Compliance Chips

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Kim's parents return home from their retreat.

Kim's Dad: Hey, everybody! Good news! Our marriage is stronger than ever! And we caught a mess of trout.

Kim's Mom: It looks like somebody took very good care of her little brothers.

Kim: When they're asleep like this they hardly seem evil at all.

Kim's Mom: You were ten once, too, Kimmy.

Kim: Yeah, but I wasn't as bad as them.

Kim's Mom: Er,...

Kim's Dad: Well...

Kim: Was I?

Kim's Mom: You were... spirited.

Kim's Dad: No baby-sitter alive could handle you. Not that we could find anyone willing to try after a certain point.

Kim's Mom: Honey, what have the boys got on their foreheads?

Kim gasps and reaches for the remote. She presses a button and disables the compliance chips from her brothers foreheads. The chips falls to the ground as Jim and Tim wake up.

Jim: Huh?

Tim: Huh?

Tim: Can't catch me!

Jim: Oh, yes I can!

They run away and you can hear crashes in the distance.

Kim: I finally understand how special my brothers are. And I love them to bits but sometimes nothing says bedtime like a little mind control.

Kim's Mom: Alright, time for bed. Honey, help me get the boys.

Kim's Dad: I'll try my best sweetheart.

Kim's parents chase after the boys. Ron knows this is his cue to leave.

Ron: I'll bring these chips over to Wade on my way home KP. I'm sure he'll want to take a look at them.

Kim: Thanks Ron, I'm beat.

Ron reaches over to pick up the compliance chips from the floor. He grabs the one closest to him and manages to trip over something. As he clumsily tries to keep his balance he accidently attaches the compliance chip to Kim's forehead. Immediately he could see the chip taking effect as Kim stood there with a blank stare.

Ron: Oh geese! Sorry about that KP. Are you ok?

Kim: Yes, Ron Stoppable, I'm perfectly ok. (What's happening to me? Why can't I... Did Ron put a compliance chip on me?!)

Ron: Uh oh, don't be mad KP! I'll just get the remote and...

Ron picked up the remote but before he disabled the chip an interesting thought crossed his mind.

Ron: Wait... Kim, are you under my control right now?

Kim: Yes, Ron Stoppable, I'll do whatever you tell me to do. (Oh my god Ron! What are you waiting for? Disable this thing already!)

Ron: Oh man, oh man, oh man. This is big! I need to think...

Kim: (What are you talking about? Think about what?!)

Ron paced back and forth for a minute thinking. Rufus mimicked Ron although he wasn't quite sure what they were thinking about. On one hand, Kim was his best friend and was always there to help him out of a jam. On the other hand, she’s super hot and he's a horny teenage boy. He’s had a crush on Kim for as long as he could remember. He knew she would never have a relationship with some dork like him. This was probably his only chance! It was a tough decision.

Ron: Ugh, I need more time to think. I need to stall. Sorry KP, but so we raise any suspicion, can you pretend to get ready for bed? Once the coast is clear, sneak out and meet me over near the bushes at the side of the house, ok?

Kim: Yes, Ron Stoppable. (I’m doing what now?)

Kim was confused and starting to get angry. Ron was her closest friend and now he's playing some stupid prank on her. When she gets out of this he's going to be in so much trouble. Unfortunately at the moment, unable to do anything else, she made her way to her room as Ron and Rufus left the house and waited at the arranged spot.

While waiting outside Ron knew he had to think of a plan. The chip wasn't perfect, if it was, Drakken might’ve taken over the world. If he went through with his plan and it failed, he was going to be dead meat. Plus, it's way too noticeable and he couldn’t just paint over it. He needed to improve the chip, so that it was hidden and wouldn't fail this time. But who did he know that was smart enough to do that? Of course, Wade! Surely it would take some convincing he thought, but perhaps he could use Kim to help with that...

It felt like an eternity waiting, but finally he saw Kim making her way over. She was in her pajamas and appeared to be waiting for her next command. Ron was skeptical.

Ron: Kim, you're still under my control right?

Kim: Yes, Ron Stoppable. (Ron, the jokes over.)

Ron: Ok, how about a quick test then. I want you to kiss me.

Kim: Yes, Ron Stoppable. (Kiss you?! Why you little brat!)

Kim moved in closer and kissed Ron on the lips. It wasn't anything crazy, just a peck on the lips, but it was his first kiss and it was amazing. Rufus cheered for his friend.

Ron: Ok, let's try something else.

