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Disclaimer: This is a non-profit parody. Gravity Falls, concept and characters, are owned by Disney

Author Note: This is a reimaging of the episode Carpet Diem. Originally it was meant to take place during the actual plot of the episode with this story taking place between scenes of the episode, but I found that too restraining for the story I wanted to tell. I didn’t want to do a sequel episode as I wanted to write Dipper and Mabel dealing with being in each other’s bodies for the first time and all the awkwardness that entails. So this an alternate versions of the events of that episode. Everything up to this episode is pretty much the same as in canon. Also remember, this takes place back in season one. So Wendy and Robbie are still together, no one knows about the portal or the identity of the author, and Dipper is still actively pursuing Wendy.


Also I will add a side effect to the mind swapping carpet as well changed some rules for how it works for the shake of this story, it will be apparent as the story goes on.


A note on the pronouns. Since this is a story about a boy and girl switching bodies I had some thought on what pronouns I should use, whether I should go biological, i.e. when Dipper is in Mabels’ body he’s a girl or mental, Dipper still thinks of himself as a boy even when in Mabel’s body. I decided to go with the later since, too me at least, it felt weirder to refer to Mabel as a he and Dipper as a she than to write her penis or his vagina. Let me know what you think in the reviews.

It was a beautiful summer day at Gravity Falls. It was time to do what Mabel does best. Find a new cute guy. No problem there as she was wearing her cutest sweater covered in hearts. She surveyed the visitors as she entered the mystery shack. There was a cute boy with freckles and sandy blonde hair.

“Hey, what’s your name?”


“Well Greg, is there anything I can help you with,” Mabel said, fluttering her eyes.

“Yeah, could you tell me that kid’s name?” Greg made a nod toward Dipper. Mabel’s face scrunched up in confusion. Why was he asking about her stupid brother? Didn’t he notice how cute she was being?

“That’s just my brother, Dipper.”

Greg’s eyes widen. “Your brother? Could you maybe introduce me?”

Mabel felt a flicker of annoyance. What is with Boys, they can be so thick sometimes. Okay, Mabel thought to herself, I can use this. “Sure, just let me…” Mabel turned her head only to find, Dipper was missing. Son of a kitten. “Excuse me a moment.”   

She ran off, looking for her stupid brother. “Dipper, I need your help. I need you to befriend this cute boy and tell him how adorable I am..” When she saw Dipper, he was peeling the wall paper.

“Mabel, I think I found something.”


“Hey Grunkle Stan, what room is this?” asked Mabel as she, her twin, and great uncle entered the newly discovered room in the Mystery Shack.

“I don’t know. Just another room to clean now.” Neither of the twins noticed the old man putting a pair of forgotten glasses into his pocket. The twins looked around the strange new room. The most notable thing, at least to Mabel, was the blue shaggy carpet.  As she watched Grunkle Stan leave, Mabel came up with an idea. She slipped off her shoes, and shuffled her feet on the carpet. He could feel her hair stand on end. She snuck up on her brother.

“Hey Dipper, zap!” Mabel shouted as she poked her brother’s neck. Suddenly she herself lurching forward. Her brother had disappeared. She found herself looking at the wall her brother was examining. She noticed that her shoes where back on and her clothes felt weird. Almost as if she was wearing shorts. Wait, she was wearing shorts. Her brother shots and shoes and shirt vest combo. Mabel turned her head. She saw herself standing there, a completely dumbfounded expression on her own face. No, his face, Mabel realized.

“Dipper?” At once both twins began to freak out. Both her brother and Mabel where screaming. Mabel began punching her stomach, hoping to force this new body vomit out her essence. “Get out! Get out!” Meanwhile, Dipper was sitting in the corner, pawing at his new long hair muttering to himself, “This isn’t happening, this isn’t happening.”

Once the two twins had (relatively) claimed down and asset the situation. The examined their new bodies in a nearby full body mirror. 

“Great just what we need, more Gravity Falls weirdness.”

“This is stupid.” Pouted Mabel.  

“Urg, braces are horrible, it’s like my mouth hates me.”

“I don’t know why you’re so sweaty and awkward.”

Dipper was already in detective mode. He bent down and found the label for the carpet. Experiment 78, electron carpet. “Hmmm, atoms can swap electrons, this carpets must build up a static charge so powerful, it can swap minds!”

“Dipper I know nothing about sciency stuff, but that sounds stupid even to me. It’s magic Dipper. Let’s just leave it at that.”

Dipper rolled his eyes, “It can’t just be ‘magic’. There has to be some short of scientific…”

“I dated gnomes Dipper. Gnomes! All bets are off. So unless you have a way to get are bodies back…”   

“You just kind of zapped me right?” Mabel nodded. “Well, then it should work again.” Dipper shuffled his feet. “If I zapped you.” Dipper tapped his sister on the arm and nothing happened.


“I can fix this, let’s not panic.”

“We’re gonna be stuck like this foreeeever.”

“I’ll go check the journal. In the meantime, I guess we’ll just have to act like each other. We can’t let anyone know, they’ll think we’re crazy. Maybe Soo’s would believe us, but let’s just keep this between us until I can get a better grasp on what’s going on.”

Mabel watched as her brother ran off in her body, well his body now. She’ll have to get used to that. She adjusted the hat on her head. She didn’t notice Greg as she bumped into him. Thinking fast Mabel said, “Hey Greg, my totally adorable sister Mabel said that we should like hang out and do guy stuff.” Smooth.

“Yeah, Dipper right? Look I have to go. My family staying at a bed and breakfast to a couple of days so if you wanted, you know, hang out tomorrow?”

“I would love to, I mean, yeah, sure, that’s cool.”

As Greg walked way Mabel could help but skip.  

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