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Disclaimer: we dont own totally spies or treasure chests but we show the enjoyment of it. i dont get money for this either i just do it for fun.


Disclaimer: we dont own totally spies or treasure chest. this is a crossover story. we show the enjoyment of it.

By Victor2K and Sgt. Snake *aka* (sargechris)  



A seaside town, just an ordinary town at the coast.

That kind of place where everything seems peaceful and even boring at times.

Why a city like this might get the attention for a story written about it?

Because Steelport was the perfect place for a revolution. A sexy revolution if we can say that. One that no woman that lives at the town will ever forget. Ever.

To start talking about it, let’s talk about why this place is so important to the story. Steelport was a proud town back in time where steel industry needed a place to facilitate the exporting of their products around the world. For many decades, it was one of the most important places where steel could be shipped and a town grew up due to progress and the wealth around.

But things go up and down and then the steel companies that once flourished left for other cities and greener pastures. Steelport didn’t actually decay but the luster in the town diminished and the port lost much of its importance in the area.

Which remained was the beach, a pleasant place for the citizens and for the tourists that decide to ditch glitzy places and a few other places that still stand showing their glory. The town became more like of the regular suburban kind, with many houses and families living there. Some locations that held factories and plants were replaced by homes, malls and retailers all ready to serve those people who moved to Steelport chasing peace of mind and running away from the troubles of the big city.

The immense women populations of the place made Steelport get the nickname of ‘Prettiest City in America’, a testament to the fact the place was a magnet for beautiful ladies of many ages living there, single or married. However there was another alias that is immediately associated to the town: ‘Busty City’. The city had an enormous number of females with large breasts that might make anyone wonder what there was on their water or food for that happen.

But the lady population desired something and that was a decent option to enjoy the nights. The town had a number of bars and clubs, but many of them saw unpleasant episodes of fighting, harassment and riots between gangs. The fewer ones that escape unscathed of the trouble kept themselves pretty much afraid of that happening around them and others closed.

And those women wanted to enjoy a place where they could talk, dance, eat and even try to find someone to spend the night with. The married ones also longed for going out and enjoying a night away of their husbands and a time away things of marital and family affairs. Steelport had many options, but none fitted what they desired.

But that was about to change. And thanks to two newcomers and a number of lady assistants…

Chapter 01 – The Start of Everything

“So, is this the place?”

“It seems it is. It looks pretty rundown but I think it what that guy told”

From a nice blue car, two men appeared to admire a place that once hosted a bar and club close to Steelport’s coastline. One of the men, dress with a camo shirt and army-like pants, was a 26 year old former Army standout named Chris Wallace, and the other, sporting a white polo shirt and jeans was a man on his 30s named Victor Thomas, himself who worked sometime at the publishing business.

The two were friends for some time and decided to get out of their jobs and start something for themselves. They got some money from savings and other investments to invest in something and that was buying a former bar at Steelport, whose former owner sold for a considerable bargain. At first, they were thrilled by that, but thinking about the price they paid, it would something that could worth the money.

They were about to discover as the two men travelled to Steelport to see their new investment, but the first contact at the façade wasn’t something that impressed them. The outside was pretty much torn down and without anything that resembled that, there, people went to enjoy a good day or night.

“Maybe going inside might give us a better view of what it is”, suggested Chris.

Victor and Chris walked into the bar, using the key given by the former owner. Once inside, it was worse than they thought. The club wasn’t totally in verge to fall on their heads, but it seemed everything there was left to rot and decay. Tables, chairs, counter, everything seemed pretty old and abandoned.

“What the fuck is that? It’s totally screwed!”, said an astonished Victor.

“I’ve seen better warzones like this”, added Chris.

“But at least we know no missile or something will come after us”

They decided to look at the other places at the bar, the dancefloor, restrooms, kitchen, storage room… everywhere was at the same state or worse the entrance and the main floor/lounge. The former owner never actually told them about how the bar was after some time inactive and they thought everything was there, but in useless state.

“That son of a bitch fooled us! He took our money and baited us to this!”, the former Armed Forces member shouted in anger

“I don’t know, Chris. I think he gave us exactly what he wanted to give us. We cannot turn our backs to it”, Victor tried to put his friend more calmed.

“Seeing this is making me think about getting back to the Army”

“We can’t come back, we paid the guy and now this place is ours. We just need to see what we can do with this”

“Like selling to another fool?”

“No! I am talking to run this bar. We bought and there might be a way that we can make this place be glorious at it was, or seemed it was”, the former publisher explained.

“And how can we do it?” Chris asked.

“I don’t know, but I feel the destiny made us do that by any reason that’s beyond our understanding. But, anyway, we can go home and eat something. Perhaps something can come out”


The two business partners went to their place, a Victorian-styled house at the suburban Steelport. Chris ordered food and, as they ate, they started to attempt to lay out plans for the rundown bar.

“If we have to keep that, we need to do something quick, or I am going to get nervous and quit”, the Army veteran commented.

“There’s no way any of us are quitting. We need to do this and I think we might be even more fooled if we just keep that place rotting till the end”, replied Victor.

“Do you have any idea on how we can work with that bar?”

