The Call of the Sea

BY : Kaienah.Taris
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          She could feel the island, the way Te Fiti felt once she had been restored to her fullest, inside her still. She was alive inside like she had never been before and it was this new found strength inside her that drove her to guide her people across the seas. To find new islands for her people to colonize, and meet with others that were already established. Moana was always listening for the call of the ocean now, for the turning of the tides and whispering of the waves. She was part of the sea now, a Master Wayfinder as Maui had taught her to be. Maui, her heart sank slightly as she stared out from the small island she had decided to make her camp on instead of with her people.

          Every island chain they found she would pick the smallest of the islands and make herself comfortable until she was ready to set sail again. This time the island was a little bigger than normal, it would take a day to walk across and a day to get back in any direction, but it had good tree coverage and a small cove where fish would settle from the ocean to rest or eat. She liked it, it was very private and very quiet. Perfect for thinking and perfect for keeping her nightmares a secret. She had already made a shelter out of what the island provided, something she had gotten quite good at with practice over two years of being the Chief. All she had left to do was throw the fish she had caught in the low tide of the island on the fire so she could eat soon, so while her fish cooked she climbed to the top of her boat as she did when it was sailing across the seas and watched the sun set on the endless blue ahead of her.

          She had seen Maui several times over the years since their voyage across the sea to Te Fiti, and each time she felt got shorter and shorter with him. It was never long enough for her, she had realized what was happening about a year after she got home from her adventure. She had been sailing alone, having needed time away from the island and responsibilities, her father had insisted that she take some time to clear her head, that he could handle the village. Her mother was busy raising her little brother and when village duties were added she was never around, so Moana listened to her father and went. Maui had found her then, she had been sleeping peacefully when his voice woke her, she could almost hear him now. 'A master wayfinder never sleeps.' she laughed a bit out loud. She had been so excited to see him that she had knocked them both off her boat and into the ocean, which didn't help her back up this time, while trying to hug him.

          She had only seen him twice since then, but the dreams about him were haunting her almost as much as dreaming of Te Ka and Lalotai were. “I miss you.” She whispered to the fading sun, her mind only on the Demi-god. She could smell her fish now so she climbed down to retrieve her meal, eating it in silence as her small fire lit the surrounding area. The hook constellation was sparkling ahead of her, she had the sudden urge to leave and go to the island where she first met him. The last time she had felt a pull this strong she had ended up meeting the goddess Te Fiti and the Demi God Maui, maybe he was there. She doused her fire with the sand from the beach and pushed her boat into the water, dropping the sail and pulling tight on the line so it did as she wanted. With her hand held up to the sky she measured the stars and set a course for the island.

          It took several days to reach her destination, but she was determined and Moana refused to sleep until she reached that damn cave and she really didn't want to get stuck in a nightmare while on the open water. When she felt the warm sand between her toes as she pushed the boat onto the beach she was relieved; she needed rest, and food, but most of all she needed to get away from it all. Once she had time to really take in the island she couldn't help but notice how it had changed since she first came to it. It had more trees now, it looked like Te Fiti had a hand in making the place much more pleasurable to inhabit; she wondered if he ever visited the island.

          When she got passed the big rocks she remembered she had an answer to her question. Maui still lived here, because here was the house he built. It looked similar to the the ones from her village just a little bigger. His boat was on the island, tied off to a tree but she couldn't see him anywhere so she assumed he was off in his giant hawk form flying around doing demi god things. Normally Moana was a bit more on the polite side, but this was Maui and she had been on the ocean for days so she didn't care.

          She rinsed off in the stream that ran by his home, ate some of his fruit, then did something she knew she would regret later. She curled up in his bed, the smell of him surrounding her. She almost whimpered, her memory held no real truth to it. It was comforting to be surrounded by him like this, even if it was only in secret. It would haunt her, she knew it would, but Moana was willing to live with that for this moment. She was asleep within moments of snuggling into her arm, but then all of Maui was washed away as the nightmares enveloped her dreamworld.

          She was on the mother island, it was lush and green. Te Fiti was thriving but Ta Ka roared to life behind her. Moana was running, there was fire all over Te Fiti yet she did nothing, Ta Ka was able to catch her as always in the dream. But even though the giant hand that held her was hot and should have killed her she was barely being burned but it still hurt. She was screaming, Te Fiti was glowing bright green behind her as the heart had when calling out to her. Ta Ka was going wild and Moana was surrounded by the green even though the hand was squeezing her tighter and tighter. She called out to Maui because he had been there last time but he wasn't this time. He was never able to save her here.

          She could see the ocean, it was too far to help her so it raged against the rocks to try, in vain, and spray Te Ka. The moment she knew was coming happened and she was being swallowed by Te Ka and being plunged down into a firery spiral that began to merge into the watery realm of Lalotai. Just as she was about to pass out from not being able to breathe she fell through into the realm of monsters. She had no one to save her here either, she was simply a puppet to the creatures inhabiting this dark place. She was constantly pulled at, scratched, clawed, and bitten by the monsters that had missed her on her real visit but each thing hurt so badly that she was grateful her scream drowned out the sounds they made. Then something different happened.

