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Beth walked into the fairly active gym and headed to the front desk to sign up for membership. She was greeted by a black receptionist as she was handed a clipboard with a sign up sheet and a pen.
"Ready to feel the burn?" she asked.
"I guess," Beth replied, filling in the blanks, "I just want to be healthy when I get my degree."
"Hitting the books, huh? What's your major?"
"Education; I'm gonna be teaching kids some stuff."
"Is that right?"
"Cool...say, haven't I seen your face before?"
"...Uhhh, what's your name again?"
"Cree-" *holds up nametag* "-and no, I don't mean personally. Weren't you on a TV show awhile back? What was it called? Total...Total-"
"Total Drama Island?"
"Yeah, that's the one."
"Yes, I was-" *giggles* "-I was the girl with the awkward braces in the first season, so I had them removed in Season 2."
"No kidding."
"So what happened to that show anyway?"
"I think it got cancelled due to low ratings."
"Damn, I wonder what could've caused that."
"Maybe the competitors they got to replace us weren't as interesting."
Beth finished the sign up sheet and gave it back to Cree, pen included. Cree than gave her a membership card and a bottle of water.
"New members get a free bottle of water," she said before handing her a key, "here's your locker number and key."
"Gee, thanks," Beth said before taking a sip of water.
"Nice talking to you."
"Thanks, you too."
Beth then headed to the mirror wall, where the racks of weights laid dormant. She place her bottle down and grabbed a 5lbs weight for each hand. As she performed lunges, she kept hearing intense grunts mixed with clanks behind her. She couldn't make it out with the mirror, but it looked like someone pulling almost all the weights of the pulley machine. She set her weights down as she slowly walked around the machine; her mouth opened in surprise as she saw a familiar face on the machine.
"Eva?" Beth said.
Eva held the weights up for a moment as she looked up at Beth. She then dropped them, making Beth jump as a loud clank echoed the gym. 
"Do I know you?" Eva asked before chugging down some water.
"It's me, Beth," Beth replied, "from Total Drama Island, remember?"
"I remember being on that show, but I sure as hell don't remember you."
"I was on the Screaming Gophers, with Owen, Gwen, Trent, Lindsay, Justin-"
"Wait a minute; weren't you one of those girls who formed an alliance with Heather, the backstabbing, conniving bitch?"
"...Oh, now I remember you; what's you're name again? Sadie?"
"Beth, my name is Beth."
"Oh right, Beth. Glad we caught up, now what do you want?"
"Uhhh...well, I just didn't expect to see you here."
"This is my go-to gym, I'm here everyday."
"Well I just signed up for a years membership and-"
"Are you seriously just going to talk to me all day?"
"Well, we never got a chance to really know each other; what do you like, what do you dislike, what do you do for a living now that you're not a reality show TV star?"
"<sigh> I like mindless action movies, heavy metal music, and coming to the gym on a daily basis. I dislike anyone that gets in my way or looks at me funny, shitty rom-coms and modern pop music. My job is to beat the shit out of people and get paid for it. Anymore questions?"
"...You get paid to fight people?"
"Yeah, on a show called Canadian Warrior. Two fighters, 3 minutes, shit goes down."
"Sounds violent."
"I wouldn't expect you to understand; it's not for those who can't handle people going ape shit on each other."
Beth clenched a fist and said, "Now just hold on for a minute, I never said I couldn't handle it. In fact, I want front row seats to the next show."
"Huh, you've grown a backbone since TDI. Front row is $50 a person; you can purchase the tickets at Next show's tomorrow night at 8."
"I'll be there."
Eva chuckled and said, "If you do that and make it a full 3 minutes without looking away, you'll have earn my respect."
"Really? Respect is the first step to a long last friendship and-"
"I said "if;" I doubt you could even stand 3 seconds of two people mauling each other without getting squeamish."
"Bet you I could."
"Alright-" *stands from the machine* "-loser has to spend the rest of the night at the winner's home."
"It's a bet."
Beth held out her hand and cringed as Eva bear-gripped it with a flashy grin.
"See you tomorrow," she said as she went to lift some dumbbells.
Beth just stood there with here eyes widened as her hand beat like a heart. She let out a faint "ow" before rubbing her hand for a moment. She then headed back to her spot and continued her workout.
