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I never thought it'd come to this. I heard growing up can be hard and weird sometimes, but I didn't think I'd ever come to experiencing this. My name is Lincoln Loud, and I'm a terrible person. Why, you may ask? Because right now I'm laying with my sister Leni, we've just had sex.

It's very warm as she holds me close to her large breasts while having a big smile on her face, she's sleeping as if nothing happened. Does she even understand what we've just done? We've committed what many people would consider taboo, let alone illegal. A sin and a crime. I'm worrying my head off here.

Yet...I feel good. This feels good. Why? This is wrong. It should be wrong.

Shouldn't it?

I keep wondering how it turned out like this. This had started a few months ago, I went to the bathroom early in the morning one day and found Leni just getting out from her morning shower. The weirdest thing about it was that she didn't scream or freak out, she just said "Good morning Linky!", put on her towel, and left.

Left me alone with an erection to take care of alone.

I felt guilty, I shouldn't be lusting over ANY of my siblings. But...

Oh God, it felt so good.

Her body is a work of art, Leni puts in a lot of effort to keep it that way. I remember old pictures of her being very chubby when she was younger, Lori told me that when she was in Jr. High, she was harassed to the point where she wanted to stop going to school. Then during the summer, she did some extreme program that helped her slim down at an alarming rate. She liquidfied all her meals, and would exercise at least two hours a day. The payoff was...

Where do I start?

Her slim, silky legs? Her tight tummy models would kill for? Her firm, soft ass? Her large breasts? Her shiny creamy blonde hair?  Her innocent, alluring blue eyes?

Well, not so innocent anymore.

The part I still don't get is that she initiated it. I was only jerking it in my room and only muttered her name once when she walked in saying "What do you need, Lincoln?" She saw what I was doing, I tried to hide it, then she got closer and helped me finish. She said "Aw! Little Linky isn't so little anymore!" as she stroked my shaft.

I didn't tell her to stop.

She told me to ask her if I ever needed her help with it again. She would help me with it at least once or twice a week. First it was with her hands, then she used her breasts, then her mouth, then...

Everyone else was busy that Saturday, having gone to one place or another leaving the two of us home with no supervision. I took the opportunity to ask Leni if she would help me masturbate, and she quietly came into my room with an odd look on her face. It was a nervous smile and she didn't look at me directly, she was wearing her sea green dress and was holding onto the skirt. She shut the door and slowly raised it up revealing she had no underwear on.

"...do you want me to be your first?"

I can't remember what I responded with, but it must've been something of a "yes" because the next thing I knew, she was on my bed and locking my lips with hers. After a few minutes, she gently rubbed my genitals, making me all stiff for what would happen next. In return, I kissed her chest and rubbed her thighs, my hands moving more on instinct than direction. Then she lowered herself onto the bed and pulled me up on top. She must've seen how nervous I was.

"Relax Linky, we'll go at your pace."

She helped me get into place, put my hands on her hips, then told me I needed to take the lead. I missed the first time. Missed the second time. I almost entered the third time but it didn't go in right.

"Lincoln, that's the wrong one!" she told me, then she grabbed hold of my hard-on and guided it to her golden gate.

The dive in was damp, warm, and tight. Too tight. Her insides squeezed me as I slowly sank inside her. She gave me one of her bright smiles and lightly hugged me.

"Good, you're doing good, now make me your woman."

I didn't last very long.  Barely a minute after penetration and I reached my climax...while my log was still inside her.

Leni's eyes went wide, she must've felt my juice hitting her walls.  Her jaw dropped and I knew it was all over for me.

"L-Lincoln...did you just?"

Seeing her expression filled me with panic and guilt.  My eyes filled up like a dam and burst, I fell onto her sobbing "I'm sorry!" again and again.

"Aw, it's okay Lincoln." she cooed as she held me, "It's just your first time, it's okay."

Why was she comforting me?  I had just finished INSIDE her!  "L-Leni...I...I wasn't wearing a-"

"Shh, you let me worry about that..." she lifted me up and got off the bed.  I watched her leave the room for the bathroom.  I saw her take something out of the medicine cabinet and put it in her mouth, then she simply walked back like nothing happened.  All the while still bare and shameless.

"Leni?  What did you-"

She put a finger on my mouth and winked at me, "I've told you before Lincoln, just let me worry about it.  You know that my head isn't just full of air."

Leni got under the sheets and motioned for me to join her.

"How was it?"

Words can't describe what I just went through.  Too many words were rushing to the forefront of my mind, trying to get to my mouth.  In the end I simply said "It um...it was good."

She smiled and gave me a hug, "Glad I could help."

Then she just...fell asleep. She's still asleep. She looks so natural and calm, I can't read her at all.

Just...just what's with her? Is she enjoying this? Did she just want to screw me all this time?

I don't know. I just don't know.



I'm okay with this.

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