Ron tentatively moved his finger up to her breasts. If Kim was faking it this would definitely push her over the edge. He closed his eyes, braced himself, and poked her right boob. He half expected her to punch him in the face right there and his night would be over. Fortunately for him, there was no punch to the face, there was only a soft, squishy, perfect boob under his finger. Kim didn’t look bothered, in fact she had no reaction at all and stood blankly waiting for her next command. He could only imagine what she was thinking.

Kim: (Ron! I can’t believe you just touched my boob! This isn’t funny anymore!)

Ron wasn’t satisfied with just a poke and decided to cup her breasts in his hands. He never felt a girls boobs before. He squeezed them a little and was pretty sure Kim wasn’t wearing a bra under her pajamas. At this point Rufus was very confused at what was happening.

Ron: Kim, I want you to make out with me.

Kim: Yes, Ron Stoppable. (That’s it! When I get out of this Ron, you’re a dead man!)

Kim opened her mouth and pressed it against Ron's. He could feel her tongue glide into his mouth as he continued groping her tits. Rufus climbed up the bush to get a better look. They continued like this for a few minutes until Ron realized he was beyond hard at this point. He had another idea. It was risky, but it was late and they were fairly hidden in the bushes. Also, he certainly couldn't walk around with a giant erection now could he? He pulled himself away from the fabulous makeout session.

Ron: Rufus, stand watch!

His trusty mole-rat looked stood at attention looking around for any signs of trouble, still not quite sure what was going on here.

Ron: Kim, get on your knees.

Kim: Yes, Ron Stoppable. (Wait, what's happening here?!)

Kim obediently kneeled down in front of him.

Ron: Kim, pull down my pants and underwear:

Kim: Yes, Ron Stoppable. (Oh no, he isn't doing what I think he's doing? This is going to far!)

Kim unbuttoned Ron's pants and pulled them down along with his underwear. Ron's boner poked out directly out in front of her face. It smelled funny. She got a queasy feeling in the pit of her stomach and knew what was coming next.

Ron: Kim, do you know what a blowjob is?

Kim: Yes, Ron Stoppable. (Of course I do you asshole! It's not like it's complicated. Not that I've given one before.)

Ron: Great, can I get a blowjob then KP?

Kim: Yes, Ron Stoppable. (Bastard! You have to fight this Kim. No way am I going to- )

Before she could finish her thought Kim obediently opened her mouth and starting sucking Ron's cock. She

couldn't believe what was happening. There was a penis in her mouth, and she was sucking on it! To make matters worse, it was Ron’s penis! It tasted a little gross and she thought she might throw up. Ron on the other and was in heaven. He had fantasy's about this ever since he started masterbating. Kim's soft lips around his cock, her wet inviting mouth. Her grabbed the back of her head.

Ron: Uh yeah, that's it KP. Take it as deep as you can go.

Ron pushed his cock into her mouth as far as it could go until he could feel Kim's nose against his stomach. Kim was gagging and couldn't believe she wasn't throwing up. He slid it in, back and forth a few more times but was having trouble containing himself. This was his first blowjob after all, it felt amazing and Kim looked so hot kneeling before him sucking his cock. It didn’t take long before he was ready to cum. He pushed his cock in as far as he could and erupted in her throat. Kim could feel Ron’s semen flowing down the back of her throat. She was gagging and could barely breathe.

Ron: Ah yes, yes yes yes, drink it all down KP.

Kim: (Ron how could you do this to me?I I thought we were friends!)

Feeling extremely satisfied, Ron slid his dick out of her mouth and pulled up his pants.

Ron: Great job KP, that was amazing!

Kim: (You bastard, when I get my hands on you you’ll wish that you were dead.)

Ron: Now Kim, I know you’re probably mad at me.

Kim: (That’s an understatement.)

Ron: But I really do like you Kim, and we both know you were never going to fall for me. This was my only shot. I hope you understand.

Kim: (All I understand is that I’ve been friends with a pervert this entire time!)

Ron: Ok, you can get up now KP. We have to go over to Wade’s house.

Kim: (Wade?...)

Kim and Ron made their way over to Wade's house. It was late so Ron texted Wade ahead of time and let him know he was coming. When they got there, Ron instructed Kim to wait outside Wade’s room for a moment as he and Rufus went in. Wade was sitting at his usual station and looked as though he just woke up.

Wade: What's the emergency Ron?

Ron: Wade, I need your help with something.

Wade: Sure Ron, how can I help?

Ron: Did you have a chance to look over the stuff we sent for the compliance chip?

Wade: Yes, I took a look at the schematics, fascinating device.

Ron: Can you think of any improvements?

Wade: Actually yes, I came up with a couple of… er, what’s this all about Ron?

Ron: Ok, don’t freak out, but I have something to show. Kim, can you come here please?

