Lust and Pixie Dust

BY : Praetor
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Tinkerbell touched down on the balcony of the bedroom in Terrance's house after the work day. Though they'd been dating a while now they were only just now experimenting with whose house they were going to live in. So they dabbled in both, alternating houses to see which one they liked best. Of course she missed her old house by the Tinkers but there was no denying Terrance's view was better. Since he worked administrative his was a central location by the great tree, which made commute easier.

She was sure she was alone in Terrance's house as she closed the shutters behind her since they worked staggered shifts. Without a care in the world she proceeded to the bathroom. She eased the door open before she heard the sound of whistling from within and realized she was invading privacy. With a sudden shock she pulled the door back closed, but not immediately to a shut for fear of making a sound.

Terrance was back, he must have taken a break from work to go home. As she eased it all the way back she saw through the crack between door and frame that Terrance was bare of clothing. She couldn't help but check him out, admiring the surprising muscle tone of his back, legs and ass. Though they had been dating for a time she was taking things slow, wanting to make absolutely sure she was comfortable with this and the next stage before actually moving. As such she still hadn't seen him naked before.

He was accommodating too, never pushing her and always taking his strides with hers. It was almost pathetic in that same way a puppy following his master with an open mouth tongue lapping is. Guess it is what happens when you date out of the Friend Zone.

Her thoughts were broken when he turned to the side and she had to put a hand to her mouth to stop the gasp from escaping.

Between his legs dangled a tiny, finger sized noodle that only curved halfway around the small sack under it. She couldn't even say dangle, as it did not appear to sway with motion as he moved about the room. She knew that penises got bigger when they were exited but even at maximum arousal that thing could only have been like four inches.

She couldn't risk being seen though and quickly darted off, leaving the door creaked just a little bit open. She needed to think about this, and imagine what a future love life would be like.


Terrance could swear he heard the window shutters slam. He drew up his pants and walked to his room, seeing no sign of forced entry. He threw on his shirt and tied his vest before opening the window to investigate further. There was nothing new outside, same old big tree. He shrugged, probably a bird slamming into it again while still learning to fly.

Well, his belly was full and his bladder was empty. So business was done and he could go back to work. He took off in a flight down to the Pixie Dust Trees.

The day proceeded without incident. Work was work, it was important and he loved it although not much changed from day to day.

When it was done he was ready for the spa. He flew down to the waterworks by the hot spring near, well... Spring. There was set up a public bath house of sorts that the fairies coming off work generally used if it was closer than their house. He touched down in the main lobby, which was made from clay and tree thistles and erected as some sort of main 'entrance'. Most of the bath house consisted of a spring that fell and streamed behind and below it.

He went to the Sparrow Men wing and doffed clothes, replacing them only a towel wrapped around his waist to protect some semblance of modesty as he made his way down to one of the pools below that a fall that one of the streams emptied into.

Once down a few stories of Earth, the steam generated by the thermal lakes was enough to reduce visibility to a few feet. The pool he was at was mostly empty although he could hear the voices of chatter from nearby ones. He threw his towel over a branch and stepped into the lake all starkers.

He groaned as he did, the water just two steps below scalding. As he immersed himself he saw sparkles from dust lifted off his skin by the sudsy water. Once he got to a certain point he lay in the water adrift and let himself soak, singing Lava to himself and forgetting the world.

'I have a dream I hope will come true, that you're here with me and I'm here with you. I wish that the Earth and the sky up above us will send me someone to lava...'

'… I mean 4 inches? Sorry Tink, but ya might wanna reconsider that sitiation."

Was that Rosetta? He strained his ears "I mean he's a nice guy an all but with that Vienna sausage he ain't gonna satisfy nothin."

'They know...' he thought he thought glumly, not only Tink but all the other lady fairies.

"Size isn't the only thing that matters." says Iridessa "but at 4 inchs that's not even wiener, that's a penile stub. You're better off going full lesbian."

He got upright and swam slowly to the source, trying to stay low. Once he got to a point he dunked his head under water so his hair would be dragged down and swam to a ledge.

"Size isn't everything," says Fawn piggybacking on what she just said "but it is the only thing that matters. He can be sweet, charming, thoughtful and the other things, but when it's just you and him between the sheets and you can't feel anything because balls deep doesn't get him through the front door, you'll feel so empty and alone when you're supposed to be most intimate, full and alive."

He got to a point where he could see silhouettes through the fog of the steam. He sunk so that only his nose and eyes were above water.

"Not me, I like to feel full." says Rosetta "at least seven inches."

"Yeah, seven inches minimum." says Silvermist

"But why so much, surely five or six would be fine." says Tink

"Maybe for most people, but sure isn't the best. Seven inches, that's the standard." says Rossetta "and that's the minimum, ideally eight or nine."

"Not me." says Vidia

He got a little hopeful but he knew better coming from Vidia, and she said "I'm an over achiever, 9 is the min."

'Well I've been spoiled by the animals I've had to train to fornicate in the mainland. 10 inches preferable, although I keep my expectations 'realistic'. 8 or 9.' chimed Fawn

They all began to echo the seven or eight inch idea before Tink chimed in.

"You're all right. I don't think I can have a happy sex life with him if that's all he has."

He couldn't bare anymore. He gave a mournful tug at his crotch and found the talk of big dicks and what they would like had exited him and now his four inch prick was at full mast. Insulted by his own hormones, he took flight. Well, swam out the way he came, dried himself and his wings, redressed and then took flight.

"but love is about more than sex. I know he's tiny, but I still like him. It wouldn't be fair to ditch him for something so selfish, that he can't even control. Who knows, maybe he's a great tongue diver? Besides, there aren't enough 8 inch penises to go around for all of us, so someone has to take the small ones." Tinkerbell concluded.


That night he was thrashing in his bed. In his dream he was running down a long, narrow stream. The water was 18 inches deep and he had to kind of high knee run to keep from tripping. Up above him were the sneering, laughing faces of the women in his life glowering down past their tits at him from the heavens where they floated, outlined in the steam and stars.