          She was able to hear him this time. He was calling her name, she was still struggling with the glowing many armed pink faced creature but Maui was calling her name. She could feel the pressure of the monster's hands, but she had to escape! She had to get to Maui! He needed his hook! Her eyes snapped open as she was violently jerked from the dream world. She had tears staining her cheeks, her heart was racing, her palms had crescent moon indentions from where she had been balling up her fists. She was frantic, still stuck somewhere between sleep and awake so nothing made sense yet but when the shadowy figure of something huge was closing in on her she started to scream and it hurt to do so, which meant she had been screaming aloud in her sleep again. Fresh tears ran down her cheeks but she was pulled into the thing she was fighting and when she thought it was going to eat her she was hugged tightly.

          A gasp left her lips and she stilled, she could feel the hard definition of muscles, could hear the racing of his heart, smell the hint of salt from the ocean on him. It was Maui. She whispered his name and went limp against him, relieved she was safe. He held her for a minute, total panic and confusion settling in him. Why was Moana here? Why had she been screaming and sleeping in his bed? Why had she summoned him in her sleep? He was going to ask her these things when he realized she had fallen back asleep in his arms. He smiled a bit, “Humans.” he whispered in amusement as he sat back with her laying against him.

          As she slept in his arms Maui let his mind drift to the girl in his arms, he corrected his line of thinking. She wasn't a girl anymore, she was well on her way to being an adult. A very beautiful one at that. He watched her sleep silently for a while, simply letting his mind go blank as he enjoyed her presence. Before Moana came for him he had been alone for over a thousand years, never letting anyone dare to get close before that simply because he had already been cast out once before he didn't want it to happen again. But Moana... she was different. As much as he had tried to push her away she refused to leave him alone, she was persistent and honestly he had grown fond of her.

          He hadn't realized just how much she had changed his view point on company until he thought Te Ka was going to kill her, he had called out to her before realizing it. It had shocked him, he realized he was willing to die to keep her safe then because he did everything he could to keep the attention of the enraged goddess on him, but she had shocked him over and over through their journey with how brave she was and that time had been no different. She had welcomed the inferno giant without hesitation and he swore then to himself that if Te Ka killed her because he wasn't strong enough to protect her that he would follow her to the other side.

          But that didn't happen, the human girl had restored the goddess and saved him. She had risked everything for the world, for him, and didn't care if she was taken in the process. It was why the ocean chose her, but he slowly realized it was also why he chose her. Denial was very prominent but each time he saw her it was only reaffirmed to him that he could easily love the mortal. And that couldn't happen because he would live long after she died. He had watched over her for the past years, never letting her know he was nearby when she was on the water or on a new island. He would be a bird on a branch, a fish lingering near her boats, or whatever would fit the environment she found that he would pull from the sea. When he noticed that she didn't want to be close to people anymore and wanted her space he started to pull up extra land masses around the main islands he summoned just for her, but he would never admit it aloud.

          He had heard her whisper his name countless times, resisted her call to him because she didn't know she was doing it. He had never told her what it would do. He never thought her call to him would be so severe though, would be so terrified. He wasn't able to not go to her when he heard her screaming his name, he had thought she was in trouble but when he realized he was headed for his island the beginning of his confusion started. When he heard her screams echo across the ocean he had pushed his hawk wings harder, making sure he got there quicker. He transformed back into his humanoid form as he fell into a stance ready to battle anything when he saw her struggling in her sleep as if she were fighting something.

          It had stunned him that she was there in his bed, but what actually scared him was when she started to glow the same green as Te Fiti's heart, it was like an aura surrounding her whole body. He had called to her, tried to gently wake her. The glow felt warm against his skin, he enjoyed it, but his worry for her outweighed the comfort he felt rolling off her in waves. It wasn't until she actually started to hurt herself that he did the only thing he could, he grabbed her shoulders and jerked her upright while yelling her name in her face. That was when she had awoken and fought him, he was caught off guard once more. Had she not come here to see him? Why else would she be on his island? When she realized it was him she had calmed and he could see every emotion play across her face. What had been happening since the last time he saw her? He knew she had a few nightmares, but he had been rather busy lately and was unaware of how bad they had gotten.

          He puzzled over the green aura she had had when she was dreaming, what was it? He tried to think of any possible explanation. She had gone through the realms meant for gods, had battled the gods themselves, been touched by them, blessed by them, even the ocean had chosen her. So what in the world could be happening to his little chief? He snapped his mind into place. She isn't mine. She is mortal. His mini Maui began to signal for him, communicating in a way only Maui could understand. “What do you mean 'What if she's not?' ” Moana shifted in his arms and he glared at mini Maui who shrugged and resumed stillness. His eyes drifted slowly to the woman he was holding, was she still mortal?

          Maui didnt't sleep the rest of the night, instead he watched her. It seemed that Moana would be sleeping peacefully then would start to shift and frown in her sleep. No wonder she sailed so much, she never slept peacefully anymore. He curled her further into him when she would begin to show signs of a nightmare and it would slowly pass, but each time he swore somewhere on her or from the corner of his eyes he would see that green glow faintly. It was clear to him that something was happening to his friend, and the only thing he could think to do was take her to Te Fiti once more.

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