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Ladybug has always viewed famous model, Adrien Agreste, as 'perfect' but when Cat Noir hears her actually say it, he gets upset. Is the leather clad hero jealous of Ladybug's blond haired crush or is there something else to the feline's anger? It's time for Cat Noir to teach his partner something this time. Can the green eyed kitty get through to his dark haired Lady?


  • For Harmony Bennet.

I do not own, nor am I making money off of, The Miraculous Adventures of Ladybug and Cat Noir.

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Chapter 1: Purrfect

Ladybug and Cat Noir had just finished patrolling the city and had decided to take a break on the Eifel tower. Ladybug was staring out blankly at the city, off in her own little world. She was thinking about Adrien again... wondering what he might be doing right now. Was he thinking about her? If he was... was it Ladybug he was thinking about? Or Marinette? Unlikely Marinette... she knew well enough that the blond boy was in love with her masked self. Marinette wasn't even on the radar.

Of course... she couldn't blame the poor boy. Marinette couldn't even speak a single word to the green eyed model without tripping over her own tongue... or her own feet. Some super hero she was. If people only knew who the girl under this spotted mask really was.

She chuckled after a moment and sighed before mumbling to herself, "Adrien... hnn..." she uttered before blushing, "why can't I get him out of my head? He's just so perfect..." this got the attention of her strangely quiet companion whom she'd forgotten completely about.

"Seriously? Him again?" Cat Noir mumbled, almost sounding jealous. He was jealous... he didn't want Ladybug to love Adrien... he wanted her to love Cat Noir... Cat Noir was real... he might wear a mask on his face but he didn't mask his personality... Adrien wasn't even a real person. He was just a doll that his father dressed up to look pretty and controlled like a puppet master.

"What's wrong, kitty? Jealous?" the dark haired girl asked with a chuckle. Cat Noir always flirted and fooled around but she didn't honestly believe that he had real feelings for her. He'd flirted with her as Marinette as well after all. Cat Noir was a player... he didn't love her, he just wanted to prove to himself that he could get her... and she wasn't going to give him that satisfaction.

"Tsh... is that why you like him so much, M'Lady? Because he's perfect?" Cat Noir asked, looking away from her, feeling upset. She liked the lie... the fraud that his father had made him. He wanted to be sick. He'd thought Ladybug was different... but this... this just hurt. She liked him for what he hated about himself.

"Well he is... He's amazing... He's sweet and kind and talented... he is perfect," Ladybug uttered and to her that was the truth. Adrien had always been so nice to her. She genuinely liked him. She wasn't sure what was up with her partner though. She'd never seen him act jealous like this before.

"No one is perfect Ladybug... not even him. If all you like about him is that he's perfect... then maybe you're not the person I thought you were..." Cat Noir uttered with a sigh, still looking upset. He was tired of everyone making him feel like he couldn't be himself... that he had to be this perfect image all the time.

"You don't know him like I do!" Ladybug snapped out. She was kind of hurt and she didn't like Cat talking bad about Adrien. It sounded like that's exactly what he was doing. He sounded bitter and jealous, truth be told, and it seemed selfish to her. She had made it clear that she didn't have feelings for Cat and even if he really did have feelings for her, she could never return them. She loved Adrien.

"Clearly you don't know him like you think you do! Do you think he'd like it if he found out you only liked him because you thought he was 'perfect'? Do you think he wants to be held to that kind of standard? Everyone has their faults... and no one wants to feel like they have to be perfect all the time... Maybe you should actually get to know him... see the person behind his mask of perfection... then tell me whether you're still in love with him," the green-eyed feline uttered.

"Cat..." the blue-eyed heroine whispered before sighing, "I don't care what you think... he's perfect to me and that's all that matters... I really like this boy. I know you can't understand that but I don't care. He doesn't need to be perfect in your eyes. He's perfect in mine..." the dark-haired heroine uttered, "What's gotten into you? You don't know Adrien, so you have no right to talk about him like that..."

"Don't you think that's a little cruel to him? The way I see it... you don't care what he's really like as long as he keeps acting like this perfect boy you like so much. You don't really want to get to know him... do you? You just like the image he puts out to people. How hard do you think it is for him to put that image on every day... to parade around with a mask of perfection on because he knows that, that is what people expect of him?" Cat Noir uttered out, turning away from her.

"I don't expect that!" Ladybug snapped out, feeling hurt. What had gotten into her partner all of a sudden? What was going through his head? She didn't expect Adrien to be perfect... he just... was... he was amazing. He was wonderful and she loved being around him. She loved spending time with him and despite her inability to form a complete sentence in his presence... she really liked talking with him and seeing him smile.

"But you do! Listen to yourself!" Cat Noir snapped out, sighing softly, "You do expect it... the moment you said he was perfect... you expected it... you expected perfection because that's what he is to you. No one... in their right mind... wants to have to be perfect. No one should have that kind of responsibility thrust upon them. You can say that's not how you feel, you can tell him that you don't expect it but the moment you say 'he's perfect', it changes everything. Perfect is a powerful word... it's a word that's set in stone... it means... 'to have no faults'. Perfect means you can't make mistakes. No one truly wants to be perfect... it's too much responsibility."

Ladybug's heart skipped a beat... she understood now. Cat was right... this silly, ridiculous, flirty, but oh-so-loyal, cat was right. She rarely spent time alone with Adrien. He hadn't had time to really open up to her because she didn't spend enough time with him. She hadn't given herself time to get to know him for who he truly was. She hadn't given him enough time to feel comfortable enough with her, to show her who he truly was.

Cat went quiet at this point and Ladybug sighed softly as she looked over to him, whispering out quietly, "I... never thought about it like that. I thought... I just thought you were jealous... but that isn't it... is it?" she managed out before shaking her head, "You're right... those words... that word... is strong... and it holds a deeper meaning than I thought it did. It sounds like a nice word but it can also be cruel. I never meant it to seem like that. I've never said it to Adrien... I hope he never heard me say it either."

"I... I know how his father is with him. He... he's always expecting Adrien to be the perfect son... the perfect model... the perfect student... I never realized I was... kind of expecting the same thing. For him to be the... perfect friend... the perfect boy..." she said, blushing slightly, "I'm sorry, Adrien..." she whispered to the air around her, not expecting the boy to actually hear her but just wanting to say those words.

Her partner smiled weakly and nodded with a sigh, "I'm sure he wouldn't hold it against you, M'Lady. You didn't do it on purpose... you meant no ill will. Besides... who could hold something against the 'purrfect' Ladybug anyway?" he asked with a smirk, figuring he'd turn the tables to let her get her feelings out and cheer her up again. He didn't like to see her unhappy after all.

Ladybug scowled slightly and slapped him on the shoulder, "so not funny... we totally need to promise not to use those kinds of words when referring to other people... or to each other..." she said, looking to the blond feline who smirked and nodded before they both uttered out the words, "Promise..." before giggling slightly.




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