Sense of Semblance

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A/N: Hello, just wanted to say hey to anyone new to my stories. And welcome. This will be my first attempt at a RWBY fanfiction, though I have been a fan of the series for quite some time. Being the first chapter, this will mostly be about setting the tone and motivations for Jaune, the protagonist. Hopefully, you can get a taste for my style of writing, and enjoy it enough to sign on for more.

And for those of you who do know me… well, he-he, enjoy. You know why you’re here. 

Tag(s): Voyeurism, Peeping.

Girl(s): Pyrrha, Nora.

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Chapter 1 - Semblance

Beacon weather shone pleasantly in the afternoon. The sun overhead was as bright as the future of its students casting a comfortable warmth through the air, trees in the distance waved in the force of a gentle breeze, and nearby, the soft sounds of birds could be heard whistling to their own songs. Unfortunately, all of this positive energy was subdued by the incoming fist aimed directly for one Jaune Arc’s face.

He stared at Cardin, owner of said fist, in open shock. More so, the blond haired boy couldn’t help but look at everything around him in a disarmed expression. And that was because of one tiny, itty-bitty, detail.

The breeze, the birds, the trees, and, most importantly, the fist were all standing stock still, while shrouded in an eerie silence cast upon the world. It was strange, so alien that Jaune’s instincts screamed at him that such an emptiness shouldn’t be possible. Yet, all he could do was stand there, mouth agape while he tried to understand what had happened.

The day had unraveled like every other afternoon since he’d joined the prestigious school of Beacon. Classes had just ended leaving most students to work on homework, their training, or to simply enjoy the good weather that seemed to perpetually shine down on their illustrious academy. Jaune, in particular, had been indulging in his most frequent pass time as of late; hiding from team CRDL.

Unsuccessful, obviously. The penalty for, and to quote, “having a stupid face,” was deemed to be a hearty and brain damaging fist to the offending area. It wasn’t exactly the first time Jaune had been forced to pay for that certain crime. Although, usually he didn’t start hallucinating until after the blinding pain and crunch of his nose.

Flinching back to protect his most treasured feature, Jaune had waited for what seemed like an eternity for the punch that would never come. It was only after his ears picked up the eerie silence that now permeated his world that he’d been brave enough to peek. And even then, the sight of Cardin’s fist not five inches from his face was enough to send the blond reeling for a time.

However, understanding that he was no longer in any danger, Jaune had the chance to observe this new reality - confusion so profound that his mind couldn’t even begin to form the questions to ask replacing the fear.

“C-Cardin? Buddy?” Letting out a meek laugh, the thin boy stared at his tormentor, looking for any signs of change in his expression. Frozen in a mask of sadistic glee, it looked as though he’d been stopped at the peak of his triumph. Otherwise, Jaune couldn’t find any answers in his statuesque posture.

Around him the three other members of team CRDL stood around, their jeering cheers stopped dead on their lips. Jaune inspected each one of them in hopes of learning something about this anomaly. But they were as empty as their leader, urging Jaune’s thoughts to reflect inwards.

‘It was like everything has just stopped,’ he observed. Reaching out he cautiously touched a finger to Cardin’s face. Warm skin gave way to his touch. But when he pulled away, the slight dimple in his cheek remained. An invisible force keeping his skin from reforming back to its regular shape. Still, the boy made no sound, much as the rest of the world.

“I… I need to find a teacher!” Jaune suddenly blanched. Whatever was going on was way too much for him to handle by himself. Cardin may be a jerk, but Jaune didn’t want to see the guy seriously hurt. Embarrassed, sure. But there was very real possibility that whatever this was could be dangerous.

Unfortunately, leaving the secluded back area of the school where the team had dragged him, Jaune would quickly discover that finding help would be much more difficult than he’d imagined.

Running, Jaune turned the corner into the courtyard, expression open with growing panic. He only made it a few more feet before the figures and bent trees finally caught his attention. The grass crunched under his feet as his steps slowly fell to a halt.

His breath stopped cold in his chest. Licking his now dry lips, his neck craned in sharp, quick movements as he looked all around the spacious lawn. But each direction told the same story.

