Changing the Grade

BY : Magmos
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Changing the Grade, Kim Edition

(Another Anon E. Mus smutty tale.)

Just a heads up, I’m actually planning another version of this fic. One where Kim is the aggressor for sex. If you’d like to see that version, say so in the reviews and I’ll work on that ASAP. As always though, don’t hesitate with the criticism as long as it’s constructive.


Middleton High school is, for the most part, just a regular high school with not much going for it. What it DOES have going for it however is a very irregular student by the name of Kimberly Ann Possible (Or just Kim for short).  Red haired, athletically built, spectacular legs, head cheerleader, brilliant student, and part time super hero who, in her own words, can do anything. However a job such as hers has left her with a rather regular problem, albeit for irregular reasons.

“What do you mean I’m failing!?” Kim’s voice echoed throughout the empty classroom.

“I meant exactly what I said Miss Possible, you’ve missed so many of the projects I’ve assigned that you can’t be doing anything BUT failing.” This was one of the few teachers at the school, Mr. Mus. Let’s be blunt, you don’t want to know what he looks like, so let’s just move on.

Kim’s face was turning red from aggravation and rage at that explanation. “I couldn’t do those projects because I was out saving the world Mr. Mus! Doesn’t that get me SOME leeway!?”

Mr. Mus let out a short and dismissive snort before answering. “Not so much I’m afraid. Besides which, doesn’t your website say you can do anything? I’d imagine your homework would count among ‘everything’ Miss Possible.”

“Well what about extra credit!? Do you have anything like that I could do!?” Kim pleaded desperately.

“Miss Possible, even if I thought you would actually do the work I don’t hand out extra credit assignments. Now, I’ve told you what I needed to, please leave. I have things to do.” At that Mr. Mus waved Kim towards the door and turned towards his desk.


Dejected, Kim left the room without further complaint, slamming the door on her way out. Rather than head home in disgrace however, she opted to stay near the door in thought.

This sucks so hard! I do not put in all the extra hours in my other classes just to have a mark like this because one teacher refuses to budge! Rgh! But what can I do here? It’s not like I could…wait.” At this, a small smile appeared on her face. “Perhaps I COULD.” She then marched off to the locker rooms, a plan already forming in her head.


A fair bit later, Mr. Mus was still grading papers at his desk when he heard a knocking coming from his door. At hearing it he just sighed and massaged his temples.

“I’m assuming that’s you again Miss Possible. I already told you, I’m not offering extra credit.”

The knocking however, refused to cease.  With a grunt of aggravation, Mr. Mus stood up and walked to the door.

“I swear to God Miss Possible,” Mr. Mus grumbled. “If I open this door and you’re still there your academic career here is as gooooo…huh?”

The cause of Mr. Mus’ brain misfire would be what was on the other side of the door. Rather than the sight of Kim in her usual casual wear and with a glare on her face, he saw her in her cheerleader outfit with a sultry smirk.

“Hello again Mr. Mus.” She said in a low tone. “Why don’t we talk inside?” With that she shoved Mr. Mus back into the room with one hand, following him in while closing and locking the door behind her.

It took him a moment, but Mr. Mus managed to regain a small measure of his composure. “M-m-miss Possible, what is the meaning of this!?” he spoke with what authority he could manage.

Kim’s smirk just grew wider as she then pressed herself up against her teacher. “Why Mr. Mus, I’m simply trying to convince you to meet me halfway.” She then wrapped her arm around Mr. Mus’ neck and pulled herself upwards so that he lips could reach the taller man’s right ear. “I know I’ve missed out on a lot of work Mr. Mus, and I’m sorry for that. But you know I’m a hard worker,” at that she ground her crotch into his, feeling his growing erection, “you know that I’m willing to do extra credit work, you know my grades are important to me,” at this point she started kissing his ear a bit, “so you know I’ll do just about anything to keep them up.” At that, she finally lowered herself back down so she could look him in the eye again. “So what do you say Mr. Mus?”

Now, Kim’s plan was rather simple. Show up in the cheerleader outfit, get Mr. Mus all hot and bothered, use that to get him to assign her extra credit work to get her grades back up, and be on her way. Unfortunately, she’d overlooked a few key issues with that plan. For one, she’d come on rather strongly with the whole thing, and was coming across as FAR more willing for more than just flirting, for another, Mr. Mus had been hard up for a long while now, and finally that cheerleader outfit was just hitting all of his buttons.

Mr. Mus lowered his head towards hers and looked her right in the eyes. “So you said you’ll do anything to keep your grades up?” He said in a very steady tone.

“Yeah, I’ll do MMPH!” At hearing the yeah, Mr. Mus quickly latched his lips to hers, forcing his tongue into her mouth and pushing the two of them up against the door. After they hit the door, Mr. Mus reached down to grope at her ass and make it easier to grind their pelvises against each other.

After a moment, Kim managed to regain her wits enough to struggle against the amorous teacher and get her mouth off of his. “MR. MUS! Have you gone completely crazy!?”

