The Loud House of Love

BY : ThunderMoonBear
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Disclaimer: The following is a fan-based, non-profit parody. Loud House and its affiliated characters and setting are owned by nickelodeon.


As a Saturday dawn breaks on the Loud house, the morning sun finds the place unusually quiet. All of the family is still asleep, dreaming blissfully. All, save for one. Lincoln lay in his bed, covered in sweat from another sleepless night of self-indulgence. Budding puberty had not been kind to Lincoln Loud, giving him an unusually healthy libido and extreme stamina.  “When you live in a house with ten sisters, sometimes it can be hard not to think of any of them in a ‘weird’ way, especially when most of them walk around half naked in the house.”

Poor Lincoln hadn’t slept in five days, not since he had accidentally seen Lori in the shower one morning when he was still half asleep. Since then he had been mentally tortured as his mind instantly captured every last supple curve of her naked form from under the steaming water. After that incident, the rest of his sisters slowly added to what he had labeled “the spank bank”. Leni had forgotten to put on any underwear twice during the week, leaving little to the imagination as her perky nipples almost pierced through her clothes. Luna had experimented with body paint during one of her mock concerts, allowing Lincoln a perfect view as the lightly bounced while jamming out. Luan had picked up a new line of dirty jokes, which she used to tease her little brother while rubbing herself suggestively on things around the house. Lynn had not ceased her constant onslaught of contact sports; she had however stopped wearing padding during those romps and made a point of grappling with Lincoln so that she could put both of them into very intimate positions. Lucy decided she wanted to feel just as cold on the outside as she did on the inside, so one rainy morning, she slipped off her clothes, walked into the backyard and laid down in the grass as the cold morning rain fell over her soft, pale flesh. Lisa had recently taken up experiments in human mutation, one of which accidentally have her the body of a sixteen-year-old, which tore all her clothes off in the process. Lola and Lana had recently begun to sleep together again, which they used to do as babies, but this time, they would grind on each other while they slept, making it awkward for Lincoln when he had to wake them up. The only one not directly tormenting him was little Lily, though Leni did try to breastfeed her when she heard they were out of milk one day, and Lincoln just happened to walk in on them.

As the sun began to light up his room, Lincoln sighed as he slipped his briefs back on and wandered out of his room, hoping to get a shower in early before the girls woke up. As he wandered out of his room, towel in hand, he had checked to make sure there was no sign of anyone else being up yet. None of his sisters had plans made for this Saturday, so they were all likely to sleep in, giving him a chance to take care of himself. He tiptoed down the hallway towards the bathroom, listening close to each door as he passed. he knew he couldn’t be too careful not to start the day’s chaos. Most of the girls were still asleep; Lisa was already up working on a new experiment. He heard the light clacking of glass beakers and knew she would be busy at least until her body demanded sustenance. Lori was up as well, he heard the clicking of her phone’s keyboard as she was texting Bobby while she was most likely still half asleep. Figuring he was safe, Lincoln carefully approached the bathroom door, after not hearing anything on the other side of it, he gently opened the door and slipped inside.

He then locked the door, hung up his towel and stripped once again. He began to admire himself in the mirror, taking note that his constant masturbating and working out at night was showing results. His muscles were beginning to show and he noticed that he had a light tan from the runs he was doing to and from school. Lincoln turned on the water and was giving it time to warm up as he began stretching. Thanks to his constant use of yoga after his workouts, he was becoming increasingly limber. His back and neck lightly cracked as he loosened up from his most recent sleepless night. As he began to feel the steam rising off of the tub, he was ready to step in, when suddenly his mind flashed back to seeing Lori. How she was rinsing off the soap from her well-developed body, how the water ran across her deliciously tight butt, how her hands were running up her supple breasts, gently massaging them while gently sighing from the warm comfort which surrounded her. She was too lost in thought for a moment to notice his presence, allowing him to capture every detail of the goddess which stood before him, as her eyes fluttered open from her daydream; they were instantly filled with shock and surprise. Not just at her audience, but at the state he was in. Lincoln had no idea, being distracted by Lori, but he had managed to grow a rather massive lump in his pants from how aroused she was making him. She screamed for him to get out and Lincoln kicked himself, feeling that he had disgusted his older sister and that she would tell their parents. But a scolding from them never came; no one in the house seemed to know what had happened that morning except for Lincoln and Lori. He still didn’t know why she didn’t narc on him as he stepped into the shower.