He tried to fly but could not, for his wings were now shrunken and tiny, being about five inches long. As he ran, apparitions of the women appeared around him. Always laughing, always pointing, and should he try to approach, always running away with disgusted looks.

He glanced down and realized he had a barbie doll anatomy, his crotch being completely bare of any organ at all, just a seamless uninterrupted patch of skin. Realizing the futility of his efforts, he turned to see why he was running. A girlish shriek escaped his mouth.

Behind him was a giant anthropomorphic cock. The great man sized disembodied penis slithered down the narrow stream using its large veiny shaft like a water eel and its big harry balls as fins to propel itself.

He took a step back in fright and his foot found a ledge.  He checked back and saw that the stream ended and now he was at the edge of a plunging waterfall he turned back in time to see the monster cock come to a halt in front of him and roar out the urethra opening that served as a mouth.

'What are you?' he asked it

The pisshole opened and flapped like a mouth as it said 'The monster cock you will never have, the lady pleasing orgasm inducing organ you want, the raging hard on you need.'

With that he looked down the hundred foot drop into into a whirlpool.  At the bottom of the pool were crawling tiny penises, a horde of them like locusts.

'What're those?' he asked

'Those are all that remain of the tiny limp dicked fairies.' he said before head butting him off the ledge 'The fate of those who can never hope to please a woman.'

He screamed as he fell, rotating in the air to fall head first. A woman's scream, the voice of a man without balls. As the bottom of the pool came closer he saw the penises stand on their hind legs and open their urethras in preparation for their meal. One last girly shriek and then nothing.

He was floating and when his eyes opened he was in a pool again, another hot stream. This one a quaint and quiet, with very little steam in the air. The only sound was water running and the occasional moan. He turned and his eyes were stabbed with the sight of Fairy Gary standing under a water shower stream.

His head was back, eyes closed, his long red locks were being tossed about by the water, his great muttonchops matted down to the skin around his jowels. He was completely naked, his hair suit soaked with twenty pounds of water it seamed, which couldn't even stream down the rotund curves of his fat, furry body. Most disturbingly was below the great big saggy belly, extending from the Sasquatch looking bush of fire red was a great big cock.

And sucking on that great big cock was Tinkerbell. Her blond hair undone from its bun, being slapped around by the water. Her eyes closed in satisfied lust as she slobbered on his foot long dong. It was too much and he let out a nightmarish girly scream again.

That alerted both of them and Fairy Gary looked to him and said 'Ah hello lad. Top of the morning to yee.' as if nothing was wrong

Tink spat out the cock and said 'Hey Terrance, funny seeing you here.'

He woke up screaming his usual mannish scream in a cold sweat tangled in his sheets. He was so glad Tink was having a sleep over with her sister to 'Get away from things and explore Winter'.

He threw over his blanket and checked his crotch, sighing in relief at the sight of his shrunken dink. He knew he was in poor mental shape when he was glad to see that. He took a trip to the whiskey stand. He needed some fermented pumpkin juice to get over the mental image of Fairy Gary naked and getting busy...

He flew on to work that morning crooked, slightly hung over. Good thing he had the noon shift. Even though loud sounds and bright lights were louder and brighter and it felt like one of Bubble and Hatchet's flying and/or exploding inventions were going off in his head, he did what he knew he was good for.

Organizing the pixie dust, counting grains, leveling densities, tagging, bagging, weighing, sorting, stocking and distributing. Pixie Dust Fairy Stuff, he was the expert at it. It wasn't very labour intensive work but it was time consuming and tedious.

He was on one of the ladders itemizing a roster when he completely zoned out. He was thinking of Tinkerbell and how their relationship was effectively over.

'Who could he ever satisfy with that thing?' echoed in his mind

Maybe it was better this way. After all, love is about caring for the other right? Maybe he should be thinking about her happiness, why should he hog her for himself when others could pleasure her better? Maybe if they had an open relationship they could save the romance. Maybe she's a freak and wouldn't even mind letting him watch her get fucked with a big dick in ways he never could.

The swinging arm of the pixie duster knocked him out of his daze. Actually it knocked him out entirely and he was falling. He registered that he was hit over the head before he felt it, being taken completely out of body. Through the stars of his mind's eye he realized what was happening and tried to grab something to break his fall but all he could grasp was a bag of dust off a passing shelf.

He hit the ladder on his way down, which fell over and he plopped with a thud on his back, knocking over the contents of the table beside him as he did. Looking up he could see now that in his daze he forgot to pull the lever after using the duster to secure it in place. When the spool wound up it snapped and sent the duster spinning around where it struck him.

But he wasn't thinking of that when he passed out, looking up through the haze of the pixy dust cloud he created as he fell with the bags open. As his vision went black, the cloud turned to shimmering stars in his eyes as they fell on him. All he could think of was Tink, how much he wanted her and how much more he wanted her to be happy. How much better off they'd be if only his dick was bigger. The nightmare, disturbing as it was, was not incorrect. If only he'd a dick to satisfy the most ravenous of size queens, several at once if need be. If only his dick was bigger...

'That Vienna Sausage ain't gonna satisfy nothin.'

'You'd be better off going full lesbo.'

'Size isn't everything, but it is the only thing that matters...'

If only his dick were bigger...

Darkness descended and he floating again. He saw nothing, felt nothing, was nothing.


The world came to light and he was in the pools again. He was starting to hate this place as he looked around. He felt different, but he couldn't place it. When he turned completely around he saw Vidia standing under the stream. She was in a similar pose except her head was bent forward, her hair soaked and stuck to her back, dangling down to her knees where the water streamed off. Her eyes were closed against her bangs that were stuck to her face.

Down her body his eyes went where they drank in her great big tits that were glistening as the water ran over the massive melon sized bulbs of flesh, running off her pert nipples like a waterfall. Down her toned stomach where she had a natural V shape from her defined hips. Then his eyes popped out of his head. Her long hair wasn't the only thing dangling between her legs.

She was sporting a massive dick from her hairless crotch where her vagina should have been. The long, hard overly veined cock went down to her knees, where it was being serviced by...

'Not again...' he said

Tink's unbound blond head was bobbing on this one too.