Mr. Mus, operating under the assumption that this was some type of role playing, just  moved his head to kiss and suck on her neck for a bit before responding. “Don’t act like you didn’t want this Miss. Possible.” As he said that, he moved one of the hands that was molesting her firm ass and placed it over the front of her panties and started rubbing her pussy through them. “Hell, you’re starting to soak right through here.” He stated smugly.

Kim couldn’t really deny that, even as she fought to repress the moans and try to get the lust crazed educator off of her. For reasons she couldn’t really explain, least of all to herself if only to explain why she hadn’t kicked this pervert’s ass yet, being manhandled like this was REALLY getting her juices going. Then he forced his mouth onto hers again, and her mind started blanking out and all she could do was latch her arms onto him and kiss back, moaning all the while.

When he broke the lip lock to lift her top off, showing she was wearing a tight sports bra covering her ample breasts, she began to get coherent thoughts back. “Okay, okay, my teacher is trying to fuck me, and I can’t really build up the want to fight back against him, no big. Well, okay, this IS big, but I might be able to get out of this.

As she thought that, Mr. Mus grabbed one of her hands and placed it on the bulge in his pants and tried to coax her into rubbing it. “Okay, this is REALLY big. Good lord, how does he not faint from blood loss when this thing is hard? Wait a sec; I think I may have figured out how to calm him down at least!”

At that, Kim kneeled down putting her at eye level with Mr. Mus’ crotch, and quickly started undoing his pants. “Just hang on a moment sir! I’m gonna do something nice…for…wow.” Kim’s awe, as you might have gathered, came from the sight of Mr. Mus’ dick springing out of his fly.

Mr. Mus let out a chuckle at the sight. “Miss Possible, in all the time I’ve known you, you’ve NEVER been at a loss for words. Is the sight of me really that impressive?”

At any other time Kim might have had some retort to that, but her mind was preoccupied by the sight in front of her in her hands. Mr. Mus’ dick was massive. Easily half as long as her forearm and almost too thick to wrap her hands around, it honestly looked like the sort of thing that would be on an animal and Kim needed to get a feel for this thing.

She started with gentle rubbing from the base of the shaft to the tip, getting a feel for it before she remembered why she was doing this. She then moved her head towards it and started licking and kissing at the underside, moving upwards due to Mus’ encouraging groans until she reached the tip. Then, with a breath to calm her nerves, she placed her lips to the tip and let them slide over it, where she then began sucking.

The taste honestly wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be. Bitter yes, but when compared to some of the gunk she’d been covered in, and swam in for that matter, this wasn’t so bad. Emboldened by that taste, and Mr. Mus’ groans, she continued forward, cramming more and more of his dick into her mouth, her tongue twirling around it. Soon however, she couldn’t fit any more without her gag reflex kicking in, so she settled for gently rocking her head back and forth, slurping and sucking away all the while.

“I have to say Miss Possible,” Mus spoke through his groans of pleasure, “if I didn’t know any better I’d say you’ve done this before. I suppose your website wasn’t completely inaccurate. However…” He then put his hands on her head. “It looks like you could use a little help with the concept of a deep throat.” He then thrust his hips towards Kim’s face while pulling her head to his hips.

“GRKKMPH!” Kim gagged painfully as Mus began facefucking her, slowly at first, but quickly picking up speed till he managed to force the entirety of his cock down her throat.  Of course, after waiting a moment to enjoy the sensation, he went right back to thrusting, eventually forcing her against the door, Kim gagging and slurping all the while and holding onto Mr. Mus’ hips in a desperate attempt to keep her head from smacking against the door.

Eventually though, Mr. Mus finally reached his limits. With a strained grunt, he pulled back leaving just the head of his dick in Kim’s mouth, and came hard and long. Between the abuse her throat took, and the lack of oxygen from Mus’ thrusting, Kim had no small amount of trouble keeping up with Mr. Mus’ near endless barrage, but aside from some minor leaking don the side her mouth she managed to swallow most of it before she released his cock and fell backwards gasping for breath.

“W…Well? Did…did I convince you?” She asked in between gasps and coughs of air.

Mr. Mus just looked at the now disheveled young lady for a moment before answering her. “Not just yet. It’s your turn now.”

“What do you mean it’s my EEP!”

Said eep was Kim’s startled yelp as Mr. Mus picked her up in his arms bridal style and carried her over to his desk. After finding a clear enough space, he sat her down on it before shoving off his paperwork and forcing her backwards to lay her out flat on her back. He then leaned over her and began kissing and sucking on her neck, slowly moving downwards till he reached her sports bra restrained breasts. He then moved his hands to her back and lifted her up enough for Mus to get at her bra clasps and undo them, finally revealing her naked breasts to the man.

While Kim’s breasts were far from the largest around, Shego and even Bonnie had her beat pretty severely there, they were still quite nice to look at. A bit more than a handful, very perky, almost to the point that they barely sagged as she lay back, topped with pink nipples. Yes, Mus was most certainly going to enjoy himself here.