After an hour, she went to the showers on the other side of the gym. She found her locker, 78C, close to the entrance and unlocked it. She took off her clothes and glasses before putting on a hair net and shower goggles. She then took a towel and body was before walking to the first shower head she saw; she put the towel on the rack next to her and turned the water to a warm temperature. 
As she washed her body, she heard someone walk in and turned on the shower head next to her. Steam fogged her goggles so she couldn't make out who it was; she wiped her goggles and saw that it was Eva showering next to her. Beth saw that Eva's body was very muscular for a woman and her tits were as big as cantaloupes. 
"Take a picture," Eva said without looking at her, "it'll last longer."
"Oh, sorry," Beth eeped, going back to washing her body, "I didn't mean to stare, it's just that-"
"Just be grateful I'm in a good mood now; you wouldn't want to end up on the next ride to Painsville."
"No, definitely don't want to be on your bad side.
"Most people don't live long enough to say they've gotten on my bad side."
"...Good to know; you look good tho."
Beth then turned the fossett off and grabbed the towel as she went to back to her locker to dry off. Once dry, she put her clothes back on and her glasses before taking her stuff and heading to her car. 
She drove home to her apartment building, raced to her residence on the top right corner and got to her computer to go to the Canadian Warriors website. She was fortunate to find that there was one ticket for the front row left on the site; she pulled out her credit card and looked up the directions on a different tab. Seeing that it was only in the next town over, she closed the tab and opened a new one.
She typed in to check in on her friends. She messaged Lindsay, Owen, Izzy, Gwen and Cody for group chat; all of which accepted almost instantly.
"Hey guys," Beth typed.
"Hey," Gwen replied.
"Hi Beth :D," Lindsay typed.
"What's up?" Cody asked.
"Hey guys," Owen said.
"Hey," Izzy typed.
"So," Beth began, "while I was at the gym after a long shift at work and watching my neighbor's son, guess who I saw."
"Justin?" Gwen asked.
"Bridgette and Geoff?" Owen asked.
"Tyler?" Lindsay asked.
"Isn't Tyler with you Lindsay?" Cody asked.
"Oh yeah, sorry."
"Leshawna?" Izzy asked.
"No," Beth typed, "it was Eva."
"...Wait, who's Eva again?" Lindsay asked.
"That raging rhinoceros who made You Know Who look tame in comparison," Gwen replied.
"Eva's scary," Owen typed, "like really scary."
"Wait, you saw Eva?" Cody asked, "How did you make it out alive? O.o"
"She not that bad," Beth said.
"Riiiight," Izzy typed, "Tell that to the Sasquatchanakwa she skinned alive."
"Oh I remember that?" Gwen said.
"Ditto," Cody replied.
"You weren't even there, Cody."
"Well I saw it."
"Wait, was she the one who threatened Bridgette?" Lindsay asked.
"Yes Lindsay," Gwen replied, "she is. She made you pick the leach barrel challenge for her."
"...Oh, that's right. That's the challenge Geoff took her place for."
"How did you muster up the courage to talk to her, Beth?" Izzy asked.
"I'm not afraid of her," Beth said.
"You sure?" Owen asked, "Like I said, she's scary."
"Only if you get on her bad side."
"You mean there's more to her than uncontrollable rage?" Gwen asked.
"I agree," Cody said, "kinda hard to believe she's anything but short tempered."
"So, what did you and Eva talk about, Beth," Lindsay asked.
"Not much," Beth admitted, "She said she likes mindless action movies, heavy metal music and she's a Canadian Warrior."
"A what?" Gwen asked.
"Ooh, I love that show!" Izzy typed, "She must be a new contestants cause I haven't seen her one there yet."
"The match is tomorrow at 8," Beth said, "I just bought the last ticket for the first row."
"What?!" Owen typed, "I've seen that show with Izzy and it's in its own class of violent. Last week, some one had their legs turned into a pretzel before being slammed into the ring. It's that kind of brutal."
"That sounds super violent," Lindsay said.
"Sound like a show made for Duncan," Gwen said.
"I can handle it," Beth said.
"You could barely sit through Bullets, Bombs and Bob without hiding your face every time someone was killed on screen."
"Those headshots were nasty, though."
"Exactly what I'm talking about. So why did you purchase that ticket?"
"Because...we made a bet."
"A bet?" Cody asked, "what kind of bet?"
"If I look away during the match," Beth said, "I have to spend the night at her house."