'What again?' she asked, spitting out the dick

'Hey, who said stop?' asked Vidia, eyes opening

She grabbed a fistful of blond hair from Tinkerbell's head and forced it back into place.

'You're sucking a giant dick again. First Fairy Gary and now, Vidia?' Terrance said accusingly

'What do you mean again?' asks Vidia 'Fairy Gary is right here.'

He realized besides her was also Fairy Gary, in the same situation he left him in, His dick in Tink's other hand.

'Hoy laddy, glad to see yee back again.'

His eyes opened again and the haze of sleep retreated before his shock. As he hyperventilated and tried to sort reality from dreams he saw and heard someone familiar.

"Hey Terry. Watcha doing down there?"

He knew that voice, sharp but playful. He blinked a few times quick and hard to get the fatigue from his eyes. The blurriness went down and he saw the sun tanned fairy he worked with. Her lips played a smirk as her hazel eyes looked him over.

"Did Humpty Dumpty take a great fall?" she asked

He used his hands to rub the crust from his eyes before stretching. His back was still sore from when he fell but otherwise he was fine save the new headache.

"What are you doing here Zarina?" he asked

"Reporting in for my shift? You know, the evening one?" she said

"That can't be, I just got off Lunch." he said

"Yeah, that was five hours ago." she said

"What!?" he shouted, sitting up

She was bent way over him, such that they were face to face while he was sitting and she was bent at the waist in a 90 degree angle.  He was so shocked by his accident he couldn't even appreciate the fantastic view of her fat tits dangling in front of his face, almost falling out of their clothed confines.

"I said 'that was five hours ago'." she repeated in mock shouting

"I heard you, just... wow, I was out for a while." he noted

"I gathered. You should let Fairy Gary know-" she started but he said

"No, I can't. Then we have to file another Fairy Safety Report and instil corrections and safeguards and then we all have to get a safety brief and then workman's comp gets factored and- it's just a paperwork nightmare." he said

"You know you're only screwing yourself over when you don't file. How are you going to collect disability when you retire if you don't report?" she laughed

Fairy Gary was mostly concerned "Are you sure you're alright lad?"

He shuddered, the mental image of his nakedness burned into his retinas like he after images of staring at the sun, before saying more or less normally "Yes, just a little soreness and headache."

"Alrighty then, just go home for today and we'll see you back at work on the next duty day." he said

That was fairer than he was expecting so he took off. Well, signed over the keys to Zarina and outbriefed her, then took off.

He immediately felt something was wrong though when he took off. A fairy's flight was a delicate thing, and his was off balance. At first he was afraid he bent his wings in the fall but no, they were flapping fine and there was no disturbance in the small continuous buzz of his beating wings.

He was off balance though, suddenly back heavy. He had to engage his core more heavily to keep level for flying ahead and nearly spun out of control whenever he turned..

He touched down in his house, the sight of his earlier humiliation. After closing the door the events played again in his mind, the nightmares and then the conversation he overheard.

He shuck the vile thoughts from his head and proceeded to his bathroom. He decided to try and wash away the shame with a long, hot shower, this time on his own away from the hot springs that now held many disturbing memories (real or not).

First thing he did before even opening the curtain was grab one of his scented candles. It was made from the wax of one of the rarer bees that only fairies knew of and when the wick was lit it release a pleasant scent with mild hallucinogenic properties and euphoria inducing chemicals. Irridessa had a ton of them and was always giving them away. He grabbed the lighter and got sad again.

It was made for him by Tinkerbell. It was small enough to fit in a pocket and when uncapped revealed a pan of tin and a flint striker. You wheel back the striker with your thumb and when it comes down on the tin there was a spark. Used properly it started flames.

He struck in over the wick a couple times and got it going, the effect immediate.

He began stripping off as the cinnamon scent filled the air and the lights got brighter. He removed his stupid hat and tosses it on the rack, kicks off his curly toed shoes and pulls his green rough spun top off.

Tossing that in the laundry bin he pulls off his long socks and adds those to the bin before tugging down his breeches and doing the same with them. All that was left between him and the sighted world was his loincloth underwear.

The curtain that hid his relationship ending shame was bulged out obscenely but he didn't even want to look at it. Better to pretend he was a Eunoch, although frankly there was little difference with his pecker.

He started the water in the shower and then closed his eyes as he removed the last strap of clothing. He stepped into the tub and drew back the leafy curtain while letting the warm water wash over him and drag the remaining flakes of bright pixie dust off.

He helped it along brushing his bare skin with his hands to aid the water in washing it away. He finger combed his fair blond hair to get dust out of the tangled mess and once it was soaked through and stuck to his head, face and neck he turned around to let it wash over his back.

Once he was sure there was no more dust on him he dropped a rubber stopper on the drain and let the tub fill up with hot water. While it did that he uncorked a special fairy soap and poured some in the tub. As water was added, the mixture stirred and sudsy, soapy bubbles of various sizes from great to small formed in the water that pooled up to his knees.

He turned off the water now that the tub was mostly full. With a groan he dropped into a sitting position and eased back until he was laying in the tub, immersing his sore back in the lathery water as his wet wings fell to his sides.

He let a groan escape as his back ache was soothed on his way down. Once he was eased all the way in and reclined he let all his breath go and just lay there soaking in the cinnamon in the air and soap in the water.

He fished for his luffa and found it hanging from his toiletries shelf. He pulled the scrubbing sponge over his left hand and began a top to bottom wash. He scrubbed any remaining dust and dirt from his face, neck and shoulders before getting his other arm, back and chest. He slipped his hand under the carpet of foamy white soap suds to clean his stomach and the base of his prick before going over the inner thighs. Lifting one leg from the water line, he bent the knee to get all of the limb and suppressed a giggle as he went over the sensitive soles of his foot, then repeated the process with the other leg.

Having hit most of his body he could clean the dirtiest part without contaminating the rest, so he lifted his pelvis up and scrubbed his butt before lifting his junk with his other hand to get the sack. His fist closed around a fat slab of flaccid meat and he lifted it up only to feel more fall over his hand. So he slid his hand up the shaft and it emerged from the water like a rapidly surfacing submarine. The naturally white creamy skin was somewhat red from the hot water but white where his fingers constricted the skin and stopped venous return.