All around him the student body of Beacon could be seen standing about, smiling and cheerful as usual. Yet, what should have been a heartwarming scene was twisted by their immobility. They dotted the open space as statues of their former selves.

Jaune quickly felt his heart drop to his stomach. It wasn’t just Cardin and his goons. But then, how far was this really spread?

Everywhere he looked the picture was the same. People, people he knew, frozen in place - stuck doing whatever they had been doing when this phenomenon had struck. Most were simply seen standing with friends. Others had been on their way to some destination they would never reach. But all of them were completely stuck, seemingly all but Jaune Arc.

It didn’t seem like an attack and this couldn’t be a natural event. But Jaune couldn’t remember anything like this coming up in any of his class either. Granted, he’d never been the most focused student, but he wanted to believe he would be able to recall if a teacher mentioned something as extraordinary as the world and its people grinding to a halt.

It was at this moment, frustration and fear gnawing on his mind, that he took notice of the bright light shimmering around his clenched fist.

Eyes wide, he stared at the elusive substance feeling an odd mix of awe and fear. It clung to him like a second skin across his entire body. Twisting to getting look at himself, he could only blink in amazement at what could only be his first time seeing his Aura. True, Pyrrha had been kind enough to help unlock the stupid thing. What good it had done for him up to this point, however, had yet to be seen.

He wiggled his fingers watching the light play off his skin. Could this be what was protecting him?  He knew it acted as a shield at times. Yet, he couldn’t help but feel it was wrong. This was a school full of talented Hunters after all. If aura was all they needed, they’d all been using it a lot longer than he’d been. Eyebrows drawing together, he frowned in contemplation.

He didn’t feel any pressure or pain or any other signifiers that something was attempting to reach him. In fact, closing his eyes, he thought he could actually feel his Aura… leave him. Almost like it was being dawn into the air around him or, or spent as small branching wisps slithered into the air – more smoke than energy. Jaune tried not to gasp.

“No way!” he failed.

Whatever… this was, whatever had happened was leaching off his aura by the second. Yet, to his understanding, there was only one thing in the world that had the ability to do that. And that was… was-!


The word fell from his lips like a prayer. One he’d repeated many a time in his younger days. The power that each Hunter was born with. Oh, how long he’d waited to understand what amazing ability his own Aura would create. But he’d never expected this. Whatever this was.

What had before seemed like a twisted and horrific disaster now dazzled Jaune as he looked towards a groups of students. Curiosity drove him to inquire about just how this power of his worked. And he quickly found himself rushing over to the nearest person. Stopping at a nearby bench, he forced himself to calm down enough to inspect the girl sat in front of him more closely.

She was a Faunus. A pair of rabbit ears sat atop of her long brunette locks easily gave her heritage away. She was also very cute, Jaune always took the time to notice, with a small frame and legs long enough to bring about a brief pause. He’d thought he might have seen her around campus sometime but couldn’t quite put a name to her face.

Tucked away in the corner of the courtyard, she was all on her own. In her lap, she rested a thick book that she seemed to have been reading with moderate interest. Jaune took in the peaceful picture feeling his curiosity get the better of him. Before he knew what he was doing, his hand reached toward her.

He tugged at the book only to blink in surprise when it moved easily out of her relaxed grip. Holding it front of his face, the white glow around him flowed over the pages like running water. He turned a page, curious to see how it might be affected. But in his hands, the book was as average as any he’d seen.

With a pondering curiosity, he dropped the object and watched the white glow bleed away in a matter of seconds – the last of which left it suspended in midair. Jaune stared at the strange image with growing amazement. 

For her part, the girl didn’t seem to notice his interference. Calm faced with a peaceful smile to greet the world, her eyes didn’t so much as flinch as their point of focus was moved. She simply continued to stare at the space her book had been unaware that anything had at all changed.

First with Cardin and now the book, it seemed he was free to manipulate whatever he touched. Curious, he turned his attention to the girl beside him before, once again, cautiously reaching out.

The tips of his fingers brushed one of the long ears sticking straight out of her head. The moment their two appendages met, his aura spread around the animal feature, consuming the soft brown fur but stopping short just above her hair. He didn’t know what he expected- for her to suddenly gasp to life, maybe? Instead, he found himself simply enjoying the soft texture of the furry appendage.

