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Ulrich grunted as he was awoken by the sound of the front door opening and slamming shut, checking his phone he found it to be nearly four AM “damn, Yumi really went wild last night” he chuckled before heaving himself to go help his wife upstairs to bed

As he had expected Ulrich found his wife sat on the floor near the front door struggling to pull her long leather boots off “someone had fun I see” he smirked watching as the Geisha finally prised the boot off sending it flying across the hallway

Upon hearing her husband’s voice Yumi looked up with a drunken smile “hey babe” she greeted him with a drunken giggle as she then prised her other boot off of her foot, falling back onto her back as she did so showing off how ruined her outfit had become over night

Her tight black mesh top was completely torn open allowing one of her huge tits to bounce freely and her skinny jeans had nail marks all over them making it obvious that someone had drunkenly tried to drag them off of her and since Yumi’s knuckles weren’t bruised Ulrich felt it was safe to assume that the perpetrator had either been Aelita or Sam, especially from the numerous hickeys the covered his wife’s throat and collar bone

Leaning down Ulrich took hold of Yumi’s arms to help her to her feet, his rough grip on her making the Geisha giggle as she was heaved up “mmm, you always knew how to manhandle your woman” she slurred turning and ‘falling’ against him forcing him to catch her “carry me to bed?” she requested batting her eyelids up at him to which Ulrich rolled his eyes

“Alright” Ulrich sighed wearily before effortlessly heaving Yumi up into his arm to carry her bridal style, the Geisha tittering at the action before proceeding to strip herself as she was carried up the stairs, pulling her torn top off completely baring her chest before casting the clothing aside, shimmying in her husband’s grip as she pushed her tight jeans down kicking them off until she was naked in Ulrich’s grasp

Upon entering the bedroom Ulrich unceremoniously threw Yumi onto the bed making her bounce hard on the mattress and almost straight off of the bed “fuck you know I love it rough” she moaned expecting her husband to just grab and violently have his way with her only for Ulrich to just climb back into bed “what’re you doing?”

“It’s four in the morning Yumi, go to sleep” Ulrich just grunted back to which Yumi grabbed the covers and yanked them off of him

“No! I want your cock!” she demanded with much more force than she normally would when cock hungry, grabbing his boxers yanking them down his pants before he could say anything before leaning in to kiss and lick at his cock to coax it to erection “come on, don’t you want to fuck your bitch?” she growled lustfully before taking his cock balls deep into her mouth, sucking hungrily on him to coax him to full hardness

Gasping as Yumi sucked hard on him Ulrich bucked his hips on instinct, his hands shooting up to grasp Yumi’s head as his mind was still too sluggish with fatigue to make a coherent decision so his body just acted on autopilot just how Yumi wanted it, the Geisha happily sucking on his cock as he steadily pumped it into her mouth

Humming around her husband’s cock Yumi then pulled away for air “come on stop being so gentle, skull rape your whore!” she demanded spitting hard on his cock “your slut comes home drunk and you don’t want to fuck her? What kind of man are you?” she goaded to which he just grunted with annoyance grabbing her head again forcing it back on his cock to shut her up

“Fucking bitch” he growled as he forced Yumi’s face to his groin, the rough almost abusive tone to his voice making her moan lustfully around his cock as she put up no resistance, at that moment she craved the most brutal abusive using she could get and knew that questioning Ulrich’s manhood was the way to get it

Relaxing her throat and neck Yumi just drooled for Ulrich making her mouth an easier fuck hole for him as he steadily pumped his hips up to fuck her throat “yeah, you like that don’t you?” he panted as he ground up into her mouth watching his wife’s eyes roll back with lust making him smirk “come here bitch” he then grunted as he then sat up and pulled Yumi off of his cock, making her gasp for air as he then dragged her off of the bed by her hair forcing her to kneel on the floor as he stood over her

Gasping as she hit her knees hard to the floor Yumi then purred as Ulrich grabbed her tits forcing his cock between them “fuck yes, rape my fucking tits!” she panted pressing them harder together for him loving the feeling of her husband’s huge cock fucking her chest “use them for what they’re fucking good for!”