Kim entered from outside.

Kim: Yes, Ron Stoppable. How can I be of assistance? (Finally, Wade will help me.)

Wade: Ron, why is Kim in her pajamas? Oh my, is she wearing the compliance chip again?! You should have told me sooner! I’ll disable it right away.

Kim: (Oh thank god.)

Ron: Hold on a sec Wade, disabling it isn’t the problem. I want your help getting it to work better.

Wade looked confused.

Wade: Better? What do you mean?

Ron: Isn’t it obvious? I have Kim Possible here, completely under my control, and I’m willing to share if you help me out with it.

Kim: (Share?! You’re an asshole Ron! Wade will help me.)

Wade was speechless. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Did Ron really mean what he thought he meant?

Ron: Here, watch this. Kim, please remove your shirt.

Kim: Yes, Ron Stoppable. (Oh no! How embarrassing!)

Kim pulled off her shirt. As Ron suspected she wasn’t wearing a bra and both Ron, Wade and Rufus paused for a moment just staring at Kim’s amazing tits. Ron snapped out of it and looked over at Wade, he was still in awe staring at her breasts. Wade had always had a crush on Kim, I mean, who didn’t? She was one of the hottest girls around, and there she was standing in front of him with her shirt off. Possibly willing to do whatever he wanted. He had to admit, it was a tempting offer.

Kim: (Oh no, why is Wade still staring at my boobs? Wade! Snap out of it! You have to help me!)

Wade suddenly looked away in shame.

Wade: I’m sorry Ron, Kim’s our friend and we can’t take advantage of her like this!

Kim: (Thank you Wade! I knew you’d come through!)

Ron looked defeated. Rufus felt sorry for him.

Ron: Yeah, you’re right Wade. I’m such a idiot. I don’t know what I was thinking. I’ll disable the chip.

Wade: I’m glad to hear that Ron. I’m sure Kim will forgive you...

Ron knew this might be his reaction, but at least he gave it a try. He wasn’t about to give up that easy though. He reached into his bag, but instead of grabbing the remote, he grabbed the other compliance chip. Kim saw it, but was unable to warn Wade.

Kim: (Oh no, Wade! Watch out!)

Wade was yammering on about overcoming temptation and didn’t notice Ron getting closer. Before he could react Ron smacked the second compliance chip on his forehead. Wade just sat there with a blank stare.

Ron: Wade, you ok buddy?

Wade: Yes, Ron Stoppable. How can I be of assistance? (Stupid Wade! Why didn’t you see this coming?)

Ron: I’m glad you asked Wade. I’m going to need you to create new and improved compliance chips for me. Chips that are basically invisible and impossible to disable. Oh, and any other improvements you can think of.

Wade: Of course, Ron Stoppable. Right away!

Kim: (Oh no, this is not looking good…)

Wade began diligently working on the chips immediately. Ron was quite pleased with himself for this plan. Once Wade finishes the new chips, he’ll be able to sleep better knowing that Kim’s chances of escaping are slim to none. And with Wade on his team now, he’ll be able to make more compliance chips and even even better ones! Yes, this plan worked out quite well. Now to celebrate!

Ron: Alright!

He gave Rofus a high five. Kim was still standing nearby with her shirt off.

Ron: Kim, while we’re waiting, could you take off your pajama bottoms for me?

Kim: Yes, Ron Stoppable. (You asshole. My only hope is to break out of this chip’s control before Wade makes it impossible.)

In her head Kim tried desperately to break the chips control to no avail as she pulled down her bottoms. She was standing there in her nothing but her underwear now.

Ron: Great, now let’s remove those panties.

Kim: Yes, Ron Stoppable.

Kim continued to fight but was helpless to resist the command as she pulled her underwear down. She stood there naked in front of Ron, Rufus and Wade for that matter, although at least he was busy working away. She would have died of embarrassment if she wasn’t so angry. Even Rufus looked impressed. Ron was eagerly taking in every moment of this. He fantasized about seeing her naked so many times before and now there she was. He was surprised how trim her bush was, she kept it quite neat.

Ron: You look so sexy naked KP. Let’s get a better look though. Can you turn around, spread you legs apart and bend over for me?

Kim: Yes, Ron Stoppable. (Uh, how degrading.)

Kim did as instructed. Bent over like that she couldn’t really see, but she could hear Ron as he walked over. This was one of the first times in a long time that Kim was nervous and wasn’t sure what was going to happen next. Ron bent down and glided his hands up her legs until he reached her ass. He rubbed and grabbed her ass for a bit and then licked his forefinger and index finger and started playing with her snatch. Kim was not happy with the situation but couldn’t help getting turned on a little.