Annoyed by how much meat was still left he raised his fist ever higher and watched the rest of his dick break the suds like an airship sailing up through the clouds. Up and up his hand went until his fist was closed near the head, the grip forcing the helmet to break through the foreskin. Finally free he stretched out his fat cock and commenced scrubbing his balls that were so big they sat firmly on the floor.

"Wait, what!?"

He let go of the appendage and watched it flop back into the water with a splash that sent a jolt up to his groin.

Where did that come from? Was the hallucinatory candle that potent?

He gingerly reached back into the water under the clouds of soap foam to fish out the cock. It didn't take too long to find the flesh pipe coiled around his thigh. He pulled it back out and stretched it, amazed at its length. He thrust his pelvis out to see if it was really his and sure enough, the little dinky that used to be at the split where his legs merged was now a towering tower of dick flesh.

He dropped back into the water and with the other hand rubbed up its length, feeling the patchwork of veins and arteries and trying to feel if it was real. It felt real, his hands grip pushing water up and suds off as it rose to the top.

He began to play with himself, disbelief and shock turning to awe as he made himself hard. He let go the top of it and saw it flounder but lay at a grand curve instead of fall straight in, his cardiovascular system working hard to get blood into the new organ.

He used his other hand to fiddle and squeeze with the other, kneading the flesh and getting it exited. His new appendage was quite sensitive, and as he played it got harder and harder, straightening out like a flower rising at Rosetta's magic.

Once it got up and high enough the throbbing head bulged out from the all encompassing wall of the foreskin, emerging past it all together and dripping precum into the crevice. Now that it could stand alone he reached with the other hand to tend to his balls, finding that they too had seen a great increase in size and now each were bigger than his whole sack used to be.

Soon it was hard as he was going to make it and he began to take long strokes up and down it.

Oh if they could see him now. He had enough dick for all of those size queens. He thought of their sneering faces, the same ones that haunted him in his dreams earlier, now wide eyed in slack jawed awe. He fantasized about jerking his cock in their faces, too stunned to even stroke him themselves.

At full girth his hand couldn't even get around the widest part so he added the other and helped himself along with great two fisted strokes that shook his whole dick. The ball sack flapped happily about and dunked in and out the water, sending waves and ripples about the tub and lathering up his cock up with even more soap suds.

He wasn't used to having so much dick though and his senses were overwhelmed. He felt the familiar pulling of his balls and knew he was close. His thoughts turned to Tinkerbell, her beautiful blue eyes and short blond hair in its semi bun. Her great big tits, tiny little waist and succulent bubble butt barely contained by her low cut, high hemmed green dress. How surprised she will be, and delighted.

He needed something stronger than just his hands, then he remembered his loofa. He fished and found it floating by his head and took it. He bent his dick towards him and held his sponge over it and pushed down the opening over his cock head. It was a struggle but he managed to pull the sponge over his swollen tip.

He pulled the sponge meant to fit around a forearm over the top half of his member until the top end was under his foreskin. It was so tight but felt so good even though it was a little coarse. Still, he jerked it to the thoughts of dick slapping the smirks off the faces of Tink's nay saying friends.

Before he even realized it was happening he felt his testes clench and the pleasure bolt at the base of his pelvis. His cock twitched twice as the torrent of cum poured up it and his essence splurt from the gaping hole at the top like a rainbow. He turned his moan into a drawn grunt as it splattered against the wall and successive arcs of white sparrow man juice flowed into the water and joined the foam already floating at the top.

After an amazing amount of cum came his penis began to wither and bend, until it just collapsed under its weight and went back under water like great leviathan returning to sleep. Its size was so decreased that moments later the greatly stretched loofa slipped off and floated up to the surface like wreckage from the sea.

'I gotta share this.' he thought


He soaked in the bath considering how his life would be different until a lot of the bubbles were gone, the water was warm and the candle burned out. Gingerly he stood back up to avoid another great fall, his new fifth limb swinging down past his knees and slapping his calves, the mouth of the great foreskin gulping in water from the surface of the bath pool. He kicked the stopper to unplug the drain and let the water flow down.

He turned on the shower nozzle to rinse the foam from his body, the torrent of clean water pushing down the suds in waves. Once the ground water was clear of foam he turned that off and threw open the leaf curtain.

The new appendage and hot bath did wonders to revitalize his energy and he sang to himself as he grabbed a towel to dry off. He wiped his arms, chest, legs and his new third leg before carefully dabbing off his wings. He pushed it around his fair hair a bit to make sure it was dry as can be before throwing that in the bin as well.

He stopped to admire himself in the mirror again. He was lean muscled, fair haired, blue eyed, tall for a fairy and now he had a dick fit for a horse hanging from his crotch to his calfs.

His mind was abuzz with all he could do with his new dong, but first he needed to eat because he was starving. He put on a bath robe, tied the sash and went off to his living room where he dined on a butterfly milk lemon cake, a meat pie and washed it down some tea.

Hunger sated and having come down from his initial amazement and lust, he began to think about the implications. How did this happen, could it get worse, did anything else change, would it ever change back? The only scenario he could think of that kind of made sense besides wanting it into existence with sheer willpower was the pixie dust granting an unspoken wish.

He had heard such stories before, usually in fairy tales. Pixie dust was still a very poorly understood thing and its full powers aren't explored due to just how dangerous it can be. Theoretically it could do anything and indeed, for one it has.

He decided he needed to talk to Zarina, no one knows more about it than her. He jumped to his window and threw open the shutters, the gush of wind throwing open his robe in response, exposing his nude form as the coat was billowed back by the breeze, his limp donkey dick flapping between his legs.

He realized the error immediately and slammed the shutters shut again. But not like this... he thought.

He went back to his room and opened his closet, seeing seven outfits exactly the same and even though it was still Friday he grabbed the Saturday outfit and put it on. The leafy under shirt, leathery vest, green stupid cap went on without issue but he had a problem with his underwear. The new package was simply too big to fit in his pants.