After a handful of minutes, Jaune realized what he was doing. Jumping back, he flinched as though he were expecting the girl to suddenly burst out in anger. But she didn’t. Losing its source of aura the soft light eventually bled away and the long ear drooped just a few inches before returning to its frozen state. All the while she continued to sit in peace, eyes trained on her lap.

Jaune found his face warming. For some reason, he felt like he would feel better if she had been able to yell at him. He gave the girl an apologetic look, his eyes lingering on her cute ears. He forced his hands to stay at his side.

From what many would consider a small village, Jaune’s interactions with the animalistic people had been limited to the point of nonexistence. He’d been quite surprised to see a number of students attending Beacon sporting some form of the animal appendages, the female half especially. And though he’d been itching to feel one for himself, it wasn’t until today he’d had the chance.

Happily walking away from the girl, Jaune decided to do some more testing. Picking up various objects. Testing the weight of things that would normally strain his strength. More or less, his actions were small and childish, but all that seemingly led to the same answer.

His semblance actually seemed to stop time. Or, more accurately, it seemed to protect him from it. Actually removing him from the dimension of reality altogether.

It was awe-inducing at first, to think he’d been gifted with such a raw, unbridled power. Just imagining what he could do with this, the number of Grimm he would be able to slay; it brought a large and avaricious grin to his face. “I have got to tell Pyrrha,” he swore, his voice echoing in the void of stagnant air. But as soon as the words left his mouth, he only needed to look around to remind himself of the real issue at hand.

As amazing, unbelievable, and incredible as his semblance was, that didn’t mean much if he couldn’t control it. Which begged the question, could he undo what he’d done? And, if so, how?

He tried to think about the information the school had provided on semblances, but that didn’t amount to much. There were a number of theories, but the power and application relied so much on the user that it was impossible to find any one way to describe its use. The only thing that was generally agreed upon was that it was an extension of one’s aura, and from that, an extension of one’s soul.

Okay… so how was he supposed to control his soul?

Reflecting back to the moment that everything had stopped, Jaune tried to recall what had activated it in the first place. Blind panic? Hmm…. That may be hard to recreate. Although, it did remind him of something that might be useful.

He’d been so focused on the thought of Cardin’s fist, on the pain, that he recalled simply wishing with all his might that it would stop. That the moment between the punch being thrown and meeting his fragile face would last forever. And then… a flash.

His eyes had been clenched closed, flinching for all the help it did. So he’d assumed the light had just been his own life playing before his eyes. Yet, now that he thought about it, he did recall a sensation right in the pit of his stomach right before it had gone off. Again, he had simply passed this off as his own waste attempting to fill his shorts.

Assuming this was not the case, Jaune found himself looking within himself for anything that could match that description. Thankfully, fully visibly and permanently activated, he found his aura much easier to manipulate. A slight handy cap that allowed him to flex and spread the elusive substance into his own body.

What he found was both surprising and familiar, like remembering a muscle he’d never known about.

It was like a… a tiny ball of energy sitting in the center of his gut. His aura reached into his body brushing against the sensation with all the substance of passing cloud. The more he tried, the less traction he managed to create, all while wholly unsure if this was even what he was meant to do. Suffice to say, it was going to take a lot of trial and error before he found anything out about his new power. Thankfully, he suddenly found himself with quite a bit of time on his hands.

His struggle continued for an insurmountable amount of time. Without sound, without people, without anything but his own heartbeat to count the seconds, an entire year could have passed for all he knew. Well, okay, maybe not that much. But it did have an… effect on the psyche. Enough to bring a small amount of panic towards the end as his attempts became more and more desperate. Which turned out to be just what he needed.  

His aura pressed against the hard, button like sensation with more and more force. It was almost like he could feel a grove or texture for him to find a hold. In a single instant, he felt the power inside of him clench and then shut off. And suddenly it was like the shining bulb inside his body went dark.

Ironically, that was very similar to how it felt. There was no surge of power, no rush that he felt he needed to feed. Inside of his body was a switch that either left the world in a state of perpetual molasses, or at its average pace. And whatever after effects the use of his powers gave, well he was about to find out.