Ron could feel her getting wet so he stopped with the foreplay. Kim could hear him taking off his pants and then getting on the bed. She had a bad feeling about this. She never really thought about what her first time would be like, but she definitely didn’t think her first time would be like this.

Ron: Ohhh Kimmy. Come on over here.

Kim: Yes, Ron Stoppable.

Kim stood up and turned around to see Ron lying naked on the bed, in what he must’ve thought was his sexeist pose. It wasn’t, he looked ridiculous. Unfortunately she could also see that his penis was fully erect and pointing towards her. All she could think about was running away, and getting as far from that boner as possible. But instead she walked over to him.

Ron: Ok, so this is what I’m thinking Kim. First, you’re going to get on top and ride me like a cowgirl riding a horse. Then…

Kim: (Oh god, he’s writing his own porn movie, that I have to act in!)

Ron: We’re going to switch to doing some 69, followed by some doggy style, and then heck, we’ll see where the night takes us. What do you say?

Kim: Yes, Ron Stoppable. (I say you’re a disgusting creep.)

Ron: I thought you’d say that!

Ron laid on his back as Kim got on the bed and prepared to mount him.

Ron: Nice and slow KP, afterall, this is our first time, we want it to be romantic.

Kim took hold of his dick and slowly lowered herself on to it. She could feel a sharp pain as Ron’s penis entered her. Her body then started to thrust up and down on his cock. Ron was euphoric. This was exactly what he wanted his first time to be like. He loved the feel on Kim’s tight pussy on his cock, and she really knew how to work it. Just seeing her like that would have been enough, but when combined with her wet hole, it didn’t take long before he was about to blow. Damn, he was hoping he’d last longer.

Ron: KP, get off of me and kneel on the floor.

Kim: Yes, Ron Stoppable. (What? That was quick.)

As Kim was kneeling Ron got up, grabbed hold of his dick, aimed, and released his manhood all over her face. He was surprised how much cum he had left after that blowjob earlier and luckily none of it went to waste. He managed to get it all over her face as she just knelt there blankly staring at him. After he squeezed out the last drop, he collapsed back on the bed.

Ron: Oh man, that was amazing KP! You were too good! I just need to rest a minute and then we can try again.

Kim: (This is so disgusting.)

After about a minute or so, Ron fell asleep. Kim couldn’t move, she just stayed kneeling on the floor with Ron’s cum slowy dripping down her face. All she could do was watch Ron sleep. It seemed like a few hours passed when Wade finally interrupted.

Wade: Ron Stoppable the compliance chips are complete.

Ron woke up.

Ron: Huh? Wha? Oh, the chips are ready?

He looked over and saw Kim still kneeling on the floor with cum on her face.

Ron: Oh geese, sorry about that KP. I must’ve fallen asleep. You can get up.

Ron grabbed Kim’s pajama bottoms from the floor and tossed it to her.

Ron: Wipe your face off with this.

Kim was glad to finally get that sticky mess off her face.

Ron: Ok Wade, show me what you got.

Wade: Of course, Ron Stoppable. This is the compliance chip version 2. I’ve removed the glowing red light, made it skin colour and now it attaches to the back of head, making it much more difficult to notice once attached.

Ron: Excellent! Go on.

Wade: Once attached, it’s practically impossible to remove and should last almost a year before needing to recharge.

Ron: Amazing! Continue.

Wade: Finally, I made some enhancements to neural interface. It now diverts through the personality center of the brain making the subject less animatronic.

Ron: Say what now?

Wade: The subject should act more like themselves.

Ron: Wade, you’re a genious! Let’s try it out!

Wade: Ok, we’ll have to disable the current chip first.

Kim: (Yes! Now’s my chance. When this chip gets disabled I’m going to hurt Ron so bad.)

Ron: Uhh, let’s hold on a minute Wade. I need to think.

Ron paced back and forth again using all the brainpower he could muster. He knew that Kim would kill him the minute he released her, but on the other hand he needed to switch to this new chip. He knew what he had to do.

Ron: Wade, get me some rope.

Wade: Yes, Ron Stoppable.

Wade ran off to fetch some rope.

Ron: Kim, please sit down in that chair.

Kim: (This doesn’t sound good, but I’ve gotten out of trickier situations than this. I can still do this. It’s my only chance.)

Wade returned with a long piece of rope. Ron went to work securely tying Kim’s arms and legs down to the chair. When he was confident that she wouldn’t be able to escape, he disabled the chip. Kim’s blank stare turned to anger. She struggled to free herself.