"And if you stick it out," Owen began, "she has to spend the night at your place."
"Pretty much."
"Looks like you lose either way," Gwen said, "because, you know: Eva is just one letter off from evil."
"I'm pretty sure it's spelt Eval," Lindsay said.
"...No comment."
"Like I said," Beth said, "I'm not afraid of her and I'm sure she's actually a nice person once you get to know her."
"I might have to just take your word on that one of that's the case," Gwen said.
"I'm with Gwen one this one," Cody said, "if she really is a nice person, her first impression didn't really do her justice."
"Well, it's starting to get late," Beth said after reading 10:23 p.m. on the clock, "I've got to got to work and then class after that. Night guys."
"Night, Beth," Lindsay said.
"Good luck," Gwen typed.
"Night," Owen said.
"Sleep tight," Cody said.
"Don't let bedbugs, spiders or mosquitoes bite ;)," Izzy typed.
Beth then turned off her computer and changed into her night dress before crawling into bed. Just as she closed her eyes and got comfortable, she heard her neighbors arguing across the hall. She groaned as she buried her head in her pillow to drown out the yelling. It seemed to work...until a half hour later when they were yelling even louder.
She threw the covers off her and stomped out of the bed and down stair to complain to the landlord; he said he'd take care of it in the morning, but she still woke up to the sound of their constant bickering.
After a long shift at work and an equally tedious lecture, she drove to the arena in the next town with little more than an hour to spare. After parking her car, she waited in line which wasn't terribly long, but did slow time to a crawl as she waited. When she was finally next, she stepped up to the booth to great the blonde woman with red lipstick.
"Hi," Beth said, "I'm Beth, I ordered a ticket for the front row."
The woman looked down at her and asked, "So your name is Beth?"
"Hang on."
She tapped on her laptop for a minute before printing out a ticket and giving it to her.
"Enjoy the show," she said.
"Thanks, uhh...Tara," Beth said, reading her nametag.
"Don't mention it."
Beth red the ticket as she headed inside the building: Row 1, Seat 7. She headed to the arena doors, and a big bald guy opened the door as she walked through. The arena echoed with the audience murmuring as things were being set up. She eventually found her seat and sat down next to a tall man with flat grey hair and glasses.
"Hi," she said, offering her hand.
"How's it going?" he asked, "Tom."
"Beth; my friend's competing today. Her name's Eva."
"She's probably facing off against my sister-in-law."
"Your sister-in-law?"
"Yeah, my wife's her manager and I'm just here to support them."
Just then the lights went dark for a split second. Then in the middle of the ring, the announcer with a mic entered the spotlight as the crowd roared.
"Ladies and gentlemen," he announced enthusiastically into the mic, "welcome to Canadian Warrior!"
The crowd roared as he continued, "For tonight's entertainment, we have a new competitor! Standing at 5 and a half feet, weighing 179 pounds; she's a short fuse ready to blow at any moment! Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for former TDI contestant, Eva!"
The crowd applauded as Eva entered the ring. She wore her indigo blue gym uniform as she flexed for the audience.
"And for her opponent," the announcer began, "towering at 5 foot 9, weighing 191 pounds; she's a big, mean, clobbering machine. Ladies and gentlemen, The Mad Flower!"
The audience boomed as the shaved head female titan entered the ring. She flexed and showboated to the audience, who just applauded more.
"That's your sister-in-law?!" Beth asked Tom.
"Yeah!" he replied, "Her real name's Nika Vinogradova and she's actually really sweet!"
"I'll take your word for it!"
The announcer then handed the mic to the referee who said, "Reminder of the rules; no scratching, biting, or choking. Tap out of you feel you've had enough. At the sound of the bell, you have 3 minutes to knock your opponent out or to get them to tap. Fighters, shake hands."
They did while glaring at each other. They took a battle stance as the crowd counted down: 5...4...3...2...1. The bell clang as Eva socked Nika in the face before she retaliated. 
Beth's eye's widened as the fighter went at it with one another. She wanted to look away, but then she noticed the black wall in front of her, preventing people from entering the ring. While it didn't block her vision of the fight entirely, it was in the way when the fighters brawler on the other side of the ring. Because of this, Beth didn't have to worry about things getting too brutal in front of her.