So he grabbed the multitool that Tink gave him and pulled it open, lifting each of the little tools until he found the clothes sheer. With it he cut the crotch out of his drawers so he could still feel like he was wearing them but let the dick tube lay beside his leg in the trouser.

He put that on and pulled the trousers on one leg at and a time and flexed his wings, now ready to go. Until he took a step. Something was wrong and he looked down to see that he had accidentally put his bare cock in the right pant leg instead of his actual leg.

Once he fixed himself he took off for real and now that he knew why there was an imbalance was able to adjust his flight pattern so as to not fall out.

The sun was now setting hard and about to go to night when he touched down back in the pixie tree. He walked in and found that she had even gone ahead and lit the the candles inside. He found her at her alchemy workstation mixing dust and creating her own little experiments.

"Hey Zarina." he greeted

She looked up briefly and said "Hey Terrance. What brings you back to work?"

"Nothing just a little... well... big... hiccup." he says as he closes the distance and flies up to her level.

"I'd be disappointed if it was just to chat. So what ails you?" she said, half returning to her work

"Well, you see..." he was suddenly embarrassed by his situation

"Yes I do." she said, answering his apparent question

"No, it's just difficult to say." he said

"Use little words." she said, returning her attention to him entirely

"It's kind of embarrassing." he started

"You're talking to the fairy exiled from Pixie Hollow for a year." she said

"Yeah, well... remember that accident earlier today?" he asked

"Yes, I had to change the sign. We're now five hours since last accident." she said

"Well something's different since then." he said

"I'm sure it is, you're ass is probably flatter." she laughed

"More than that, I think that- have you ever heard of Pixie dust changing people? Or granting wishes?" he asked

That got her attention "Changing people sure, but granting wishes? That only happens if the wish is pure and the desire is strong. It can happen, I haven't seen it though. Although it could just have a spontaneous alteration, I've done that before." she said "Why?"

"It's just that after the accident, something's definitely different." he said, still afraid to word it precisely

"What, you're going to have to elaborate." she said

"Well, I've gotten bigger." he finally confessed

She stood up, being two inches shorter than him when in her knee high booted heels. Her hazel eyes were on level with his chin.

"Not really." she said

"Not all of me, just part of me." he said

"You don't look any different." she said, looking over his arms and legs, then realization dawning

"Is it a private matter?" she asked

"Promise not to tell?" he countered

"I don't think you can hide it." she said back, popping a pouty pose, her arms crossed under her bosom, head cocked to the side

She still dressed pirate-ie, her long, waist length hair tossed about wildly like a volcanic downpour of auburn. Her frilled cotton dress top was loose at the top and centre, filled out by her magnificent bust and the lace of the top of her bra cups slightly visible over where the white cotton ended. It was tight around her itty bitty waist which was adorned with jewels from the Jolly Rodger and gilded belts, then her puffy skirt that was slit up the right damn near the waist on her right side to reveal a garter held stocking out above her boots.

"Keep looking like that and I won't be able to." he said, gaze inexorably draw downward

Her tanned tits were bulging out of the top from her pose, stirring almost involuntarily his loins.

"Show me and I'll show you." she suggested with an eyebrow raise and smirk

He grabbed his trousers and pulled them apart and down, rolling them past the legs and down the semi hard dick coiled about his left leg.

"By the Hollow." she said, hazel eyes wide as she looked

Once he got the trousers past the head the whole thing popped out a bit and she gasped "That's several times bigger than I have ever seen- well, among fairies that is."

Her initial lust gave way to stoic scholarly appraisal "So this happened after you fell."

"Yes, I didn't realize it until I bathed but I suspect it was this way when I woke up." he said

"Interesting." She put her hands on her knees and bent at the waist to look it closer "How big was it before."

"Don't know precisely." he said, blushing a bit at the shameful memory

"Approximate?" she asked as she leaned closer, finger stroking her chin in thought

"I can't say." he said, trying to dodge

"Then spell it out." she said "Your ignoring only makes me assume the worst." she declared

"Itwasfourinches." he mumbled

"Sorry?" she asked for clarification

"Four inches, approx." he clarified

"Pft, haa!" she laughed bringing a hand to her mouth as if to stifle a snort "four inches? That's not even a dick, that's a nub."

The blush went all over his face as she giggled "I mean you're better off with a pussy at that point. Heck, a clit could be a better penis than that."

The blush was all over his body as she fell back into an upright position "Seriously though, how big."

He was getting more angry than embarrassed now "I was, I was four inches big."

She brought her hand up beside her pretty face, forefinger and thumb together and barely touching in the tiny penis gesture while saying "You mean four inches small?"

His stomach churned at the sight of the universal small penis hand signal "Yes."

"How did you even play with yourself, your hand can't even fit around that." she asked, testingly wrapping her hand around her own thumb

"Alright, enough of that, let's focus on the matter at hand." he said

"You mean the dick in hand? I'm serious, the mechanics are mind boggling. Could you even fuck a girl with a that?" she asked

"Whatever I once was doesn't matter, now I have this behemoth and I want to know why and if there is anything I should worry about, you're the expert on pixie dust." he reminded her

"You know what's really messed up? How hard the small talk got you." she said

Indeed, his dick was now pointed out and up at a 45 degree angle from his groin.

"It's you not that talk." he said somewhat truthfully

"Whatever. Thanks for the compliment anyways. Now do you have any of the dust left that fell on you?" she asked

"No, it was all washed away in the shower." he said

"and I swept up all that was left on the floor. But the lot should be the same as the other batch."

With that she flew up to the shelves where he was working earlier and grabbed a pinch off the top from one of the bags. He stayed where he was and looked up, catching a nice view up her skirt of ass cleft.

She flew back down and dropped some on a slide and slid it under the scope and looked at it "Nope, seems like normal general purpose pixie dust."

He knew it'd be so he asked "Then why'd you check?"

"To tease you." she said, returning her gaze to him and watch his frustration mount "Nah, you can never be too sure. I wanted to see if you invented anything."

