Dark Days

BY : ShadowSlayer
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Adrien is burnt out. He's tired and fed up. When he finally snaps, Hawk Moth is right on his heels. What happens when Adrien falls victim to the anger he's kept bottled up for so long? Marinette now sees the happy ending she's always wanted but it's too far from her grasp because it was all too late. If only she'd been there when he needed her most.


I do not own, nor am I making money off of, The Miraculous Adventures of Ladybug and Cat Noir. This is also posted on Fanfiction.net and Adult-Fanfiction.org.

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Chapter 1: Cat Blanc

Adrien had had enough. He clenched his fists, eyes narrowing as he looked at Chloe and shook his head, "I'm through with this, Chloe... You are a horrible person... you're mean, inconsiderate, stuck up, self-centered and pushy... You only think of yourself and never about anyone else's feelings and you never consider the consequences of your actions. You've caused at LEAST one-quarter of all the Akuma attacks in this city because of your big, fat, mouth!" he hissed.

Chloe's face went white as she backed up. They were currently in the classroom at lunchtime. Miss Bustier had already headed out and it was just the students left over. They'd been about to leave when Chloe had tripped poor Mylène, the girl toppling to the ground in a heap with a yelp of pain. Adrien was the first up to help pick her up as he glared at Chloe before he finally snapped, which started this whole rant.

"You think you're so popular... but guess what... Nobody likes you, Chloe! You have NO FRIENDS! Except maybe Sabrina and you abuse her constantly. She's sweet and kind, and she adores you. She goes out of her way to be a good friend and help you and you order her around, make her do your dirty work, and constantly belittle her! If you keep it up, even she won't put up with your crap anymore! You are going to lose the only friend you have because you don't know how to treat anyone with any kind of respect or kindness!" Adrien snapped.

"I've kept my mouth shut for too long and watched you hurt people... I'm done with that. I'm not going to sit by while you become the cause of more Akuma attacks. If you weren't around, Ladybug and Cat Noir would have it so much easier! You cause so many problems! I tried to be respectful of our friendship... you were my first friend and for a long time... you were my only friend... but I can't say that you're my friend anymore because you don't even know what that word means! You have no idea how to be a friend!" Adrien continued before shaking his head again, "I can't believe I put up with you for so long..."

Chloe whimpered softly, tears stinging her eyes at his words. She knew he was right... but no one had ever, ever, let her have it like that before. It hurt... and she felt humiliated... but more than that... she felt guilty. Adrien had been a good friend and because of what she'd done... she'd lost him... because she was mean. She sobbed after a moment as she whispered out, "I'm sorry..."

"Sorry isn't good enough, Chloe!" Adrien snapped, completely ignoring the soft-spoken voice of Marinette, as it let out, "Adrien, that's enough... she's had enough..." Nino's eyes were wide as he mumbled a soft, "Dude..." and Alya was speechless, as was the rest of the class. Adrien ignored it all, however, and scowled, "Tsh... whatever... I'm done..." as he moved past Chloe and towards the door, grabbing the handle and starting to pull it open before freezing in place as something slipped through the small crack in the door and flew directly to his ring... his miraculous.

The blond's eyes went wide, feeling the adrenaline rush through his body before he clenched his eyes shut and yanked open the door and bolted for it. He could feel the pull... and hear a whisper in his head but he ignored it. He shouldn't have let the anger get to him... he shouldn't have gotten angry... But he was so tired... and drained... and sick of all of the fighting and the pain and suffering he saw on a daily basis... Chloe just made him so mad... she hurt people when she knew that making people hurt or angry could cause an Akuma.

With school, his extracurricular, other responsibilities and being Cat Noir, Adrien was completely burnt out. He was barely able to stay awake in class, his grades were failing, and people were starting to ask questions about why he was so spacy and why he disappeared all the time… and he couldn't find the energy to care about any of it. All his energy went to protecting Paris… and Ladybug.

He just wanted all of it to be done with… to be over… It had been fun at first… but it wasn't fun anymore. By now he knew that Ladybug was never going to be interested in him and with Hawk Moth's attacks getting worse and worse… he was afraid… he was afraid of failing… afraid that Ladybug would be hurt because he couldn't protect her. He was afraid an innocent might be hurt because he wasn't strong enough… And now… now that was going to come true… wasn't it? He was going to turn into an Akuma… He'd be forced to hurt people… he'd be forced to hurt Ladybug… Would Ladybug be able to stop him?

Marinette, meanwhile, froze. Her eyes had been watching the boy she cared so much about and saw the boy tense... and the black wings fluttering through the door and to the ring on the hand that held the doorknob, "No... Alya... th... that was an Akuma... we need..." she whispered, her heart hammering in her chest before she shook her head and spoke out louder, "Alya, Nino, get everyone out of the school!" she snapped out suddenly, everyone looking over to her, "Adrien's been Akumatized!"

