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Prologue: Dark Beginnings

"Hnn, hahaha... Is the poor little kitten having a bad day? Did your precious Ladybug push you away as always, Cat Noir? Poor boy... I can help you, you know," came a haunting voice, causing Cat Noir to tense and narrow his eyes, pulling out his pole and lengthening it, ready to fight, "leave me ALONE!" he snarled, knowing well enough who that voice belonged to.

It was the same as it had been for the past two months or so. The battle was over and he was running out of time before he returned to his true form. He'd been looking for somewhere quiet to hide through the transformation, just like many other times. He hadn't had enough time to get home today. He often didn't. So he'd made his way into a dark alley in hopes of being able to change in peace.

He'd known this creep might well show up but he didn't have a choice. He just couldn't make it home, though, and it was too dangerous to try. This had been happening for way too long and this guy just wasn't letting up. Why hadn't he tried anything else? Why wasn't he going for his miraculous? Why hadn't he attacked him? It didn't make sense to the blond at all. He'd made it clear he wasn't going to play the others game after all.

He finally looked over to the other side of the alleyway and scowled as the tall figure of Hawk Moth stepped out of the shadows and into view. The masked male smirked darkly at the green eyed boy and moved towards him, his staff in hand as several white butterflies fluttered around him. They'd look beautiful if Cat didn't know how tainted they could become with this freak's power.

He really didn't want to deal with this creep right now. Truth be told… he was upset. He'd finally managed to ask Ladybug to spend some time with him outside of 'work' and she'd just laughed him off and told him that it wasn't a good idea, before heading off. He just wanted her to notice him... not as a partner but as someone she could spend her life with but it was becoming apparent that she'd never see him that way… and it hurt.

Cat Noir narrowed his eyes more as he clenched his baton, pulling himself out of his dark thoughts, ready to deck the creep with his weapon if he came too close, "Get away from me! I'm tired of your crap!" he snarled at the man, shivering with barely pent-up anger. He didn't have time for this. His transformation was running out. He'd be a sitting duck if he changed. He needed to get out of here, but he didn't want to open himself up to attack.

"Oh please, we've been through this before. You know you can't beat me without your precious Ladybug. I'm almost surprised you haven't spoken to her about our nightly encounters yet," he smirked, "are you considering my proposal, perhaps?" he asked, his voice taunting and dark. He knew that Cat Noir was more likely ashamed that he'd allowed Hawk Moth to get to him… to corner him like a rat.

"Like I would ever consider betraying, Ladybug! I just don't feel the need to bother her with something so trivial!" Cat Noir snapped out, though the truth was, he didn't want to burden her with his screw up. He'd deal with it on his own. He'd messed up and he would fix it. He didn't need Ladybug to fix his problems for him. He tensed, suddenly, his ring beeping, indicating his time was almost up, "I don't have time for this..." he hissed before moving to jump away, "See ya!"

"Remember... I know who you are, boy!" Hawk Moth shouted, causing Cat to flinch, stumble mid-step and pause, "Do you think I care? Go ahead... I dare you to try something when I'm in my civilian form..." Cat growled out and Hawk Moth only laughed at the boy's response, "oh please, I'm very well aware you're too foolish to care about your own well-being. I've watched you put yourself in harm's way for your precious Ladybug enough times for that... but what about the wellbeing of your family? The wellbeing of your friends? What about them?" he asked with a dark grin.

Cat Noir tensed at this point, the final beep going off as his powers faded, his suit disappearing from his feet up to reveal similar blond hair and blue eyes. A very angry Adrien Agrest turned to Hawk Moth, at this point, "stay away from the people I care about!" he snapped out, clenching his fists as Plagg groggily rested on his shoulder. He wanted to hit the other… to punch him or something… but he couldn't. He was way over his head at this point.

Hawk Moth laughed at the boy's anger, "then do what I ask... remember... as I said before... if you do what I say... if you're a good little kitten... I'll let your precious Ladybug live..." he smirked, "bring me the ladybug earrings and I will give you the power to make Ladybug yours forever... and your family and friends will be safe... and so will she... I only want the earrings. I don't care about the girl behind the mask. I know well enough, that you're in love with her... I'll give her to you once I have her earrings and your ring. Just do as I say… Obey."

"And what are you planning to do with our Miraculous?" Adrien asked, scowling, "I don't trust you... and I am NOT giving you that kind of power, you creep... besides, I would never force Ladybug to be with me if that wasn't what she wanted. She means way more to me than that. I want her to love me… not serve me. I won't help you," he said, shaking his head, "never... ever... going... to happen... I would never betray M'Lady," he let out as he turned to try and walk away.

He didn't get far, however, as a hand shot out and grabbed him by the wrist, yanking him back against his chest, gripping the boy's wrist tightly and painfully. Plagg let out a yelp as he was jarred from the blond's shoulder, falling to the ground in a heap as he groaned out, still too exhausted to do much more than mumble the boy's name. The little Kwami's heart hammered in his chest, however, as he prayed that his chosen would be alright.

"I'll ask you one last time, boy... the earrings... and the ring... for the safety of everyone you love, including Ladybug..." Hawk Moth uttered out coldly. Of course, he never mentioned Adrien's safety. No... Hawk Moth wasn't that nice... and he liked the irony of making the boy his own personal tool to use against Paris… as well as for his own personal entertainment.

He knew well enough that if the boy agreed and did betray his precious Ladybug... he'd be broken. She would hate him and he would never forgive himself. It would be all he would need to make the boy his, one way or another. He would keep his word and give Ladybug to him... but by the time he did that, the boy would either be an Akuma, or he'd be too broken to even want to face her anyway.

"I... won't... do it..." Adrien hissed out to the other and Hawk Moth just chuckled and shook his head, "Hnn... you're brave... but you're also very... very... foolish," Hawk Moth uttered as he brought his free hand up, revealing a syringe. The teen tensed and struggled, gasping out as the needle pierced his neck causing Adrien to let out a pained gasp. His struggles ceased nearly immediately as he groaned, eyes slipping shut as he began to feel the effects of the drug almost immediately.

"Stupid boy... You should have just done what I asked... I hate disobedience... I've grown impatient, Adrien... I was willing to give you everything you wanted... you could have had your precious Ladybug at your beck and call," Hawk Moth said, the boy collapsing against Hawk Moth as the older male looked over to Plagg, hefting the boy over his shoulder before picking up the exhausted Kwami. He smirked and laughed as he walked off with his new toy.

Tomorrow should prove to be very, very interesting indeed.

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