"Well have I?" he asked, beseeching her knowledge

"Not really, because I have done it before." she said

"Sorry?" he asked

"A year ago, when I was exiled. All I had was a pocket full of pixie dust. I had no where to go and nothing to do, and Neverland can be an unfriendly place for the friendless. I took refuge in the first habitable place I could find, the skull cave. After flying in the rain it was all I could do but start a small fire and sleep in the grass by the water. I had only one thought in my head, one wish on my mind. I wanted more pixie dust. To have more to experiment with, to master it, to utilize it and prove it could be controlled and the benefits to doing so. I wanted redemption and more pixie dust was the way to do it. When I woke up the next morning, the dust in my pocket had solidified and turned into a seed."

He figured the rest out "So that's how you made the other tree, you wished it into existence."

"Just as you wished yourself a bigger dick." she said

Silence fell as his question was apparently confirmed. They were both still, she seated against the table and his dick standing at attention.

"Well, a promise is a promise." she said, breaking their silence

Before he could remember what she was referring to her hands went to her shirt and she pulled apart the top by the frills, popping the buttons down to the belts and exposing her chest. Lacey white cups held up her tanned tetas. Her hand went behind her back and in moments there was snap as her bra slid down. She pulled them off her and the straps untied from the back as the supportive fabric was removed.

He started to drool a little as the great orbs of flesh bounced their way to rest on her chest, the firm masses in their tan skin interrupted only by the pointed and surprisingly pink nipples. Each one was a pea sized nub in the centre of quarter sized aureola that capped her hanging tits, perking up with barely a sag.

His massive member twitched with want, becoming somehow harder than it already was.

"Well the arousal is healthy. Maybe you should check it, just to be sure it is fully functioning." she suggested

"I already did a functions check in the bath tub." he said then regretted, having admitted he masturbated

"Giving yourself a low five doesn't count. You want to make sure it is ready to handle the beating any breathing woman will want to give that thing." she said

"Are you offering?" he asked

"Only in the name of science. You are, after all, in a relationship." she said

She got up off the table and approached, getting way up in his face, to where her bare breasts were pushing into his chest, before dropping to her knees. His hard fairy wood was pressed up against her skirt when she stood and now slid up her opened shirt to stab between the warm pillows of her chest.

The swollen head split the crevice of her cleavage as she lowered herself to where she could get her mouth to it. He rolled his eyes upward as she took the engorged head into her mouth, lovingly caressing it with her tongue, savouring the feel of the mushy tip crushing against the roof of her mouth. She lolled around her head, getting the tip of his spear wet against her tongue and teeth before venturing further and bringing the tip to the back of her throat.

That was as much as she was going to get from that angle, her head bent down and his prick up, her hair completely obscuring his view. The aubourn curls tickled the pillar and stones of his obelisk with every small move. She ran her hands enclosed tight around the main body of his cock wonder slowly as she sucked on his head, exploding it in the vacuum of her mouth. The lips were airtight around his foreskin.

When her hands made it to the base she squeezed hard, nearly buckling his knees in pleasure. She let go though so blood could flow up it while bringing her hands down the distended sack to the bottom of the balls, each filling the palms of her small dainty hands callused from ropes, swords and other pirate shenanigans.

Gripping hard enough to feel the actual nuts but not enough to cause pain she pushed them together and then pulled down and out as much as they would comfortably go, and then a little more. He hissed in slight pain and a lot of pleasure. She let one hand return to the shaft and back up the pipe alone, the other returned to the top and of the low hanging sack and squeezing with that same slightly discomforting vice, slid her grip down the fuzzy coin purse.

She worked the other hand up with a twisty figure 8 rocking grip, pumping the shaft while her other hand milked the pleasure from his sack. When he began an involuntary bucking of his hips she spat out the head.

"Easy there, we're not even past the prologue." she said, looking up with those wide hazel eyes

She dropped into a seated kneel, her ass on her heels. The pulsating crotch rocket fell and smacked her in the face, the now purple tip up by her hairline and the meat of the meat laying right of her nose over her eye. She smiled and nudged her head, the friction of her face teasing him as the skin slid up and down the side of her face.

She pursed her red coated lips and give a kiss to his dick before straightening it out a little, the rocket riding up and resting on her head. From there she brought her face down under the cock to the sack. She buried her face in his nut sack, her nose stabbing into the purse above and between the nuts. She opened her mouth and wagged her tongue about, lathering the wrinkled sack and slobbering over it.

He broke into moans, his heart rate rising at the oral treatment to his most sensitive body part. She made an O with her lips and brought them to a corner and sucked, trying to pull the whole thing into her mouth, and unable to. It just sat halfway in the moist warmth of her mouth like a barely small enough jaw breaker before she let it fall out with a pop. A lipstick taint left a circle around the swarthy nutsack to show her attempt and for the sake of symmetry, she repeated it for the other one.

Once he had two red rings around his balls and returned her attention up top, drawing her head back with tongue outstretched. A line of saliva was drawn from root to stem, up the bulging urethra of his massive organ to the glans of the tip where she'd already been before.

She dragged her tongue around the loose top part of his dick where the foreskin only covered when erect. She pinched the skin with her lips and pulled it back up over his hickeyed head where she let it go, the force and size of his boner pulling the skin back taught with a snap.

She licked around the parts where her mouth could not reach, bringing her hands back into play by grabbing at the pipe and playing it like a flute. Teasing fingers played up and down the shaft as she treated the super sensitive foreskin region with her tongue.

When once again he started small hip bucks she seized him by the base and with one hand pinched off the top of his sack and the other squeezed the base. His excitement was stunted and she said "Stay with me here, we're not even begun."

"Tease." he spat

He meant to make that a sentence but she leaned back and splayed her feet out farther to the sides such that she was now sitting her ass on the bare floor. Now angled downward she took him back into her mouth and was able to get the head past where she stopped before. The humid air escape from the edges of her lips as more meat was crammed in, the head piercing the vale of her throat muscles and descending down her neck pipe.

She rolled her head around sideways to message the top with her neck, eyes looking up somehow in a smirk as she teased away. She grabbed at the base and pulled towards her, similarly pulling his balls. Once it got a good ways in she pulled back.