"What are you talking about?" Kim asked and blinked, everyone else looking confused as well, before Nathaniel spoke out, "I saw it too... a black butterfly... it came through the door when Adrien opened it... It went into his ring..." he said, clearly worried, "We should get out before he changes and comes after us."

That got everyone's attention and Chloe's eyes snapped open as she shook her head, "I'm sorry... I... I'm sorry... I did it again... I... never meant..." but Marinette wasn't listening, "Just go! He'll be after you! Get out of here! Get somewhere safe!" she snapped and ran out of the room. Alya looked to Nino and shook her head, "Get everyone out... I need to tape this for the Ladyblog!" and with that, she followed her friend.

Marinette had every intention of finding somewhere to change but before she could, she ran into Adrien who was curled in on himself in the hallway, one hand around his stomach and the other on his head as he groaned in pain. Marinette frowned as she moved towards him slowly, "Adrien? Are you... still with us? Calm down... everything's going to be okay..."

Alya rushed around the corner just then and stopped, pulling her phone out as she started taping, "If we can get a good idea of the transformation process, maybe it can help Ladybug and Cat Noir in the future?" she suggested, frowning, "Marinette... don't get so close girl!"

Marinette didn't listen though and Adrien finally looked up at her and shook his head, "G... get out of here... It's too dangerous... R... Run!" he snapped at her and Marinette smiled weakly, "Don't worry... Ladybug and Cat Noir will make everything right... I promise... They always do..."

"Ladybug's never fought alone before..." Adrien whispered, a tear slipping down his cheek as Hawk Moth's voice echoed in his mind, ~Hello... Cat... Hnn... I've been waiting for this moment for so long... You are now, Cat Blanc... And you will bring me Ladybug's miraculous...~ Adrien groaned and shook his head, "N... no..." he whispered, looking up to Marinette, "I'm sorry... Please... Please tell Ladybug… That I'm sorry..."

Marinette frowned and sighed, "You have nothing to be sorry for, Adrien... Almost everyone else in our class has been Akumatized..." she whispered, though she didn't understand what he meant about Ladybug doing it alone. She shook her head and turned towards Alya as she let out, "We need to get out of here..."

As she turned, Adrien felt his mind go numb, Hawk Moth repeating in his mind, ~Don't ignore me, boy! Cat Blanc... bring me Ladybug's miraculous... NOW!~ Adrien winced for a moment before going still, his ring beginning to emit a strange purple light as black fog seeped from it, both moving up Adrien's arm and over his body, leaving behind white leather gloves before revealing and entire white leather suit... complete with cat ears, mask, and a belt tail.

Alya's eyes went wide as she stared at the blond boy who brushed his usually perfect bangs down into the messy, Cat Noir bangs, "Oh my god... Marinette... We're... in big trouble..." she said and Marinette blinked before turning to look, her own eyes going wide, "C... Cat Noir?" she whispered, her heart skipping a beat, "Oh god… no… please, no…"

The new Akuma just chuckled softly, a familiar smirk gracing his features, "Sorry, Princess... but Cat Noir's not available right now... I'll be filling in furr him, from now on... You can call me... Cat Blanc," he said, his voice purring as unfamiliar, and rather cold, golden eyes looked at her, sending a chill down her spine.

"Cat... I'm so sorry..." Marinette whispered, the shock of it being Adrien not quite registering yet with her worry for her partner. Tears stung her eyes as she shook her head, the white-clad male grabbing his staff and twirling it around a few times as he started walking towards them. Marinette's heart hammered in her chest and she just stood there, frozen as he approached.

"No time to tell you 'I told you he looked like Cat Noir'!" Alya snapped as she rushed up and grabbed Marinette's wrist, dragging the girl off with her, "we gotta get out of here!" she shouted, pulling the girl along just as they heard a loud shout of, "Catastrophic Cataclysm!"

Marinette chanced a glance behind her and her eyes went wide. Cat Blanc had his hand on the wall and the wall was turning black and starting to crumble... but it wasn't' stopping... it was spreading throughout the entire hallway... the ceiling, floor, walls, lockers and anything else it touched was beginning to crumble and it was heading straight towards them.

Marinette's eyes went wide as her heart leaped in her throat, "No, no, no! This is NOT happening!" she cried out, gripping Alya's hand tight, "Get out of the school... get out of the school... Get out of the school!" she shouted as she started to run full pin, now dragging Alya as they ran towards the door and, hopefully, safety.

They heard the sound of the building crumbling around them as they reached the door, pushing it open as they ran. Marinette looked up in time to see part of the roof coming down towards them. Her eyes went wide as she turned and yanked Alya forward with as much force as she could muster, sending the girl flying forward towards the gathered students and staff, before falling forward with the force and clenching her eyes shut.




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