed clitoris and sent her reeling in pleasure, her back arching and thrusting her melon-sized tits skyward. "Mmmmm, and she always will be!" She was nearing her sixth orgasm of the night, and she was sure she had given at least as many to Stevonnie earlier. The thought only made her hotter.

"Ooh, OOOooohfuck, please don't stop!" Kiki managed to gasp out.

"Mmmph!" Was Stevonnie's response.

Kiki's nipples were aching even harder now, and she wanted to send a signal to Stevonnie to lavish some attention on her breasts, but every time she tried she was... distracted... so, the situation being as it was, Kiki reached to her breasts with her own hands and started fondling, occasionally licking the upper half of one in her lust-induced haze.

In one glorious moment, Kiki tweaked both her nipples at the same time that Stevonnie decided to graze her clit with her teeth, and it nearly sent her over the edge. Stevonnie paused in her ministrations and lifted her head from between Kiki's thighs, her face dripping with cum and a blush spread across her cheeks.

"You really liked that, huh?" Stevonnie asked rhetorically, and then dove right back in.

"MMMMmmm, aahhh, YES baby, that's EXACTLY what I like!" Kiki answered anyway, though not consciously. Her mind was overcome with pleasure as Stevonnie relentlessly assaulted her clit, and Kiki couldn't help but cum in a mess all over Stevonnie's face.

Stevonnie finished up, licking a few more times and earning some moans from Kiki in the aftermath, then began to crawl up her body, lavishing attention over her curves with her hands along the way, before meeting their lips in a passionate kiss at the apex of her ascent. Kiki tasted her own cum on the fusion's tongue, and it served to be extremely arousing for Stevonnie as her nine-inch cock became as hard as steel.

"You ready?" Stevonnie asked, raising herself up and moving over Kiki's body.

"Yes, always…"

Stevonnie positioned herself between Kiki's legs and sat on her rear. Without breaking their eye contact, Stevonnie reached down and raised Kiki's legs in the air, giving one of her feet a feather-light kiss. She placed Kiki's legs on either side of her head, resting them on her shoulders as she leaned forward and placed her own by Kiki's hips. Then, positioning herself carefully, she brought her cock forward and prodded at Kiki's entrance. Kiki sucked in a lungful of air, looking between her thighs as Stevonnie's length slid slowly into her.

"God above, you're always so tight," Stevonnie grunted as another inch sank into her.

In mere seconds, the fusion was all the way in. Her hips were pressed against Kiki's rump, her dick sunk to the hilt within the woman and the head just grazing her cervix—a virtually perfect fit. Kiki was always dumbfounded by the feeling of fullness, by the twitching of the dick inside of her, always wondering how if managed to fit so goddamn perfectly.

"Ooooooh fuck, you always feel so fucking amazing!" Stevonnie said through gritted teeth.

Kiki didn't even nod, simply basking in the pleasure. Said basking was interrupted when Stevonnie began to withdraw, leaving only the head inside. Kiki started to whine, but never quite got the chance. In one fell swoop, Stevonnie slammed her entire length back inside Kiki's pussy, their bodies giving a loud smack of flesh. Kiki gave a cry, which promptly melted into a prolonged moan as Stevonnie began to thrust in earnest, quickly finding a rhythm and hammering in and out of Kiki's body. Stevonnie released Kiki's right leg, instead hugging the left to her torso with both arms as she continued to thrust.

Kiki opened her eyes and watched as Stevonnie's face contorted in concentration and ecstasy. She could feel the penis flaring inside of her and knew, by now, what was about to happen.

Sure enough: "I'm getting close!" Stevonnie growled. "You want me to take it out?"

"No! Just keep going…"

Stevonnie sped her thrusting, closing her eyes and gritting her teeth, flushing and panting and moaning until…

Stevonnie didn't scream, like Kiki had. She looked like she was screaming, but there was no noise. Kiki had less than a second to ponder this before an explosion of warmth flooded her insides. It was enough to send her over the edge yet again, writhing on the ground as she was filled with Stevonnie's cum.

As the orgasm faded, Kiki was surprised to find that Stevonnie hadn't stopped her thrusting. The tan girl released Kiki's leg and laid herself on top of her, wrapping her arms around Kiki as she continued and resting her head in Kiki's neck.

Their eyes met, as Stevonnie leaned forward a kissed Kiki, never breaking her rhythm.

"This feels like a dream," Kiki eventually said out loud, her voice wobbling as Stevonnie pounded away at her. "This barely seems real. It can't be real."

"Why not?" Stevonnie replied, giving an extra hard thrust as if to prove a point.

"Well…" Kiki searched for her words—not an easy task, all things considered. "You're you! And I'm me. None of this makes any sense. This is just…" She trailed off lamely.

Stevonnie seemed to consider this, as if her hips had a mind of their own. Finally, she said, "Tell me. Do you want this love to mean something to you?"

"God, yes, yes I really do, and it does."

"Well, there you have it," Stevonnie said, her eyes closing. Kiki could tell she was close again. "Things don't have to be real to mean something to us, as long as they mean something real. Does this feel real to you?"

"Oh, does it ever," Kiki said, feeling herself starting to build.

"Well, I don't know about you, but that's good enough for me."

And apparently it was, as Stevonnie came inside Kiki again. By now, her movements were lethargic, her limbs trembling with exertion. After another silent scream had wracked her body, Stevonnie collapsed on top of Kiki.

Kiki pouted for an instant. She was this close to her own release. Thinking quickly, she rolled Stevonnie onto her back and climbed on top of her, never letting the her dick slide from her pussy. Kiki straddle her hips and began to pump herself up and down on Stevonnie's still erect member. Stevonnie, exhausted though she was, smiled and enjoyed the show, watching as Kiki bounced and squeaked in pleasure.

Finally, Kiki found her release, cumming for the ninth time that night. She threw her head back and gave one last unrestrained cry to the air around them. Seeing stars, Kiki collapsed on top of Stevonnie in one tired and satisfied puddle of woman.

Neither of them knew how long they lay there, catching their breath and basking in the afterglow, their legs and bodies intertwined.

Eventually, they rose slowly from the bushes, holding each other's hands, and quickly peaked around to ensure no one was watching before quickly dashing to the doorway of the Stevonnie's house. They had shredded or otherwise destroyed their clothing at some point during their love-making, but that didn't bother Kiki much.

They trudged up the stairs to Stevonnie's room and flopped their sweaty bodies down onto the bed, too tired to bother themselves with a shower. Where Stevonnie was out near instantaneously, snoring lightly, Kiki lightly drifted off to sleep, a smile on her face.

Her dreams told a tale of the past...

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