His dick was still in her mouth but her throat was free and she took in air through her nose, he felt in rush along the top of his tool. Still holding him in a lip lock she sat back up threw that ass out, bending at the waist on her knees and arcing her back down like a bird diving. It confused him at first until like that bird diving she arced back up, shooting her head towards him like a serpent darting up into the air.

His legs went paralytic as she took half of him in her mouth, her neck bulging out obscenely from the sheer amount of cockmeat she was eating. Her eyes looked up into his awe struck gaze, and she winked.

She rose back into her kneeling position slowly, more and more of his hard pale dick disappearing into her mouth, her cute nose easing ever towards him. Eventually she was back to where she was when she was treating his nuts, her face inches from his waist.

Mere hours ago she wouldn't have even touched his prick yet.

She eclipsed even that though, and her nose bumped against his pubic bone. Her neck was distended, her cheeks puffed with built up saliva, and her body perfectly straight. She brought her hands to her face and pushed on her cheeks, forcing the saliva to spill from the corners of the lips stretched tight over his impossibly thick dick. Once they were desalivated he could feel through the skin of her cheeks her fingers on his flesh, her jaw almost completely broken open. Her hands went from her cheeks to press into the underside of her mouth and put pressure on the urethra, then they went to her throat and squeezed the sides of the neck and larynx, teasing the dick meat constrained by her hot, wet throat. They went all the way down her sternum and pressed into the notch, squeezing his cockshaft with her insides from the outside.

She put her hand over fist and pushed up into her belly under her rib cage and he felt his dickhead enveloped from within her. The crem de la crem came when she swallowed. Her impossibly tight neck muscles clamped down even tighter and traveled in wave down his dick all the way to the head.

He went jelly legged after that, falling back on his ass. She bent her head and as he fell his yoinker was yanked from her body by his weight. About 18 inches of sparrow man meat, glistening with saliva, was pulled from her mouth like some lewd penis vomited out backwards. There was an audible gurgle from her as gasses and fluids under pressure escaped and her muscles were beat. With a loud intake of air and cough, her oral invader was evicted.

He fell fell hard on his ass at work again for the second time in 8 hours, tripping over his pants and landing bare. His massive member splattered on the ground between his legs like an under developed third leg or tail on the wrong side, leaving a large outline of saliva from when it smacked there and a trail of thicker precum mixed in. A thin string lead from the open hole of his dick to Zarina's lips.

More of their love juices leaked from her mouth as she caught her breath.

"Where in bloody bell did you learn that?" he demanded, voice arie from the pleasure of her mouth and sudden coldness overwhelming his hot rod

"You can learn a lot hanging out with Pirates." she said

"What could you possibly do with pirates?" he asked, disturbing thoughts coming to mind

"Not to me, all they ever did was talk about what they'd do to me if I was their size, or vice versa, when they thought I wasn't listening. No one except- nevermind. But I did not deny them their right to seek the carnal pleasures. The local Indians and mermaids were more than obliging and you know what a curious thing I am." she said

"So you learned to suck dick from watching mermaids?" he said incredulously

"and Indians. It's not like the fish ladies can get a proper fucking, so they make better use of their mouths than even we do." she said with a grin

With that she went onto all fours, her hair rolling over her head and shoulders as she crawled panther like to and then over him. He stared blankly at her boobs as they swayed hypnotically like pendulums with each rock towards him. Left shoulder drops, the right tit falls into the left, the flesh straining against the tan skin rolling into the other and transferring the momentum, right shoulder drops and the left tit finds itself atop the right and the washing of flesh resumes.

His dick sprang all the way back up at the show as she approached, then she pushed it back with her shoulder as she continued. Once her torso was above his lower body the boobs pulled it back into their twin embrace. Then she dropped, pushing her tits together with their bodies and smothering the cock.

He looked down at her and took a mental snapshot, her face turned aside, head to head with his dick, right cheek on what protruded from the valley of her chest. Aubourne hair rolled in waves to frame what was around it.

She pulled herself back up onto her elbows, hands pushing the boobs together and slid herself back on forth on her knees and elbows. Like some sort of battering ram she swung above with his manhood secured in her tit grip. The warm, smooth, soft, smothering grip of her tanned tetas gave him great pleasure as they tugged his foreskin and messaged the shaft.

She sped up her movements gradually, the tit fucking shaking what flesh her fingers could not contain. The chest meat wobbled about where it dangled and with his pleasure mounting he took grinding his dick against her chest with his own hip rocking.

Which of course brought her into an arched back stance, lifting her tits from his member.

"Now now, don't get exited. We're about to get to the main course." she said

She rose up completely onto her knees and let his dick stand up. It arched up straight while he was laying flat, only a slight and gradual bend upwards.

She had to stand to get over his monument. Which was good because she had to remove to remove her panties. Or would if she wore them.

She stepped up and pulled her skirt to the side, lifting it up the excess fabric and tucking it into the various belts she wore so that her waist was bare. Under her top was a garter belt and the straps held up the fishnet stockings on her upper thighs, but she wore no type of under garment and her great ass was on full display under the skirt. The only thing between her naked, glistening slit and the world was a thin mat of red hair.

"Bold apparel, wearing a skirt like that." he commented

"Where's your pioneering sense of adventure?" she laughed as she took his dick by the head and angled it towards her

"It's a pirate thing, you wouldn't understand." she said before stabbing herself with him

He slammed his eyes shut as his senses and nerves were overwhelmed with pleasure. His purple aching head was pushed into her hot, very well lubricated love tunnel. Her lips clamped down harder than the ones on her face ever could due to the sheer size involved. More and more of his giant dong was enveloped in tight super heated love as she descended on him.

When he opened his eyes again she was squatting over him, hands on her knees. A third of him was fully in her. His massive girth was giving her something even she could not handle with all of her experimenting. She was huffing and puffing as she pushed herself down, no longer able to just let gravity do its thing. Since she had to engage her leg muscles the vice grip on his penis from her stretched cunt lips became even worse and threatened to push the blood out and make him flaccid.

Her face went almost as red as her hair from effort until she was halfway down.

"I can't..." she began "take it."

