Jessica on the Job. (An Anon E. Mus Story)

BY : Magmos
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Disclaimer: I do not own Who Framed Roger Rabbit, nor any of it's characters. I make no profit on this, nor do I seek to.

This is honestly the first time I’ve ever written something like this. Sorry if I kill off any sex drives in this. I also apologize for the short length, again, first time I've ever written something like this. More may be added, but I can't promise that.




Jessica Rabbit never saw her life ending up like this. From musical starlet for a decent enough club, to bit character in her husband’s cartoons, to a full fledged movie star after the filmed adaptation of their story of his frame up, it seemed to be nothing but a series of ups for the gorgeous redhead and her wackadoo husband.

Sadly however, all high point have to fall. With Jessica and Roger, it came with the rise of Computer Generated cartoons. As more studios began shifting their focus onto Flash and CGI created Toons, it became harder and harder for classically drawn Toons to find work. Thus, with bills piling up, Jessica had to enter a more traditional career. In This case as a secretary for a Mr. Anon E. Mus.

By all accounts it was a decent enough job. The pay could be better, but she was making a living easily enough, the dress code was fine enough to work with requiring skirts and blouses (Though she’d be lying if she said she didn’t miss her red dress.) and the place was well off enough that she had a fair amount of job security. There was just one problem. In a fit of pride, Roger had left to try and find work, but had left her high and dry. Oh Bakshi, how many months had it been since she last played Paddy Cake with her Honey Bunny? It was even getting to the point she was fantasizing about doing it with other people.

Eventually this particular form of stress started affecting her work to the point that Mr. Mus had to do something.

“Mrs. Rabbit, is there something wrong?” He asked as he walked up to her desk where Jessica seemed to be lost in thought.

“Oh!” Jessica exclaimed. “I’m sorry Mr. Mus, I didn’t notice you. But yes, I’m fine.”

Mr. Mus just frowned as he stared at her. “Mrs. Rabbit, I think we both know you aren’t ‘fine’.  You’ve been missing calls, drifting off during meetings and missing notes, and the few times you DO take notes they’re so full of typos as to be nearly unreadable. So again, is there something wrong?”

Jessica just let out a chest heaving sigh before explaining herself. “I’m sorry Mr. Mus. It’s just…I just miss my husband so much.”

“Your husband left you?” He asked, more than a little shocked at the idea that anyone would leave a woman THIS drop dead sexy.

“No. Well, not really. We haven’t divorced or separated, but he has left. He’s a Toon actor you see, but work has been so hard to find lately, and he doesn’t really have any other skills, so he’s gone abroad to try and find acting work elsewhere.”

As she was saying this, Mr. Mus had moved a chair behind her and had begun to massage her shoulders.

“I just…I just miss him so much. I miss his jokes, I miss his laughter, I miss his touch…” She began to trail off into quiet sobs as Mr. Mus continued to rub her shoulders.

“Well Mrs. Rabbit,” he said, his eyes trailing downward “I may not be able to help with the laugher or jokes, but I think I know what I can do to help you get back o track with your work.”

“Really?” She sniffled. “What do you have in OH!”

Mr. Mus’ hands had quickly trailed onto her sides where they then darted into her shirt and began massaging and squeezing her glorious breasts.

Now, sex among Toons may be VASTLY different than with humans, but Jessica had been around long enough to know what all was involved and just what Mr. Mus was doing.

“Ah! M…Mr. Mus! Please! I’m an OOH! M…m…married, oh Walt, married woman!” Jessica struggled through the moans to say.

“Jessica,” Mr. Mus spoke in a firm tone. “Before you are a wife, you are a woman. A woman with needs. Needs that are not being met by your husband, and that is interfering with your ability to work. All I’m trying to do is help you so that you don’t lose your job. Don’t you want that help?”

At that last word, Anon’s hands gave Jessica’s mounds a firmer squeeze, forcing a gasp out among her moans.

“P…please Mr. Mus. Oh Walt, we can’t MMMPH!”

Before she could continue on, Anon took one of his hands out from under her shirt and moved her head so that he could press his lips to her full ruby red ones. As he kissed her, his tongue slipped into her mouth and began to push against and wrestle with her own, and one of his hands slipped down from under her shirt and into her skirt and panties to stroke her folds while the remaining hand stayed on the breast it was against, gently stroking and tweaking the nipple attached to it. Her eyes closed as she leaned into the kiss, her arms wrapping around the back of his head as she pulled herself closer into it, moaning all the while.

After a long moment the two separated, Anon panting to catch his breath, and Jessica panting in lust.

“So Jessica.” He said in a husky voice while grinding his erection into her ass. “Would you like the help I’m offering?”

Jessica had to take a moment in her arousal fogged mind before she could even register the question, let alone respond to it. “In your office.” She groaned. “We’re too exposed out here.”

With a smile, he motioned to his office door for Jessica to enter while he followed her in. After locking the door and closing the blinds he turned around to See Jessica sitting on his desk, all but tearing her blouse off, and showing her lace bra quite clearly.

 “Mr. Mus I’m begging you,” she groaned through the lust. “Can’t you see how much I need you?”