The audience roared as the fight continued; the commentators recorded the brawl as it happened while the camera steadily captured every moment of the fight. Nika blocked Eva's punches and kicks as she landed serious blows to her body. Eva only got angrier every time she got hit; she landed blows to Nika with immense force, knocking her back some. It looked like Eva had the upper hand before the bell rang at the minute and a half mark and they had to got to their corners.
"The match will continue after a brief recess," the announcer said.
While Eva and Nika were catching their breath and getting water, Beth said to Tom, "So where is Nika from?"
"Laval," he replied.
"Is that anywhere around here?"
"It's the city next door to Montreal."
"Oh; but, her name sounds Russian."
"My father-in-law was born in Russia but moved to Quebec to for a better life."
"Oh okay; so, what do you do?"
"I direct commercials; specifically PSAs about rape."
"Yeah; ever see that ad were a teen gets a rape whistle from her friends for her birthday?"
"Oh my gosh, I remember that commercial."
"Fun fact: that actress is actually 20 and just got married over the weekend."
"Aww, that's awesome."
The bell then clanged as the fight continued; Eva charged at Nika and punched her in the gut before she was slammed onto the floor. Eva then jumped to her feet and socked her in the chin before she was judo kicked in the face. She caught her balance and wiped away the blood dripping from her nose before charging at her again.
Nika blocked Eva's punch before kneeing her in her gut. She then punched her and shoved her to the ropes. Eva then came back and smacked her dead in the face before throwing a barrage of punches at her. The titan blocked as many as she could before she got jabbed in the side; she then tripped Eva and as she got up, she knocked her back down.
Eva then tripped Nika, got on top of her and started throwing punches. All her punches were blocked as they rolled until Nika was on top and headbutted Eva on the forehead. She screamed as Nika got up rubbing her head. Eva then shot up to attack her but Nika saw it coming and finished her with and uppercut. Eva fell on her head and was knocked unconscious; the refer then held Nika's arm high as he declared her the winner.
The crowd roared as Eva was tended to by medics; after a minute, she regained consciousness and stood to her feet. Nika offered her hand and smiled as Eva wiped her face; Eva then huffed as she walked out the ring. 
Beth gasped as Eva walked away, then she looked at Tom who just shook his head. 
"Shouldn't have done that," he said.
"Is she going to get in trouble?" Beth asked.
"No; but this might affect her chances of getting another fight."
A woman in a suit with a clipboard then walked up to Beth and asked, "Are you Beth?"
"Yes," she replied.
"Harriet Carmen-" *shakes Beth's hand* "-I'm Eva's manager. My client asked for you to meet her in the locker room for a private conversation. Care to follow me?"
"Yes ma'am-" *to Tom* "-it was nice talking to you."
"Ditto," Tom replied.
Beth then got up and went with Harriet to meet up with Eva. As they walked, Harriet's phone buzzed in her pocket.
"Hey honey," she answered, "I'm find...She did WHAT?! Put her on the phone!...What's this about slapping your brother across the face?!...I don't care who started what, that does not give you the right to slap him, young lady! Apologize to him right now!...If I ever hear you slapping him again, I'm going to come straight home and slap you! Do you understand?!...Good, now put Mommy Zoey back on...Can you believe it?...I know we raised her better than that...We'll talk more when I get home...Okay, love you too...Bye."
"Is everything thing okay?" Beth asked.
"Considering my oldest just slapped her little brother over something stupid," Harriet said, "not really."
"I'm sorry to here that."
"Of course you are."
They arrived at the locker room where Eva was sitting on a bench with a scrunched up face and folded arms on her lap. Beth stepped inside as Harriet walked away to leave them in private.
"Hey," Beth said, "sorry you lost the fight."
"Who cares?" she rudely asked, "I'm still getting paid."
"So, you wanted to talk to me?"
"How many times did you hide your face?"
"Didn't have to, I could barely saw most of the fight because of the wall."
"Why didn't you just stand then?"
"Uhhh...are you allowed to do that?"
"<sigh> Yes."
"Oh, I guess I never thought of that."
"But you still didn't look away, did you?"
"Nope, I stuck it out."
"So I guess you win the bet then."
"I guess so."
"<sigh> Let's go then."
Eva got up and followed Beth to her car as she put on her ear buds to listen to some music. As they got in and fastened their seatbelts, Beth started the car and began driving. The were both quiet for the first half mile, then Beth took a quick glance at Eva, who was just looking out the window with a dull expression. Beth then reached behind her and grabbed a bag from the back seat.