The world came back with a flash, just as it had left. All of the sounds and voices that had been swallowed by the void rushed back in a single wall of white noise, threatening to bring Jaune to his knees. Hands around his ears, he struggled against the length of a nearby tree. Leaning on it for support, the jumble of noise eventually scattered to recognizable sounds.

The book hovering in midair fell the grass with a soft ‘thump.' Blinked wildly, the girl on the bench’s now bare lap stood apart from the reality she had been used to; earning a quizzical and wide-eyed stare. He collected himself enough to give her his full attention, rising to his full height while careful to remain peaking over the edge of the bark biting against his palms.

Finding the book she was reading torn from her hands without warning was enough to force a small yelp of surprise from the young women. She immediately stared at her fingertips, the very ones that had just been holding the phantom novel. Confusion continued as she reached up to touch her treasured ear, gently itching the very place Jaune himself had taken the time to exploit.

Her attention turned towards the empty lawn around her, as if she could see whatever had happened, or even if anyone else had seen the odd phenomenon. She was disappointed on both fronts as the spacious, open area displayed nothing but the familiar idling teenagers enjoying a warm afternoon. From her perspective, it was a perfectly normal day. She hesitantly began to reach for her book, warry as though it had decided to try and fly away by itself.

Suddenly he was bracing his back against the tree allowing his subject to get back to her day. It was enough to make Jaune stare down at his arms and consider the amazing power all over again. Like a child given a new toy, it was all he could to keep from jumping up and down, a very unmanly squeal emanating from his excited expression. He forced himself to calm down.

“Alright, once is for chumps, Jaune. Let’s see if we can go two for two.” Pepping himself up, the young man wasted no time searching for the switch manifesting as his semblance and flipping it with his Aura. It took a few tries, but the simple fact that he knew what to look for was a great help. And to his amazement, he felt the switch flip as the world began crawling to a halt before becoming the soundless oblivion he’d just escaped.

Now free from the public’s view, the first thing he did was give into his childish whimsy. Jumping, cheers rang from his lips and dissolved into the void. He began to grasp the tremendous power that laid with him. It was only after he started calm down, his cheeks burning from the width of his own smile, that the young man looked around him.

All of that being said, he did feel he may be underutilizing his potential here. Rather, maybe he should be thinking about what this incredible strength could do for him. And right away, he knew where he was headed next.


The twisted malice that had once consumed Cardin’s expression now reflected his own stupidity. Mouth agape, he appeared in the middle of looking around the shaded back building, no doubt wondering where the dweeb that was supposed to be on the other end of his fist had gone. “Well, I’m right here, Cardin.” Jaune smiled confidently, possibly for the first time in his life. “So why don’t you come get me?”

Jaune stood in front of the muscular boy. Shorter by a head, many would question the picture of his grinning face if they’d been able to see it. Jaune relished the alien sense of safety in the twisted team’s presence.

Jaune wasn’t an angry person by nature. At the peak of his frustration, he was more likely to curse himself than lash out at others. Even faced with his bully, he had no real drive to cause him pain. That being said, testing his powers on the Faunas girl had only made him more curious about this strange reality of his. And, more importantly, how it affected the real world. He figured one little punch to the jaw would be a great place to start.

The lithe muscles coiled around his shoulder and bicep flexed, larger than ever in his life while still being smaller than practically every other male in the school – and a few females. His fist lifted back almost comical in comparison of the larger boy. But that wasn’t the point. Jaune knew he didn’t have the muscles to cause any lasting pain. However, Cardin had the unfortunate position of being unable to defend himself in even the slightest of ways. And for once it was Jaune’s turn to take advantage.

His fist connected against the square jaw. For a moment satisfaction flared to life, a month of pent-up frustration and fear and anger finally releasing in one large blast. Unfortunately, the pleasure didn’t last nearly long enough. And with reality came the blinding realization that punching someone actually really hurt.

Open shock played on his face as he reared back, almost stumbling as he hissed under his breath. He immediately moved to cradle the offended appendage with his undamaged hand, each beat of his heart sending another throb of stinging numbness through his clenched fist. “How the heck did Cardin do this every day?!” he wanted to scream. Instead, he embarrassed himself, skipping around the group of frozen boys until the pain faded to a manageable heat. 