His daydream had awakened his libido once more as he found himself standing tall at seven inches, with more room to grow. Lincoln began to shower, lathering himself with the Loud shampoo, but was unable to get the vision of Lori out of his head. His hands began to wander downward and he began to stroke himself to the thought of her and what might have happened if she didn’t panic and instead offered for him to join her, how they would wash each other and how he would fell all of her beautiful curves for himself. He knew the though if it was wrong, but it spurred him on further. He found himself panting in the steamed shower as he climbed closer and closer to his peak. The thought of her sliding down his body and kneeling before him, gently massaging his balls and stroking him roamed in his mind. The feeling of her hands on his butt as she eased him into her mouth, the feeling of her tongue wrestle with his member as she slowly hummed with satisfaction. This vision took over his mind as he was only moments away from paining the shower wall when suddenly he was pulled back to reality by the sound of the shower curtain being pulled back.

 The shock overtook him and threw him into his orgasm, he couldn’t even see as pleasure erupted through his young body, like lightning running up his spine while fire consumed his swollen manhood. His thick whiteness began painting the wall as rope after rope was flung at it. As his mind began to clear and his vision began to clear he slowly turned his head over to see who had just witnessed his deed. His blood ran cold to find it was Lori, standing there with wide eyes, the shower curtain in one hand and her phone in the other. It felt like an eternity passed before he heard a light tone. She had just stopped recording him; she had caught every moment of that on video and just continued to stand there, seemingly dazed by what she just witnessed. Lincoln began to blush furiously as he ripped the curtain from her hand to cover himself, “GET OUT!” he yelled and Lori almost tripped at his sudden outburst. She righted herself and looked at him defiantly “you and I are going to have a long chat this afternoon. And if you even think about going to mom and dad, I’ll send this to everybody, got it?” He knew she was serious, THIS is why she didn’t tell anyone, she wanted revenge and she was going to get it by any means necessary. “Now finish up and start helping with breakfast, after we all finish our chores come and see me. Don’t be late” he could hear the tone in her voice was commanding, even threatening, but note hateful. He could tell that she wasn’t doing this to hurt him, he could definitely tell when she was.

“What have I just gotten myself into” he wondered as he finished washing and began to dry off. A knock at the door let him know that the rest of the girls were up and the day was starting. Lincoln went back to his room, avoiding eye contact with anyone and prepared himself for the coming day he could see in his laptop’s reflection how clearly stressed he was, he took a few deep breaths an put on a smile, the was ready to start his morning and try to keep under the radar until he had to confront Lori. As he wandered out of his room to go downstairs he noticed Lori waling out of her room at the same time. She looked at him as she came towards the stairs, “morning, little bro” She said, as if nothing had happened. This was very serious. She didn’t want anyone but the two of them to know what was going on later and how much trouble he was in. Between breakfast and chores, Lincoln hardly said a word and kept himself busy. It was a few hours later before everybody was done; some of them went back to their rooms while a few went out to be with friends. Lincoln came back in from all of the yard work and found Lori standing in the kitchen with a bottle of fresh cold lemonade. Her eyebrows were cocked to the side and she had a slight smirk on her face.

She tossed the drink over to him, “come on, Lincoln. It’s time we had a talk. Hey, mom, Linc and I are going for a walk to the park, we’ll be back later. I have lunch taken care of so we should be back by dinner” she had everything planned out, everything take care of. There would be no escaping her this time around; “okay kids, have fun and be safe” their mother had just sealed it, is goose was cooked. Lori put on a light backpack that had their lunch and walked over to the front door, “well? Come on, we don’t have all day” her gentle smile never left her face, making Lincoln terrified at what she had in store for him. He gulped as he joined her at the door and they walked out together. They walked in complete silence all the way to the park when she tugged his arm and led him to one of the hiking trails. The walked for another hour in silence until the hit the end of the trail, where she led him again, this time off of the trail to a hidden path which led to a small clearing and a lake.