"Want some granola?" she asked Eva.
Eva gave her a look and took out an ear bud before being handed a bar. She unwrapped it and took a crunch before staring out the window again.
"Thanks," she said as she swallowed.
"You're welcome," Bet said, putting the bag back, "so, what do you want to do now?"
"Go to your house and get this night over with."
"...Okay? I got some movies we can watch and if you want you can sleep in my bed. I'll be find on the-"
"Why are you still talking?"
"I just trying to have a conversation."
"Well why not?"
"Because I barely know you, that's why."
Beth just remained quiet for the rest of the ride while Eva continued listening to music. The finally reached Beth's apartment while the night was still young, much to Eva's disgust. Beth grabbed the bags from the back seat before walking into her apartment as Eva followed.
"Well," Beth began as she opened the door to her residence, "it's not much, but it's home."
Eva took a look around as Beth put her groceries in the kitchen. Eva then took a seat on the couch as she folded her arms. She took a glance at a wooden table next to her and rolled her eyes as she saw a picture of Beth and Lindsay smiling and holding up peace signs.
"So," Beth began, "what do you think?"
"Whatever," Eva replied.
"Like I said, it's not much. I work decent hours at Jacque Burger, but as soon as I get my my degree-"
"You go to college?"
"Well, yeah."
"Why? It's such a waste of time."
"Well I need to go to college if I'm going to be an elementary school teacher."
"Why the hell would you want to be an elementary school teach?"
"Because I like kids and I want to teach them stuff."
"I'll bet; are you going to put on a movie or what?"
"Okay, sure; I have a few action movies-"
"Do you have My Name is Phil?"
"Didn't think so."
"Well, I have Crusader Rey."
"What's that?"
"It's a superhero movie about a woman who can fly, has super strength and-"
"Is it R rated?"
"No? It's actually PG."
"Okay, how about Simian War 2?"
"Seen it, didn't like it."
"Come on Eva, help me out hear."
"Do you have anything R rated?"
"Well, I have one R rated movie, but it's actually Gwen and Duncan's from when they came over for movie night last week."
"What's it called?"
"Bullets, Bombs and Bob."
"That's more like it; pop it in."
Beth grabbed the movie from the side of the TV and placed it in the CD player before going to the kitchen to pop some popcorn. Once the popcorn was popped, she sat across from Eva as the first headshot of the film played. Beth swallowed her vomit as blood and brain splatter the screen. Eva snickered as she grabbed the popcorn and started munching on it.
"I gotta admit," Eva said, "if I didn't know you had this film, I probably would've called the bet off."
"I can't believe you, Gwen and Duncan like these types of movies," Beth said, trying not to stare at the screen.
"Shh, this is my favorite part."
Beth took a quick glance as a character exploded and blood and organs splattered everywhere. Beth then ran to the bathroom and puked into the toilet as Eva snickered while eating popcorn. Beth then brushed her teeth and rinsed her mouth out with mouth wash before sitting back down across from Eva. After over an hour, the movie concluded and Beth put it back in the case while Eva clapped slowly with a smirk.
"So," Eva began, "now what?"
"Well," Beth said, looking at the clock, "it's almost 10:30 now, so we should probably go to-"
Just then Beth's neighbors from across the hall started shouting at each other.
"Really?" Beth groaned, "I'll be right back."
Beth walked out to her neighbor's residence as Eva tried reaching for her Mp3 player. She found that her pocket was empty and decided to check the couch cushions. Apart from popcorn kernels, she didn't find anything. She then got up and flipped the couch upside down, knocking the table  to find her Mp3 under it. She picked it up and put it in her pocket before putting the couch back; Beth then came back just as Eva took her seat.
"What happened?" she asked.
"My Mp3 player fell under the couch," Eva replied.
Beth then noticed that the picture that was next to Eva was missing.
"What happened to my picture?" Beth asked.
"What picture?" Eva retorted.
Beth then walked around the couch and gasped as she saw the picture frame shattered to pieces. She picked up the photo, which was fine, but that didn't stop Beth from getting mad at Eva.
"Did you seriously break my picture frame?!" Beth asked.
"What's the big deal?" Eva asked, "Just get a new one."
"That's not the point; you deliberately broke something that wasn't yours just to find your stupid Mp3 player!"