Kim: Ron, you piece of shit! You better release me this instance!

Ron: Yikes! Let’s try that new chip right away Wade.

Kim fought hard against the ropes, but they were too strong. Ron held her head as Wade attached the new chip.

Wade: (I’m sorry Kim.)

Kim: (Nooo!)

Ron: Yes!

The anger on Kim’s face disappeared, she looked relatively pleasant now.

Kim: Hey Ron. Hey Wade.

Ron: She seems, normal...

Wade: Exactly, since the new chips work with the subjects own personality they should seem exactly like themselves. They even have to ability to make decisions on their own, such as when to sleep, eat or use the washroom, without having to be told to do so. Your commands will ultimately still override those decisions though.

Ron: Oh man, that’s fantastic! Great job!

Wade: Thanks Ron Stoppable. (I’ve failed you Kim, I’m sorry.)

Ron: Kim, will you do whatever I say?

Kim: Of course Ron, whatever you want. (Oh no, this is bad. Really bad.)

Ron thought for a moment before deciding to release her.

Ron: Hmm… She could be faking it.

Kim: (I wish)

Ron: I better test this out.

Still naked, Ron started stroking his dick. He was looking forward to another blowjob when he got concerned. She already gave him a blowjob, and he was pretty sure she could fake her way through another one if it gave her a chance to escape. No, it had to be something that she would never do willingly, or be able to fake.

Ron: I’ve got a better idea!

Kim: (Oh no, what does that mean?)

Ron turned around and bent over, getting his butt as close to her face as her could manage.

Ron: There’s no way Kim would do this if she had any free will. Right Rufus?

Rufus also looked confused. Ron’s ass was right in Kim’s face.

Kim: (What is he doing?)

Ron: I want you to lick my asshole KP.

Kim: Sure Ron, sounds great. (Oh god no!)

Ron spread his ass cheeks apart a bit and Kim leaned forward putting her face right into his crack. Kim’s tongue started poking around his hole. It smelled terrible and it tasted even worse. If this didn’t make her vomit nothing would. Ron started jerking off.

Ron: Oh yeah, that’s it KP. Get right in there.

Kim: (I’m going to be sick.)

Wade: (I can’t believe what I’m seeing.)

Kim’s tongue kept probing deeper and deeper into his asshole. It was at this point that Ron knew two very important things. First, the new chip must be working. Second, he really enjoyed having his asshole licked. It was very late at this point and he needed to get her home before anyone suspected anything. He’d have plenty more time to enjoy this. He spun around and stuck his dick in her mouth.

Ron: I’m just going to fuck your mouth a bit KP, is that cool?

Kim: [mumbling] (Thank god that’s over. I can’t believe I’m actually relieved to have his dick in my mouth.)

Ron: Great, I thought you wouldn’t mind.

It didn’t take Ron long to finish and he came in her mouth.

Ron: Wade, could you help me untie Kim please?

Wade: Yes, Ron Stoppable.

Wade and Ron worked on untying Kim from the chair. Kim got up.

Ron: Wade, please sit in the chair. Kim, could you help me tie him up?

Wade: Yes, Ron Stoppable. (I saw this coming.)

Kim: Sure thing Ron, happy to help. (Damn, sorry Wade.)

Ron and Kim tied up Wade and replaced his chip with the other new chip. Then they untied him and started getting dressed.

Ron: Wade, buddy, you did great today. Get some rest. Then it’s business as usual and obviously no mention of anything that happened tonight to anyone, k?

Wade: Sure Ron, glad I could help.

Ron: When you have some free time, let’s keep making more compliance chips. I know a few other girls at school I’d like to try this out on.

Wade: You got it Ron, good night. (Is this my life now? Oh dear.)

Wade crawled into bed and went to sleep. Ron and Kim quietly sneaked out of Wade’s house. Kim started making her way home.

Ron: Kim, get home and make sure no one sees you, then get some rest too. Like I already mentioned to wade, business as usual tomorrow and no mention of anything that happened tonight to anyone, ok? It’ll be our little secret.

Kim: Okay Ron, whatever you want. See you tomorrow!

Ron was sad that the night had to end. But he knew that he had to keep up appearances, at least until he had enough compliance chips for Kim’s entire family. As he walked home he couldn’t help but think which girl he should target next. There’s no way he’s getting any sleep tonight!

Kim on the other hand, walked home feeling terribly worried. She sounded more like herself, even acted more like herself now, but knew she wasn’t really in the drivers seat. The compliance chip was in complete control and she knew she might never be able to break it. From that moment on, Kim was trapped inside her own body and seemingly Ron’s slave for the rest of her life.


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