He began by reaching out with both hands to get a good feel for them. Gentle squeezing at first, massaging them really, going firmer and harder as her moans intensified. Eventually he lowered his head to her right breast and wrapped his mouth around the nipple and started sucking at it while massaging the left one, switching sides after awhile, and Kim just leaning back and urging him on through the noises she was making.

Eventually, he left her breasts be and continued downwards, kissing and licking all the while until he reached her cheerleader skirt. With barely any pause Mr. Mus managed to get it off of her and flung it to the side, leaving Kim clad only in a pair of solid purple panties, which were then removed and tossed as well, showing her shaved pussy. Mr. Mus then leaned down next to it and started slowly licking around the sides, almost like he was trying to sample her before getting into the main course.

“Mr. Mus, please don’t tease me.” She moaned as she spread out her legs to make her point more apparent. With a grin on his face, Mr. Mus dove right into her folds, drawing a small shriek from Kim. What followed was quite frankly a mind-blowing experience for Kim. Gentle bites at her vulva, tugging at her labia, but above all else he had a constant focus on her clit. Licking, sucking, nips, it was driving her well past coherent thought and pretty much just reducing her to a gibbering mess.

“Oh god, oh god, OH GOD, OH MR. MUS!” as she screamed, her cunt spasmed, spraying Mus’ face with her juices, eventually causing her to black out for a bit. When she came to, she saw Mr.  Mus removing the rest of his clothes before lining up his cock with her entrance. “Are you ready Miss. Possible?”

At hearing that, she looked down and remembered just how big the man actually was and whimpered lightly. “Are…are you sure it’ll fit? That thing looks like it’ll tear me in half!” Mr. Mus just nodded and started rubbing her legs before answering. “It’ll fit. Don’t worry about that Miss. Possible, it’ll fit just fine.” At hearing that she swallowed her nerves and nodded her head, bracing for what was coming. With one strong thrust, Mr. Anon forced himself into her depths.

This proved to be a bit of a mistake. While Kim lost her hymen long ago as a consequence of her athletic lifestyle, but said lifestyle managed to keep her tighter than most virgins would be, which made Mr. Mus’ sudden entrance somewhat painful for them both. After waiting a moment for them both to get used to the tightness and girth Mr. Mus started moving his hips.

Slowly at first, still getting used to things, he moved out far enough to leave just the head in and move back, but soon after Kim’s groans of discomfort started turning to moans of encouragement he started speeding up, hard enough to cause slapping sounds from their slapping hips to echo through the classroom alongside their moans.

“Please, give me more Mr. Mus! Harder!” Kim screamed as she wrapped her arms around her teacher.

“Urg, Call me Anon, Kim. I’d say we’re a little past last name basis.” As he grunted that out, he sped up his thrusting and increased the force of said thrusts, causing the desk they were on to start shaking and rocking and more of the items on it to start falling off.

“Oh god! Anon, please don’t stop! Please don’t ever stop!” As she screamed this, Kim’s legs wrapped around Anon’s waist, restricting the lengths of his humping but ensuring they could be quicker. Before long however, his member started swelling up.

“Gonna come, Kim I’m gonna cum!” He screamed.

“Wait, wait pull out!” she panicked, desperately tying to force her legs to let go, and failing miserably. “Please pull out! I don’t…I don’t want to…OH MY GOD!” As she was saying that, her own orgasm hit her like a truck, causing her to cling to her teacher in a death grip and ensuring that, even where he so inclined, he wouldn’t have been able to pull out anyway as he exploded inside her depths. By the time they both finished, they just collapsed onto the desk, bother of them relishing in the other’s touch and scent.

Before long they came to, looked each other in the eye, and kissed passionately, eventually breaking away with a trail of saliva connecting them. At this point there was only one thing left to say.

“So.” Kim began trying to catch her breath. “Are you willing to give me extra credit now?”

Anon took a long moment before answering. “I’ll meet you halfway. We’ll call this your extra credit, call it an extra-curricular.”

Kim smiled at that. “I think I can live with that.” Soon after, with the two of them cleaning up as best as they could, Kim left for home and Anon remained behind to catch up on, and reorganize his paperwork.


A week later, Kim was just wrapping up another class in Mr. Anon’s class and was about to walk out the door when her teacher’s voice stopped her.

“Excuse me Miss. Possible” he spoke in a lecturing tone. “We need to discuss another round of extracurricular activities to bring your grades up again.”

Kim just smiled as she closed and locked the door. She then strode towards Anon and knelt down before unzipping his pants and pulling out his dick. “You remembered protection this time right Anon?” She asked in an accusatory tone.

“Of course Kim. Now then, let’s get to work then shall we?”

Kim said nothing before opening her mouth and cramming as much of Anon’s dick in it as she could, the sounds of sucking and slurping echoing through the classroom.



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