For all his effort, Cardin didn’t show much of a reaction. Snapped to the side, the force of Jaune’s punch was enough to smack his face in the opposite direction. Still holding his own hand, the blond boy scurried off around the build’s corner to watch from a distance. Hopefully, this would work out like he’d intended.

 “Ah!” Gasping, Cardin’s confused expression morphed into sudden pain as he cradled his aching jaw. Curses flew from his lips while each of his teammates were left to stare in utter confusion as their leader cradled his wounded face. It was a wonderful sight, and one Jaune knew he would never forget.

He’d learned a lot thanks to the meathead, and he felt he didn’t need to take it any further. They were a bunch of jerks, and if he saw them messing with either him or anyone else, he would gladly step into dole out justice as he had today. But for now, the young man decided he’d done enough for revenge. And with that decision made, he began to walk away, the loud cries from a group of ne’er-do-wells gracing his ears as he rushed to find his friends.


Jaune’s pace was calm as he made his way towards Beacon dorms. A kind of easy gate that belayed the confidence he was just beginning to experience. Already he could feel his mind racing with the possibilities of his power. And, more specifically, how he could show it off. His partner was the first to come to mind, unmitigated pride filling his chest at the mere thought of finally meeting her aspirations.

He couldn’t wait to tell Pyrrha. He knew the redhead would be just as excited for him as he had been. Finally, he could add something to the team that didn’t get them laughed at. Not that the Huntress had ever seemed bothered by it. Despite her fame, she was a one of a kind friend that stuck by him no matter the issue. He couldn’t believe she had even gone so far as to offer him training. Although, whether he’s actually improved because of it remained to be seen.

On that line of thought, his mind wandered to who else he could tell. It did not take long before his mind strayed to his one and only ice queen, Weiss Schnee.

Mock his guitar? Fine. Deny his request for a date? Sure. Ridicule him on almost a daily basis? Okay, that one actually kind of hurt… But it didn’t matter! Because once she heard of how amazing and strong his semblance was she’d be the one asking him out to dinner!

And you know what he was gonna say then!?

Yes, he was going to say yes. Of course, he was going to say yes. This is Weiss Schnee were talking about, what’s wrong with you?

Then there was Ren, Nora, Yang, Ruby. Heck, he’d even march right up Ozpin himself and brag.

This was going to be sweet. After so long on the bottom rung on the totem pole, this was finally his chance to make something of himself. To prove to his parents that, not only could he live up to his grandparents and great-grandparents, but that he was going to succeed them. The name Jaune Arc was going to be remembered for generations! And it all started today.

Finding the familiar building, he quickly made his way up and toward Team JNPR’s dorm room. He made it about halfway before an idea came to mind, stopping him mid-stride.

Jaune Arc was nothing if not a man of showmanship.

Sure, he could just walk in, tell them what he could do and be accepted as the next living embodiment of the All-Creator-Oum. Or, he could really make an impression and show them what he was capable of. Appearing out of thin air sounded like a good way get everyone’s attention. He could already see their faces. Nora might even be too stunned to speak! …Okay, maybe that wasn’t possible. But she’ll still be surprised! Confident in his decision, the blond looked around at the empty hallway before ducking into a stairwell.

Slipping into the comfortable setting of his own world, Jaune immediately felt himself relax into the quiet space. It was amazing how at home he felt in this alien environment – free of both noise and presence. Yet, he couldn’t deny a sense of calm under the near all-consuming excitement that appeared to seize his body every time he used his power.

In here, nothing could hurt him, nothing could call him names, and nothing could make him feel as weak as he always knew he was. He was safe, powerful, practically almighty, even. And he liked the difference. More than he might be willing to admit.

Taking a moment to enjoy the warm sensation of his own aura, Jaune finally moved to the last flight of stairs and onto his floor. Nearing his dorm, he was surprised to find his teammate Ren not inside of the room, but just outside of it.

The Mistral teen lazily leaned back against the wall. A scroll hand, the light basked against his bored expression. Jaune tried not to feel too disappointed. Of course, it would have been better to have the team together for the big reveal, but maybe this would teach Ren not to be so antisocial around his teammates.