A little taken back by Yumi’s words Ulrich kept going despite his shock, furiously thrusting between his wife’s tits until his cock throbbed and oozed precum into her cleavage “that’s it…more…cum for me…cum all over your filthy whore of a wife!” she demanded arching her back as she held her arms up over her head to offer her tits completely for Ulrich to use and fuck

With a few more thrusts Ulrich hit his first limit, pulling back he aimed his cock at Yumi’s face before letting go with a low groan, the Geisha letting out loud shamelessly moans and hums as his cum decorated her face, hair and tits, shaking her chest for him as he covered her huge breasts with his seed “fuck yes…god I need this…” she moaned sticking her tongue out to catch the last remaining shots of cum before hungrily swallowing it

The moment Ulrich’s cock stopped spewing cum Yumi dove forward to swallow it down, nuzzling her nose to his groin before starting to vigorously pump her head along his length sucking wet and sloppy as her tongue frantically worked his shaft, not giving him a moment to recover as her arms wrapped around his thighs “fucking hell Yumi!” he gasped nearly doubling over as sensory overload make his muscles weak prompting him to sit back on the bed

Moving to kneel between his legs Yumi massaged her husband’s thighs as she pumped her head along his cock, the Geisha slut desperate for another taste of his cum as her tongue worked in frantic circles around his shaft “that’s it slut, keep sucking, you know you want my load” he groaned to which she hummed around his cock nodding quickly against his groin “good girl” he grinned taking hold of her head again starting to move it at his preferred pace

As Ulrich steadily fucked her head Yumi let her hands move to her aching groin, her dripping cunt long neglected since the start of their fuck session so the moment her fingers touched her soaking slit she nearly orgasmed from the slight contact alone, her back arching and another long moan of pleasure vibrating around her husband’s cock as she started to furiously finger fuck herself

Smirking at the sight of his wife playing with herself Ulrich then pulled her off of his dick prompting her to let out a loud wet sloppy gasp for air “enjoying yourself whore?” he asked whilst beating his cock against Yumi’s face making her moan and giggle as she nodded licking at his cock when she could “are you going to ride my cock like a good little whore?”

Eagerly nodding again Yumi quickly climbed onto the bed as Ulrich moved to lay back against the pillows, the Geisha giving his cock a few more hungry licks and sucks before prising her mouth away to replace it with her cunt, not even bothering to tease herself with it as she promptly slammed herself down on his dick throwing her head back with a scream of pleasure “fuck yes! God I love this fucking cock!”

Grinning up at her as Yumi began to bounce hard on his lap Ulrich reclined back relaxing his arms behind his head letting his wife do all the work, watching how her huge bimbo tits bounced hard enough to hit the Geisha in the face every time she slammed herself down but Yumi gave them no mind, the slut simply focusing on just how good her husband’s cock felt reshaping her insides

Slamming her hips down harder making her thick ass clap and jiggle Yumi then balanced her hands on her husband’s chest staring wide eyed straight into his eyes “you like that? Does my little slut cunt feel good on your huge god cock?!” she panted looking completely mad with lust as she worked her hips faster and harder to the point that her spine started to burn, she ignored it though continuing to work her pussy along Ulrich’s cock “god I love you so much, I want to worship you all fucking day, worship your fucking dick”

As Yumi continued to praise him as she rode him Ulrich felt his load building up again, he thought about saying something back but at that moment Yumi was dead to the world and most likely wouldn’t remember anything in the morning so he let her live out her submissive fantasies for the moment, moving his hands to take hold of her ass as she started to orgasm hard on his dick, her screams getting louder to the point that he was sure that they were going to get noise complaints from the neighbours soon

Soon enough Ulrich hit his limit again, thrusting up hard to bury himself as deep as possible into Yumi’s spasming cunt before unloading his balls straight into her needy womb, the feeling of his cum rushing inside of her setting off another hard orgasm before the first had barely ended making Yumi’s mind snap, her eyes crossing and her tongue hanging out as she then fell forward completely unconscious, her second climax having been too much for her to handle causing her to straight up pass out

Panting as his climax high calmed down Ulrich slowly rolled Yumi off of him to which she limply rolled onto her back breathing softly as she now slept, smiling at the sight Ulrich laid back to go back to sleep only to notice the sunlight filtering in through the slightly opened curtains prompting him to check the time, with a sigh he realized his alarm was going to go off any minute now so he decided to just turn it off and get up early to get ready for work, sleep deprived or not he wasn’t upset for the lack of rest and a couple cups of coffee would set him right by noon

Yumi however was going to need a fuck ton of aspirin

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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