"Then her eyes shot open, a hazel death glare greeting him "No, I must take it."

She took a deep breath and put one knee to the ground beside his hip, causing slight pain as his dick was twisted sideways for her. Then she put her other leg to the ground, switching from a squat to a knee and forcing him two thirds of the way in her. She groaned out the long breath as she got accommodated to the size, her cunt stretched lewdly around his dick looking like the lips were going to tear at any moment.

Then something happened, she began to glow. Not her but the layer of dust that she always had on her that she never could get rid of due to how much playing around in it she did. The sprinkles of pixie dust began to shine, glow, twinkle and glare as she grunted and groaned trying to stuff him in her.

Then there was a burst of light from each and she just barely slid down the rest of the way. She let out a strained yet pleasured groan as her hips and hairs met his.

"Yeees..." she laughed "I have conquered mount Terrance."

She fell forwards and put her hands on his shoulders, her knockers dangling over his face.

"You're the first, you pioneer." he moaned as all of his manhood was enveloped in all her womanhood

"Say what!?" she exclaimed

"You're my first?" he repeated

"Why didn't you tell me!?" she demanded, grabbing him by the neck of his vest

"It didn't come up, why? Is it important?" he said

"What do you mean? Your first time is supposed to be a wondrous and memorable occasion. If I'd have known I wouldn't have done all that teasing. It should be sensual and romantic." she said, demonstrating with a slow, almost melodic rouging of her hips

He moaned and met her grinds, making sweet slow love and letting himself fade into her.

"It should have been obvious. As you said, who could I possibly fuck with a four inch nub?" he retorted

"I don't judge. Tease, but not judge." she said as she demonstrated with side shaking of her hips, pulling himself off him a little more than anticipated as if she was going to dismount, only to plunge back down

He grunted, the pleasure almost painful as he speared into his friend and colleague. He thrust back and she met it, returning him to a sped up and somewhat stronger rhythm than before.

"Besides, I'd say this is pretty memorable. That dust thing was amazing." he said

"What dust thing?" she asked, the topic of pixie dust making her randy

She cranked up the ferocity and velocity of her thrusts, now able to use the momentum of downswings to bounce off him, her cheeks making a clap at the apex.

"You didn't see it?" he asked in grunts

"No, I had my eyes closed when I was claiming your virginity." she said in moans

"The dust that was on you was glowing. Then it sparkled and disappeared." he explained

"Interesting." she said, sitting back but maintaining the pace

She continued to ride him but hand a hand to her chin in thought "I must have wanted to take you so badly that the dust made a wish out of it. I became just a little more nimble, and bam. Here we are. So the dust can grant wishes..."

He wasn't really paying attention, ogling her tits as the great mounds jolted about on her chest and smacked into each other oh so pleasantly, the pink nipples winking at him in turn. Then she dropped back over him, hands on either side of his head and said

"Tell me, what were you thinking when you fell?" she demanded

He was lost in her tits, the fun bags weighed down now and the tips of the pointed nipples grazing his vest with every bounce forward from their rut.

"My eyes are up here." she said in mock annoyance

"I can't remember. We're having great sex and I was knocked out." he said in defense

"You're having great sex, I'll be the judge of how great the sex I'm having is." she said

"It's my first time." he said with a shrug

"So sorry about that." she said again

He looked to her eyes, remembering the hazel gaze from when he woke up and it clicked "Oh yeah, I had overheard a disturbing conversation. Tink had discovered my- uh... problem, and asked her friends about it. They all told her to ditch me since I wouldn't be able to please a bee at that size and she agreed. So I was thinking about how our relationship could be saved if only I was hung and then the arm hit me and I fell."

"That's it, you made an unconscious wish and the dust granted it." she declared "now let's blow this thing so we can go home."

He wrapped his arms around her lower back to pull her chest to his face. All he could see was tan and all he could feel was titflesh. He bent his knees to get his feet on the ground now that she was now directly over his waist and began bucking hard.

She finally let him go too, he humped like there was no tomorrow. His massive prick slid in and out with reckless abandon as juices oozed from her hole. All the bells and jewels of her belt jingled and jangled, joining the sounds of sex that already included slurps from his licking of her breasts, the gushing of fluids from their crotches and the smacks of flesh on flesh.

The jiggling ass cheeks were tossing the skirt back and forth that wasn't tucking into the belt as it clapped from the force of the fuck. Her long wavy hair cocooned his head and her breasts as she took his stupid hat in her hand and threw it. With the other she cradled his head to her chest.

His pulsing rod pounded her pussy, rocking her whole body with its size. Sweat now coating all their exposed skin. Any intelligent noises they were making gave way to grunts, groans and moans.

Then it happened. He had a white out amid stars as he came for the first time in a woman. Without warning he unleashed a torrent into her. Her eyes went wide in both shock and pleasure as her own orgasm came, that one brought about by the sudden molten heat flushing into her very core and shock of his unannounced arrival. They both screamed in pleasure but only hers could be heard since her lady love pillows were smothering him.

She got jelly legged and spazzed out bellow, he plunged up and stayed there, his dick rocking and cocking within her as her pussy tightened with the killing force of a constrictor snake. Bursts and bursts of creamy man juice filled her up as her own girl juice joined the concoction inside her cunt and whatever could not be forced up was forced out through the airtight gap between her lips and his base.

She barely had the strength to push up off him, parting her tits from his face. Past the tan tetas he came to love, he could see a slightly distended belly. She rocked to her left and he slid to the right, trying to untangle themselves. Once on her side he was able to pull back, sliding out a little.

She sighed in relief as the internal pressure decreased with every inch of fairy man meat he removed. Eventually with some manual assistance he got it all out and with an audible hiss the creamy white cum concoction sprayed out. A burst at first until the belly disappeared and then an ooz of precum and lubricating fluids carried the foam from his release out and finally a trickle down her thigh of remaining exudate.

They both lay there still semi tangled, catching their breath and cooling off, watching his monster cock shrink to a smaller, though still massive, size as the remnants of their fucking escaped her lips

"That was..." she started but neither could think of a fitting adjective

"Yeah..." he agreed.



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