Jaune considered a repeat performance, but at the cost of pizazz? No thank you. Nope, Ren would just have to be known as the only member of Team JNPR that wouldn’t be able to say he was there when Jaune revealed his amazing power.

The blond felt bad for him, honestly. But, hopefully, Ren would be able to go to bed at least a few nights without weeping for his loss.

He spared his friend a single pitying glance before moving to open the door. Unfortunately for him, he wouldn’t realize his mistake until much too late.

Driven by his own excitement, Jaune hadn’t even stopped to question as to why Ren would be stuck outside the door. If he had, he might have remembered one of the core ground rules set the day team JNPR had entered their dorm, only to realize it was co-ed. One that clearly specified, at any time one or both members of the opposite sex needed to change, the other gender would kindly step out of the room and wait for the all clear.

It was simple; with no complications, and all members of the team trusted each other to refrain from doing anything regrettable. That is to say, Ren trusted Pyrrha to keep Nora from doing anything regrettable. Of course, it wasn’t until Jaune was staring at the female half of his team frozen mid-changing that all of this information came rushing back.

Just as frozen as the rest of the world for that briefest of moments, eventually his mind caught up with the images he was seeing. “Sorry!” He shouted, his cheeks lighting up to a bright shade of red. He just made out the picture of Pyrrha’s naked back and Nora’s bare thighs when he slammed the door closed, his breath near hyperventilation.

“Dude!” he exclaimed at the stock still Ren, “why didn’t you warn me!?” The obvious answer being obvious, Jaune watched Ren stare lifelessly into his scroll for a full minute before turning away, embarrassment consuming him.

At least no one had seen him. The last thing he needed was Pyrrha thinking he was trying to make a move on her. He couldn’t imagine how she would respond to that. No, he should just step back for a few minutes and wait until everyone was dressed to make his entrance. He even bet Ren would be in the room. Perfect! So… why wasn’t he walking away? And that, Jaune realized, was the staple of his little dilemma.

Try as he might to reject that he’d seen anything at all, the image of Pyrrha’s toned, and pale skin was burned into his retina, even at a glance. He wasn’t quite sure how to feel about this discovery. From the very beginning, Pyrrha’s strength had stood out more than anything as average as beauty. And Nora… well, she was Nora. The fact being, female wasn’t the first word that came to mind for either of the young ladies when they had all first met. And now he found himself wondering how he could have thought of anything else.

Soft skin crested into even softer curves. Red hair on each, although in startlingly different shades, appeared softer and shinier than he ever remembered in the past.

Jaune, like any healthy straight young man, held more than a small fascination with the female body. But he forced himself to remember that these weren’t just some girls, they were his teammates. Even if he hadn’t taken the time to look at them, surely he couldn’t be considering invading their privacy like that.

But he was. Because no matter how good his heart was, at his core he was still just a teenage boy. One that had his first opportunity to see real, living women without their clothing. And unfortunately, for all parties include, the promise of boobs was too much to pass up.

 “Don’t look at me like that,” Jaune glared at Ren, who was still just as frozen as he’d been three minutes ago. “It’s just going to be one peek, that’s it!” Again, Ren didn’t respond, obviously. “God, this is so like you!” Jaune nodded his head nevertheless, nervously reaching towards the door.

He could feel a nervous excitement fluttering in his chest. It was enough to make his stomach turn sour. Of course, this didn’t subtract from the bouquet of beauty that awaited him as soon as he worked up the nerve to peek inside.

Pyrrha and Nora remained unchanged since only a minute ago, twin statues of feminine grace and youthful allure. Dressed in little else than her skirt, it looked as though his partner was in the middle putting on her bra when he’d frozen time. And facing away from him, his gaze was filled with the image of back and bare shoulders. Not something he normally considered attractive, but he couldn’t deny the sudden warmth in his cheeks – as well as other, more southern areas.

Not to be ignored, Jaune was greeted with the sight of Nora just to Pyrrha’s right. The excitable young woman was in a bit more substantial stage of dress with a white blouse buttoned up to her navel. Her breasts and lower half were already covered by her purple set of bra and panties. Thought, she was no less interesting because of it.  