“The only thing that I am thinking now is that we need a clear path about what to do. We need to find a way to see what we can”

“And did you found the ‘light’?”, Chris joked.

“Maybe yes, my pal. I think we need a third head to guide us”, Victor took the joke lightly and exposed his idea.

“Third head? You mean bring in someone else?”, questioned Mr. Wallace.

“Yes. We are still shocked by the first view that we might not come up with something”, Mr. Thomas explained.     “Maybe a fresher mind can be better for us to see what to do”

“Fresher mind…”, Chris thought for a while until something snapped inside his head. “I think I know who!”


“I don’t know if she fits to what we want, but I think she is perfectly smart to help us to put that bar up”

“A girl’s mind… well, I think a woman can give us a better opinion and tips anyway”

“There is this girl, I am friend of the family since long, and she just completed college. I heard from her mother she is searching for a job, so why don’t pick her?”

“I don’t know”, Victor expressed a few concern. “Are you sure that girl will fit what we need from her?”

“Sam? She is the smartest girl I ever known. I don’t know if she graduated on anything related to administration and stuff but I think we need to give her a vote of confidence. We can at least try”

Victor Thomas thought for a while and even if he was still unsure about putting a young girl like his partner’s friend to the ‘lions’, it was anything to try and since they were given a torn down club, why not?

“Okay, tell her to meet us tomorrow for a lunch”

“I will just call her right now! Believe me, she will be a nice help for us”

“I am trusting on you for this, dude!”


The next afternoon, Victor and Chris were at a restaurant, sitting opposite to a twenty-something redhead, with long hair and green eyes, dressing a white shirt with a green vest, green pants and sandals. Her name was Samantha Simpson, Sam for short and the close friends.

“My father told me you wanted to talk with me, Chris…”, said with a smile the redhead.

“Yes, Sam, I wanted. First, I would like to introduce you my friend and business partner Victor”

“Nice to meet you, Victor”

“Nice to meet you, Sam. Chris told me amazing things about you”

 “Typical him. He always talks about something he likes a lot…”

“Anyway… we called you because we think we have something that might need your touch”, said Chris.

“What it is? You didn’t tell me during the phone call”

“The thing is… we came to Steelport and we bought a bar near coastline road. And you need to help us to find a way to make that place work”, the Armed Forces veteran explained.

“A bar? Gee… well, I don’t understand anything about bars, pubs and clubs…”, Sam showed a few concern about it.

“We aren’t looking for someone who understands about that, Sammie. We need someone that has a fresher mind than ours to see what we need to do”

“And how do you two think that I am the one for this kind of thing?”, asked Samantha

“Because you are the smartest girl I ever known and I know you can see something there that both of us couldn’t when we first got there”, Chris answered.

“And also, sorry but saying that without consulting my business partner here, we are needing of a manager and you could be the one to get that spot”, Victor added, with Chris raising an eyebrow due to what his friend told.

“Manager? That means that you two are offering me a job?”

“It only depends of you, Sam. If you want, we can get you to meet the bar after the lunch”

“Well, I don’t know… I do not want to disappoint Chris or you, Victor, then… I think I can try to give it a look. It won’t hurt anyway…”

They lunched and afterwards went to pick their respective cars to go to the bar. When Sam went to hers, Chris pulled Victor to a corner and whispered in surprise and with a bit of ‘fury’.

“What the hell? Are you offering the manager occupation to her?”

“You told that she might be what we want, and I think that, if she can give us a small ray of light, she is the manager we will be looking for without even asking for one”


“Oh My God! What the hell happened here?” Sam was as much as shocked than the two men the day before when took her first steps at the rundown club. “Why did you bring me to this trashy and dirty place?”

“You are the one who we want to make this place neither trashy nor dirty, Sam”, the former Army member replied to his friend.

“I know, Chris. But never could I imagine this place would be a piece of shit!”

“Unfortunately it is, and you are going to help us with that”, said Victor.

Sam walked for a while to every room or place she could find at the abandoned bar, now trying to avoid to make comments or even scream. After her ‘inspection’, she came back to Victor and Chris waiting at the main lounge.

“Do you have any verdict, Sam?”

“I think I do. This place needs to be rebuilt entirely, a complete retool!”, the redhead presented her final view.

“Well, it’s nothing that we weren’t expecting for, but I guess you were the one good enough to give us a slap in the face”, Victor pointed.

“I think this place here will be a very good bar once open, but for now, everything must be changed. We need to make our own style”

“Saying ‘our style’ means that you want to be our manager, correct?” Chris questioned.

“I don’t have much of a job, so I guess I am going to accept Victor’s offer and join you two”

“Welcome aboard, Sam! You will be part of a history that will be successful!”, the former publisher cheered their new employee.

“And what will be your first act as manager, Sammy?”

“The first thing will be calling another person to help us. The three of us can be enough, but guess a fourth member of the team will guide us on how we can make this place pleasurable”, the longhaired girl explained.

“A fourth member, huh? I think I can come up with that!”, Victor said.

“What do you mean?”, Chris asked.

“I know exactly of what and who we need for that”, Victor left Sam and Chris for a while as he picked his cell phone to call to the person he would summon to help the recently formed trio. At least, things started to feel less bleak than they were. And they were about to get better

THE END (of this chapter)

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