"It's not like that picture meant jack-shit anyway. I don't even know why you're still friends with that dumbass blonde."
"Of course you don't know why I'm still friends with Lindsay! You never a friend to begin with!"
Eva then stood up and grabbed Beth by the shirt and asked, "You mind wanting to say that again?"
"Prove me wrong," Beth retorted, "name one person who actually cared about you besides your parents."
Eva thought long and hard for a moment, remembering as far back as 1st grade. Being unable to think of one, she pushed Beth back and let out an angry yell. She then just stood there with her arms folded and huffed like a bull.
"I thought so," Beth said, rubbing out the wrinkles off her shirt, "you've never had a friend in your entire life."
"You don't know what the hell I've been through," Eva growled.
"I would if you would just tell me."
"Yeah, fuck that!"
"Why are you so defensive? Do you think I'm going to make fun of you? I'm not like that; I'm not a bully."
There was dead silence apart from Eva's heavy breathing after that outburst. 
"That's not true," Beth then said, "and you know it."
"Yes it fucking is!" Eva yelled, "I was belittled and laughed at for being a fat ugly hippo growing up. Every day I was picked on, beaten, robbed and harassed; and the worst part is, no one wanted to defend me! So before I turned 10 I started turning my fat into muscle and learned how to fight; now no one dares to make fun of the way I look and if they do, they won't live to regret it."
"That still doesn't mean everyone's a bully."
"Yeah, actually it does."
"Were you a bully?"
"Well...I-I...What does that have to do with anything?"
"While growing up, did you beat people up for lunch money or made fun of them?"
"I...not exactly?"
"You know what causes people to bully others?"
"They're just like that I guess?"
"Because they themselves were bullied. Nobody's born a bully; like most things in life, bullying is taught."
"Okay, so I wasn't born a bully; still doesn't change the fact that I was still bullied."
"Did you tell them to leave you alone?"
"Yeah, because asking nicely always gets them off your back."
"Not ask, tell. Stand your ground and tell them to back off."
"Uhhh...Well, what do you know? You were never bullied."
"You're right, I wasn't...until I met Heather."
"That doesn't-"
"She was rude, bossy, selfish, backstabbing and aggravating. She's the text book definition of a bully."
"Well...that's later in life and-"
"It doesn't matter; a bully is a bully no matter what. If you don't want anything to do with them, you should stand your ground and tell them to leave them alone instead of learning how to beat them up when you get the chance. 2 wrongs don't make a right."
Eva was silent as she thought about what Beth said. She then sat on the couch and folded her arms as she scrunched up her face and growled. Beth went to the kitchen and grabbed the broom and dustpan from the side of the refrigerator to sweep up the glass from behind the couch. She then throw the glass in a trash can in the kitchen before putting the broom and dustpan back where they were. Eva then murmured something under her breath as Beth walked back into the living room.
"I'm sorry?" Beth asked.
"You're right," Eva said.
"Now that I think about it, my temper always got the best of me and it always got me in trouble."
"Maybe all you needed was a friend, who you can talk to and help you stay out of trouble."
"Oh, and you want to be my friend; we barely know each other."
"I know you're sensitive, you like staying healthy and you're honest. I think those are the most important things I need to know."
Beth then sat next to Eva and said, "I would've been your friend."
"Even though I have a short temper," Eva said.
"Now we both know you're more than that."
Eva then snickered before bursting out laughing hysterically, much to Beth's surprise.
"What is so funny?" Beth asked.
"I just imagined if we were on the same team," Eva said, wiping a tear away, "how things could've turned out different."
"Like what?"
"Like pushing you off that cliff because you were so scared, that would've been hilarious!"
"Not at the time, but yeah I think looking back, that would've been pretty funny."
"Yeah; so what time is it anyway? It feels late."
Beth looked at the clock and said, "It's 5 after 11 now, we should get some sleep."
"Yeah, Harry says The Mad Plant or what her name is wants a rematch by the end of the week. I should get some shut eye."
"You can sleep in my bed if you want."
"You're seriously letting me sleep in your bed?"
"That's what friends are for and I want you to have a good sleep."
"Gee thanks...Beth."
Eva smiled for the first time in what seemed like forever as Beth smiled back. Eva then went to sleep in Beth's bed while Beth slept soundly on the couch.

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