The cool breeze coupled with the clouding skies and the rustling trees as they reflected off the water make Lincoln feel calm if only for a moment when he hear Lori drop the backpack next to a tree and groan as she stretched, reaching her arms to the sky and taking in the beauty around them. She walked over to Lincoln and put a hand on his shoulder, she could feel him tense up under her hand. she noticed he hadn’t even drank a drop of his lemonade during the entire hike, he was sweating, but more from fear than physical stress. Lincoln was terrified, he knew this could very well mean the end for him, ‘she’s taken me here so that she can drown me in the lake and dump my body in the woods, I just know it’ he thought to himself. Lori saw tears begin to form in the corners of his eyes, and clenched her other and into a fist, Lincoln saw the smile fade form her face and then a shock hit his, hard enough to knock him off balance. He found himself looking to his right now; with his left cheek feeling like it was on fire. He gently rubbed it a couple of times, and looked back over at Lori. “There, you can stop crying now” Lori sad as she shook her hand, that slap hurt her hand just as much as his face. “I didn’t bring you all the way out here just so I could beat you, I know that’s not gonna happen even if I wanted too” she pointed to the bottle of lemonade he was still holding “drink, you starting to creep me out”

 Lincoln hadn’t noticed until now that he was extremely thirsty, he fear was controlling him during the entire walk. He gulped down the bottle and took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down. “I’m sorry” he said, just above a whisper. Lori put her hand on his cheek and gently rubbed the mark she gave him, “Lincoln, it’s okay. I know you didn’t mean to, but since that day you’ve been tearing yourself apart, I mean, just look at yourself” she walked behind him and kneeled to they were at the same height; pulled out a compact mirror and held in front of them.

She showed his face right next to hers, “look, Lincoln. You think none of us noticed that you haven’t been sleeping with bags like those?” she gestured to his eyes. : you’ve hardly been eating, you’ve been working nonstop, haven’t been sleeping and you’ve been going at it more times than any of us would care to count” Lincoln’s eyes went wide as he looked at her in the mirror, “y-you guys all knew?”, “well duh, Lincoln< how could none of us notice? The walls aren’t that thick and everyone heard me scream at you. All of us have noticed what a mess you’ve become. We aren’t leaving till we sort through this. We want to back, the real you.” He could hear the concern in her voice. He fell to his knees and felt like collapsing. Lori wrapped her arms around him and eased him to the ground, resting his body on hear with his head resting on her stomach. “it’s okay Lincoln, just tell me what’s been going on in your head so that I can help you” it was now overcast and the breeze was a mixture of warm and cool air. Lincoln looked up at his sister,” there’s a storm coming in soon, we should eat first”, “yeah, your right. The forecast says it won’t rain till later, so we have time. But I could totally go for food right now”.

 Lori unpacked their picnic lunch and as they ate, she could tell Lincoln began to finally relax. “You really surprised me, ya know? I mean seriously, I haven’t seen a guy cum that hard before” that made Lincoln stop dead, he had forgotten the video she took of him “um, why did you take that video of me?”, “Hm?, oh that was supposed to be to get back at you for peeking at me and to get you to come here, but I’m definitely keeping it, Bobby could learn a few things from you”, “Wait, WHAT!?”Lincoln began to blush at her wild statement, “well yeah, I’ve never seen a guy that passionate about me before”, “H-how do you know I was thinking about you?” she looked sarcastically at her little brother, “seriously?, Linc I knocked three times and heard the shower running, I walked in once I knew it was you to get some revenge. But, then I heard you moaning” Lincoln turned an even deeper shade of red as his sister went into detail.

 “I heard moaning and a squelching sound, so I knew what you were doing, It was going to make it some sweet revenge until I heard you say something… name” Lincoln’s eyes went wide as he looked Lori dead in the eyes” at first I thought you knew it was me, then I heard you ask me to be gentle, and then you just kept moaning my name. That’s why I took the video, It was so I could get you to tell me the truth” Lincoln looked down in shame at what his sister had seen and heard. “don’t get me wrong, I won’t stop you from jacking it, but I want to know what made you go for me specifically”, “I-I don’t know how to say it”

Lori stood up and walked over to him, she pulled Lincoln up to his feet and brought him into a hug “you don’t have to be scared or embarrassed, Linc. I’m here for you and always will be. I just need to know for sure what you’re feeling so that I don’t make the wrong move and hurt you even more, I want you to be honest and talk to me, tell me all about what’s been going on this past week with you so that we can all fix it together.” They lay down together again, with Lincoln resting on top of Lori. “Okay Lori, it all started on Monday…..”


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