The fact that he was seeing his teammate’s underwear at all was a shock to his system. Once you looked past the hyperactive activity and loud voice, she was actually a fairly pretty young woman. Ren was a lucky man. And while they technically weren’t together, Jaune still felt a seed of guilt in the pit of his belly.

“Sorry,” he looked back at his pink haired friend. He did feel bad, just not enough to actually stop. He made this point especially clear as he walked the rest of the way into the room, closing the door behind him.

Turning his attention back to the two women, Jaune made the entirely unnecessary effort to move as stealthily as possible. As though they could suddenly awake and discover his insidious plan.

Just a small peek,’ Jaune reminded himself, repeating it every so often to ward off the feelings of guilt. Though, if he were honest, he would recognize most of what he was feeling was in fact excitement.

Creeping around the edges of the room, he was able to see what he’d come for. Big enough fill a palm, Pyrrha seemed to have gotten a head start on puberty. While not as large as Yang by any means, her armor hid more than Jaune had been expecting, which was certainly a statement in of itself. It wasn’t as though she were the most conservative girl after all. He really hadn’t been paying attention.

Soft and graceful, the tissue of her chest sloped against her ribs. A kind of pear shape, they drooped ever so slightly – rounding towards the bottom while sloping forward in a blunt tear drop. Her pale skin seemed even more so in this area, only making the light pink of her nipples stand out that much more.

Pointing slightly up and apart, the areola itself was on the smaller side, two patches of puffy flesh raising out from her already pronounced bust. In comparison, her stubby nipples sat in the middle of each, short and flat.

Jaune found his eyes widening with every passing second. Every now and then he would look up, staring at her face before returning to her breasts. It really nailed in the fact that the first breasts he had ever seen belonged to Pyrrha Nikos, the invincible girl, the one whose snores rivaled that of a Boarbatusk and who beat the ever loving snot out of him on a daily basis.

Jaune moved by instinct, stepping toward the girls to get a better look. Pyrrha had on a beautiful expression, seemingly laughing at something the other ginger had been saying. Jaune couldn’t help but feel the urge to reach out and touch her soft skin, brushing his thumb along the soft, flower pink lines of her lips.

Flawless skin wrapped around toned, trained muscle sculpting an impossibly arousing figure. Slim shoulders and breasts tapered at her waist, allowing for a feminine shape. Compared to her upper half, her lower stood out making her hips seem even wider, and her thighs more full. Underneath the surface, he could see the definition of tight muscles. And while lithe and compact, it was nothing close to bulging or burly – only adding to her beauty.  

Jaune’s face erupted with color. This was… getting a little intense. He knew he had to be careful, but that didn’t make the temptation any more manageable. Just to hammer this point home, his eyes turned to her hips. Where long legs stretched from her skirt, opportunistically bare of their usual tights. Taking advantage of the school’s shorter shirts he could even enjoy a peek at her thighs without reproach.

He circled around her figure a few more times, face open with awe and interest as he drank in the image of her naked shape. He could honestly say there were very few things in the world more interesting than a half-naked woman – with the exception of two half-naked women. Giving his partner another lingering stare, he slowly found his gaze becoming drawn to the second girl in the room.

Her face was a little more animated, no doubt for the effect of whatever inflated story she’d been in the middle of explaining to their friend. Fingers twisting the buttons at her navel, the front of her shirt was still very much open, giving just enough of a view that Jaune could look inside and see the swell of her breasts encased in the purple prison.

Whereas Pyrrha physic could be described as tall and lithe, Nora’s figure stood out in other ways. Her chest, especially, was a much more reasonable size for her age. Two perky mounds budding out the front of her chest. But easily a head shorter than everyone else on the team her breasts almost seemed larger because of it. Sticking out against her frame in a way that was hard to ignore. Her soft cotton bra cradled each mound against her chest while cleavage peeked through the top along her collarbone. And two small bumps shining through the otherwise smooth surface.