Anon simply chuckled as he walked up to Jessica and helped get the blouse off her. “Please Jessica; call me Anon when I’m ‘helping’ you.” He then leaned his head down and began nuzzling her wonderful breasts, covering them with licks and kisses while his hands moved behind Jessica and snapped the clasp of her bra only for her to toss it away, with Jessica alternating between moaning and giggling from the sensations he was providing her.

“Oh, please Anon! More! Help me more!” She cried her hands pressing against the back of Anon’s head trying to pull him deeper into her tits. Anon obliged her, moving his head to the right breast and latching his mouth onto the nipple and sucking, gently at first but then adding gentle pulling with his teeth, and culminating with sucking hard enough to actually lift the breast up a bit as he moved his head up. As his mouth did it’s work, his left hand moved to her unattended breast and resumed its work from before massaging and rubbing on as much boob as it could handle, all the while Jessica tried her darndedst not to start moaning too loudly and risk alerting anyone who may be outside the office and trying to push Anon’s head more into her breasts. “Yes, YES! Anon don’t stop, please don’t stop!” Jessica gasped breathlessly. “This…this is all so new!”

Anon lifted his head as he smiled warmly at Jessica. “Certainly beats paddy cake doesn’t it?” After asking that, he began moving downwards, kissing and licking all the way down her chest and stomach as his hands rested on her hips and began fidgeting with the waistline of her skirt.

“I wouldn’t go so far as to say that. It’s a very enjoyable kind of different though.” As she explained, Anon’s hands finally found the zipper to her skirt and pulled it down, with the skirt following with soon after, leaving Jessica lying on his desk clad only in her panties, garter belt and stockings alongside a lustful smile on her face.

 “You know,” Anon began, “I saw the cartoons you were in when I was a kid, and I can safely say that seeing you like this is nothing short of a number of my dreams come true.” As he said that his hands moved to his pants, undoing his belt and dropping his pants and underwear in one go, showing a sizable erection which managed to get Jessica’s notice.

“Mmm.” She moaned. “So nice to know I’m fulfilling dreams here.” With that she spread her legs and pulled her panties to the side, showing her dripping wet pussy. “Now why don’t you fulfill my curiosity? I’ve always wondered how human sex felt.”

That was all the invitation Anon needed as he quickly moved forward and thrust his member into Jessica’s soaking wet, and very constraining, vagina drawing a gasp from the scarlet haired Toon. It took every ounce of willpower her had not to explode in the warm depths right away. There was no two ways about it, Jessica was borderline virgin tight, and if he didn’t pace himself he’s most likely wouldn’t last long enough to really enjoy him.

Fortunately, Jessica was more than willing to take her time at the moment. All these new sensations and experiences, and she wanted to take her time and enjoy them as long as possible. So, till he could calm down, he returned to frenching Jessica to keep the mood going. When he was certain he’d calmed down enough he began thrusting in and out of her, slowly at first, the two of them moaning, kissing, and groping the other all the while. Eventually Anon started to pick up the pace, steadily thrusting harder and faster into the sex starved redheaded Toon, her breasts bouncing and slapping into each other wildly with an odd drum sound every time they hit each other. As he did, the kissing stopped as the groaning and screaming became too much to restrain.

“OH BAKSHI ANON!” Jessica screamed as she clung to anon with her arms and legs. “MORE! HARDER! FUCK ME HARDER!” And her obliged her, slamming into her, the force from his thrusts causing the desk to slide backwards towards the (thankfully) reinforced windows, the sounds of his pelvis and balls slapping into her all the while alongside her breasts drumming picking up their pace.

All good things must come to an end however, and the end was quickly approaching the real and animated lovers as Anon’s felt his balls beginning to boil over and Jessica felt…SOMETHING coming. With one last thrust from Anon, the two of them practically exploded, Anon’s seed spilling into Jessica’s burrow with said burrow spilling juices all over the desk beneath them.

Eventually they came down from the high and collapsed onto Anon’s desk, Jessica flat on her back and Anon on top of her full breasts, both of them quivering and shaking.

“So…” Anon panted out. “Did that help any?”

To Jessica’s surprise, it actually did. Her mind was feeling clearer than it had been for a long while. With a sultry smile she lifted Anon’s head to her’s and kissed him passionately. After a long moment of tongue dueling they separated and Jessica breathlessly said the only thing she could.

“Thanks. I needed that.

Anon returned the smile as he felt his girth starting to return. “I don’t doubt you did. Are you sure you’re all better though?” As he said this he began grinding against her. “Seems to me you could use a bit more help.”

Jessica just liked her lips and let out a small moan before grunting out, “I suppose I could stand a little more help.”

Anon smiled as he flipped her over so that she was on all fours on his desk. “Well I suppose it’s in my best interest to see that my employees needs are met then isn’t it? He then slid himself back in and resumed thrusting, this time starting hard and fast, eventually mashing her breasts against the glass of the window. “Cleaning guys are probably going to have questions though.

“Let them ask!” She screamed at him. “Just keep fucking me when they do!”

As you might imagine, this went on for quite some time, and would carry on for quite awhile. It was certainly an enjoyable affair, one that both parties were inclined to keep going for as long they could.


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