While her breasts were a sight to see, Jaune found his attention focus much more closely on the pair of purple panties clearly visible under her uniform blouse. Still wet from her shower, the soft cotton hugged her curves making a small outline of her sex visible to Jaune’s prying gaze. Her thighs were spread just enough for him to make out a defined line down the crotch of her underwear.

It wasn’t anything to obvious. The pale light color of her thighs disappeared beneath the thin strip of cloth guarding her womanhood. But t was a snug fit, and the material was thin enough to paint the picture of her lips against the cloth while a bit of it had even been pulled up into the crease. It was the closest Jaune had ever gotten to seeing what the opposite sex hid under their skirts. And he had to say, he was not disappointed.

The heat in his ears only encouraged his behavior. Crouched low, Jaune went through the effort of enjoying the girl from a different angle. Directly behind her, the white hem of her shirt bunched over the curve of her rear. Two rounded cheeks that pressed out against the material of her panties. Cut for comfort, the material failed to cover her backside in its entirety, allowing the corner of each cheek to peek out at the young man. Gentle curves met the meat of her thigh which carried down to the firm, pert shape of her legs.

He stared at all of this trying to remember how he’d looked at the girl before, and wondering how he ever would again with her tight bottom coming to the forefront of his mind.

“Wow,” Jaune sighed. “I love my semblance…” The words faded into the soundless void.

Between the two he continued to switch from time to time – each having their own points of interest. And Jaune made sure to appreciate each one. His semblance had given him a rather unique opportunity.

He doubted many young men had had the chance to so openly view the opposite sex. At least outside of their scrolls. Yet, rather than enjoy the moment for what it was, Jaune mind slowly began to turn. Entertaining other ideas that would have rendered him a stammering fool if it had been just a few hours ago.

Eyes training on the hem of Pyrrha’s skirt, Jaune was amazed to find his own hand reaching out towards the garment.

Is this really what you want to do with your power?’ the voice in his head came quick, taunting. The tips of his fingers almost brushed the collar of her skirt before stopping suddenly.

Jaune’s face froze. The sound was familiar, too familiar. The same mocking tone that followed him, waiting to strike at the moment he began to feel even a spark of confidence. It never failed to repeat his shortcomings, or his lack of ability, reminding him of who he was as soon he thought otherwise. ‘Really doing your ancestors proud.’ It seemed even gaining the power to stop time wasn’t enough to completely erase his lack of self-esteem.

Jaune wanted to curse. Hating his own negativity. But like every other time, he couldn’t find it in him to shake its words off.  

Standing between the two women, a strange sensation settled over him. Not guilt, so much as the disturbance he felt realizing that there was none. What he was doing should be questionable to anyone. Yet, he’d walked in with very little hesitation, if any. For the first time, he couldn’t help but question his actions.

He’d come to Beacon to become a great warrior, a man worthy of the name he’d been born into. Yet as soon as he obtained that power, this was the first thing he did – peep on girls? An image of his father’s disappointed face immediately came into view. And if there was any pleasure that hadn’t already bleed away, that more than did the trick.

Jaune’s mind turned towards the consequences of what he’d done. Some of it rational, most of it not. Getting such an intimate view of his teammate, if they ever found out what he’d done…

Suddenly his frozen world didn’t feel as good as it had half an hour ago. Suddenly the lack of sound, of motion seemed suffocating.

Jaune eyes flickered around the room anxiously. Drawing deep breaths, his lungs pulled at the stale, still air. Sparing the pair of girls one last glance, Jaune Arc did the one thing he knew how to do when the going got tough.

He ran.

A/N: And there is the first chapter. For any of you worried about possible dark themes that may appear as a result of Jaune’s new outlook, rest assured this fic is intended to be a fun, smutty read. And that any manipulations will be met favorably by most, if not all, female characters given enough time. That being said, if it still doesn’t sound like your thing than thanks for giving me a chance. However, if the first chapter has left you hungry for more, please feel free to follow and review. It is always appreciated.

Next Chapter: Reassurances: Running from your problems rarely works out, which Jaune is quick to learn. Catching her friend in a moment of panic, Yang manages to calm his fears while unknowingly volunteering herself for more experimentation of Jaune’s new powers. What was so bad that it made Jaune run from his team? How will Yang react when she becomes its focus? Read the next chapter to fine out.


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